Tuesday, December 29, 2015

When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

     I have had it with this bullshit.
     I have spent far, far too much time on this creepozoid "David" Chadwick and his twin brother "Daniel." I have better things to do with my life, like trying to sell my novels, stave off eviction right after the new year, getting my publishing career officially off the ground, keep writing new material, keep money coming, somehow, into this house as well as my countless duties and obligations to family, friends, creditors and so forth.
     And in a way, the Chadwicks have already won by doing their "level-headed" best to tank my book sales by skewing my Amazon rating, wasting my time and scaring the shit out of my girlfriend.
     And apparently, virtually everything I ever found and assumed about the Chadwicks was wrong or outdated. That's where friends come in. After all, I've been on the internet for going on 22 years and have been doing investigative blogging for a full half that time. I know how to reach out and network at least as well as anyone. And I found someone on Twitter who knows people who know this dysfunctional tag team known as the Chadwick twins.
     What you see in the lead image, and I'm sure "Davie" recognizes this as he's looking bug-eyed at it, is his real location. Surprise, surprise, my stalker and troll lives in a trailer park in Farr West, Utah, a shitty little burg in Weber County, Utah northwest of Ogden I'd seen listed as the location for "Dave's" twin brother "Daniel."
     Apparently, these scumbags are so furtive and dishonest Daniel and David aren't even their real names. Even "Dave's" own friends can't stand going to his trailer because of the stench of stale and new body odor.
     And once I had discovered their real names, the floodgates opened up. For the price of two dollars, I got "Dave's" criminal records and official court documents for his twin brother "Daniel", who apparently had a daughter out of wedlock 12 years ago and has never paid a penny of child support. Yes, "Daniel" Chadwick is a deadbeat Dad. And, as far as "David" goes, no child or animal within arm's reach in his trailer park is safe.
     Let's go to camera three, shall we, "Dave"?
     I've proved I've at last pinpointed your true location and this is just the beginning. If you keep stalking me and scaring my girlfriend and trying to ruin my writing career before it's even started, I will dox the living fucking shit out of you and make you and your vestigial twin "Daniel" the laughingstock of the internet as if your antics hadn't already earned for you both that dubious distinction.
     My friend and his friends tell me I am not the first person with whom you have picked fights and mercilessly stalked. Well, now you know what it feels like to be the hunted. Welcome to my world, bitch.
     You are obviously, like me, a failed author. Your twin "Daniel" is a failed filmmaker. I do not rag on those who are failures. The publishing and film business being as cutthroat and rotten as it is, those who aren't connected or have an "in" in this business are almost certainly doomed to failure.
     What I don't do is condemn, stalk and ridicule those for their failure, especially when I see they are talented and passionate about what they do. I would never hold it against another for being a failure because I've been around long enough to know that apathy, arrogance and ignorance on the part of power brokers all too often successfully masquerades as another's failure.
     And among the most courageous of us are those who are doomed to failure for reasons other than talent yet continue striving against all odds to beat the system and find a way to succeed. That's what I and many of us, including yourself, are trying to do in the self-publishing market. And I never thought to stoop to your level and trash a book as I have yours on Amazon and Goodreads and other places until I unfortunately made your rancid acquaintance through your stalking and harassment.
     Even still, I did not make a second career out of it, stalk you through your blog literally countless dozens of times a day, including Thanksgiving, Xmas Eve and even Xmas itself. I did not think it was worth my time to give you one star ratings on your every self-published... book, let's charitably call them.
     Because, unlike you, I have a life to lead and more important matters to attend to.
     So consider the lead image the warning growl that comes before the full frontal assault. You keep stalking me, if your brother keeps stalking me, if I continue seeing any more one star reviews of my novels, especially the new one, if I see evidence of any more fanboy trolls of yours surfing to my blog like I saw on my other blog just yesterday, if I see even the slightest evidence whatsoever that you have not taken under serious advisement my imperative to fuck off and pretend as if I do not exist...
     ...well, you know what'll happen. I will spend only as much time as I need to to thoroughly humiliate you and your deadbeat dad of a twin brother and your court records will be released. Then I will go back to the authorities and I will hound them as I suspect other victims have had to in the past and I will press charges against you until your smelly ass bleeds.
     And that will be just the beginning.
     You have fucked with the wrong person, Chadwick. Consider this your final warning. From now on, if I need to, I will do these things silently until you are blindsided because this time I am not alone. When you scare my loved ones, you have crossed the line and I will not just be brutal, I will not just be quick. I'll be merciless and abrupt.
     You think that's funny? Please, try me. 51% of me hopes you finally see reason.
     49% of me hopes and prays to God you make the very worst decision of your worthless, sociopathic life.
     You got that, Jack?


At December 29, 2015 at 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chadwick saga continues. I can't believe they're still up to it. They're obviously a mentally ill duo whose only goal in life is to make other people miserable and afraid. Take it to them. Maybe they'll learn their lesson and focus on their own problems rather than make more for others.


At December 30, 2015 at 11:39 AM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

He's sending me little coded messages through fake search results because he knows I'll delete his every comment unread. I've shown you the screengrabs on Twitter of his obsessive stalking of me since yesterday. He doesn't realize we're talking and sharing information, that you know people that are, against all rhyme or reason, friends with him. Still, in his delusion, he keeps insisting I have nothing on him.

He'll find out the hard way when he gets a visit from the Weber County Sheriff's Department.

At December 30, 2015 at 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, give it a rest. It's you that's obsessed with the Chadwicks - not the other way around. The worst they can be accused of is reading your blog too much. What a crime. You have a fan. If you don't want people to read your blog, and you can't handle when you get regular traffic from someone, maybe you shouldn't have a blog. Actually, you definitely shouldn't have a blog.

You, sir, are an unhinged loony-toon. You need professional help, you should get some. Have you considered therapy, because a quick perusal of your past posts shows that this isn't the first time you've fixated on someone you thought was a "stalker" or sent insane emails to various law enforcement officials, literary agents and corporate CEOs.

A man of your age should have something better to do with his time. Like finding a job since you can't seem to sell more than a dozen copies of any book you write. And before you complain "I can't because I'm so old," shut up, that's complete bull shit. You can get a job. You just don't want one. You've got this lottery ticket mentality about your books - once they hit, you'll be set for life. But like the lotto, you never win. Try something else before you wind up living in your car and have to eat your cat.

You're a self absorbed man-child. You call Dave Chadwick delusional. But perhaps you should look at the beam in your own eye. Focus on fixing your own life (that you've fucked up, no matter how many other people you blame) and ignore your so-called stalkers and trolls. Because, frankly, there's no evidence whatsoever that anyone is planning anything sinister against you.

If you don't like your traffic stats, take down your blog, leave the internet, get a job. Phone banks are always hiring.

At December 30, 2015 at 6:54 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Dear Understandably Anonymous Shit Stain:

"A fan"? Are you serious? You obviously are either Dave's twin brother or one of his fanboy flying monkey trolls. Ergo, you're someone who's plainly just as delusional as "Dave."

Let's stick to the facts: Obviously, you've been ignoring or justifying or rationalizing the screengrabs I've been putting up. A fan of a blog typically goes to that blog once, maybe twice a day. Not 150-200 times a day and manically going clickety clickety click literally 22 times a second. He's doing fake phrase searches to send me coded messages because he knows I will delete his every comment unread. I go to his blog once since June 4th and I'm obsessed with the Chadwicks? Projection much?

Again, for clarity's sake: This all began last June when Chadwick's one star hit pieces on my books started going up and why? It was days after he unfollowed me on Twitter when I refused to follow him back. And when he finally found someone who stood up to him and his petty cyber bullying (and my friend in Utah tells me this is not the first time the Chadwick twins have done this), he took that as a challenge worthy of his dubious "talents."

But the plain fact is, anyone who has the time to stalk someone on their blog literally every day on the calendar, morning noon and night into the wee hours of the morning while silently shitting on the novels of someone he doesn't even know is someone who plainly doesn't have a job much less a career, no girlfriend much less a wife and family and, in short, someone who doesn't have a life (If you don't believe me, take a look at his Facebook profile).

And when he dispatches little flying monkeys like you to my site, you think you're doing something marvelous and worth your time. And you're so fucking stupid you don't realize this shitheel John Chadwick is using you and others like you as human counter measures because he's too much of a quivering little cunt to directly engage me. So he uses pussies like you who squirt sewage from a safe distance at people you've judged you, too, don't like. He's now doing shit tribally and you're happily obliging literally at your own peril.

Well, the deputy with whom I spoke on the phone this afternoon (and I wish I could see the look on your face when you read this, Jack) agrees with me that this silly shit needs to stop. "Dave" Chadwick is now a hunted man. The Weber County Sheriff's Dept is looking for him and for some very good reasons. If I didn't have a legitimate beef, they wouldn't be looking for him, now would they, smart ass?

And these things are the only reasons I put up your whiny, sneering comment, just to let "Dave" Chadwick know as he reads this in his reeking little trailer in Westwood Village that's he's now a wanted man. Keep trolling me and I'll make you famous, too, because now I have your IP address.

At January 1, 2016 at 2:40 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Anonymous (December 30, 6:17 PM) must not be keeping up with the news on this blog. Or s/he has gone through the looking glass, in which the stalked is blamed for being the stalker. Or the Chadwicks gave him/her a script to put on this board in exchange for a slice of leftover meat loaf from Christmas.

What's obvious is that Anonymous doesn't know the definition of a fan. A fan isn't someone who puts down your work on Amazon. That Anonymous started his/her post with "You have a fan" makes the rest of the post suspect.

Anyway, JP, glad to see you've returned to your usual blog. Don't be intimidated by these fools. They win if you're scared into using an alternate site or leave the internet altogether.

At January 1, 2016 at 3:49 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...


When people do stuff like this, they remind me of ferrets that always shit in the same little corner of their cage. And if the grownup does not stay on top of it, the shit hill just keeps getting higher and higher because the rodent is compelled to defecate in the same exact spot regardless of the challenges put before it.

What's they're essentially using are the same tactics right wingers have been using for decades. They shit in the same little corner, doing the same thing over and over again (and expecting different results? Care to chime in on that, Dr. Einstein?), then expect you to suffer in silence and treat their stalking and obsession as something less serious than it is. Then they go into this projectivist fit and start accusing the victim of exhibiting the same dysfunctional behavior just in the very act of noticing it and pushing back against it. Suddenly, they and not you are the victim. (See, freedom, Religious)

It's wearisomely predictable and I don't know why our species keeps creating wasteoids like this. But maybe, like that Far Side cartoon, God sprinkles a few jerks on the planet earth just for the spice of life.

I could do without it, myself...


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