Friday, October 2, 2009

Boolean Bozoism #14 September 23rd -October 1st 2009

Thanks again, Google.

Why are we still calling him Mr. Obama (Because he hasn’t had his sex change operation, yet)
ralph peters combat experience (It basically consists of this.)
big white penis
studid liberal quotes of the week
Michael Jackson died funny
preggo porn
free porn images of a pair of scissors on a cock
fuck hoarding
fuck from the back yellow bone

Looks like Loni’s got her fan club and for obvious reasons:

rodney moore fucks loni free watch (Yes, but does Loni hand out gold watches?)
loni black mother fuckers pics

As usual, Pottersville attracts those with an abiding interest in international relations:

are polacks commies
watch fucking in arab hospital
is iranian fuckable
here's to another year of lunatics focusing their conspiracy theories on the obama administration instead of the jews
dominicana gay beach orgy

Some poor former Wells Fargo executive can’t seem to move on:

cheronda guyton wells fargo chimp (Chimp?! What the hell was going on there during the weekends?)
cheronda guyton is a nigger
cheronda guyton is she a sister

Even though I pride myself on making Pottersville the place to go for accurate political news, I can’t say I attract a similarly informed readership:

Did Rush Limbaugh say Joe Wilson was a freshman in Congress? (Yes, he did.)
did andrew jackson have to leave right away when he was impeached (Andrew Jackson was never impeached. He was, however, run over by a peach truck in an eerie anticipation of Duane Allman.)
Is Jan Schakowsky a funny girl?
baucus greek god (Oh, dear Zeus)
comrade sonia Bunting who fought tooth and nail

It’s nice to know I can count on my readership from the John Birch Society:

ww. latena giting fuck in the ass by nuther black
animal fucker gay black
nigger lawn jockeys for sale
niggers carrying tvs katrina
the fattest n longest black dicks you can find
big negro dick fucking a narrow hole

These people either suck or wish they could:

turn men to cock suckers
How do citizens treat homosexual library patrons?
sick cocksucking
mandingo cocksucker sharecropper cum gay (Ah, yes. During Matthew Brady’s shameful but mercifully brief slavery porn phase.)

Only a truly, incurably morbid curiosity would make one want to know what these people were looking for:

fuck china blog by whites
what is crystal ball in the beautiful mind
lying douchebag story
video man corpulation
ivan seidenberg kill this motherfucker (The CEO and Chairman of Verizon will get right on it as soon as you specify who or what you want killed.)
laxative radio contest show

And the winners of the three scariest search phrases of the week are:

burned tits torture
if you ever try to bit my son ill kill you
blows to the testicles


At October 2, 2009 at 5:28 PM, Anonymous ShortWoman said...

Gee, I mostly get people trying to figure out how to reach a human being at WaMu. Oh, and people looking for midget porn.


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