Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Party's Over?

Not by a long shot.

Imagine a spring break in which tens of thousands of college students simply decided to extend their disorganized vacation and to take up permanent residence in Florida with, dare I say it, no exit strategy and no plan for the future.

That's the Tea Party in the nutshell from which most of these maniacs have recently emerged.

It amazes me that even worthies such as Frank Rich, Paul Krugman and all the great writers in the blogosphere have yet to delineate the crucial and glaring differences between the original Tea Partyers in Boston Harbor in 1773 and the latter-day palimpsest that's done little more than infect and infest the national discourse with incoherent screaming and kneejerk opposition to anything that smells like the Potomac.

The Tea Partyers in 1773 were protesting a new tea tax by the British, which would've seriously hurt many tea merchants in the colonies but the destruction of the British tea was merely symbolic, a synecdoche touching on one of the biggest impetuses for rebellion and finally revolution: Taxation without representation.

Unless you live in Washington, DC or happen to be in the LGBT community, this isn't an issue anymore. The Tea Partyers of today are protesting taxation even with representation. There was no Boston Massacre in 1770 or any other that serves as a rallying cry for the maniacs who'd clumped together at CPAC last weekend.

The original Tea Partyers sought not anarchy but independence from a British tyranny and to establish the central American government that their so-called descendants wish to abolish with no clue and no plan for replacing with anything else.

There's no real connection other than a tentative, ideological overlap between the Tea Partyers and the Republican Party. In fact, the GOP, with some very notorious and troubling exceptions, have been betrayed by the Tea Partyers, clueless as they generally are, as being out of step or completely oblivious with the concerns and fears of the American public. In fact, the Tea Party movement, if nothing else, has shown up the Republican Party to be an elite Ivory Tower Treehouse better than have liberal and progressive activists.

It's easy to disparage the Tea Party movement when one looks at the often racist, misspelled and plainly clueless signage such as "Get Your Government Hands off my Medicare!" Yet it would be both politically and intellectually dangerous to completely dismiss out of hand the impetus behind their own mini revolution.

Despite Keith Olbermann's dismissal of them being merely a small knot of angry white people, Tea Party activists actually cross age, racial, political and income differences as well as state lines. In fact, an offshoot of the Tea Party Movement has recently cropped up in, ironically, Great Britain.

As Frank Rich today accurately summarizes, the Tea Party reviles the Republican Party with nearly the same intensity as they do the Democratic Party and Obama administration. The Tea Party movement seems to represent the actual and justified angst, disillusion and disaffection with established government as a whole.

But that, too, would be as big a mistake to make as dismissing them outright. They do not speak for progressives who, while being superficially sympathetic with the cynicism of the Tea Party movement, are not advocating the abolition of the IRS or the Federal Reserve or the entire government as a whole.

While often falling far short of championing and upholding democratic ideals in its 234 year history, the Great Experiment that is our republic has also nonetheless served us admirably well and, until the rise of the Bush administration, was the envy of the world. During those 234 years, our government served to depose real tyrants and to help more vulnerable countries with humanitarian aid and advancing the ideals of democracy while establishing at home the highest standard of living on the planet earth.

The answer is not to abolish the central government or our entire tax revenue base. And it's pointless to have to say aloud what the consequences of such an action, even were it feasible, would entail. But from a national security standpoint alone, the secession of even one major state (such as Texas, for instance) let alone the dissolution of our federal government, would make us more vulnerable than ever to terrorists, hostile nations and fifth column operatives.

To say nothing of what we spend on actual national defense, Medicare and Medicaid, S-CHIP, Pell grants for our young adult students, highway and bridge renewal, public school and state universities, and countless federal grants that partly if not wholly subsidize the renewal of our infrastructure and providing jobs and, yes, that evil tax revenue.

Obviously, the Tea Party movement, giddy over its newfound notoriety and having captured the ears of several elected officials, hasn't thought beyond what would happen if the American central government suddenly disappeared or was overthrown in a highly improbable coup de etat.

We liberals and progressives, despite the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004, have yet to lose faith in the power of the ballot box or in the enduring potential of the democracy that guides our Republic.

The Tea Partyers have.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Night Pig Boy Self Abuse Blogging

Because, sometimes even 10,000 words just aren't enough and self-abuse by the self-loathing is so much more eloquent than my poor powers of purple prosody can muster.

Yep, the GOP's finally gone off the deep end.

Chilean Earthquake Kills at Least 214

For over a month and a half, Haiti had the world's attention and compassion but after just over a month and a half, it's Chile's turn.

Early this morning, Chile was struck by an unimaginably powerful 8.8 earthquake off its long coast that's estimated to be nearly 65 times more powerful than the 7.1 that flattened Haiti. The only good thing that could be said about this earthquake, which ABC News said could be among the ten worst in recorded history (the worst, not surprisingly, also belongs to Chile when it was flattened by a 9.5 quake a half a century ago), was that it originated 22 miles below the surface and did not do nearly the damage to any major city of the scale of the Haiti quake that completely devastated the capital of Port-au-Prince.

The death toll has now been measured to be 214, which is still far better than the death toll in Haiti (300,00 dead and 1.2 million displaced) but still heartbreaking.

As with Haiti, Chile is a beautiful, lively country rich in natural resources. A thin, pencil-shaped nation renowned for its tin and copper mines, Chile lies on the west coast of South America and rests on a seismic zone. The result of the earthquake is likely to be a tsunami that may be felt over 25% of the entire planet, starting with Asia, Hawaii and even the United States west coast. Here's a link to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center's website if you live in Hawaii or anywhere in the Pacific.

Fortunately for Chile, one enjoying a progressive, democratically-elected government led by President Michele Bachelet, they had a much better infrastructure than Haiti when their turn came and their nation's capitol, Santiago, was relatively spared from the worst (while nonetheless suffering from snapped power lines and power blackouts). But while relief workers may have an easier time getting relief and aid supplies where they're most needed, that doesn't mean they won't need help. The international airport in Santiago has been shut down, meaning that relief agencies will have to scramble to find landing spots and to coordinate with Chilean airline officials and other relief agencies.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the energy being released off Chile's coast, they've just suffered their 63rd consecutive aftershock and that alone was measured at 5.2 on the Richter scale.

MSNBC says,
The State Department advises Americans seeking information on family and friends in Chile to contact the Bureau of Consular Affairs at 1-888-407-4747.

So, if you have friends or family in Chile or are reading this from Chile, use that number provided by our State Department to re-establish contact with your loved ones.

Here's a Twitter list of vetted and reputable aid charities committed to helping our brothers and sisters in Chile. Please give what you can. I will donate what I can after I pay my bills on the first. Here's another list of established relief agencies that are confirmed to be working in Chile.

The Phillie Phanatic Strikes Again

"What happened last night was an absolute disgrace. There is a time and a place a purpose for debate on deficit reduction, but you don't make your stand on the back of the unemployed. It is ill-informed, counter productive and just cruel." - Judi Conti, lobbyist for the National Employment Law Project (NELP)

Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Tough Shit) may be the only man in the history of the United States Senate to get thrown out of both the higher chamber and Cooperstown. The reason is by now well-documented:

Over the last couple of days, Bunning has taken a page from his obstructionist buddy, Kentucky's senior senator Mitch McConnell (R-Cabbage Patch) and had staged a one man filibuster to block a vital unemployment benefits extension for many jobless people about to lose it tomorrow.

So where was Bunning's opposition to funding two hyper expensive quagmires in central Asia and the Middle East? And what about other budget-busting measures that were championed by Republicans both when they were in charge and in the minority?
"The Republicans did not filibuster to pay for the tax cuts they handed out for the wealthiest of the wealthy in America," said Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkely. "And yet when our workers are down it is the Republican filibuster that is used to kick them."

It's the kind of action that a lame duck senator who no longer gives a shit what his constituents think, one forced out by his own party, would do, sort of the way a conquering army does when they torch a village just before leaving. It was Sen. Merkely to whom Bunning said, "Tough shit," when the Oregon Senator pleaded for him to drop his needless filibuster and adopt unanimous consent.

To add insult to injury, Bunning even had the nerve to complain about missing a basketball game because of his own filibuster, which kind of reminds me of that Billy Crystal SNL character who says, "You know how when you get naked and roll around on broken glass and then rub salt in your wounds? I hate when that happens!"

Predictably, Bunning's one man filibuster, while not officially spelled by anyone, has the support of other Republican organ donors like John Cornyn (R-Exxon). But I can't imagine the GOP, starting with the same Mitch McConnell who was mercilessly slammed by Bunning just last year, is very happy about Bunning further damaging a brand name that's already enjoying the worse reputation since Ford's Edsel and Pinto.

But this is what you can expect of a guy who plainly doesn't give a shit about millions of unemployed workers about to lose their benefits and sole source of income, damaging his party's future and cares more about a basketball game than he does anything else.

If Bunning wants to rail about how unemployment extensions will extend the deficit, then maybe he shouldn't have voted for those tax cuts for the wealthy during the Bush era.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Boolean Bozoism #16: January 16 to February 27

Perhaps I bring it on myself by repeating the most bizarre search phrases and recycling them for Google to further publicize. But I’d like to think I disappoint all the right wingers, racists and other sundry deviants who get tricked by Google and Yahoo through some inexplicable process of Boolean bozoism into thinking I hold the answers to their most inane and even frightening questions. (Blog owner’s note: These are just from the last month and a half alone.)

For instance, where would I be without my Deliverance readership?

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It’s touching to see that so many people were concerned about Haiti:
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Don’t ask me what these glue-huffers were thinking or looking for:
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Naturally, I continue getting hits from some of Obama’s biggest fans:
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It’s refreshing to speculate that there are some out there who assume that I’m keeping a watchful eye on the vast left wing conspiracy:
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I don’t even want to know whether if these websites actually exist:
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And my nominees for the three most frightening search phrases of the month:
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost-Live Health Care Summit Blogging

(Image courtesy of Laffy at the Political Carnival.)

First off, Eric Cantor's a toolbox and industrial glue huffer, so I'll just get that out of the way right now.

2nd, John McCain looked as if he actually did need to be reminded that the election was over. The man's obviously too old to be above ground instead of six feet below it.

3rdly, the President at times comes off looking like a 2nd grade teacher trying to calm down his class in the middle of a sugar buzz. Both parties seem more interested in advancing their talking points but this especially goes for the Republicans.

He was right in calling the Congress out for its massive 2400 page bill and he said just as rightly that when we craft legislation this unwieldy and complicated, it stalls substantive talk.

4th, and I say this just so we're clear on this, Eric Cantor and John McCain have no business being out when the sun is up. Tom Coburn and his "mystery patient" plan to catch fraud qualifies him for assclown of the week, if not the month.

5th, Rep. Slaughter and Clyburn brought up some substantive points, especially Mr. Clyburn when he mentioned the number of patients outside his district who go to the ERs for primary health care, which, of course, can be up to 10 times the cost of primary health provider visits.

As Rep. Clyburn says, this is something that ought to be addressed more substantively.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, to his credit, brought up some good points on the floor of the House recently when he united with the Democrats to abolish lifetime and annual caps on health coverage as well as letting kids stay on their parents' health care policies. These are big provisions in the HCR bill upon which both parties can build.

Lobbyists aside, Republicans and Democrats actually have more in common than they realize in this arena of debate. There's room for progress in this ongoing health care debate but if they don't start achieving more bipartisan consensus, then McCain's and Alexander's idea of scrapping the bill altogether and starting over will look more and more viable. And I don't think anyone wants that, especially Democrats.

As it is, when they broke for lunch, Mitch McConnell had this look on his face that said, "WTF just happened? Was that Baltimore redux?" Then again, McConnell always has that stupified Cabbage Patch doll look on his face.

Live-Streaming the President's Health Care Summit at Blair House

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I Can't Believe I H8 the Whole Thing

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

A post-Prop 8 California resident who's somewhat of a public figure expressing intolerance for gay marriage is bad enough. It's akin to kicking a man while he's down. I'll stop short of using as a metaphor Matthew Shepard and Allen Schindler but if my liberal readers wish to extend that metaphor, please feel free.

It was bad enough when professional airhead and wouldbe porn star Carrie Prejean came out last year swinging against gay marriage. The backlash against Prejean no doubt surprised many conservatives and all the former Miss California did was reinforce not America's ongoing prejudice against the LGBT community but the stereotype that depicts all California blondes as bubble-brained bimbos (to see a smart, liberal and Christian exception to the rule, one need look no further than liberal blogger and actress Lydia Cornell).

But Lauren Ashley's views went a step further than Prejean's: Not only did she air out her support for traditional marriage (that is to say, betraying her bigotry against gays wishing to get married), she even quoted the Draconian Leviticus in the New Testament, especially the part in 20:13 (King James version) that says, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them."

Fox "News'" website picked up on the story, coming thicclose to painting her detractors and critics as conspiracy-theory wackos but giving more time to her supporters in the National Organization of Marriage (NOM).

In the lead video above, KO and Dan Savage raise good points about so-called Christians cherry-picking parts of the Bible that seek to discredit those whom they think are evil while openly breaking several of the ten Commandments and the other edicts of the Bible. I'm not going to belabor that issue because after Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Savage had their say, I don't think I can add anything to that.

I will, however, use this as a springboard to, once again, delineate the difference between conservative and liberal thought. It's a basic distinction (and hardly an original one, I have to admit) that I'm amazed hasn't caught on with the rest of the American public. The words "conservative" and "liberal" are ultimately unsatisfying and abstract labels that could reference anything from basic political ideology to economic theories (free market vs. regulation, for instance) or social/religious dogma.

And "dogma" is the operative word here. Conservatives tend to use inflexible dogma. They seek to impose their notions of what's good and moral on the rest of us and tend to get very testy when their beliefs are challenged. They shun debate and automatically default to blustering and incoherent screaming when shown the foolhardiness and ignorance of their arguments.

Liberals do not need to use dogma. We liberals, especially those of us in the LGBT community, are not screaming about the evils of traditional marriage. As with President Obama's mantra of you being able to keep your employer-based health care plan even after a new HCR bill has been ratified and signed into law, the LGBT movement is saying, in essence, "Traditional marriage is fine if you're hetereosexual. Just give us the same rights to marry within our own gender."

That's it. That's the "evil homosexual agenda" and this all-inclusive liberal thought tends to extend across the spectrum of modern-day thought. When liberals rail about the need for single payer, universal health care, we're fighting for the rights of all Americans, not just liberals, but also Tea Partiers to have quality, affordable health care. When we insist on tighter regulations on rapacious corporations, we're also fighting for the rights of all Americans for the right to be treated fairly and with respect by the same corporations and industries whom we'd bailed out without much of a voice.

When we call for higher standards of workplace safety and advocate for unions, we're not stopping to think how such measures and initiatives will benefit only liberals and not conservatives. When we protest Monsanto tightening its grip on the world's food supply and call for stricter FDA and USDA standards to make safer the food, beverages and pharmaceuticals we ingest, we're not seeking to lock out our conservative fellow Americans.

When we liberals call for tighter clean air and water standards, we're well aware that conservatives breathe the same air and drink the same water as us and that we're also fighting for them. When we call for measures to be taken to reverse global warming, we're very well aware that that we all share the same planet, the only one we have. Our liberal philosophies may be flawed at times but at least it's consistently all-inclusive.

Conservatives think only of themselves and when they call for us to adopt their ignorant initiatives, they're saying, "You're either with us or against us." When they advance their own Biblically-based agenda against same sex marriage, they're dictating to the gay community whom they can't marry.

And Lauren Ashley's comments about gay marriage and how the Bible is "black and white" about such "an abomination" that calls for the deaths of gays the world over immediately puts her at the vanguard of virtually all right wing groups that similarly seek to abolish gay marriage in the five states that still have it (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Iowa).

Ashley falls back on the, "Oh, I don't have anything against gay people. Some of my best friends are gay people" tried-and-true counter-argument. It doesn't matter that she's an ignorant airhead whose brain cells had long ago been replaced with Biblical confetti. It's gaining traction. It's a sad commentary on America but it's true: No matter how ignorant, stupid, cruel, racist, intolerant and Draconian your views, a certain percentage of our population will not only listen but cheer from the sidelines, even figuratively (if not literally) hoist you up on their shoulders.

Yet Beverly Hills immediately disavowing itself from Ashley itself serves as a mini bellwether of the latter-day intolerance of the intolerance against the LGBT community. NOM's president Maggie Gallagher saying,
But I have to say, I am impressed with her courage in coming forward and for speaking up for Carrie. The elected officials of city of Beverly Hills are not demonstrating tolerance or kindness by continuing the avalanche of hatred against supporters of Prop 8

comes off as sounding more than a little audacious and hypocritical considering Ashley's own intolerance and using the Bible as a justification for more Matthew Shepards and Allen Schindlers.

It's one thing to advance a cause, agenda or opinion. It's another thing entirely to try to impose such notions on those whom you do not understand and have no wish to understand and to the point of espousing death to be visited upon those who are mandated by nature to live a different lifestyle.

It's not Beverly Hills that's being intolerant. It's people like Carrie Prejean, Lauren Ashley, James Dobson and every other opponent of same sex marriage who simply cannot stand the idea that people would want to live their lives in peace, quiet and dignity in an extra-Biblical way.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pottersville in Pictures

Blackwater steals 500 assault rifles intended for Afghan Police, Senate hearing reveals.

Congressional Democrats work with Republicans to craft modest jobs bill.

Heads of Toyota apologize for defects to the relief of all 34 of the customers it's killed.

Republicans still deciding.

Senate Republicans supporting jobs bill outnumber Tea Partyers protesting Scott Brown.

Former Vice President Cheney leaves George Washington hospital after chest pains.

Houston, You Have a Problem

“Little Napoleon.” That’s what he was called by some of his co-workers. Only a Republican could be this much of an asshat. Reading this list of crimes by this Alaskan Republican who goes by the name of Roger Purcell, it seems obvious that he’s modeling his political career after Don Young.

What started as a cursory read of an article about animal abuse sent to me by Mrs. JP has instead turned in an Alice in Wonderland internet journey of the twisted world of Roger Purcell, mayor of Houston, Alaska.

The story involves a February 2nd euthanizing of four dogs and four cats at the Animal Rescue Shelter in Houston. According to Sgt. Charlie Seidl, Purcell was “outraged” that the eight animals were still in the shelter and he ordered Seidl to shoot each of them in the head after rescue workers refused to put the animals down. The real tragedy is that the shelter’s employees hardly reached out or didn’t reach out at all to animal rescue agencies that wanted to help the animals get adopted. Apparently, Houston had lost $65,000 in appropriations for rescuing and sheltering animals to the now-notorious city of Wasilla. When one reads how neglected the shelter was, one wonders if it was run by the same KBR offshoot that ran Walter Reed Hospital.

So Seidl shot them in the head and soon outraged Alaskans were calling for both his and Seidl’s heads on pikes. Pointed fingers began flying. Seidl claimed he was acting on orders from his mayor, Purcell called him a liar and said he ordered no such thing and changed his story more times than a stoolie with amnesia. Eventually, Mayor Purcell responded swiftly and fairly to the controversy by firing two of the shelter’s workers and, in a Palinesque twist, trying to get Seidl terminated, as well. As of this writing, the people of Houston are working to recall him.

There was an emergency City Council meeting that determined the fate of Sgt. Seidl’s law enforcement career and, in a split vote, they agreed to let him keep his job. Meanwhile, at the same time this was going down, it had come out that Hizzoner had appropriated a police cruiser on a joy ride to Fairbanks and even used the lights on the cruiser to pass people. When Seidl got the car back, he played the dashboard camera tape proving that Purcell had used the lights. That’s when things began to get interesting so I began digging deeper. But even before I began my research in earnest, I knew this putz was a Republican.

It seems this wasn’t the first time that Purcell has been caught impersonating a police officer. In fact, this very strange article about a 2006 murder investigation proves that, while Purcell is a police groupie, he plainly doesn’t know one caliber from another, even though he was briefly a cop in Cordova.

Statements made by the Fire Marshal and Fire Chief of Skagway, Alaska paint Purcell in a rather unflattering light. He was insubordinate, displayed a Type A personality and refused to work with the EMT unit and Fire Department as a team member. In Anchorage, he was forced to resign from a union after illegally funneling union funds into a financial services company for whom he worked without the knowledge or consent of the union workers.

So, bottom line, this A type twit acts like a big fish in a little pond everywhere he goes, steals from unions, lies about his financial solvency (even listing his father as an unsecured $10,000 creditor!), refuses to play by the rules and likes to think he’s Super Cop. How this Republican assclown’s exploits haven’t followed him and how he managed to pop up in one Alaskan town and city after another to makes peoples’ lives miserable is anyone’s guess. But hopefully, the people of Houston will have their day and give this sack of whale blubber the ole heave-ho. They've been trying to get rid of him since at least early summer of 2008.

But let it not be said that bad things never happen to bad people. Purcell got his house foreclosed on (Note the American flag in the snow.) and he’s currently facing bankruptcy as well as recall proceedings.

(Btw, if you want to learn more about him, here’s his Facebook page that lists among his 74 friends the aforementioned Don “Bridge to Nowhere” Young, whose favorite TV program, O irony of ironies, is "The Price is Right.")

Whiteboarding is Abuse, Too.

(By American Zen’s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)

Chris Cillizza at the WaPo’s The Fix wrote an interesting article a few days ago, interesting in a Mayan Doomsday type of way. Appropriately, 2012, the year the world will end on the Mayan calendar, is the year of the next general election. It will be the year the Republican Party will choose yet another maniac as their standard-bearer. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin. They’re all crazier than a shithouse rat in flames but one of them has to get the nomination to oppose President Barack Obama.

Yet there was an alarming poll result embedded in Cillizza’s article:
In a January 2009 Washington Post/ABC poll, nearly seven in ten (68 percent) self identified Republicans approved of the job Bush had done while nearly eight in ten (78 percent) had a favorable opinion of him.

And, if history is any guide, public opinion about the former President will continue to brighten the further he recedes from office. That softening is already happening as a CNN poll conducted late last month showed 43 percent of the public viewing Bush in a favorable light while 54 percent regarded him unfavorably. While not stellar, those numbers are a far cry from the dismal 34 percent favorable/62 percent unfavorable score Bush received in CNN polling at the end of July.

I called it back when Obama was still a Senator and running for the presidency. Several of us, did, in fact, because, as Cillizza himself notes, history is a good indicator of how forgetful we are of the evils of past administrations the further they recede from their moment in power. Witness the gauzy, nostalgic feelings still generated by Ronald Reagan, the man who set the ball rolling and began getting us into the unimaginable mess we’re in now.

Under Reagan, unions suffered starting with PATCO, the air traffic controller union. The deregulation orgy started, the middle class shrank to a hard, embittered kernel, government programs were slashed under future jailbird David Stockman and, with the aid of his successor George HW Bush, the deficit tripled. It was the sleaziest and most corrupt administration in history until the suspiciously improbable rise of George W. Bush, if Iran/Contra is any indication.

The triple whammy of Reagan and Bush, Jr., with the Republican Revolution of 1994 neatly sandwiched in between, dealt liberalism three blows from which is still has not recovered even with the more or less successful two term presidency of Bill Clinton and the historic election of Barack Obama.

Nowadays, Vichy Democrats hesitate and calculate the risks of even openly calling themselves progressives let alone liberals. Even Alan Grayson (D-Fl 8), one of the brightest new stars in Democratic politics, stops short of identifying himself as a liberal and outright calling for single-payer universal health care. Even firebrands like Grayson are savvy enough to know when to pick their battles.

The problem is, there are hardly any significant battles these days the Democrats are willing to wage against a shrinking GOP minority in the Congress and that especially includes health care reform. They acted more quickly to bail out Wall Street, condemn and defund ACORN than they ever acted in the interests of the economically-battered American people.

Pundits whom we’re taking seriously keep telling us that health care or Afghanistan or this and the other is the death knell of the Obama administration unless he makes everyone happy with his policy decisions (and, obviously, he will not). Every single issue is supposed to be a bellwether of the viability of the Obama administration, every cause a make or break one. And it’s true that the President is showing an alarming lack of fidelity to his campaign promises and health care reform, transparency in all matters and Iraq is just the beginning.

But whatever evils the Obama administration may be visiting on us with a toothy smile still pales in comparison to those inflicted on the American public by the Bush administration. While the president’s “policy reversals” are disappointing and sometimes even infuriating, it has to be acknowledged that Mr. Obama and his aides are nonetheless forced into compromising positions without the full power of a liberal Democratic party behind it.

It is up to the informed grassroots to remind the rest of our goldfish memory electorate of who exactly got us into the economic and social quagmire in which we presently find ourselves. It won’t do for the President to remind us who’s responsible for much of the quicksand but that’s not to say we cannot do the same thing.

Very recent history that ended just over 13 months ago is already being whiteboarded. We hear about this “jobless recovery” and the resurgence of Wall Street, a marginal drop in the unemployment figures and think, “Gee, maybe he wasn’t so bad, after all.” A George W. Bush billboard with the caption, “Miss me, yet?” has already appeared in Wyoming, MN.

Receding from our goldfish memories is the realization that a major American city full of African Americans still has not recovered from a shocking lack of concern from the Bush administration. Forgotten is who’s responsible for us being involved in two unwinnable wars that have cost us over a trillion dollars, who’d authorized the creation of a corporate welfare state costing tens of trillions more to no discernable advantage to the very people who’d footed the bill for that corporate welfare state. Forgiven is the man who genially presided over the steadily mounting unemployment figures that haven’t been seen since the Reagan administration.

Forgotten even more diligently is the realization that under Republican administrations, inflation, unemployment, pollution, debts and deficits inevitably skyrocket as surely as day turns to night. Liberal thought gave us the New Deal, the Great Society and the War on poverty, the civil rights movement, the Apollo program, the Peace Corp, Medicaid and Medicare, Head Start, the National Endowment for the Arts. The list goes on.

Conservative thought has given us the Contract With America, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, corporate greed, deregulation and irresponsibility coupled with impunity and entitlement, relaxed clean air and water and work safety standards. Any mean-spirited agenda designed to weaken, cripple or outright destroy the general welfare you can be sure had its genesis in conservative “thought.”

But now, just 13 months after slithering out of the White House like the imposter he truly was, former “President” George W. Bush is now being forgiven by an alarmingly large percentage of We the People, a latter day people so used to being rear-ended that they have no relationship to or empathy for the vision of the Founding Fathers who sought to protect us from tyrants like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

And we are abusing ourselves with this whiteboarding of history. Every generation, we unwittingly make George Santayana’s words ring truer and truer: “Those who do not heed the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.”

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fox News at its Finest Part X: Zero Tolerance edition

Wow. That's too bad. Too bad the Congressional Budget Office, in fact, came to the opposite conclusion.

...and it begins with wearing American flag lapel pins 24/7 just like the rest of his comrades and citizens.

Ironically, this chyron came out only long after the Democrats took over.

Luckily, Fox Sports, a completely different animal, is not as error prone as its sister network Fo Ne... uh...

So, Jeron Johnson majored in Sex Ed?

I wonder if he's a secret Democrat, too?

So the first 100 top graduates at Morehouse College didn't count because they were black?

"How" the minimum wage hike will hurt, not "if"?

Finally, some truth from Fox.

Monday, February 22, 2010

ACORN and Yoo

So here I was, all ready to write a snarky post about the Dark Lord of Halliburton getting rushed to the hospital tonight so the doctors could set the Doomsday Clock in his chest back one minute. Then I see something on Twitter from GottaLaff at the Political Carnival.

Laffy linked to a story by Ben Smith at Politico that almost looked like something out of the Onion:

ACORN has been dissolved as a national entity.

And all because of this miserable little prick who fancied himself an up-and-coming Watergater. That would be Jimmy Olsen O'Keefe, Jr., who now has a criminal record for trying to tamper with the phones of a sitting United States Senator who just happens to sit on the Homeland Security Committee, the one who got punked when an ACORN worker, sniffing the trap, told him a whopper about her murdering her husband.

You know, the ACORN murder story that had breathlessly made the rounds on Fox "News", the murder story that turned out to be untrue.

The pimp story was enough grist for the rumor mill, however, and a few poorly-trained, low-level workers giving bad advice to O'Keefe and Co. about incorporating brothels was more than enough for the Swiftboating to begin anew, a Swiftboating that reached official levels when an alarmed Congress decided to cut ACORN of its federal funding, even though it amounted to only 10% of its total subsidization.

Even though the allegations never resulted in any criminal charges and hardly even merited an investigation. And even if the charges were substantiated, they would've shed no light whatsoever on the even more fallacious charges of "Democrat voter fraud."

Which in itself is such a rare phenomena especially in light of blatant Republican voter intimidation, racist legislation and electoral fraud that stole two presidential elections and cost at least one Democratic United States Senator his job.

Then consider, in an unrelated story, the DOJ's astoundingly stupid decision not to refer John Yoo and Jay Bybee for disbarment proceedings and that they'd merely shown "poor judgment" in saying the war on terra gave George W. Bush such sweeping powers that he could order a village to be "massacred", crush the genitals of small children to coerce their fathers and that, oh yeah, we could torture anyone we wanted as long as it didn't involve organ failure because the Geneva convention no longer applies because we say it don't.

Said Truthout’s Jason Leopold:
The judgment was softened by career prosecutor David Margolis, who was put in charge of the final recommendations and who said he was “unpersuaded” by OPR's “misconduct” conclusion, which faulted Yoo and Bybee for their approval of torture techniques that were used against terrorism suspects after the 9/11 attacks... But Margolis, who suggested Yoo and Bybee's flawed legal work was due to efforts to prevent another 9/11, dropped OPR's “misconduct” conclusions.

David Margolis. Remember that name because he's the lazy prick lifer who essentially opened the door through which war criminals Yoo and Bybee have escaped for greener pastures (Bybee's a federal judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals based in San Francisco).

Apparently, there's no connection between Yoo and Bybee to the Abu Ghraib horrors that came to light in the spring of 2004 nor to the horrors at Bagram Air Base's equally infamous prison in Afghanistan nor to what had transpired all these years at Gitmo in Cuba. But at least we and countless thousands of brown people have the satisfaction of knowing that Margolis at least clucked his tongue as he held open the door so Yoo and Bybee could begin the next phase of their impunity-blessed lives.

Likewise, there was no connection with any wrongdoing at ACORN's branch offices and the executives who run the national organization yet compare who's failing upwards and who's taking the hits for trying help the nation's poorest communities.

The common denominator in these two unrelated stories, of course, is a shocking lack of concern for the rights of the poor and powerless whether you're an African American resident of NOLA's 9th ward or an innocent villager in Karachi or Baghdad.

Where in God's name are our priorities? Dick Cheney; one of history's greatest and most successful war criminals, is being pampered tonight at George Washington University hospital with his private room's television set, as always, to Fox "News" and his room guarded by Secret Service agents.

Jay Bybee is enjoying a scotch right now thinking of the important cases he'll hear tomorrow as a federal judge while John Yoo is probably grading college papers written by the minds that he's corrupting.

Meanwhile, in the 'hood people will suffer because ACORN's outreach program will be compromised. In some cases the compromised position will be statewide. California's state chapter, for instance, pulled out in reaction to the bad press and "damaged brand name" that ACORN suffered when they were supposedly railroaded by another criminal named James O'Keefe, a snot-nosed little butt boy of fourth-rate blogger and faux journalist Andrew Brietbart.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The 10 Worst Music Videos of All Time

Many are called and many are chosen. The internet's filled with retrospectives of the ten worst videos of all time but years of prowling around on Youtube and seeing hideous videos posted on other blogs finally compelled me to make a Top 10 list of my own. And what a nationally-eclectic list it is! Ranging from Soviet Russia to Finland to Japan to Denmark to Hungary to India, these videos prove beyond a doubt that, even after 30 years, not all of us have the music video-making gene that the Beatles had in the 60's.


Back in 2007, Mads Nørgaard gave us a compelling look at not only the youth scene in Copenhagen but also the dangerous Danish balloon black market. They prance about on overpasses, do subversive things like put up posters they won't let us read and generally push the gay movement back to the pre-Stonewall era and perhaps into the Stone Age. I don't know about you, but this video certainly makes me want to steal balloons from a transient and then go out and "kill, kill, kill" as the last 45 seconds of the video tells me to do. Mads Nørgaard offers a compelling argument that perhaps the Danes ought to stick to making horrible-smelling cheese and pissing off Muslims.


Japanese culture seems to be based on one over-arching goal: To outdo the risibility of western culture and in that, they usually succeed. While still managing to maintain a level of dignity slightly higher than that of the typical Japanese game show, this Mini Mori video still beggars for an explanation as to how this dildo-headed guy and the Jailbait Dancers ever got a #1 single even in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you ever did a handful of purple microdot while watching anime, this is exactly what you'd see. We dropped a pair of atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They retaliated with this video. I'd say that about makes us even.


If you're a liberal, then you'll probably wince at seeing a video like this on a list like this. The sentiment behind it is commendable: Terrorists suck but so does war so stop the war. Unfortunately, that's the only saving grace of this 2003 video by the Hungarian group Speak. The video, aside from said commendably pacifistic message, seems to exist solely to prove that Eastern Europe ought to stop trying to muscle in on the boy band market and to focus those energies on making cars that don't live in garages. I'd also propose we pull all our troops out of both Iraq and Afghanistan and to wage war on Hungary for importing these tuneless wonders to the world music market.


The singing in this song is actually passably good. However, just to prove I'm not claiming national superiority and that all of America's got talent, I give you The Hoff, a man who, impossible though many would find it, actually succeeded in making Blue Swede look like a genius. But then again, one can't feel much sympathy for a guy gullible enough to stand in front of a green screen and trust a snickering director. "Oh, no, David, just stand on that box and trust me. We won't make you look like a paunchy Neo. No, no, you look great in the furry Michelin Man outfit. Besides, the camera takes 20 pounds off."


OK, I'll admit it: This song by Punjabi pop singing sensation Daler Mehndi is really catchy and will even get your foot tapping. But, like the Hoff above him, Mehndi's singing talents are overshadowed by a vicious and vindictive art director who must've had something against him. The product is something between a Benetton ad and Aladdin's Lamp as directed by Timothy Leary. Indeed, at several times in the video, even Mehndi seems to be laughing at his gyrating, badly digitized doubles.


Estonian boy band Steklovata is responsible for this song, "Новый год" (Nowiy god, or Russian for "WTF in God's name were we all thinking?!"). The 2001 brainchild of middle-aged Sergei Kuznetsov, many of the members of this now-thankfully-defunct band were 13 when the group formed. Uh huh. Middle-aged man actively searching out 13 year-old boys in the post-Chikatillo age. Uh huh. Anyway, this video distracts you with its hideous snowfall in the background, which may not be a bad thing as it distracts you from the foreground.


This synopsis is just for kids 18 and under, so you old folks go away for a minute. OK, kids, scootch on over. Now, the next time your old man tells you and your band to stop wasting your lives taking up his garage, show him this video by F.U.S.B.I. of the darker side of musical ambition. This pussy-whipped techno-pop Dad band should and could be introduced as evidence before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland that rockers cannot start out in middle age. Exhibit A: (Spoiler alert) The passably hot chick gives Dad back the 20 dollar bill she dropped to pay him to stay away from her. Exhibit B: Dad's lead guitarist is John Wayne Gacy. Exhibit C: The fat, hairy, shirtless guy. The prosecution rests, kids. Now go back to Dad's garage and aim higher. Much higher.


And people wonder how the transsexual Finnish rocker movement started in Chicago. In what has to be the most apathetic video ever made (pay careful attention to the cameraman falling asleep or losing interest in his subject at 2:35), this video by Jan Terri, "Losing You", is nonsensical even by conceptual video standards and makes Fellini suddenly look accessible. When the hero/ine, obviously a converted Helsinki gin mill bartender, loses her man (perhaps the understudy for the motorcycle dude in the Village People) offcamera, the US government gives us a happy ending and rightfully deports her. Somehow the United Airways jet achieves takeoff velocity and American culture was spared from complete destruction for another day just to be threatened by Jan Terri's countrymen...


...Armi and Danny. If the "good" Jesus of the Church of Latter Day Saints ever came back to earth in a cheesy future and did a music video, this would be the result. Actually shown on MTV back in the days when they actually showed music videos, this other notorious product of Finland proves that Finnish culture peaked with Paavo Nurmi and lutefisk. Brilliantly anticipating the Britney Spears School of Aerobic Dance by a decade and a half, this song has been known to induce fatal levels of Metathesiophobia or fear of the future.


Rounding out the list, put on your belt seats and prepare for down splash, comrades, because you're about to be invaded by Zlad the Impaler of Eardrums. There were basically three things the Soviets couldn't do for shit: Keep their people alive, make decent cars and produce good music videos. It's perhaps our instinct for making sense in a senseless world but it's hard to imagine even a Russian making a video like this out of any other motivation but self-parody. With a wig from a dead schipperke, special FX by Atari and English coaching by Sarah Palin, this Russian answer to The Captain and Tennile should've just STFU and acknowleged the sheer brilliance and greatness of the ones who brought us "Muskrat Love."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Hideous Video Blogging

I've just found something even creepier than CPAC.

Whatever we do, let's not piss off Putin, otherwise he may send this dude over. This is quite possibly the creepiest Russian on earth, not to mention the worst lip-syncher. (Since I know Russian, I can tell you the subtitle at the beginning says, "Nightmare Fuel From Russia, With Love.") He seems overly enamored of the world's largest and least functional headboard and seems perfectly ready, willing and able to amuse himself in the company of no one.

I'm convinced that his lineage involves either Satan, Beelzebub or Screwtape, perhaps all three, in the unholiest manage a trois on record.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Quotes o' the Day: CPAC Edition

What follows below are some of the most notorious quotes that I've seen today on the internet. As you can expect, CPAC provided us with some of the best quotes.

I thought the line "I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska" was very funny. I think the word is "sarcasm". In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.- Andrea Friedman, Downs Syndrome actress from Family Guy.

"Why have executions increased?... The president and vice president expound this fact as a fact that they are actually successful in war. That doesn't mean I think they are not illegitimate. No, we have every right to kill the other side's warriors. But at what cost? When we do not have an effective detention policy the only option we have is to kill them before we can detain them. And if we don't detain them, we don't know what they know and what they are up to."- former Bush DOJ official Viet Dinh at CPAC on Obama killing too many terrorists.

Israeli attempt at humor. Maybe they should leave it to the pros like Shecky Green.

"In case you didn't hear the late-breaking news, the gold medal in the downhill was taken away from American Lindsey Vonn. It was determined that President Obama is going downhill faster than she is."- Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney attempting humor at CPAC. Perhaps Republicans should leave this to the pros like P.J. O'Rourke.

"(Andrew) Breitbart couldn't find a lit 100 watt bulb in Rachel's shadow."- Politico commenter on Brietbart attacking Rachel Maddow at CPAC.

"The president couldn't find anywhere to set up a teleprompter to announce new taxes." -Mark Rubio.
"You can't govern from a teleprompter."- Sen. Jim DeMint
"The new era of hope and change was sweeping aside our values and principles. (It was a new era of) hope and change, and teleprompters." MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty
"All of these remarks, however, were delivered with two teleprompters sitting in front of the podium."- CBS News

"The lesbians at Smith College protest better than you do." - Ryan Sorba condemning CPAC for inviting GOProud, a conservative gay rights group.

"Do you think Reagan is going to talk soon?" - College coed at CPAC.

CPAC Twits on Twitter

What follows below are just some of the more noteworthy tweets coming from those on the floor at the CPAC convention:

Newt Gingrich lost me at "we need to do something about climate change." #cpac #tcot IngrahamAngle Laura Ingraham (Laura, a trolley could lose you.)

Was Tiger's apology sincere? VOTE: #tcot #cpac IngrahamAngle Laura Ingraham (eyes on the prize, Laura, eyes on the prize)

#cpac is cool and all but people are crowded around tvs watching Tiger apologize. SailorX Shawna Thomas

#cpac2010 gives good bumper sticker. SailorX Shawna Thomas

Whenever Dick Cheney preaches gloom and doom, I feel relieved because he's right 0% of the time. #gop #tcot #dems #p2 #teaparty #sgp #CPAC tlw3 Tom

Does Pence have an original applause line in his repertoire? This is the same stale stuff we've heard from #gop since 2002. #cpac jeffersondewitt Jeff DeWitt

Pence calls for resurrection of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Way to tackle the big issues of the day, #gop! #cpac jeffersondewitt Jeff DeWitt (Shorter Mike Pence: "Don't let me marry a guy!")

Obama accused of being French by latest CPAC speaker. Or at least having French ancestors. It's merging of birtherism and Kerry-ism. samsteinhp Sam Stein

The party of liberty! RT @jeffersondewitt GOP's Pence calls for resurrection of the Federal Marriage Amendment. #cpac stevesilberman (Are all teabaggers, like, genetically irony-deficient?)

The whale of big goverment and the eagle of freedom #CPAC danielnewhauser

And, the whopper of the day:
Overheard at #CPAC10 by a college aged girl: "do you think Reagan is going to talk soon?" KuhnCNN Eric Kuhn

Twenty Bucks, Same as in Town: CPAC/Teabagging Edition

Well, it's that time year again for the Monster Mash, aka the CPAC conference. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and The Nation's Max Blumenthal had better be careful while they're perambulating through the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. "Liberal talking head" Ms. Maddow was already accosted by "one guy who was really, like, hostile and got up in my face and screamed that he was a normal person. That was really weird. I think he was just a creepy guy..."

CPAC 2010 gets off to a roaring start as Newt Gingrich explains his new Contract With America.

The thought of Rachel Maddow picking her way through the CPAC conference, which Oliver Willis reminded us last year is co-sponsored by the John Birch Society, sounds about as promising as a drunk, nubile skinny dipper stumbling around Camp Crystal Lake.

Teabaggers like to look at themselves like this...

...even though to the rest of us they just come off looking like this.

Case in point: The Washington Examiner informs us that
Party planners are busily working to create a Nancy Pelosi pinata and Harry Reid punching bag for the girls and guys, respectively, to bat and punch... "I think that if you take it as humorous and you don't think of it as all too serious, it's funny, and it is what it is," (Katherine) Kennedy told Yeas & Nays.

Oh, sure. As long as it's all in the name of satire and humor, like, say, Rush using the word "retard" 40 times in a single broadcast, then what's to worry about teabaggers and conservative Patriots beating effigies of our party's Congressional leaders? While they're at it, why don't they just hang a real burro? They can call it "Pin the Blame on the Donkey."

Meanwhile, courtesy of Joe. My. God., here's the live stream of the CPAC conference if you feel like ODing on crazy hate.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Collar Terrorism

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?
- Langston Hughes, "Dream Deferred"

At first glance, Andrew Joseph Stack's desperate act in Austin today looks more Cory Lidle than it does September 11th. The last reports have remained unchanged from the first: Apparently, the only fatality of the single engine collision with an IRS building in Austin, Texas seems to be Stack himself. Two were injured and one is unaccounted for.

In our hyper-partisan age, it's inevitable to play the blame game. Which lunatic who carried out the freshest atrocity belongs to which camp? Did he leave a manifesto or suicide note, did he post to a white supremacist/anti Semitic/left wing/Socialist website? What reading materials were found in his apartment/shack/car? Was he a reader of Sean Hannity or Michael Moore? Was he a tree-hugger or a teabagger? And, most importantly, which political party did he belong to? Hurry, dear Watson, the game's afoot!

Oh, horrors, suppose it turns out that he'd voted for Obama and hated neocons and teabaggers. Please, God, anything but that. He can't be one of us! It's in our nature, hardwired in our very DNA, to crawl away and publicly disavow ourselves from anyone who visits violence on others. It's OK to admit it. I'm guilty of it, too.

But the usual rules of finger-pointing simply don't apply in this case.

And one suspects that instinct for political self-preservation is what's really behind Robert Gibbs' oleaginous assurances that the Austin crash wasn't an act of terrorism. Personally, I agree with the Obama administration's official stance but there the agreement ends.

Because I believe that Joseph Stack was neither a teabagger or a terrorist but simply a snake-bitten American like so many of us who felt as if he had no other recourse but to fly a single engine Cherokee 140 into the IRS building. He was a man who had obviously felt so isolated that he had to content himself with publishing his manifesto/suicide note online because he felt or knew that in the real world no one was listening to him.

It would be very easy to dismiss Stack as a typical teabagger or a right wing terrorist because he chose to target the IRS building in Austin as a way of having the last word in a long-running feud with the IRS. But there are too many things that run counter to that. Stack, like so many of us, felt the Republicans were just as corrupt as the Democrats and in one part of his 3200 word screed, Stack even had this to say:
As government agencies go, the FAA is often justifiably referred to as a tombstone agency, though they are hardly alone. The recent presidential puppet GW Bush and his cronies in their eight years certainly reinforced for all of us that this criticism rings equally true for all of the government.

Earlier, he wrote this:
That little lesson in patriotism cost me $40,000+, 10 years of my life, and set my retirement plans back to 0. It made me realize for the first time that I live in a country with an ideology that is based on a total and complete lie. It also made me realize, not only how naive I had been, but also the incredible stupidity of the American public; that they buy, hook, line, and sinker, the crap about their “freedom”… and that they continue to do so with eyes closed in the face of overwhelming evidence and all that keeps happening in front of them.

I don't know about you guys, but I've heard the same exact sentiment on just about every left wing/centrist blog, including my own at Pottersville. And anyone who'd ever written to their Congressman or one of their senators can certainly appreciate this experience:
I spent close to $5000 of my ‘pocket change’, and at least 1000 hours of my time writing, printing, and mailing to any senator, congressman, governor, or slug that might listen; none did, and they universally treated me as if I was wasting their time...

From inveighing against George W. Bush to the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan to Enron, the Texas S&L fiasco to the bailout to the IRS, Stack was scattershotting not so much hatred but impotent, bottled up fury at a nation of corporate tycoons, corrupt government officials and an electorate living under an impenetrable state of denial that things really are as fucked as they truly are.

Andrew Joseph Stack's horrific act today in Austin wasn't an act of terrorism any more than was Cory Lidle's crash in New York City years ago. If anything, it was an act against terrorism, namely the quiet, white-collared terrorism of corporate America newly empowered to buy whatever part of our electoral process that hasn't already been bought and sold.

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