Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freepers on Parade

Or what I prefer to call “Penises on Roller Skates.”

Yesterday, when faced with the inconvenient truth that the asshole who shot up a Unitarian church in Tennessee last weekend, killing two and wounding many others, was one of their own, a psychopathic bigot and homophobe who was in possession of books by Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, the proud denizens of Middle America and Freeperdom did what any group of righteous conservatives would do: Distance themselves from him and turn it into a referendum on the evils of immoral liberalism.

Remember the running of the bulls in Pamplona earlier this month? Remember the mad dash, the chaos, the blood and gore? OK, now substitute the bulls for rabid ferrets and lemmings and you’ll get the picture.

What follows are actual comments to the Freeper post that broke the sad news that Adkisson was one of their own. This is right about the time when it’s OK to breath a sigh of relief and thank Providence that you weren’t born in the corn belt and were sane enough to become liberals:
He's NO conservative... just a deluded lunatic sociopath. I don't recall the MSM targeting people with any other philosophy for outright character assassination!

Oh, perish the thought. He’s not a conservative. He’s just someone who hates African Americans, gays and lesbians and sees red at the thought of any organization dedicated to Altruism. And “character assassination” is bad enough but using a shotgun with 76 shells is sort of overkill, wouldn’t you say?

The libs and the MSM have salivated for years over the prospect of angry, white, christian, conservative terrorism against their pet immorality and perverted views of religion.

They will attempt to play this up as such as much as possible a such when the truth is, this was simply a diluded. depressed individual who snapped and became a murderer.
It has nothing to do with conservatism or traditional values, despite the upcoming best efforts of the MSM to the contrary.

The problem is, you psychopaths give us plenty of opportunities to play up “angry, white, christian, conservative terrorism”, such as the assclown who tried to blow up a building rather than lose it in divorce court… with himself still in it after leaving behind another hateful, rambling manifesto.
Are liberals now a protected class or is it because these Unitarians are “gay-friendly” that this is a hate crime?

It ain’t open season on liberals, yet? Yee-haw, ya’ll! Getcher buttfucking and flag-burnin’ in while you can, boys!
Although it makes sense that he hated liberals since that is what he attacked, I do not necessarily believe that story. I noticed the police chief did not quote the note just gave his interpretation of it.

I would love to see exactly what he said.

I love a man with an open mind and can always be brave enough to take the insane side of an argument.
Could be a liberal disguised as a conservative in order to give conservatives a bad rap.


Don’t stop… believing! Yes, people, our shockingly brilliant strategy of murdering our own and disguising our Manchurian Candidate as a red, white and blue shirt-wearing conservative perhaps has a few bugs in it. Next time we bomb an abortion clinic or something, we’ll need a better conspiracy. And, in response to the comment above:
One can only hope!

Never give up hope that one day we’ll be as desperately insane as Freepers.
That’s a theory that could be plausible. Maybe he’s really a liberal and wanted to end his life and make conservatives look bad. That would explain why someone who hates religion would attack a liberal church.

Drat, foiled again by those brilliant basement dwellers!
This guy is no more a true constervative than Timothy McVey was. Conservatives don’t commit acts of terrorism. I won’t believe this until the killer’s actual letter is released. It could be the sheriff is a liberal himself and is saying these things to smear conservatives.

Translation: If a guy reads conservative literature, has conservative prejudices and biases and lashes out at the very people lambasted and threatened in conservative literature and hate radio and TV, then he is not a conservative. That’s because conservatives don’t commit acts of terrorism: They just strongly suggest that others carry them out for them. Those others are, of course, we bleeding heart, animal-loving liberals.

And, just as surely as conservatives are never terrorists, all southern sheriffs are liberals.
How is this a hate crime? It is an attrocity and a vengeful act, but the people he killed and aimed at weren’t homosexuals or members of a protected class. Christians in and of themselves are not protected by hate crimes legislation.

Because… because… I’m sorry, my brain vapor-locked because I made the mistake of actually reading this more than once.
Psst. Fred “God hate f**s” Phelps is a Democrat and no conservative.
Not claiming that this man is a Phelpist, just pointing out that there are Leftists (like Phelps’ cult who protest the Iraq war weekly) who hold hate in their heart that seems to be hand in hand with this man’s actions.

Additionally there are those social conservative Democrats who “cling to guns and religion” and vote against such ballot initiatives and liberal candidates “in spite of their own economic self-interest”.

Yeah, Phelps, too, is one of our own, doncha know, since we’re renowned for loathing homosexuals and wishing death on our troops.
These types of “churches” to me are using the word only for tax purposes, because they absolutely teach nothing like any of the churches I grew up around. Then again, maybe I’m a nut too. I guess I just need to get with it, and start embracing homosexuality, gay marriage, and killing little babies!!

Admitting you’re a hateful, homophobic nut is half the battle won, my child.
So, basically, the guy was a nutcase, but I’m sure the MSM will try to portray ALL conservatives in an equal manner.

Got Paranoia?
The Left has been subverting churches for decades now.
Now they don’t even teach hate the sin but love the sinner. They teach the concept of an evolving bible where we now deny that some things even are sins and celebrate them instead.

I’ve left corrupt church leadership but have not left my faith. There are good churches out there, so I hear. But it requires investigation. Investigation too into any national church leadership they are members of.

I don’t know what can be done to put churches back on a biblical path. Elders and the like. Elections. What is the limtus test to get people in the organized church who are counter to the politics of those who’ve gained control of the church?

Ask Monica Goodling and Jim O’Beirne. They had the religious litmus tests last time I checked.
The libs appease Islamic terrorists when they kill innocents. I wonder if this church will therefore appease those who share this freak’s views?

Well, could you blame them for being scared shitless of you Freepers?
Ironically the authorities in Knoxville aren't going to prosecute the four blacks that went out and abducted a couple of UT students, raped them, tortured them and then murdered them because they were white. This incident makes national news yet the previous murders went barely noticed except for a couple of articles in the MSM...I guess if one expresses hatred for homosexuals it makes national news, gets the FBI involved and if one just hates whitey its ok...no big deal.

This guy’s right, actually. What the MSM needs is more leading news stories that stay alive for one or two hundred news cycles that involve abducted, missing and murdered white women.
In reviewing the posts I see an interesting difference between “liberal” and “conservative” political killers.

Conservatives distance themselves from the murderers who cite conservative polical purposes for killing and cry out for justice regardless of stated politcal purposes(this wacko, McVey, etc).

Liberals point out how oppressed the leftist killer is, how he or she needs understanding and that society was truely responsible for driving him or her to it or allowing a gun to exist that could do such damage. Later, they declare the killer rehabilitated and give him or her a professorship at a major university.

A bit simplistic perhaps, but truer than any liberal would like to admit. Also, let no one misconstrue my sarcasm with a lack of understanding for the victims of this wack job.

Simplistic? Oh, hardly. In fact, I can reduce it further:

Conservatives: Boo! You not us!

Liberals: Me heart bleed.


At July 29, 2008 at 7:55 PM, Anonymous abo gato said...

JP, thank you for reading that horseshit so the rest of us did not have to....just reading what you quoted is making my eyes and head hurt. Glad you have a stronger makeup.

At July 30, 2008 at 12:43 AM, Blogger cowalker said...

Indeed. I'm glad I didn't have to peruse that BS in its original form. Thanks.

At July 30, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

add my thanks in to the others. we actually got a concern troll at GNB saying that it was an inappropriate thing for us to write about how the UU community in tennessee is coming together.

said we were "glorifying a madman."

glorifying a madman.

from a motherfucker that voted for bush/cheney.

fuck. me. tender.

At July 30, 2008 at 1:22 PM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

This is exactly what I've come to expect from Republicans at Free Republic. They write all the time about their fantasies regarding killing my wife and children.

And when one of their own actually does fulfill their deepest wishes (believes their Liberal Hunting Permit is real), they pretend he's not one of theirs.

But then they get even worse and make up an obvious lie that he's a Crypto-Liberal whose sole intent in murdering church-goers was to make True Conservatives look bad, by exposing their core beliefs for the world to see.

Like this:
When Cheney has Obama assassinated this fall, and declares himself President-For-Life and suspends the US Constitution, it's the Freepers that they will call on to consolidate their power by ordering them to murder their less-than-conservative neighbors.

At July 30, 2008 at 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will these Freeper types stop at nothing? Have they no shame? If they are so religious, why are they not praying for the victims?


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