Thursday, June 4, 2009

Batty Barratry at its Finest

(Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Brad at Sadly, No!)

The definition of barratry, for those who've never heard the concept, is "The offense of persistently instigating lawsuits, typically groundless ones." It's also a concept of admiralty law meaning "gross misconduct committed by a master or crew of a vessel which damages the vessel or its cargo."

Now, I know we all live on what's left of the Titanic and it's sinking, blah blah blah, but it's all we have and we'd appreciate it if clowns like Carl Swensson would stop trying to scuttle the ship of state with his Extralegal Fantasy League of citizen grand juries. Because this is fantasy league stuff, with as much power as a football fantasy league would have on the NFL. Barratry as a legal tactic is meant to harass, nothing more.

This video with its wooden narrator is laughable on many levels, starting with the Revolutionary War re-enactments. But what's truly stunning and incredible is how stupid and willfully ignorant people can be even when presented with facts and shocking at how reasonable said stupid and willfully ignorant people can sound when given a suit, tie, microphone and camcorder.

I honestly never knew how widespread and even organized was the movement to have Barack Obama removed from office because of the legitimate birth certificate that he's supposedly never released and for which he'd supposedly paid $800,000 (and still with outstanding student loans) to hide. As if, at no time during his 47 year-long life, he's ever had to once produce a birth certificate to register for school, get a driver's license, run for public office, etc.

It's like George W. Bush's supposedly forged National Guard records that forced Dan Rather to quit his job only in reverse. If some nameless, faceless, anonymous guys on the internet said that Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is forged, well, let's get the grand juries together and, Carl, bring the rope!

It's laughable when you see that his source material is partly comprised of those fine, unimpeachable bastions of fair and balanced reporting, namely Debbie and WorldNetDaily.

What's laughable is that Carl "Kolchak" Swensson seems to think that, just barely over 120 days into his administration, President Obama had already done more damage to the Constitution than his intellectually anorexic predecessor over the last eight years.

What's laughable is that this guy and his ilk think that when, not if, when Barack Hussein Obama is removed from office, Joe Biden will be the president for the next 3 months while we rig up new elections, which alone would require ignorance of the Constitutional rules of succession even if Obama was removed for any reason.

What's laughable in a tragic way is that these wingnuts think that the removal of a president is something that a bunch of ankle biting citizens can do through an extralegal process and that a birth certificate is a better reason to remove a sitting president than his predecessor for lying us into an illegal war, getting over 4200 troops killed and costing us trillions, wiping out a major city due to negligence and free market capitalism and torturing uncharged prisoners for years on end.

And what's truly remarkable is that this bozo birther and his League of Extraordinary Jurors actually got the attention of the Secret Service last month. When they arrived, Swensson asked, "What took you so long, I’ve been expecting you for a month." How many serial killers and other criminals have said the same thing when finally confronted by the authorities?


At June 4, 2009 at 1:12 PM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

It is telling that the High Crimes of the Bush Administration are to be lauded by these right-wing extremists and Obama's half-hearted attempts at repairing the severe damage done to American by Bush are what get these yahoos in an uproar.


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