Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Missouri: The Don't Show Me State.

I've long suspected the only thing keeping blood pumping through the reptilian brain of the typical right winger is the evolutionary gift of an immunity to irony and hypocrisy. Otherwise, if waddling brain stems like Rush Limbaugh were as vulnerable to the effects of neverending irony and hypocrisy and as subject to the slings and arrows of conscience, we'd obviously never have half the problems we have in this nation.

Take Rush Limbaugh's induction into the Missouri Hall of Fame a couple of days ago. With many more pressing issues with which to deal, the GOP-led Missouri legislature ramrodded through a bill to enshrine Limpballs into the state HOF. They deliberately waited until the last legislative session in order to hedge against any debate and the impotent objections of the Democratic Governor of Missouri and 35,000 petition-signing protesters.

Then the Republican Speaker of the MO Senate, Steve Tilley, waited until 20 minutes before notifying the press of the ceremony and banned all Democratic lawmakers from the induction ceremony after ordering them to remain civil. The entire event was guarded by Missouri Highway Patrol who were there in a paranoid attempt to protect Rush in case a discouraging word was allowed to escape and creep into his hearing aid.

And they seemingly had no problem charging the Missouri taxpayer God knows how many tax dollars for this obvious attempt to rehabilitate Rush's "good" name at a time that his lap dog Steve Tilley decided he needed it the most.

So how did Rush return the courtesy to Democrats who were ordered to remain civil and were subsequently banned, anyway? By saying from behind doors that were locked for the first time in living memory, out of earshot of his critics, "Our so-called friends on the other side of the aisle are deranged."

Uh huh.

This is coming from a hypocritical Oxycontin abuser who plainly thinks he's above the law and insists we should just forget about his substance abusing criminal behavior. This is coming from a guy who was caught coming back from an island notorious for its child prostitution rings with a bottle of Viagra in someone else's name so it couldn't be traced back to him.

This is coming from a guy who wished President Obama (hence America) would fail hours after Mr. Obama's election to the presidency then developed an unhealthy and creepy fixation on a First Lady who's the most socially-conscious, hip, beautiful, intelligent and loveliest since at least Jackie Kennedy.

This is coming from a guy who, like Andrew Breitbart, Neal Boortz and so many other honorary KKK Grand Dragons, wastes no opportunity to lambaste blacks, women, gays and anyone else who doesn't subscribe to Rush's razor-narrow view of the world.

We owe him civility. Right.

What Tilley did was typical and part and parcel to the psychological side show that the latter-day Republican Party has become: Pass a bill in the dead of night, at the end of a legislative session in a fascist attempt to preemptively squelch any dissent or debate on it then remove from the resultant event anyone who'd been just as ruthlessly preemptively deemed "the opposition" in order to force some ridiculous simulacrum of consensus and legitimacy. His joining such august company is, on a smaller scale, what it would look like if they put Mickey Mouse's head on Mount Rushmore.

Because his induction comes at a time when he's cost Premiere and Clear Channel countless millions of dollars in advertising revenue for his three day-long misogynist rant against Sandra Fluke earlier this spring after she'd testified before Congress for the right to women to get their contraception funded through their health care plans.

And the man who was caught (but mysteriously never charged) with coming back from a hotbed of child prostitution with a bottle of someone else's hard-on pills was in an ignorant lather about Sandra Fluke (whom he called a "slut" and a "prostitute") having so much sex she needed tons and tons of birth control.

Rush's induction into a Hall of Fame honoring giants of American history such as president Harry Truman, Walt Disney and Mark Twain is so much Viagra for Limbaugh's career at a point when he needs it the most if you're a right wing pus bag like Limbaugh. And the hugger-mugger circumstances of his induction, with its policy of exclusion and strong police presence is part and parcel to a German-class brand of fascism of which they audaciously accuse Democrats on the rare occasions they lock doors in their faces.


At May 17, 2012 at 10:26 PM, Blogger MagginKat said...

One of the best descriptions of Limpballs that I've seen in quite some time. He is pure vermin. Disgusting that so many people in this country seem to think this worm is worth listening to.


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