Saturday, August 31, 2013

The More Things Stay the Same, the More They Change

     So here we are again.
     As Obama starts stroking that massive, uncut black cock of his in Syria's general direction, the GOP was screaming that Obama was going to essentially declare war against a giant bowling pin, aka President Assad. Then Obama announced while Congress was still in recess until September 9th that he would first seek Congressional approval before engaging in any military action vs Syria.
     "Well... day-am," the GOP then said since the President had scuttled their one biggest chance for writing articles of impeachment in the sick, sad, sorry clown show that is the House of Representatives.
     Of course, what Obama refused to say, and this is telling, was whether he'd still go to war with Syria even if the Republicans won't let him get his latest war on. Because, you know, it's not as if a President has ever gone to war without Congressional approval by not actually declaring war.
     So in the midst of this latest nakedly brazen attempt to enter Iran through the back door, aka Syria, I took a stroll down the Memory Lane of my gray matter and recalled Nancy Pelosi's visit as part of a bipartisan Congressional delegation and how the right wing mouth foamers went all full tilt Cujo over Pelosi just shaking Assad's hand. Never mind the fact that a previous delegation comprised heavily of Republicans went to Syria for the same exact purpose. Pelosi seemed to cut out Junior when he was busy choking on a pretzel or comparing himself to actual Presidents or attending GOP fundraisers while ignoring grieving war mothers.
     "It's... it's un-Merican!" they said as their pointy little heads quickly vibrated from side to side like something out of a modern B horror movie. They, too, were stroking their peckers (albeit smaller than Obama's. That particular mystique is true, by the way) in Syria's general direction, ready to spooge all over the Middle East as Bush tried to do in his panspermic attempt to ejaculate democracy all over Iraq and Afghanistan.
     The right wing sure stroked their match-sized woodies, all right, as they convinced themselves and risibly tried to get the rest of us to believe that, well, shit, Saddam's WMDs have gotta be somewhere and we know for a fact they were moved to Syria by Fedex or Three Guys and a Moving Van or somebody. Invade, invade and Play us Some Wagner! they hoarsely screamed while friggin' their little woodies and while we were still in the middle of two wars.
     Except that never happened. It's not as if the Military Industrial Complex that, along with Israel and the oil cartels, controls our foreign policy wanted none of it. They wanted some more of that American taxpayer pie, some more of those sweet, sweeeeeeeeet cost-plus, no bid deals that hand John Q. Public double bills for food and fuel and $100 screwdrivers, $500 toilet seats and half-built buildings that never get finished.
     No, people, it wasn't as if the MIC was too bloated and would've thrown up all over itself if we'd tamped a few more tens of billions of dollars down its bottomless gullet. No, what kept us from going to war with Syria was when cooler heads prevailed, particularly Democrats who were already belatedly beginning to, ZOMG, suspect the Great Pretender in the Oval Office wasn't completely up front and above board with them as regards Iraq and those many, many oil and gas fields and, oh yeah, democracy and freedom, blah blah blah.
     But now, the Giant Bowling Pin of the Middle East is being a very bad boy and refuses to fall and is killing all sorts of well-meaning rebels that, just a few years ago, would've been practically fellated by the GOP. And now that it looks as if the reports we were hearing about Assad using chemical weapons on his own people has been just proved to be yet another MSM hoax, and since Obama is firming that Illinois blackfish and rattling that fleshy sabre in Assad's direction, now suddenly...
     ...the Republican Party has no stomach to invade Syria? The Republicans are now positioning themselves as doves? Really? Seriously?
     The GOP's hypocrisy and barely-latent racism knows no bounds and few if any things they've done and said during this 44th administration betrays this hypocrisy moreso than what's going on in Syria., a nation whose fortunes one way or the other do not impact our own and aren't even a major oil-producing country (although the unrest, you can be sure, is why oil companies seized on this opportunity to jack up gas prices by a full dime in one fell swoop this past week).
     Assad has been massively unpopular with right wingers for the simple reason that he doesn't often enough align his policies with our corporate interests, which is exactly what got Saddam toppled both literally and figuratively. Assad, just another tin-plated dictator, is just enough of a statesman to know what a ravenous pack of feral, bigoted, war-profiteering assclowns Americans tend to be and had called a spade a spade.
     But now suddenly Republicans are screaming laissez-faire regarding Syria and all because The Black Guy wants to topple the bowling pin.
     Look, folks, I don't pretend to be an expert in Middle Eastern politics or to even understand at a high school level what's going on in Syria. I'll leave such infernally complex geopolitics to the experts like Prof. Juan Cole and Nick Kristoff. But one fact stands clear: Poll after poll states that 8 in 10 Americans are opposed to any military adventurism in Syria. We are a weary nation exhausted from terror alerts and flag-draped coffins coming off the transports in Dover because we are a nation that's been at war since October 2001. That means the 7th grade children starting school next week have never lived in a nation that has not been at war.
     And even if only out of convenience or hypocrisy or racism, when the Republicans have positioned themselves as doves regarding a country that only a few Congresses ago they wanted to invade with black helicopters and Wagner blaring from the speakers, then it goes to show you how far to the right this administration has effortlessly steered itself with your knowledge and consent.
     And when, not if, when Congress tells Obama he can't have his war after his summer vacation and he goes ahead and sends drones and troops there, anyway, liberal heads will be exploding from coast to coast.
     And yours truly will be there cheerfully keeping count with a pen and clipboard, squee-geeing up the gray matter and not bothering to look big as I succumb to the urge to say, "I told you so."

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

     This is how Fox "News" chooses to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech" that capped off the historic March on Washington. I'm surprised they didn't bring Ted Nugent to weigh in.

Monday, August 26, 2013

President Puppy says...

     I smell a meme. Oh, wait, forget it. I'm not cool enough to start memes. I'm only good enough to steal from without attribution.
     To the two or three people who actually give a shit what I have to say about political matters various and sundry- Sorry I haven't been around much to update this virtual ghost town (and this especially goes out to you who've been kindly kicking in to the kittie and getting virtually nothing back in return but the rapidly diminishing warm glow of satisfaction in a random kind deed well done). I was lying fallow for a few weeks there last month to early August in which I didn't write a word toward my book, Tatterdemalion. But about last week, I finally found my true north (the new cover and the confidence it gave me had a lot to do with my turnaround) and now I'm busting a nut trying to make up for lost time so I can finish the first draft right after Labor Day.
     Despite my hatred for political blogging these days, I feel honestly guilty for giving the right wing nut job air and space thieves so many free passes these past few months and for not giving my shrinking fan base (once again, that especially goes out to those who've donated) the content they've come to expect from Pottersville. Seeing my numbers shrink down to less than 200 visitors daily and knowing half of them are just surfing in during image searches, and not getting fresh readers, is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. You see the lack of traffic and you think, "What the fuck's the use?" It is, to quote my old friend Archibald MacLeish in a letter he wrote me over three decades ago, "like shouting down an empty well."
     The problem with that is, I've got a big mouth and if it wasn't for this blog, I'd be screaming across the kitchen table at Mrs. JP these past four plus years (which is something I tend to do, anyway, updates or no). There's always some assclown who's just begging for a verbal brickbat in the nutsack and, despite my reluctance to get back into this mug's game, I get pulled right back in.
     And although they may be old news, I'd feel especially chagrined if I didn't commemorate Katrina making landfall, the ratification of the USA PATRIOT Act, the invasion of Iraq and, of course, 9/11. The 8th anniversary of Katrina's landfall and the resultant genocide that followed that no one but me will declare, one of the major events that helped turn me into a fulltime blogger, is coming up this Thursday. The 12th anniversary of 9/11 will be less than two weeks after that.
     Ergo, I'd be remiss in my responsibilities as both a blogger and a concerned American citizen if I took a pass on these horrible, hallowed anniversaries that unfortunately make up a part of the fabric of American history, these events that, for better or worse, brought out the very worst, and best, in us as Americans and as human beings.
     And, no matter what befalls Scott Carson, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Arthur Conan Doyle and Jack the Ripper in 1888, I never lose sight of the fact that I live in the here and now and that, no matter how many calendars we put between ourselves and these transformative events, we at least have a responsibility to make others aware that we have not forgotten.
     On a more personal note, we're still way short of coming up with the $540 we still owe the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, which will have to be paid up before that swarm of vermin swoop in and put levies on both my bank accounts again as they did over two years ago (Which would be $50-60 in levy fees aside from the tax bill). As it is, we're still going to be short the means to pay our rent and other bills during the four weeks after September 1st.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Nice laptop you got here. Be a shame if something... happened to it."

     There are some days that are just so strange, when all the evil agents of the universe come descending on you in such short order that only the word "surreal" can even start to define it. Now, it's obvious my traffic has dwindled down to a faithful few but some of you guys are tech-savvy and maybe my limited crowd sourcing options will be enough to help me solve this dilemma.
     Some time this morning, some elderly Indian lady called my house (on my house phone) at about 10:00-10:30. She said she was from some PC company and that they'd received error messages from my computer here at home. I asked her how they got my home phone through these so-called error messages and she said, I shit you not, "Mind your own business" then terminated the connection.
     Then I drifted on to other weirdness visited on me such as my sons being charged with dogsitting three cathartic canines, an interrupted lunch so one son could spell another, a letter from the MA DOR informing me because I didn't get RomneyCare that I now owe them $540 (don't forget, they levied both my bank accounts over two years ago) and other weird shit that came in the mail. Then I had my other son over, I took him to his girlfriend's house and then the second call came.
     This time it was an Indian guy giving me the same pitch the nasty old lady had initiated and rudely terminated earlier today, telling me they've received many error messages from my laptop. When I asked him how they or Microsoft could get my home phone number when I'd never given it to either them or Microsoft (I registered my Windows OS when I first bought my laptop in 2011, many months before I got my home phone number through Verizon ), he couldn't really give me a straight answer but it strongly suggested that Microsoft and his company knew a great deal more about me than they perhaps have a right to know.
     He eventually put me on the line with a technician who, to put it mildly, was a real piece of work. Another Indian guy, this one refused to entertain my questions kindly and had no compunctions about insulting me in a wide variety of ways for asking the most reasonable of questions. Among them: How did Microsoft get a phone # I didn't have prior to registering my software? And why I should construe as normal some company allegedly based in Arizona, using snotty Indians, calling me not once but twice offering to fix my error message problems for free? What are you selling?
     Nothing he said, after haranguing me for the umpteenth time that I talk too much and that I sounded as if I was the technician (knowing fully well our conversation was being recorded). To say the least, this guy's interpersonal skills were somewhere between a honey badger and a Republican. He also seemed to take umbrage at the suggestion that they could be a bunch of scam artists and why should I let them have access to my laptop by downloading some other company's software?
     Now, I did indeed download the software that enabled them to do this because they talked me through the process that had me open up a window that showed how many error messages and warnings that had popped up on my laptop just in the last several days (when they took control of my laptop, they said they found over 5000 such notices going back to just March). That much was real and they couldn't've put that information there. So, I did what they said, I strung them along figuring, if this wasn't legit I could always terminate the wifi connection and delete their software.
     So, after a few more minutes, my cursor began moving by itself, they opened up another window showing me a long list of programs such as Adobe Flash that were labelled as corrupted, compromised or disabled. I only went as far as I did because I figured they were telling me about issues I deal with on a daily basis (scripts not running or Shockwave not working, etc.). Then he finally got to the bottom line.
     He said when I'd registered my software with Microsoft for free back in the summer of 2011, it was only for a year then it expired. He asked me if my laptop's speed started getting slower after a year and I admitted it had. Then he told me that if I wanted them to fix my laptop, I'd have to first pay Microsoft's software division $175 for the next year OR a one-time lifetime fee (good only for the life of this strange company of Indians) of $275.
     With no guarantee that, once they got receipt of the money, they would honor their promises. The technician told me if I did not renew my warranty soon, my laptop will crash and "you will be the loser." I wondered at the time and asked him why he was working so hard on behalf for the Microsoft Corporation and busting a nut to put $175 in Bill Gates' pocket if his company, as he intimated, wouldn't profit by so much as a penny. It had all the earmarks of a protection racket: "Nice laptop you got here. Be a shame if something... happened to it."
     But even after being told I was not in a position to part with $175, with no guarantee of a return of promised services, that I've been out of work for years, just got some bad news in the mail that I owe my state government almost $600 in back taxes and have to worry about paying my bills, he still would not take no for an answer. Plus, I told him, renewing a warranty for $175 seems awfully excessive even for Microsoft. Either way you cut it, it's a slimy protection racket. Plus these assholes had control over my laptop.
     I'd finally had it up to here with this prick and his nasty-ass attitude and told him to never call my house again. I then terminated the wifi connection, then looked at my list of programs and discovered to my horror that it never showed up, meaning I couldn't uninstall it. I kept thinking over and over again of him telling me that he was looking at the entire contents of my hard drive (I don't do porn or go to jihadist websites, but still.). Then when I discovered I couldn't find the software I'd downloaded so I could uninstall it, I really began to freak out. That means they can access my computer and help themselves to my banking information whenever they want, including my passwords.
     So, to recap, they call me this morning, basically tell me to go fuck myself when I naturally ask how they got my number, they call me back, essentially saying I'm crazy for asking why I should trust them, was repeatedly told I talked too much and then tried to extort $275 out of me which I was then expected to just shell out with no questions asked and no guarantee they'd clean my hard drive of this malware.
     I don't know who the fuck these people were because their thick Indian accents prevented me from making out the name of their "company" but it struck me as highly suspicious that any company would call me or anyone out of the blue offering to fix their computer issues. They knew a lot more about me than they had a right to, starting with just my name, address, home phone number and how many computers we use at home. I'd like to know if anyone can tell me how to uninstall this software from my hard drive (I can't find it on the D drive, either. The company that makes it is shown above) and if they've ever received such a phone call from anyone. This doesn't pass the smell test in any way, shape or form. And with the financial storm clouds that are gathering over our heads, we so do not need a bunch of nasty Indians having ready access to my computer at any time.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caption Contest

     No matter how much coffee he drinks, poor Chuck Schumer still can't get the taste of Wall Street executive semen out of his mouth.
     What else is going on in these great United States aside from Ted Cruz going birther on himself?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13/13/Cat Blogging

     Luckily, I don't have triskaidekaphobia, or a fear of the number 13. Otherwise, this 13th day in the 13th year of this century would paralyze me with an additional phobia that no one in these scary times doesn't need. There are enough real things in this world, especially in this country, to fear without having to succumb to an irrational, numerology-based phobia to add to the pile.
     For his part, Popeye's only fears, it seems, is approaching storms that never affect him and the little bare circular spot in his dry food dish that occasionally appears.
     Meanwhile, I'm still working furiously on TATTERDEMALION, which has a snazzy new cover that I'll be posting soon. So if anyone has any ideas for a post and doesn't mind doing a bit of leg work, email me or leave a link in the comment section. My time these days is spent hunting for a job, drafting chapters and doing research on a variety of topics.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Creampie Asshole of the Day

(Tip o' the tinfoil hat to faithful reader CC)
     In the interests of context, in case you haven't read the lead story on Yahoo:
     Tim Armstrong, All-American Boy and corporate sociopath CEO of AOL, announced to Wall Street (before telling his own people) that he was shrinking AOL/Patch from 900 to 600 websites. When this filtered down to the troops, morale, understandably, drooped like Bob Dole's cock before a naked Elizabeth Dole because that means a loss of jobs. So in some Hannibal Lecteresque simulacrum of empathy, Armstrong arranges a conference c@ll to rally them. He begins by telling them that if they don't like the changes, they can get out.
     Two minutes later, he fired his Creative Director, Abel Lenz, for taking his picture, something he was known to do during executive conference c@lls. You can actually hear his termination right here, just after two minutes in.
     Wow, what pure, unadulterated executive scum, eh? I was surprised to hear AOL still exists. I thought that by now they would've been folded into a better, hotter website like Instagram or Twitpic or or something with superior socially redeeming value. AOL is like the floppy discs or 8-tracks of online society, something clung to by Backstreet Boys and Limp Bizkit fanboys, something that should've and could've served as an object lesson to other future digital dinosaurs such as Myspace, Friendster and, hopefully, Facebook.
      In a perfect world, this arrogant, Neanderthal-looking executive cockbite will one day know his place the hard way, a world in which karma reigns with the irresistible supremacy of the divinely inevitable. But we live in a perfectly imperfect world and he'll lay off hundreds and when the ill-conceived AOL/Patch finally does go belly up, AOL's Executive Compensation Committee will give him a nice diamond-encrusted, platinum parachute for tanking the company and putting countless people out of work, starting with that poor bastard he shitcanned during a conference c@ll ostensibly to rally the troops and raise morale, someone he fired like he was ordering coffee, just for doing his job.
      Then again, if I was a lantern-jawed caveman like Tim Armstrong, I guess I wouldn't want my picture taken, either. May he die a slow, lingering death of cancer, preferably on January 16 (because it's my birthday).
      I have a problem with corporate executives, in case you haven't guessed, especially multimillionaire sociopaths who aren't even aware of the very rudiments of management understood by anyone who ever ran a gas station kiosk, that you censure in private and praise in public. I'll never understand how two-legged sharks like this fuckstick clawed his way to the top of AOL's rotting heap but Armstrong's not the problem. Like lesions or dysentery, he's a mere symptom of the inevitable moral rot of Capitalism, an economic system that seems to dictate that, to attain the highest level of success, you must hurt many people along the way and not be bothered by it in the slightest.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Monday Thoughts

     If the NSA is so omniscient and omnipresent, then how come they didn't catch Bradley Manning three and a half years ago when he was in that chat room with Wikileaks talking about the Afghanistan and Iraq videos he'd given them?

     Barack Obama is the hardest-working President in modern American history yet a legislative body that works only 126 days a year criticizes him for taking a vacation?

     Why is it when fascist twats like the Concord, NH PD request $258,000 war wagons from the federal government, they never cite gun-clutching Tea Baggers as terrorists?

     Have you ever wondered how interesting it would be to live at 1602 Pennsylvania Ave or #12 Downing Street?

     Next time a spittle-flecked libertarian screams about how much liberals hate 'Murica, ask them how their secessionist movements are doing.

     Those who claim the earth's 6000 years old don't get to say global warming's a myth or homosexuality can be cured.

     Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign has now officially become a cross between TITANIC and NAKED LUNCH.

     Considering that Congress has an approval rating of 10%, I don't think Republicans have thought through the idea of arming everyone.

     Only rednecks carry water for Republicans. And the water is from Lethe, the River of Forgetfulness.

     Ladies, you want Republicans out of your vaginas? Incorporate them. The GOP would never regulate them, then.

     Oh, this is what passes for priorities? Detroit can't afford roads, bridges, pensions, salaries, health care but it CAN afford a half billion dollar hockey arena?

     Boycott Wal-Mart? Really now? I'll REALLY be impressed when Americans start calling for a boycott of Chinese products & we all know the odds of THAT happening.

     How depressing is it that Mick Jagger hasn't been young enough to sing the Beatles' "64" for six years, now?

     Yuppies who tie their sweater sleeves around their necks make me want to channel Albert DeSalvo.

     The longer I live, the more I believe Mother Nature makes conservatives just to make liberals feel better about themselves and to not get too complacent about evolution.

     The Obama administration says NSA snooping is in the “public interest.” That's the problem: they're TOO interested in the public.

     Only in America can a genetic hangeron like Robert Zimmerman get 25 times the followers I have on Twitter just because his brother's an unconvicted murderer.

     Terrorists can now blow up planes with shoe bombs for just $85. What a country! Richard Reid should've waited for the sale to start.

     You know when I'll stop calling gun nuts racist? When an Ohio Gun Group and/or the NRA volunteer to buy a gun for the Martins so they can defend themselves.

     How ironic is it that the NRA allowed into its board Ted Nugent, a guy who refused to touch a rifle for the Army during Vietnam?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Grand Old Party and the Grand Old Bargain

     After a while (and these days, hiring managers will say that interregnum is about three nanoseconds after you're terminated), your unemployed status will turn against you. More and more, we're hearing stories about how the unemployed are turned away or silently have their resumes thrown in the circular file because, well, the unemployed are just so icky!
     But the plain fact is, these eugenics-enabling psychopaths who would love nothing more than for us to starve to death and go away are really the problem or at least perpetuating and exacerbating a pre-existing problem and that problem is unemployment, that stubborn thingie the Obama administration would vastly prefer we'd forget about. If you're an Obama administration official or a bureaucrat in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's The Problem That Won't Go Away.
     To show you how utterly clueless Obama is and always will be regarding unemployment, when he unveiled his "Grand Bargain" that's obviously geared to cutting corporate taxes to what John McCain wanted in 2008 (25%), he did so in a "fulfillment center" in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The euphemistically redubbed fulfillment center, a $10 way of saying "warehouse", was owned by Amazon, the multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation that uses virtually all temps, makes them toil, literally, in sweatshop conditions until they faint from the heat and is quite happy to see them work their fingers to the bone for years at a time for minimum wage.
     Oh, and the other part of Obama's "Grand Bargain" is to somehow stimulate manufacturing jobs, making his choice of a warehouse that offers no manufacturing jobs whatsoever to make his announcement an even bigger mystery. His naivete or utter bald-faced corruption is breathtaking. Obama's "Grand Bargain" seems predicated on the stupendously stupid and easily-disproved belief that if we slash corporate taxes even more, they'll gladly hire more people and stop outsourcing everything under the sun but food service and warehouse jobs. All things considered, I'm actually a little surprised Obama didn't make his speech on July 30th at Apple's Foxconn in China, the place with the anti-suicide netting.
     But this little editorial aside aside, for years we've been seeing a trend that had begun years ago of hiring managers skeeving the unemployed, which is why you keep hearing of people who are still unemployed after four years or more (such as me). HR Directors and other hiring managers are already exacerbating and perpetuating a serious enough problem, which is insufficient or nonexistent job opportunities. When you hear about the Obama administration crowing about better-than-expected numbers from the BLS (such the annual and inevitable spurt in government sector jobs just before the tax deadline), it invariably fails to say that the unemployment figures simply do not count those who have been discouraged after one, two, three, four or more years of unemployment and have stopped looking for work. Those whose unemployment benefits had been exhausted (such as me and Mrs. JP) are also not included since the unemployment figures are largely predicated on UI claims.
     I admit, I've gotten discouraged to the point of not looking for work for months at a time because what few manufacturing jobs supposedly available on Craigslist and elsewhere have nearly 100% of the time been farmed out to predatory temp agencies offering minimum wage to pennies an hour over the state minimum of $8 p.h. And just getting your foot in the door for one of those menial, dead-end, low wage, no benefit temp jobs is next to impossible when they see you're out of work. They expect you to be already employed, which doesn't explain why anyone currently employed would want to apply for a shitty temp job 30 miles from home at minimum wage and no health care.
     There are certain worker advocacy groups out there such as UCubed (to whose newsletter I subscribe) who are openly lobbying for less outsourcing, more hiring of the unemployed and no discrimination against the unemployed (many of whom having lost their jobs due to outsourcing, offshoring, downsizing or, in my case, embezzlement on the part of ownership). But these advocacy groups and their endless petitions have gotten very little traction and have made next to no impact on Capitol Hill. Republicans who cynically ran on jobs platforms in 2010 and 2012, immediately the moment after they took their greasy paws off the Bible, forgot about the jobless problem facing this country, the worst and longest such extended spell since the Great Depression.
     All things considered, Mrs. JP and I have been fabulously lucky we're not living out of our 15 year-old car and scrounging for leftovers in McDonald's trash cans. The readers I used to have and the very few I have left have been generous over the years but I fear we have begun running out of luck (with a greatly diminished readership came greatly diminished donations). I know I made an appeal just last month for help but, with one exception (and you know who you are, Sweet Alabama), it was met with stony silence.
     Last month was a tougher than usual month. We had to renew our AAA membership to the tune of nearly $100, there were two birthdays on successive days and the heat wave necessitated the installation of our air conditioner, which is going to jack up our electric bill next month. After paying the rent on the first, we were left with a mere fraction of what we need to keep body and soul together for just another month. So any help anyone could offer would be fabulously appreciated.
     In the meantime, I'm still looking for a job but my resumes and letters of interest have invariably dropped into the memory hole. And I have no confidence this administration or Congress or the next will make any significant headway toward actual job creation.

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  • Babelfish, an instant, online translator. I love to translate Ann Coulter's site into German.
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