Monday, August 1, 2011

"Evil Unleashed"

In Pam Geller's case, it's not only unleashed but given a literary agent and book contract with a major publisher for the intention of sowing fear, hatred and distrust of our President and a religion comprising one billion people.

Pam Geller's diaper under her bikini bottom is a little saggy, these days. Apparently, Israel's beach blanket bimbo can dish it out but can't take it. Her latest deathless screed, "Evil Unleashed", would make Jonah Loadpants Goldberg green with envy for its puling sense of persecution.

To start, I have to admit I started this little flame war that's more like a couple of kids lighting farts in a dark bathroom. I sent Geller an email, quoted in full at her intellectual septic tank of a blog, Atlas' Shrub. At least I warned her in advance what I'd written about her when she essentially took Breivik's side and blamed the 15-16 year-old victims of his shooting spree and accused them of being part of a Communist Labor camp. Note the caption in the picture below.

Make note of it because Winston Smith's kid sister kept the photo but lost the caption when we evil, unleashed lib'rals made a big stink about it.

This isn't the first time that Pammy's whiteboarded her own blog. Not long after the Norway massacre, she quietly expunged a line from an admirer in Norway who frankly admitted to "stockpiling weapons" in preparation for the anti-Islamic jihad to come. In fact, the line in full reads, "We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast."

If you go to the post as it stands now, you'll note that pesky, incriminating line was just deleted a week or so ago.

Tsk tsk tsk.

One of her flying monkeys crash-landed into Pottersville today to accuse me of inspiring Jared Loughner, the right wing shit smear who shot a liberal Democratic representative and killed six people, claiming he was a fan of Pottersville. Uh huh. Well, how do we know Anders Breivik didn't write that letter to Bikini Girl over four years ago?

(OK, Pammy, join me at camera three, 'kay?)

Now, Pammy, I realize that you have a reputation to maintain. For some celestially-cruel joke of the Gods of Capitalism and the Written Word you and your spittle-flecked lies somehow obtained the services of an obviously unethical and morally bankrupt literary agent and publisher. I can understand wanting to keep up appearances but you're really taking this to extremes.

And now you're posting my email address on your blog. (I'd wondered where I got that tiny bump in traffic, which had the effect of a pinkie stuck in my ass to give me a slightly more intense orgasm.) And I'm getting hilarious letters that have made my day, such as this one by some pathetic, love-lorn admirer by the name of The Saint:
Dear Slugs,

Since Ms Geller has taken the opportunity to post your emails that each of you has sent her I am going to take this opportunity to add my comments to your pathetic missives. And one of you is so proud of yourself that you cannot even use an accurate email address. (I hope that you are literate enough to know the definition of the word 'missive')

You are, all of you weak and pathetic excuses for humans. None of you even care about the truth. I have read the manifesto of the Norwegian Nutcase. Have you even bothered? One line, one sentence mentions Ms Geller out of over 1500 pages. That is hardly an endorsement.

I wish I could either have a debate with you (probably not possible as you would resort to name calling, insults and would require a thought process that would include more than a single sentence) and lets just say that for the time being I will hold my tongue as to what the either might have been.

For the record, I have never met Ms Geller and she did not ask me to defend her. However as Don Quixote said I love her "pure and chaste from afar"


The Saint

But when Breivik blew away almost 80 innocent people literally in your name and cited you as an inspiration, you're embarrassing the three or four conservatives out there who don't regularly finger-paint with their own fecal matter. When you claimed those kids were in a dangerous Communist indoctrination camp on a par with the Nazis (clever tie-in but Beck beat you to it, douchebag), assholes in Right Blogtopia puckered and got even more uptight than they already were.

Here's an expansion of the letter I wrote to your pure and afar wouldbe lover who obviously has a bikini poster of you on the underside of his bunk and tries to hit you in the face every night with his spunk:

You traffic in hatred and delusion. That much is simple. You do not care to get the facts straight and on the rare occasion you realize that you had gotten them wrong or had let the monsters put a bloody toe into your little sewer of a blog, you resort to quiet censorship.

You have blood on your hands because Breivik mentioned you, however briefly or however many times, in his 1518 page manifesto. He named you, he named Robert Spencer (who was kind enough to write you a testimonial that you proudly show on your sidebar), he named the Gates of Vienna and other right wing lunatics who seemed to have given the tacit OK to do what he did. And when you do that, you give mass murderers such as Breivik the illusion of consensus.

And while you're trying to crawl away from Breivik but not too far away, you know damned and good and well that if he'd, instead, mentioned Michael Moore or Markos or Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann or any other prominent liberal even once in his manifesto, your cunt would've been squirting like a kinked firehose all over Right Blogtopia and you'd be on the phone with your scumbag literary agent.

But Breivik didn't cite left wingers because we don't traffic in hatred. Anger, yes, but homicidal rage, no. We don't advocate "2nd amendment remedies" or bring guns to Obama health care town halls or openly pray for the President to be struck dead. Your buddy Glenn Beck, long before he became Goldline's talking head, openly mused on his radio show if he could get away with killing Michael Moore. Your ideological soulmate and my old penpal, Hal Turner, is currently serving years in prison for threatening to kill three federal judges.

No, Pammy, when right wingers are caught just before a murderous rampage, such as Byron Williams, they cite guys like Glenn Beck as inspirations because Rupert Murdoch provides a big megaphone (or did, before Glenn got himself shitcanned after losing over 300 sponsors) and the bigger the megaphone, the bigger the fake consensus. When Jim Adkisson shot up a Unitarian church in Tennessee and killed two people a few years ago, they found in his home right wing literature, for want of a better word, by Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity.

That's just a tiny sample of the sick, festering right wing mindset feeding off itself and others and committing capital crimes in the name of racial or religious or political or ideological purity. Because screaming, hateful harpies like you give them consensus.

Now, Pammy, if you were born 100 years before you were and if the climate of Germany was more conducive to bikinis, and if they had Botox available, you and I both know that you would be joining antisemitic pogroms if it promised a book deal and preference from Der Fuhrer. You and I both know that if you were around 70-80 years ago, you'd be doing a radio duet with Ezra Pound railing against the Jews from his little radio station in Rapallo. In fact, it would've been the precursor to Fox "News".

In a way, I suppose it isn't all your fault, Pammy. When you're body-tackled by scumbag literary agents who sense some faint whiff of opportunity and when they wrangle a book contract with a major publisher, the lure to amplify your blog's message of hatred and intolerance becomes irresistible. You are the price we pay for the greed, stupidity and laziness of literary agents and major book publishers who thought it would be a great idea to rid themselves of those pesky and overpaid rewrite and research editors and depend upon post-literate flying monkey masters like you to get your facts straight.

But your ravenous ambition has made you the laughingstock of the internet and even former allies like Chuckie "Please don't remember I used to be a right wing asshole" Johnson at LGF are publicly pillorying you. You're simultaneously playing the victim (maybe your persecution complex and paranoia is attributable to taking too many junkets to Israel) while blaming the victims of the Labor Party's youth camp in Norway (like Glenn Beck and the KKK never had youth indoctrination camps?). That's beneath despicable, which for you is par for the course.

But you have no concern for the consequence of your actions, your hatred and your initiatives. Because, sometime after 9/11, back when you were justifiably a nobody, you threw a straw up in the air, it blew toward Mecca and Medina and you went with it. And now the Gods are laughing at us because they inflicted you on the world and just enough race-baiting psychopaths buy your shitty books and give the publishing business the mistaken idea that you're worth giving a bigger megaphone.

(Since she freely gives out the private email addresses of private citizens, usually considered a big no-no, let me return the favor. Write to Pammy and give her some love. She sounds like she desperately needs a hug.)


At August 2, 2011 at 1:19 PM, Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...

People would probably take you more seriously if you didn't use words like "cunt," "cocksucker," etc. etc. As it is most, I would wager, just find you a bit silly. I enjoy reading your stuff, not because I agree with much you say, but because there is no telling what you will say or who you get in tangles with.

It certainly is entertaining.

At August 2, 2011 at 1:39 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

BC, I call a spade a spade. And considering that Pam Geller has no problem using her questionable muliebrity (a bikini in a vlog from Israel???) to get readers, then that muliebrity is fair game.

If she and those of her odious ilk want to call President Obama "President Jihad" and accuse him of being a terrorist and to continue to demonize liberals for insisting on a single religion not being isolated, pilloried and marginalized, then I will give them no quarter. You see how they're squealing like stuck pigs when they get under the skin of someone who knows how to fight fire with fire.

I apologize for... nothing. Playing nice and trying to appeal to these peoples' nonexistent sense of reason and fair play is like a chicken trying to negotiate with Col. Sanders.

Fuck 'em all.

At August 3, 2011 at 10:23 AM, Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...

Well we don't agree on very much that is certain, but I do think we agree on the right to speak one's mind. You certainly do that. Got to give you credit there. I would say that starting "internet fights" can be both healthy for our society but potentially dangerous individually.

When I first ran across your writings you were in a brouhaha with some neo Klan type dude who, if I am not mistaken, has since been locked up. He was a truly dangerous cat or at least in contact with some dangerous types.

Sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie perhaps.

You won't do that though. That is why I continue to read. If one does not pay attention to the thoughts of those that we disagree with then they really don't have any leg to stand on in any debate.

At August 3, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

You're thinking of Hal Turner.


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