Saturday, January 23, 2010

Three Words Conservatives Hate

There's a hilarious Twitter exchange going on right now entitled #3WordsConservativesHate (there's a counter trending topic called #3wordsliberalshate but, as you can expect, it hasn't taken off). Here are some of the funnier ones:

cARTHAN: Cheney Admits Lying
hashup: ...Here's your subpoena...
cmbsweden: C Street Whorehouse
stevekimura: no hookers here
The_Q_is: redistribution of wealth
stevekimura: Ethics Panel convened
patty_bray: Keith, Rachel, Chris
kthalps: Charles Robert Darwin
NadiartTwo: President Alan Grayson
Psycholyst: Assault Rifle Ban
cdashiell: Agent Plame outed
Miss_Moreno21: Waterboarding IS torture
Adenovir: Medicare and Medicaid
GottaLaff: President Dennis Kucinich
SerenaYates: freedom of speech
SerenaYates: regulate the banks
LiberalLaugh: 1 for English
several_: Jesus was liberal
jrbuckley: Right to Choose
cARTHAN: Limbaugh found guilty
hashup: ...Unrestricted Golf Course...
silvermaneman: Universal Health Care
CelluloidBlonde: Acorn registers voters
SupermanHotMale: Mission Accomplished Banner
NadiartTwo: Cheney Shot someone
stevekimura: Carrie Prejean masturbates... followed can't watch
silvermaneman: Tax the wealthiest
LiberalLaugh: Roe v. Wade
OneLegSandpiper: \Who's Sarah Palin?
GottaLaff: Son, I'm black.
stevenlwalker: Senator Al Franken
Psycholyst: Obama's second term
Cherryice1988: use a condom
realitygal: Rapture isn't coming
SupermanHotMale: Military Pay Raise
dpleasant: Nobel Peace Prize
davidrein: Here's a book
hashup: ...Viagra's not covered...
TheBROOKLYNITE: Black History Month
JacobEntwined: Reagan withdrew troops.
NadiartTwo: The war ended
dpleasant Bill of Rights
ProgressiveWNY: Publicly Funded Elections
StopBeck: The confederacy lost
DavidRein: National Public Radio
submergingmkt: Count Every Ballot
Easygaylife: WE THE PEOPLE
ProgressiveWNY: Clinton Budget Surplus
mardod: Party of No
SupermanHotMale: Remember Anita Hill
blogdiva: CHINA OWNS USA
RandomRon: Larry. Craig. Airport
dpleasant: The Fairness Doctrine
jrbuckley: Affirmative action programs
katyushina: It's Bush's fault
ProgressiveWNY: Hate Crimes Legislation
Shoq: Senator John McCain
CelluloidBlonde Cheney trial begins
signon2nine: I check facts.
avivao: Corporate Personhood Overturned
davidrein: Scholastic Aptitude Test
NadiartTwo: Get Something Done
CllrDaisyBenson: Brown has resigned
LatinoPolitics: voting rights act
StopBeck: "Explain your tailbone."
SupermanHotMale: Obama White House
patty_bray: Jon Stewart Videos
celticdiva: Show me proof
CelluloidBlonde: Liberals with guns
Shoq: Fox Lost Signal
jrbuckley: An informed electorate
koriwhitty: Reagan wasn't god
expatina Abortion Clinic Open
TheDude0415: Ammo Sold Out
stevebeste: Rudy LOVED "Cage"
larsolsson: Roadside sobriety test
Horn_Sannity: Earth circles Sun
hobsong Hate: war crimes prosecution
StopBeck: It's not 1950.
freegeeker: Reality Based Community
NReeding: NASCAR ceases operations
BigDebt1: 24 is fake
freegeeker: Teabagging For Dummies
Horn_Sannity: Think for yourself
ileducprof: Your boyfriend called
BurtFarp: You're under oath
Shoq: Olbermann Special Comment
tooloosetoo: Joe Lieberman retires

And, some of my own favorite contributions:
Fuck you, Israel.
France was right.
"Heckuva job, Brownie!"
"Michael Moore says..."
Bush wasn't elected.
"Dad, I'm gay."
Clinton was better.
Right wing extremism.
"Eric Holder called..."
Earth is round.
Glenn Beck committed.
Twitter's ridiculing you.


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