Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elmer Gantry in a Dress

"Bailout... crisis moment... shore up... job creation... health care is tied into this somehow... crisis... shore up..." - Sarah Palin to Katie Couric, September 24, 2008

Between peeks at her cross-hatched crotch, Sarah Palin, the world's favorite cognition-challenged Canadian, seemed to be in favor of the bailout, even praising her running mate John McCain for getting everyone together on Capitol Hill to vote on it. This was in keeping with hers and McCain's "maverick" images, in running counter to the wisdom of the toxic GOP leadership that was opposed to the bailout from the start.

Since then, all we're hearing from Palin is how evil the bailout was (she's right, of course, but for the wrong reasons) and she's proven to be more agile in her ethical gymnastics than a double-jointed hooker on a speed jag. And her supporters, who one suspects would be outclassed by a little orange fish that swims in and out of pirate ships, have been so hoodwinked by this woman that they can't even remember Palin's interview with Katie Couric on CBS a year and a half ago when she came out swinging in favor of the bailout bill that she's now denouncing as evil.

And in embodying the destructive myth and cult of celebrity, celebrity based on no accomplishment or erudition, Palin is now the type of celebrity for which she'd denounced Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. If she has any plans on running in 2012, she's going to have to somehow tone down the celebrity while still remaining visible enough to be a presidential contender. Also, as the gentleman below points out, if she runs for public office ever again, she'll have to reveal how much loot she's hauled since leaving Mooseport, the size of which being treated as a state secret.

Check at 2:48 of this video. It's priceless and the sheer disconnect from reality makes this bubble-brained Palin supporter part and parcel of the people who stand in the rain and get stood up by Palin as they clutch unsigned books and kept from approaching her during one of her $200,000 speaking gigs. Even when provided by an MSNBC reporter with a direct quote from Palin supporting the bailout bill, this stupid, stupid kid still won't accept the truth that her heroine is every bit as much a flipflopper as McCain. Sure, "you could ask her today" and she'd say she was against it all along, just like she was for Don Young's Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it (while still keeping the funds for the road leading to the bridge).

She can think about that some more and her stuffing words into the President's mouth that he didn't say while Palin takes a Lear 60 jet back to her illegally rehabbbed house in Anchorage or a five star hotel room given to her in a secret deal from the CSU, Stanislaus Foundation.

Think it's funny, the notion of Sarah Palin getting elected President? Laugh all you want but let's see if you keep laughing while remembering the boob before Obama who got "elected" almost a decade ago and how well-suited he proved to be for the presidency. Then think about him getting "re-elected" four years later.

After George W. Bush, anything is possible, save for an actual liberal rather than a neoliberal getting elected president.


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