Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leather Man and His Newly-Aroused Flesh

I guess May Day was also the first day of open season on the LGBT community.

Back on May 13th, some godbag by the name of Charles Worley out of Maiden, North Carolina called for rounding up all the gays, lesbians and bisexuals in an electrified fence and slowly starving them to death.

Just a day or two ago, another Bible-banging lunatic by the name of Curtis Knapp in Seneca, Kansas said that we should spend taxpayer dollars to have the government kill everyone in the LGBT community.

And on the heels of that bit of repressed, self-loathing homosexuality, as if trying to outdo both Knapp and Worley in sheer, shit house rat-on-fire insane, Dennis Leatherman in Oakland, Maryland offers this incredibly revealing TMI moment:
To be… have a tendency to be effeminate or homosexual is just as wicked as to have a tendency to be a womanizer. Sinful nature does not justify sinful behavior. Now what is our take? What is our response? I appreciate your bearing with me tonight. First of all, there is a danger of reacting in the flesh, of responding not in a scriptural, spiritual way, but in a fleshly way. Kill them all. Right? I will be very honest with you. My flesh kind of likes that idea. But it grieves the Holy Spirit. It violates Scripture. It is wrong.

Well, gee, how Christian of you, Leather Man, to throw in that commandment that says "Thou shalt not kill", which was less than an afterthought or a suggestion during all the Holy Crusades.

But is it too much information that this guy, whose name irresistibly brings to mind the adult shop with the blacked-out windows in the red light district where Karl Rove's leather slave does all his clothes shopping, gets his flesh aroused at the thought of killing people?

Because Leather Man getting a woodie over... Oh, sorry, wrong picture.

Because Leather Man getting a woodie over anything, much less killing gays, lesbians and bisexuals, is a thought that's too horrible for mortal man to contemplate. Plus this perverse self-stimulation also brings to mind the fascists of Nazi Germany who went after the homosexuals and the mentally impaired when the concentration camps were first built (which was a mini Holocaust that people still don't talk about to this day. In fact, the gay men first arrested by the Nazis were arrested again after the war based on evidence the Nazis had compiled on them.). And it's essentially a concentration camp that cryptofascist Charles Worley is advocating.

Homophobic hysteria is contagious, to judge by the proliferating plethora of penis-obsessed evangelicals who plainly spend waaaay too much time contemplating the sex lives other people they don't even know. They're openly calling for their deaths while the typically worthless corporate mainstream media continually gives them a free pass as if their spittle-flecked statements are either not serious enough to report or that such jowl-jiggling jeremiads are actually on at least an equal footing as a gay rights advocate who's actually, you know, sane.

And, even though no one in the LGBT community is calling for the death of any of these men, it's notable that these fine, upstanding pillars of their respective communities all have one thing in common: They're all smalltown, white evangelical rednecks who largely make up the demographic that's hoarsely screaming that they're the ones being persecuted and that it's open season on Christians or white men or right proper heterosexuals.

The same exact demographic that whips up losers like Eugene Delgaudio into fever dreams of warehouses stocked to the rafters with pallets and pallets of homosexual propaganda about to be disseminated across the United States in a massive and highly complex yet organized delivery system that would do DHL proud.

Meanwhile, just yesterday it was reported that in Minnesota, Pastor Oliver White lost most of his flock when he publicly came out in favor of gay marriage. As a result, his parish, Grace Community United Church of Christ is suffering through a $200,000 shortfall that could cost the community a spiritual center and house of worship.

Maybe he would've been financially better served and perhaps have picked up some extra parishioners if he, too, had come out screaming that we should kill all the cock-smokers and rug-munchers. But he didn't. Pastor White did the right thing and spoke his conscience.

Perhaps all the homophobic and repressed homosexuals such as Leather Man and Knapp and Worley should found their own denomination where they can all get together and obsess over gay sex and gay marriage and all things gay and leave the rest of the believers to worship without having to hear cherry-picking sermons that seem to be completely based on the clearly deranged Leviticus and Corinthians and not a single bit of the New Testament featuring a laid-back hippie who didn't seem to care about other peoples' sex lives regardless of their sexual orientation.

They can call their denomination the First Church of Our Fuehrer in keeping with their genocidal calls for orientation-based eugenics. All they have to do is bend the ends of their crosses into right angles, which is how the swastika originated, anyway.

And then they can say goodbye to their tax-exempt status on the basis of inciting hate speech and pay their fucking taxes just like everyone else.

Of course, I'd rather just kidnap every rabid homophobe and repressed, self-loathing homosexual, stuff them into a Saturn V rocket and aim them at the sun but that's just me.


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