Friday, November 16, 2018

Gotham City Digest, 11/16/18

(Brought to you by Trumpy Bear, the teddy bear that doesn't put out forest fires but criticizes those who do.)

     But we can't afford war exercises on the Korean border that cost $24,000,000.

     The "leanest operation in the East Wing", eh? How the hell do you rack up nearly $200,000 in hotel bills over a 12 hour period when nobody even stays? Are they booking entire floors so Melania can have them all to herself during her photo ops?

     Karma's a bitch, eh, asshole? #Bridgegate

     Remember the news story of the cop who shot a black security guy for doing his job? Well, guess what? Typical cop circling wagon bullshit ensued. So much for "good guys with guns."

     So, a former state trooper decided to ambush a Democratic DA and shot him in the face with a shotgun. What the fuck the MATTER with Alabama?

     So, Trump's skipping the Kennedy Center honors yet again. Not surprising. Trump's idea of culture is getting spanked on his fat ass by porn stars with anything with his face on it.

     Not only is the NRA unable to carry water for Republicans, they can't even carry their own water.

     Tammy Duckworth nails "President Bone Spurs" again.

     "Likely to launch wide-ranging probes into Trump administration"?! They damned well better. It's why we gave them back the House.

     A federal judge (appointed by Trump, no less) decided to order the White House to temporarily give Jim Acosta his hard press pass back. #Somuchwinning... for us.

     Meanwhile, another judge deals blow to the KKK, er, Brian Kemp. Same thing, I guess.

     The late Stan Lee wrote this editorial about bigotry in 1968 (I'm guessing right after Dr. King's assassination that April). In it, we hear distinct references to Trump's base that wouldn't climb out of the woodwork like noxious termites until 47 years later. Last Monday when I wrote about Stan passing, I wish I'd known about this. He certainly was a prophet in some ways and this was one of them. Pay careful attention to when he inveighs against those who hate indiscriminately and with venom and the evil of demonizing entire countries and religions. Without knowing it, Stan Lee wasn't just anticipating Trump's base, he was perfectly anticipating Trump.


     I'd bet my left nut that little rat fuck Jacob Wohl was behind this, too. This is exactly the kind of right wing dick move Chadwick would try.

     Trump nominates Mar a Lago member, handbag designer with no diplomatic experience ambassador to South Africa. The implosion of the Onion commences in 3, 2, 1...

     I don't always agree with Marcotte or any of the elitist "liberal" bloggers who'd stiff-armed me over the past 14 years. But I agree with her in this (poorly proofread) Salon article about how to troll the far right. So this Thanksgiving, between the time your Fox-watching dittohead drunk uncle starts an argument about how great Trump is and when he vomits in the mashed potatoes, use these tactics. Get personal. Shame them. They have no respect for the truth. They have no concept of reality. Their hatred of liberals and engaging us is what they live for even as the right wing picks their pockets. These people are morons who deserve not the slightest scintilla or iota of respect. Own them. Because, as Jefferson said, attempting to debate one who has renounced reason is like trying to apply medicine to a dead man.

     So what's the Trump administration's answer to waving away pressure over a murder most people would love to forget? Another murder. Nobody can possibly convince me this duplicitous, fascist administration isn't dedicated to pure evil 24/7.

     Maine just flipped another House seat to a Democrat. Jared Golden won in ME-2 on an unprecedented use of ranked-choice voting. Of course, the loser Republican is challenging the results in federal court and is now complaining that ranked-choice ballots are unconstitutional since they didn't favor him. Go gently into that good night.

     Have any of my Brit readers ever listened to James O'Brien on the radio? The guy's bloody brilliant and I wish we had more pundits on our radio like him. Teresa May's Brexit move is falling apart at the seams, people are resigning, including the Brexit Secretary. It's now unpopular with Labour, unpopular with the Tories and unpopular with just about everyone but May and her dead-enders. Now people who'd voted for Brexit are calling up radio hosts in tears to apologize. Perhaps it's a bit premature to say this but it's obvious to me even from across the pond that this is the beginning of the end for Brexit.

     We need to remove the Old Guard Centrist "Democrats" like NOW. We need more activist legislators like Jayapal, Grijalva and Ocasio-Cortez. A LOT more.

     "I am part of the master race. Don't ever forget that." Sure. A joke. Real jokey people, these racists. Until they start screaming when people make jokes about them.

     "Paradise Lost" is the perfect title for this piece about the California wildfires.

     Like he hasn't been shirking his duties since Day One? Really, every time I read that phrase, "cocoon of bitterness", I burst out laughing. Whether we laugh or cry, the consequences will be the same. So you might as well laugh at this sad sack of a clown, this sociopathic Emmett Kelly, since it's much more fun than crying.

     According to Trumpie the Klown, you need ID to buy a box of cereal and you can vote twice anywhere just by changing your clothes. And no doubt Obama phones were equipped with secret radio waves designed to make white mens' penises smaller and mushroom shaped.

     Did you know if you're a Republican in Florida, you can vote by email in violation of the law? America. What a country!*
      *Applies only to Republican voters.

     Draining the swamp one croc at a time.

     Oh, so NOW Senator No is demanding bipartisanship from House Democrats. Let's ask Garland and Obama for their opinions. What chutzpah this cocksucker McConnell has.

     What the fuck is Rick Scott doing in DC for orientation? Isn't there a recount going on? Did the Florida Secretary of State validate the election results? Yes and no.

     Laura Ingraham, the Dollar General Leni Riefenstahl is also having a meltdown over the midterm results.

     This is how it starts, people. By "it", I mean antisemitism. Just because these clowns don't work for the government, it doesn't mean they're not inspired by it.

     Let the shuffling of the Titanic's deck chairs commence.

     So, 50 nations and over 150 tech corporation signed on to combat cybercrime but not North Korea, Russia or us, huh?

     Oh, I like this girl Ocasio-Cortez, who showed up outside Nancy Pelosi's door her first day of orientation and held a protest. I can't wait to see what she does over the next two years.

     One of the latest pearls of wisdom from President Massengill. And finally...

     Militant nationalism- Check.
     Merging of corporations with the government- Check.
     Stoking fear and hatred about "others"- Check.
     Censorship of and hostility toward the press- Check.
     Demonizing political opposition- Check.
     Fully embracing far right ideals such as white supremacy and those who hold them- Check.
     Irrational militarism- Check.
     Fascination with authoritarian figures- Check.
    Obsession with crime and punishment- Check.
     Sound familiar or do I have to go on?


At November 17, 2018 at 8:44 PM, Anonymous CC said...

"How the hell do you rack up nearly $200,000 in hotel bills over a 12 hour period when nobody even stays?"

Must be an hourly hotel. Given the six-figure tab, did Melania have a threesome or foursome behind Donald's back?


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