Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Twenty Bucks, Same as in Town

     Blogwhoring. You do it, I do it, we all do it. What have you been up to?

     Tengrain says, Let’s Open The Box With Schrödinger’s Candidate Rand Paul! Because apparently being Preznit's not enough. Paul's pulling a Lieberman and is also hedging his bets by running for his Senate seat at the same time. So when we look in the box come next November, will it be President Paul, Senator Paul or fake Doctor Paul?

      He was on such a roll. Frankie Goes to Hollywood for Ugly People, makes Boehner resign the next day, throwing the GOP in even more disarray than usual, then... Then he has to do something stupid like meet with Kim Davis in secret and validate her kind of like John McCain validating Sarah Palin and turning her into the spittle-flecked fame monster she is today. Way to go, Frankie. We all got it when you took a swipe at gay marriage during your congressional address but the last thing Kim Davis' ego needed was for you to turn her into this century's answer to Joan of Ark. Chuck Pierce agrees.

      Tom Sullivan over at Digby's place warns us about the outcome of the last legislative session of the sons and daughters of Pat McCrory and it's a giant foam middle finger in the puss of progressivism that might be foolishly taken up by local governments. Yes, the party that passionately believes in limited central government basically went all Bund on city and county governments in NC and these are the arsenic-tipped bullet points (emphasis not mine):
  Many of the new restrictions are highly charged, including provisions that could allow local landlords to deny housing to veterans and seniors, permit local businesses to discriminate against their customers based on their sexual orientation, and prohibit city and county governments from passing living wage and paid sick ordinances to boost their local economies. One shocking provision may even stop local governments from requiring landlords to provide heating, air, and ventilation in their properties.
     This is the government you wanted, you confederate flag-waving racist hillbillies. Reap the rancid whirlwind.

     Meanwhile, on Brownback (aka Bullshit) Mountain, the Rude Pundit shows us what's going on in the Zombie Belt. Because, apparently, October is "Zombie Preparedness Month". Yes, the government that desperately wants St. Ronnie to make a George Romero comeback is also warning us in a pointless publicity stunt wasting money better spent on education and social services that teh dead are coming back. Like, what the fuck? Halloween's one day out of the year, Gov. Samhain Brownback.

     Rounding out the list of the usual suspects is d r i f t g l a s s who, in, "Bernie Speaks Truth" reminds us, as does Bernie Sanders, about what should be truly important to liberals. Sanders recently said to Obama stooge David Axelrod on his own podcast that Obama was incredibly naive about the GOP's willingness to work with him. It was kind of like a black man crashing a KKK rally in full regalia and fully expecting they'd hand him the torch so he could immolate our constitutional liberties and civil rights as they cheered in the background. I'd begun warning you about this guy seven fucking years ago and I was sneered at, ignored and finally my readership abandoned me in droves. Well, in the end, who was right?
     And maybe, if my spot-on appraisals of the Obama administration back when it was still the twilight hours of the Bush administration didn't make an impression on you, maybe Sir Drifty's words will. Or, maybe not. But Bernie Sanders said it out loud and clear enough for you limousine liberals to hear while you stick your heads in the sand and conveniently forget about short-stroking Israel, bitch-slapping liberals, bailing out Wall Street, drone strikes murdering thousands of innocents, continuing torture, fucking the labor/union movement and infesting the government with literally tons of Wall Street insiders because... post racial!


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