Sunday, December 6, 2015

You Can't Keep a Good Stalker Down

     I'm really tired of doing this. Seriously, I am.
     Usually a writer has to make it big before attracting stalkers but apparently David and Danny Chadwick have some misplaced sense of initiative.
     You may recall last June 4th, I had to write something about this douchebag Dave Chadwick or Cheesedick or something to that effect (aka "Sugar Ray Dodge"), frustrated movie riffer and erstwhile author. His so-called blog is a ghost town that gets less commenters than many dead bloggers I can name and one of his books (until yours truly decided to grace it with the MST3K treatment) had earned but one review, written by his big brother Danny. He's a sloppy... Sorry, I can't call him a writer so let's, instead, settle for "self-published author" who, unlike yours truly, doesn't put the slightest effort into basic proofreading and editing.
     Recently, Danny Boy, whom I suspect feeds his kid brother Dave on fish heads and gin while keeping him locked in the family attic and telling people he's merely "misunderstood", got in on the act and has lately begun trolling me on this blog and even giving his brother Fabio's resurgent one star "reviews" of my novel Tatterdemalion upvotes just to push back against the steady rise of downvotes and complaints for abuse it's been collecting thanks to my requests on Twitter.
     Amazon had, until now, done the right thing and deleted his "reviews" of two of my novels, American Zen and Tatterdemalion, two of the most brilliant self-published books since self-publishing became a reality about eight years ago.  Then a one star review from an account named "WNS", created solely for the purpose of smearing Tatterdemalion since the account has no other activity, appeared and, for some strange reason, despite my reporting it countless times for abuse, remains up. Then today, Chadwick's "review" from June, after vanishing, mysteriously re-emerged for no apparent reason.
     Here's the thing about Amazon: Like any other sleazy corporation, they rely on technicalities. Just as you never actually buy a book on Kindle, you just lease it at their pleasure until they can think of a reason to snatch it off your device without a refund or appellate process or anything. Well, even though Amazon had made some middling inroads toward weeding out hit pieces by non buyers from legitimate reviews by legitimate readers, some sneak by the gate. Enter "Sugar Ray."
     But here Amazon fools you again. Apparently, if you buy a title, review it then immediately get a refund, your review will still have that seal of legitimacy naming it as a "Verified Purchase." This is what Dodge/Chadwick did last spring. He bought Tatterdemalion and American Zen then got a full refund from Amazon (I get the sales reports, including the refunds) before the deadline ran out so he could have that seal of approval.
     I deleted his last comment from last week because it came on the heels of his brother's comment that I put up only to show my readers how rancid the Chadwick genes are. But that was just the start. His brother began stalking me on Twitter until I finally blocked him on all three of my Twitter accounts, his brother Dave's one star hit piece suddenly began getting upvotes and now Chadwick's one star hit piece from last June has mysteriously resurfaced.
     And it doesn't end there. My beta reader from Nevada told me months ago that he's also smearing my books with one star reviews on Goodreads and Lord only knows where else.
     I need whoever reads this to go to both the pages where this online stalker has posted one star reviews that are predicated on nothing more than personal spite because I didn't follow him back on Twitter and because he apparently thinks I and my clearly superior books are worthy of him making a second career out of me.

     This is a plainly disturbed man, for want of a better word, he and his brother both. I already know his IP address because he stalked me on this blog for almost an hour and a half last June when I dignified him with my attention and I will be notifying his ISP when I discover it and report him for stalking and harassing me on at least three different fronts. Then I'll work on his brother Danny. In the meantime, if you could follow the links and report for abuse and vote down his so-called "reviews" that would be a good start to building some consensus.
     After that, I'll contact AG Sean Reyes of the Utah Attorney General's office to see about filing charges of cyberstalking and harassment against David and Daniel Chadwick...


At December 7, 2015 at 10:54 AM, Blogger Sara said...

Jeez, get a room you two. All he did was give an honest review if your book, and you declare war on him and tell lies. YOU'RE stalking him, harassing him, telling your "fans" the city where he lives? You're a joke. Focus on making your books an actual good quality instead of blaming ONE MAN for your crappy books not selling. You're to blame for all of your hardships.

At December 7, 2015 at 11:34 AM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

OK, you're obviously Dave's sole friend so I'll type real slow so you can keep up:

Obviously you're not listening to the context of what went behind the start of this. "Sugar Ray" followed me on Twitter earlier this year. I found him uninteresting so I did not follow back. That's when the one star reviews of my books began appearing. All over the place. It's a personal vendetta and a growing obsession with everything I publish.

Stop to ask yourself this question: If my "crappy books" (which obviously you've never read any more than Dave has) are so bad, then why pay so much attention to them to the point of setting up a separate Amazon account for the sole purpose of replacing a one star "review" Amazon saw fit to take down? His reviews are not "legitimate" nor are they confirmed purchases. In the real world, if you find an author you don't like or who is a bad writer, you simply ignore them and assume their sales will sink of their own weight.

You don't follow someone all over the internet, keeping tabs on what they write, predetermined to write a one star review of it, whine to your big brother to get your back who then trolls that author on Twitter and his blog.

But oh, when I mention the Chadwicks' disturbing behavior, I'm the stalker, eh? Please shut up. You're merely embarrassing yourself at this point.

Now his big brother is stalking me on Twitter, which forced me to block him him on all my accounts. At the very least they think this is fun. At worst, they're both obsessed with me. Either way, I'm getting them out of my life one way or the other.

And since Dave put his home town all over on the internet, you don';t get to berate me for further spreading that information. There's a great deal more info he's stupidly put out there, not a smart tactic to take if you want to be a stalker.

So if you can't keep up with the class or follow the bouncing ball, Sara, then kindly shut the fuck up while the grown ups work.

At December 7, 2015 at 12:13 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Oh, by the way, Sara, Dave, Danny or whatever trolls they throw my way to manufacture support and consensus, this is the complaint I just filed with the Utah Attorney General's Office. I trust they'll be following up soon:

"Earlier this year, Mr. Chadwick (and now, his older brother Daniel) began writing fake 1 star reviews of my novels on Amazon. Since then, they've been removed but he keeps putting them back up. Now I find he's also put them up on Goodreads and who knows where else. His older brother Daniel recently began stalking and harassing me on Twitter and my blog until I had to block him as well as his brother. Despite the obviously biased nature of the reviews, Amazon refuses to do anything and this man's stalking is ruining my rating and threatening my book sales. His behavior is escalating and I need this to stop NOW whether through a lawsuit, a cease or desist order or any other legal means."

I included all their contact information as mandated by the AG's office, including street addresses and phone numbers. Hey, it's the internet. If it's out there, it's fair game.

Now I'm going to report them to their ISP, Comcast...

At December 7, 2015 at 2:37 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Sara, did you even read JP's books or are you parroting the Chadwicks' line that they're not good?

If you go back to JP's blog posts for this past summer, you'd find that "Sugar Ray" harassed him first. JP doesn't tend to back down from a confrontation if the other guy provoked it, so he responded in kind.

JP, having said that, I don't think you should leave a negative review of Sugar Ray's books on Amazon. No need to stoop down to his level and, besides, he already has people defending him.

At December 7, 2015 at 3:20 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...


I thought it was incumbent on me to take a few minutes out of my night and give him a mere taste of what he's been putting me through. IOW, "Welcome to my world, BITCH." Guess what?

Sugar Ray can dish it out but he can't take it.

Now I'm writing the sequel of Gods of Our Fathers at the same time a literary agent is reading that novel and an acquisitions editor of a major legacy publisher is reading Tatterdemalion, which seems to drive Dave especially batty. In other words, unlike Dave and his rubber room cellmates, I'm moving on and getting on with my life while others will contend with these irritating issues.


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