Friday, March 18, 2016

The Kitten's Just to Get Your Attention

     But our current circumstances are more serious and analogous to poor kitty above.
     I've tried to hold back since late last year from asking for help because after seven years of constant bad luck, a lot of you have, understandably and justifiably, washed your hands of me. But last month and this month, financially, have been brutal for us when everything came due almost at once.
     A quick rundown: Biannual registration renewal: $60
     Annual excise taxes: $45
     Annual inspection sticker: $35
     Last car insurance premium: $76+ (which will get my broker off my back until June)
     Book cover for my next novel: $75 (Some of you may think this is an extravagance but in the event I can't get it represented, I'll have to self-publish it and that requires a cover. Besides, this guy, James Moore out of Mobile, Alabama, did my last cover and he does excellent work & in record time.)
     This July, Mrs. JP's license is also up for renewal and Lord only knows what they jacked that up to.
     And that doesn't include the regular foreseen bills such as rent, electric, gas, phone, cells, internet, gasoline, sundries, etc. Despite one very kind benefactor who's our sole lifeline, we're still falling further and further behind each month and our Paypal account is virtually empty.
     Plus I'll have a tie rod job looming on the near horizon on account of my driving over a curb today to avoid hitting a woman who tried to cut me off. That'll be at least $200 and it was bad to begin with (if I didn't know the mechanic who did my inspection this month, it would've flunked me). My power steering is fucked up and the wheel will no longer straighten itself out. So by this time next month, barring a boost, we could run out of money before the end of April. And our new landlord's a total douchebag who wouldn't take kindly at all to being told to wait for his rent money.
     To give you an idea of how straitened our finances have been, for the first time we didn't even turn the heat on this winter. Keep in mind we live in central MA and we've had some sub zero nights this past winter. If we need some quick heat, we just leave the oven door open.
     On a positive note, as proof of the luck of the Irish, yesterday my new Kindle and paperback novel, Gods of Our Fathers, got requested by two literary agencies, the first time that's ever happened in one day. Hopefully, the worm will turn and my luck will finally change for the better.
     Remember, I have more than just me to look out for and we're still reeling from the huge outlay of cash we made a year ago when Mrs. JP's mother passed away last year and the incidental expenses since last month didn't help any. Any assistance you can give us would be so appreciated. In fact, I'll renew my offer from last time and offer anyone who kicks in $25 or more a free paperback copy of Gods of Our Fathers or any of my other titles. I've got lots of spare copies lying around and a few boxes to ship them in.
     But we really are figuratively at the end of our rope and your assistance would be YUUUGELY appreciated, as Trump would say.


At March 20, 2016 at 3:33 PM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

"Gods of Our Fathers, got requested by two literary agencies"

Wow! There's some good news, at least.


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