Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The New Civil Rights Movement is... Rush Limbaugh?

It's been tremendously amusing to watch Republicans and their flying monkey squadron shitting all over liberals for calling out Herman Cain for his alleged lechery back in the 90's. Predictably, the same party that is at this very minute devoting millions of man hours and millions of dollars to keep African Americans from voting, the same party that had viciously attacked ACORN with selectively-edited videos just for getting out the urban vote, the same party that just three years earlier had snubbed the NAACP that had tried hosting a GOP presidential debate, the same GOP that had blamed the mostly African American victims of Hurricane Katrina for having the audacity to die on George W. Bush's watch and embarrassing him with their bloated bodies is now, we're supposed to believe, at the vanguard of the Civil Rights movement.

Even more amusing is the corollary they're using: Clarence Thomas's confirmation hearings of almost exactly 20 years ago.

It was inevitable that right wing nut jobs would echo Thomas's own whining about how, after succeeding to the highest court in the land and riding a wave of Affirmative Action, he whined about "a high tech lynching." Leading the demonic Iditarod is dependable head flying monkey Ann Coulter, who went on Sean Handjob's show on the newly-centralized Fox "News" to spit venom in the eyes of liberals who "detest, detest, detest, conservative blacks" (I think the term she's looking for isn't "hate" but "are endlessly amused by" conservative blacks. Who aren't known as "blacks", anymore, but African Americans).

When he wasn't popping Viagras and Oxycontin in his jiggling puss, Rush Limbaugh said from his own bully pulpit that the MSM were using "the ugliest racial stereotypes they can to attack a black conservative."

Yeah, I thought that was funny, too, considering that for over three straight years now, Limbaugh's been obsessed with the Obamas and has sneered at every powerful liberal or centrist minority figure, with some diatribes for Haiti thrown in for good measure.

What's obviously lost on the GOP, including the women who identify with them, is that in order to protect this poor, downtrodden, multimillionaire conservative black man who's being judged on sexually harassing two women with impunity, they're opening up everyone to charges of misogynism. Not one conservative has come forth to ask, "Well, what of these alleged victims? Suppose they're telling the truth?"

They obviously can't do that because Cain for the moment is the (snicker) GOP front-runner, plus the GOP needs him to try to slough off the racism that sticks to them like their own clammy Caucasian skin, someone they can point to and say, "See? We (ugh) love blacks!" Because, you see, Herman Cain is the "good" black who thinks and feels about things like WASP Amerika. And as every right-thinking conservative American knows, we've gotta get the "bad" black out of the Oval Office and install the "good" black. As if getting a stupendously unqualified lunatic like Herman Cain in the Oval Office will somehow undo nearly 500 years of virulent racial prejudice.

Cain is their necessary lye soap that tries to scrub off the kind of racism such as the kind slyly shown by Reagan in Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1980 when he announced his candidacy in dog whistle language by talking about "states' rights." And the most common tactic used by bullies when called on their neanderthalism, homophobia and racism is turn back the charges in sort of a childish "I am rubber, you are glue, what you say to me sticks to you" kind of defense (such as when Cain asked a Politico interviewer recently, "Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?"

No, but porn addict Clarence Thomas has. Maybe Cain can ask him for advice on how to weather this storm.


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