Tuesday, December 15, 2015

For Those of You Who Don't Know...

     Not too long ago, I suffered a hard drive crash that completely trashed all my files. Among them was the only copy of my new novel, which was lost literally the day before I was to send it off to that literary agent who'd offered to read the entire book. That was taken care of when my beta reader sent me the first 33 chapters I'd given her to proof and after I redid all the corrections, I was finally able to send it to that agent while simultaneously submitting it my publisher at Create Space. Hopefully, I'll be able to put it on the market just before Christmas.
     Yet along with my other Word files that got flushed was the outline of an Assclowns of the Year I'd started earlier this fall. Lost were dozens of links, .jpegs, etc. I forgot half the selections I'd made so if you have any suggestions for who would get your vote for one of the biggest assclowns of 2015, I'm wide open to suggestions. (Note: People like Trump, Kim Davis, Ted Cruz, Martin Shkreli, etc are kind of hard to forget so I already have them covered.)
     And as long as I'm asking for help and since 't is the season, if those of you who haven't been tapped out after your Xmas shopping could see your way clear to providing us with some assistance, we'd surely appreciate it.


At December 16, 2015 at 3:03 PM, Blogger MJ said...

*Warning!* Over-caffeinated response follows!
If you have Kim Davis in this list, please include that bottom feeding lawyer that apparently supported her or talked her into grandstanding. You might also include in that item on the list that Vatican official who ended up getting in trouble, maybe fired, for slipping Kim and her hubby of the moment into a Pope meet-and-greet that they spun with selfies.
This looks like a year of mob action. There are more and more comparisons to Musolini and Nazi stuff. There are a lot of Bozos (*brrr* - Killer Klowns) who think that free speech means they can say whatever they want and if anyone objects or has a response that is a restriction of Free Speech(!) but anyone else stating a differing opinion is also a restriction of Free Speech(!) because - well, it seems to have something to do with free speech means everyone should agree with me.
There is that Shoebat guy who keeps getting postings over at MPS, he seems nice.
There is always Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt, always a weiner who sees demons everywhere, or the voters of Colorado who put him into political office.
There are all the commenters after every BLM comment or protest who persistently miss the point and insist that BLM means that 'those people' think other lives don't matter.
There are a lot of mobs around this year, sort of terrifying ones, like TRump supporters who are getting more and more obstreperous. (Shout out to the original hired Trump supporters who posed for a pic in their show duds so it looked like their shirts said "RUMP")
David Niewert is a good source for whatever the latest white supremacy or other domestic terrorist action is, especially in the northwest.
There are a *hm* metric tonne of climate deniers, like Rove saying that the Paris climate talks are useless because we'll all be dead by 2080 anyway (so who cares how badly we damage our ecosystem, is that it? Dick! No, that is an insult to dicks, you'll think of a better word)
There is an oversupply of candidates for jerk of the year.


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