Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sights That Makes Me Doubt Atheism

I was actually hoping for orange rather than pea green. An orange jumpsuit would be better color-coordinated with Hal Turner's Halloween brain. The important thing, however, is that this fat prick will be going away for a while. It won't matter if he refuses to waive extradition, which is obviously intended to waste more taxpayer money and time in extradition hearings. He's going to Lieberman Land, yesirree Bob, and with Joementum.

It's perhaps fitting that no major newspapers and a very few minor ones had bothered carrying Hal Turner's arraignment yesterday on felony charges of inciting injury. I don't know why the Connecticut authorities won't go for the whole enchilada and bring him up on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. After all, the Connecticut assemblyman and state senator who were threatened are both openly gay.

Therefore, according to the existing statutes, that's a hate crime, which would carry a much stiffer penalty. Speaking as a layman, I think that Turner's own post on the matter provides them with black and white proof that Turner obviously intended (and he did use the word "intent") to murder two gay lawmakers, an OSE official and any states' attorneys and law enforcement officials who went after him. Even if they can't make the original charges stick, the DA would still have some decent space to plea bargain down to inciting injury. This way, there's not much to plea bargain down to.

But for now, I feel more at ease knowing this animal is finally off the streets for the time being. And I doubt that Turner will watch his big mouth before he shoots it off again, which means he'll be a much softer target for those who will be paying attention to any death threats this jailbird will make in the future.


At June 6, 2009 at 10:01 AM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

The most telling point was how the Bergen police went about arresting him.

They have to must know who the guy is and what he says, they have to have been familiar with his blog post that says he will attempt to kill police that try to arrest him since they called him in to the station rather then go to his home to get him.

So why aren't they charging him with those crimes?

I sure hope it's because they charged him with the most readily provable crime first and are still investigating more charges against him.

I have considered the problem we face: 20% of Americans have been brainwashed since (before) 1980 to believe the most outlandish, easily provable false, lies and myths.

American society has reached the point where these brainwashed citizens are eager to slaughter their neighbors and are only awaiting the GO code from Rush Limbaugh.

So how do we deal with this. As much as I'd like to round them up and toss them into re-education camps, that is anathema to The American Way.

[ANECDOTE] An Aussie friend of mine, who makes their living as an anti-nuclear weapons activist (and therefore organizes lots of protests) was aghast that the KKK was allowed to have public gatherings. When she asked why this was allowed, why didn't the police arrest every one of those bigots, I explained that Equal Protection Under The Law applies both ways: If the police rounded up the KKK, then the police would also arrest all of the anti-nuclear protesters [/ANECDOTE]

So since we are not about to mass arrest 20% of the American people to re-train them how to be polite again, how do we deal with this?

Well, arresting the extremist frontmen, such as Hal Turner, is a good start. Half of the Fox News hosts and guests getting arrested for making death threats against Congress, the Judiciary, and the President would be a good next steps after that.

Which brings us to the MSM. Since the MSM is owned by massive faceless conglomerations that are run by pro-fascism right-wingers that make the John Birchers look normal, the news media is solidly allied with the far-right. We get only the far-right extremist views and any view that is centrist is labeled 'hard-left' while anything left-of-center is labeled 'radical extremism'.

This, to me, is our biggest problem in reversing the march to the extreme right: the pro-fascism news media. On the MSM, the only exception is Olbermann and Maddow, all the rest are solidly right-wing.

MSNBC even offsets Olbermann and Maddow with 'Morning Joe' Scarborough (who got away with killing his congressional intern because he's a Republican). Scarborough was on the other day with guests railing against the very existence of a middle class while being sponsored by the virulently evil and anti-middle-class Starbucks.

(Remember, everybody, if you spend even one penny at any Starbucks, you are contributing the the elimination of the middle class in America!)

What, then, is to be done?

At June 6, 2009 at 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read some of the comments on Hal's website. The loonies are certainly outraged by his arrest. I hope they lock him up for a long long time.


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