Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life is What Gets in the Way When You're Trying to Blog paraphrase John Lennon.
     While surfing in to my own little back yard pool here at P'ville today, I was mildly horrified to see I haven't added anything here since April Fool's Day or one solid week. It's not as if I haven't had any material with which to work.
     The Wisconsin primary, won by Sens Sanders and Cruz on their respective sides, was just a reprise of the incredibly corrupt bullshit we saw in Arizona.
     Hillary is still pretending as if she's going to actually legitimately win the nomination despite losing six consecutive primaries and caucuses to Sanders and essentially letting the Superdelegates (Of which Slick Willie is one) steal the nomination for her.  A two and a half million popular vote lead? Nice try, bitch. Not only is the popular vote non-determinative in deciding the presidency, but the popular vote figures deliberately don't include caucuses.
     Notoriously redneck state Tennessee, famous only for whiskey, horse racing and being on the wrong side of the Scopes Monkey Trial, proudly leaped on the wrong side of history again with an anti LGBT religious liberty bill that strives to be even more unnecessarily cruel than its counterparts in Mississippi, Indiana and North Carolina.
     All this and the biggest news of all:
     Professional stalker John Chadwick still doesn't have a life.
     Well, there are several reasons for this unusually long silence:
     First off, I've had car problems. Some of you may recall that last month I drove over a curb to avoid getting cut off and hit and I ruined both the inner & outer front tie rods. I brought the car into the shop last Friday and when I picked it up on Saturday, not only could they not get the requisite front end alignment done even through a subcontractor, but somehow my exhaust system, which was perfectly quiet just the day before, was making an awful rumbling sound. Naturally, the owner claims my front exhaust pipe just committed suicide on the only night of the year my car was at his shop. Earliest I can get that fixed: Tomorrow.
     Secondly, after a months-long hiatus, I'm going full tilt on Blue Blood,  the sequel to Gods of Our Fathers, and I'm never one to walk away from a hot streak. I'd also been working with my graphic designer of late to revise the cover for Blue Blood and I think it's turned out well.
     Third, after rallying last week, by this weekend Mrs. JP had relapsed with a vengeance and I've been running around getting holistic remedies for her since we can't get on Obamacare to (literally) save our lives.
     After chasing down someone to whom I'd generously lent $175 in four installments, it looks as if I'll have to take another scumbag to Small Claims Court (at my expense, naturally) and that's unnecessarily galling and time-consuming.
     Plus, baseball season started on Tuesday. That's always good for 3-4 hours a day out of my life on game days.
     Add to that the normal running around and pragmatic activities such as bill-paying, chasing my slumlord to fix the oven that shit the bed on Easter, fixing other things in the house and getting a lease to replace the one that expired way back last February, that leaves precious little time for blogging.
     As always, any cash left over from your tax refunds you can spare for the cause would be tremendously appreciated. As a standing offer, anyone donating $25 or more will get on request a free copy of any of my paperbacks.


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