Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rahm Emanuel Is a Piece of Dog Shit That Needs to be Bagged and Thrown Out ASAP

     I don't know what Chicago-based blogger D r i f t g l a s s will say about this. Yet even though Chicago's not my city I might as well chime in and say what an absolute piece of shit Rahm Emanuel is. He needs to be scraped up, bagged and thrown in the nearest Dumpster and not even given the chance for compost recycling.
     Media outlets obtaining private emails passed between Emanuel's staff and the Chicago Police plainly show there was a coverup or at least the delay in the divulgence of information in the Laquan McDonald shooting in October of 2014. Rahm was running for office, for Pete's sake, and not only that, he was losing big in the polls before winning, improbably, by a landslide (Perhaps a closer look at the ballots is called for).
     Apparently, for the Emanuel administration, a dead darkie was just too darned inconvenient during an election year and it was much more politically expedient to just pretend as if he never existed much less that he was shot 16 times in the back by Officer Van Dyke as he was walking away and carrying just a knife.
     A quick look at Rahm's past and his work on behalf of the Blue Dog faction of the Republican Democratic Party shows this ought come as no surprise to anyone who has followed this man's one man crime wave going back the earliest days of the first Clinton presidential campaign. It also comes as no surprise to this blogger that Rahm, as he's affectionately known in Chitown and the Beltway, had been chosen by faux Democrat Obama to be his first Chief of Staff. The official consensus among the Gibson-swilling cocktail circuit on the Beltway was that Rahm was a tough but fair man who knew how to get shit done.
     Sure he was, very much in the same way concentration camp commandants kept the showers and gas ovens full and got their shit done.
     The New Yorker cover piece by Rick Perlstein is a masterpiece of understated condemnation that's content to merely give a dry recitation of facts of Emanuel's political career since he was a 32 year-old up-and-comer vacuuming up huge amounts of money for Slick Willie's campaign. We're treated to an indelible picture of Rahm screaming into telephones and berating campaign contributors whom he felt weren't giving enough money.
     He helped quash Bill Clinton's Gennifer Flowers sex scandal and was essentially the future 42nd president's Jeff Gilooly. By the time he was appointed Chief of Staff by Obama he'd already begun laying the groundwork for the sleazy back room deal with Big Pharma during the ObamaCare debate that, perhaps illegally, capped Medicaid drug reimbursements at $80 billion per annum. The drift to the right has been as vicious and inexorable as the path of a black tornado veering east: In present day Chicago, Rahm is much more likely to be seen in the company of rich Republican businessmen than Chicago community leaders.
     He's essentially one of the pigs in Animal Farm who at the end morphs into the very same people he'd originally sworn to fight. Except, contrary to popular belief, Rahm was never one of the pigs but one of the money-grubbing sociopaths all along.
     And comparisons to the spectacularly corrupt Daley boys who'd once occupied the Mayor's office are fruitless. This is Rahm's time and it should now come to an end. Only 17% of Chicagoans recently polled say they do not believe anything Rahm says and the majority want him out now. He always has been, is and always will be a snarling junkyard Blue Dog who will crawl into bed with anyone if it promised money on the dresser the next morning. So it's not surprising that the Ultimate Blue Dog, Barack Obama, chose him to be the first of several Chiefs of Staff.
     And despite his and his staff of fellow ball-cutter's best efforts, it's notable that Van Dyke was only charged with murder about 400 days after emptying an entire clip into the back of a mentally unbalanced 17 year-old from several dozens of feet away when Van Dyke's life was in no way even remotely threatened. It's also telling that, among the other five officers in attendance, who were closer to McDonald, not a single one of them felt their lives were threatened or had fired even one bullet.
     And this expose proves Rahm and his staff much preferred to remain in power and to continue letting a homicidal cop roam the streets of Chicago than to move swiftly and decisively on the unquestionable execution of a disturbed black teenager.


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