Friday, September 18, 2009

"But I Still Love Him!"

(To the worthless cocksucker who'd deleted this: Never assume that I don't back up my stuff on disk.)

It's been said by both yours truly and others that the Democratic Party has for years been suffering through the distaff side of a spousal abusive relationship. The metaphor is an irresistible one: Because we cannot adequately appreciate or understand the authoritarian mindset that's presented by timorous Democrats in their neverending subservient posture that they inevitably adopt when dealing with the GOP unless we consider the equally baffling enabling behavior of real-life victims of domestic violence.
Over the last 8 1/2 plus years, we've gotten enough of a sampling of Democratic capitulation and appeasement to draw some effective parallels between the two psychological profiles and here's the situation the Democrats find themselves in:

They've been in a hateful, loveless marriage for going on nine years. Their progeny are bloated, dysfunctional and, like their sire, openly hostile to the general public. Yet the distaff half of this tragic marriage made in Hell lacks the maternal instincts or even a rudimentary concern about right from wrong to steer these wayward children so they can be productive in adult, civilized society.

While stressing bipartisanship and fidelity to family values, instead they cheat on their wives with two paramours and aren't even being artfully deceptive about it, and after cuckolding their way into the family like radioactively-engorged heartworms through the most transparently fraudulent of means. They then bluster and present themselves as the victims and these champions of bipartisanship suddenly start bawling about partisan hit jobs. They steal your money, threaten to change the locks and even when the long-cuckolded wife goes to reconcile almost immediately thereafter, it's folded into a time and a place of the adulterer's choosing, such as a gun or a car show. No sense in wasting tickets bought in advance.

At the same time this is going on, they disrespect your elders and do everything in their power to savage their reputation in spite of an admirable public service record. Hubby gets tattoos on his body that says "Fuck You" for the benefit of his benefactors, never shows the slightest sign of gratitude for past kindness, jacks up the household expenses and still doesn't want to pay his fair share for the maintenance of the household. Once in a while, he'll mow the lawn or put in a new sliding glass door while bitching about no one helping him out.

All the while, he's allowed to spout not only ignorant right wing talking points during family reunions and holidays, as is his Constitutional right, but he also makes disparaging remarks about black people and people of color in general and the invertebrates in attendance nervously titter at his racist jibes because they're too afraid to speak up and call him out for being the imperfect and unfunny Archie Bunker wannabe that he is. After all, keeping the family peace and tolerance of racial intolerance is always the order of the day. No one dares take on the elder statesmen of his family and, if they do, they capitulate minutes later (although sometimes they've been known to hold out for an hour or more before the inevitable prostration).

In fact, even those on the other side of the ideological divide forbid the raising of a whisper about past evils and comeuppance remains for the simmering masses a wistful fantasy. Let's all just move on, shall we? Screw the rule of law and any quaint notions of right and wrong.

But here's the really good part: In this particular extended metaphor, the abusive husband in question is a dwarf and the wife is getting bigger and stronger every two years. By this time, Hubby has been shrunk down to the size and stature of a rump roast yet Wifey still flinches every time Hubby spastically moves one of his truncated arms in her peripheral vision.

Those in the reality-based community are utterly flabbergasted that such sociopathic, self-centered and semi-autistic behavior could still amass such a support network and be constantly excused for the most egregious human rights violations ever visited on any one spouse. By all rights, in a non-Bizarro world, such a person would be in four point restraints or at least in prison for brow-beating the innocent and well-meaning or stealing their money and leaving the children to starve and die.

But we do live in a Bizarro world and every day is Terror in Tiny Town and even though wifey now has almost 50% more body mass (or IQ) than her husband, the dysfunctional relationship continues as if he's physically, intellectually or even morally in a position to continue calling (and landing) the shots. The black eyes and cut lips still continue to be administered with frightening regularity and the carpeted runners are now blood-stained on account of all the times Wifey's been pushed down the stairs. We should all have enough sense to know that enablement merely emboldens such brutal behavior but a low self-esteem prevents Wifey from walking out and looking for greener pastures. She's afraid she'll never do any better.

Hubby could shrink down to the size of a Lilliputian toddler and Wifey will still do her level-headed best to accommodate Hubby even though his voice will be no more than an irritating buzz emanating from the carpet.


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