Thursday, December 10, 2009

World Gone Mad

(Collage courtesy of NZ rocker Tony Koretz.)

This is how existentially absurd our world has become:

People are coming out of the woodwork one by one to actually draft Dick Cheney to run for President.

Meanwhile, a man waging two unwinnable wars is not only being given the Nobel Peace Prize (being nominated a mere week and a half after taking office) but in the act of accepting it, he actually defended continuing and escalating the wars he'd inherited.

In Oslo, Obama actually had this to say: "A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler's armies. Negotiations cannot convince al-Qaida's leaders to lay down their arms."

Hitler. Al Qaeda. Together again for the first time. Massage that gray matter, Constant Reader, and tell me which political party that has almost gone the way of the dodo bird is also fond of making always inappropriate comparisons of their enemies to Hitler (Bonus answer if you can tell the class which Republican politician actually financed the Nazi Party)?

Yes, a man who has just decided to spread our footprint in Afghanistan to 100,000 strong while still maintaining a troop presence in Iraq of 124,000 strong was just given the Nobel Peace Prize and then self-consciously defended war while clutching said peace prize. And he was nominated for the prize 11 days after taking office.

Meanwhile, in East Wingnuttia, a former political director for the Log Cabin Republicans has erected a website that is actually drafting Dick Cheney to run for the presidency.

That would be the same Halliburton CEO whose stock in that company, after the 3/19/03 invasion, split more times than liberal sides after Sarah Palin's Lazarus-like resurrection from the Alaskan tundra. Yes, several people are so desperate to take back the White House that they're trying to draft a guy who's had more heart attacks than Fred Sanford and hasn't displayed the slightest bit of interest in the job.

The guy who thought it would've been immoral for us to not torture?

The guy who not only worked for the most inept and ruinous administration ever, one that was avoided at all costs by the GOP the last two elections, he was that administration?

The guy who certainly played a part in the outing of a covert CIA agent whose husband had the gall to tell the truth about our reasons for invading Iraq (meaning the invasion had no truth or reason to it)?

The guy who funneled through his office secret slush funds to three Sunni insurgent groups that almost surely had ties to al Qaida?

The guy who told power companies in the Gulf Coast to divert what little power they could to the oil refineries and that the local hospitals could go fuck themselves?

The guy who wrote our energy policy by holding super secret meetings that didn't include his oblivious junior co-president but did include oil tycoons who also surely represented the four major oil cartels who were recently readmitted into Iraq?

Yeah. That guy.

We're that desperate for heroes. So desperate that we on the left elected an appeasement-minded centrist and hailed him as a liberal. So desperate that those on the right want to bring out of the retirement the rabid pit bull of the GOP and one of the most loathed men on the planet earth.


At December 11, 2009 at 10:40 PM, Anonymous tw said...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier !

Cheney is truly EVIL !

At December 12, 2009 at 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Cheney is the source of the swine flu. Look at him, he even looks like a pig.

At December 13, 2009 at 6:01 PM, Blogger Distributorcap said...

JP - that post was the home run - i couldnt have said it any better

the whole irony of obama getting the peace prize (granted he didnt ask for it) -

full disclosure - i too fell into the great expectations camp for him and see how wrong i was


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