Tuesday, August 2, 2011

He Who Sleeps With Rabid Dogs...

...wakes up with equally rabid fleas.

If you still want more of a daily dose of right wing lunacy after reading the comments section of my post about Pam Geller, then this is your lucky day, Potterites! What follows below are the rest of the private emails I've been getting from Nuremberg Barbie's Flying Monkey Squadron ever since Geller posted the URL for my post about her. This is Pam Geller's base.

(Advisory: Extreme hilarity may follow.)

From: "The Saint" thesaintlysaint@hotmail.com
I took the time to go to your swamp. I read most of your diatribes. You are the kind of person that disregards evidence and makes your own reality. When I was in law-enforcement we coined a name for guys like you Either Adam Henry's or number 6's. Some of the people couldn't help their behavior usually as a result of some injury or trauma. I suspect that you are likely in the 2nd group of unstable personages due to voluntary self induced chemical imbalance. Either one explains your behavior. Having read through your response to me and the 'basura' that resides on your web page attempting to imitate coherent thought, I know that I can never change your opinion and likewise you will never change mine.

I would have enjoyed a discussion with you on an adult level but it seems that your anger management issues surface too readily and prevent you from talking, typing or exchanging ideas in any medium without resorting to name calling. Suffice it to say that I am not in short supply of your type of vocabulary, I just choose not to use it. In short you do not stay issue focused but deem it proper to insult those who might have an honest difference of opinion with you.

And thanks for the repost on your web page of my email. I like the publicity.

Then you won't mind if I keep posting your pedantic letters, "Saint", including your own email address. Maybe eventually you'll find someone with whom you will want to have a dialogue. Oops, apparently he wasn't done, after all:
"The Saint" thesaintlysaint@hotmail.com
Dear Slug,

I believe in the adage of fighting fire with fire as I believe it is the only thing that you will understand. Hence my comments to you. You have proven my point. You did understand what I was alluding to. Good boy.

And you have also proven my second hypothesis, that you are incapable of having a discussion without resorting to name calling.

As for my law enforcement career, I am retired. Lieutenant. 38 years of service.

When you get to be all grown up and you want to have a civil discussion I will be available.

So, calling "us" "slugs" and "pathetic excuses for human beings" in his introductory email is, in right wing circles, somehow taking the high road but God forbid we nasty lib'rals employ the same tactics in self-defense. This is typical of the fascist mindset of cops and right wingers in general: We will abuse you whenever we want, however we want but if you so much as resist, we'll come down harder on you and charge you with resisting arrest.

Go fuck yourself, Deputy Don Quixote and go tilt at someone's else's windmill. Pam doesn't even know you exist, you pathetic old fistfucker.

But wait, folks, it gets better. Next comes the aptly named Linda Blood, who's a marvelous anthropological specimen of a person who isn't afraid to openly show her prejudice like a baboon presenting its flaming ass during mating season:
SOME FUN FOR YOU "LINDA BLOOD" oceanfloor1@msn.com
you sound like the sort of boy who likes stories about big strong muslim men doing things to little girls, crawman. see how you like this one


maybe you could send the family a threat for saying bad things about moooooosssslimsss?

The video purports to prove that a Muslim raped a small girl on her refusal to convert to Islam, which is certainly on a par with the sum consequences of the first nine Crusades, one of the last of which using Christian children. I then responded with
Hey, Bloody, since we're playing nice and trading stories of atrocities, howz about we continue this meme of whose people are worse than whom? Granted, this story of right wing jihadists shouldn't be construed as a synecdoche of all right wing psychopaths any more than your cherry-picked video is a damning indictment of all Muslims.


Think it's a coincidence one of the perps is named Bush?

It's the story of the nine year-old Flores girl and her father gunned down by exactly the kind of people who go to Pam Geller's site.
"LINDA BLOOD" oceanfloor1@msn.com

FOAD ahole.

Ooooooo, cherry picking...... we all know onely one mooslum in the world has ever raped a 2-year-old kid just because her old man wouldn't convert to allah slavery. They don't cut their clits off them in Egypt either, that's just a rumor we eeeeeeevil non-allah slaves made up.

I see the ragheads are putting up signs in your east end about what you will and will not be able to do in your own neighborhoods, loser. Going to roll over and wave your paws in the air for them on that?

No wonder we threw you bums out of my neighborhood a couple hundred years ago. You don't even have the balls to stand up to 7th century savages taking over your own country.

"Cherry-picked"? Perhaps. But right wing lunatics have a lot of cherry trees to pick. I told her I'd get right back to her as soon as I could find a Mongloid who could translate her email.

But wait, it gets even better, believe it or not. The next one comes from a guy who'd been reading a little too much Ann Coulter:
stephen carter" directed_by@yahoo.com
hiya Crawford:

I hope someone takes a baseball bat and reduces your skull to spaghetti mush. Leftist scumbags like you make my skin crawl. Die you wretched piece of shit excuse for a human being. The left is an evil cult bent on destroying the West. Pricks like you make me vomit.

enjoy Eternity in Hell, for that's where you're definitely headed ...

Well, Stephen, at least I'm not completely useless as I can still act as an emetic for our right wing brothers and sisters and therefore able to purge them of all that pent up bile inspired by anyone darker than Sinead O'Conner.

But never let it be said I don't save the best for last. What follows is a remarkable email exchange between yours truly and a man we'll call "Stefan."
Aww is the little communist mad?
stefan cherzra@gmail.com
Cry more, you son of a two dollar whore. Too bad you weren't on the
island... filthy anti-semite.

You just got owned by the way... leftist trash.


Hahahaha. Crawl back under your filthy Marxist rock.

And Deputy Dawg was putting a knee on the back of my neck for resorting to name-calling and so forth. This little cretin is practically chewing his hind leg off. I told him that I was way ahead of the curve, was well aware of Geller's "Wah wah, poor me!" post and that I'd already responded to it at great length.
stefan cherzra@gmail.com
You stupid fuck. You're too retarded to see it is your filthy kind who are the fascists. Keep making more rules and arbitrarily picking winners and losers, stealing some more money from the "evil rich," importing more niggers, sand niggers and beaners so you can turn this into a third-world hellhole and deciding how other people should live their lives because YOU know better. Fucking nazi piece of shit.

I hope your family burns to death in a car crash, and that you get cancer and rot after that.

PS shove your lick up your ass... as if I'm clicking on your fascist, marxist trash. Rot in hell you degenerate, inbred son of a two dollar whore.

PPS have fun trying to respond when you're on my ignore list. Be sure to waste your time typing a lot of garbage, whoreson.

"Whoreson"? Am I supposed to be impressed because some misguided soul thought giving him a Shakespeare for Christmas would edify him?

Then, despite being put on his ignore list, minutes later I get this priceless email:
stefan cherzra@gmail.com
Hahahaha... stupid retard. You actually posted your phone number online, when your broke-ass stupid bum was begging for a shitty minimum wage job. I guess that's why your a marxist nazi piece of shit huh? Too lazy and stupid to get a real job and make a real living, so you'd rather have communists like Maobama redistribute the wealth from those who are better than you to lazy inbreeds like yourself huh?

xxx-xxx-xxxx. I'm going to have some REAL fun with this. I'll find your address within the next few minutes and you can count on having a lot of fun.

So after just two emails to which he couldn't coherently or effectively respond, I'd already gotten myself a stalker. So I thought two could play at this game:
Still own the Supra, John? I know we're going back 5 years.

Ooh, what's this? Looks like we've been a naughty, naughty boy, Johnny boy. You still into Bukkake and do you want your intimates to know where you've been?

Silly me. You don't have any intimates, which is why you go to Anchorwoman Bukkake pages, you fucking pervert. And you're insulting me for actually looking for a job?

You sure you want to keep doing this, shitheel? Remember, I do this for a living, looking shit up.

Btw, how can I be a fascist and a Marxist simultaneously? I mean, I'm flexible, but even that's pushing it.

Man, are my readers going to have fun at your expense tomorrow.

At the same time I was sending that off, he was sending this off:
stefan cherzra@gmail.com
Broke-ass bum. What's the matter, too dumb to get a real job? I make 180K a year... stupid idiot. I spit on your lazy kind. Keep begging Maobama to steal more money from the evil capitalists to give it to your degenerate kind though!

PS have fun with that cancer, and welcome back to my ignore list. Nazi whoreson.

I haven't heard from him since. This sick right wing fuck is claiming to have a $180,000 annual income yet has to go to Bukkake sites to get off and he's ragging on me for looking for a job online.

This is the reason we will never progress as a nation, folks, the reason why bile-stippled douchebags like Pamela Geller and Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and their ilk will get literary agents and big publishing deals, the reason why so many innocents die every year in this country and beyond, the reason why we'll always need unions and the NAACP, the reason why we'll never join the rest of the industrialized world in environmental cleanliness and health care and economic solvency.

Because trogs like the kind you just saw here are being given the impression they run the roost and people like Geller, when they deign to notice and acknowledge them, give them the illusion of consensus, which is exactly what Anders Breivik thought he had when citing Geller as one of his inspirations.


At August 2, 2011 at 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At August 3, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Anonymous Johnny Miskatonic said...

Wow! Remind me not to piss you off. You're a knife-fighter.

At August 3, 2011 at 9:25 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Nah. I prefer guns.


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