Friday, June 10, 2016

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton Backers

Dear Hillarybots:
     Welcome to the new Republican Party. What kept you?
     No doubt, many of you reading this have stopped reading already, since an enduring and consistent characteristic of Hillarybots is a complete intolerance of contrary views which is very similar to the "You're either with us or against us" mindset that consistently characterized the Bush years.
     For those of you with a bit more intestinal fortitude, sally forth, Dear Reader and you might learn something. But, more likely, you won't.
     You are viciously and mindlessly supporting a woman who is simply a crook and a war hawk. The evidence proving this is staggering and absolutely unmistakable to those of us who have the strength to see such colossal corruption wrapped up in a single pants suit. And, barring a timely indictment by the federal government for very serious crimes committed while she was Secretary of State, Hillary's presumptive nomination is going to quickly result in the deaths of many people in third world countries. In lieu of her blood-spattered brand of foreign policy that was pushed into the Oval Office when our top diplomat should've been seeking diplomatic solutions and not violent regime change in places like Libya, Hillary may actually prove to be more bloodthirsty than your other hero, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama.
     You are championing a woman who throughout her 15 year-long political career has had attached to her every campaign essentially the entire DC registry of corporate lobbyists. Many of the super delegates who had pledged their votes to her are corporate lobbyists as well as pro-Hillary insiders. Many of the people who had donated billions to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Initiative, two of the most bogus charities in planetary history, have been corporate lobbyists and corporations, ruthless, murderous dictators and people whom, it can be reasonably assumed, do not have the well-being of the 99% at heart.
     Now, I am not accusing you of engineering the countless dirty tricks and electoral fraud that has dogged Clinton's slime trail of a campaign because that takes insiders, machine party leaders, to engineer. Yet you have brainlessly accepted these many, many, many instances of electoral fraud and have shown no sympathy or concern whatsoever for the disenfranchised and have tried to spin it, as has the Clinton machine, as examples of superior popularity.
     Yet we have not seen electoral fraud on such a scope and scale since the Bush campaigns of 2000 and 2004. Never before have we seen so many exit polls that varied so wildly and widely in so many different states as we've seen this year. Not since 2000 when Katherine Harris knocked about 96,000 mostly voters of color off the Florida voter rolls have we seen so many disappearances of eligible voters (126,000 in the borough of Brooklyn alone, dwarfing Harris' state-wide purge).
     And none of this seems to make an impression on you. I imagine for those of you in your mid 30's and up, it was these dirty tricks kept you up at night as it had me when it was done to largely Democratic voters during Bush's two campaigns. I'm sure that, in your youth, you'd also screamed bloody murder about Bush's dirty business dealings and the people with whom he's shared a fiduciary bed.
     But when Hillary is found guilty time and again of identical behavior, then suddenly it's permissible. Just as critics of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 were branded "racists", so Hillary Clinton critics are labeled "misogynists." Just as critics of Bush were called "unAmerican."
     Truly, speaking as not just a Bernie Sanders supporter but an actual, thinking human being with a high intellect and superior powers of cognition and perception, it is absolutely and endlessly amazing at the intellectual gymnastics of which you Clinton campers are capable when it comes to rationalizing, spinning, whitewashing, denying and otherwise ignoring her never-ending bloody trail of bread crumbs of corruption that always seem to lead back to K and Wall Streets.
     You have been so unmoored from reality that this DINO has convinced you that Sen. Sanders marching with Dr. King was a ho hum moment, or one you're sick of hearing about. Some of you, including Rep. Lewis, even advanced a conspiracy theory that he'd never actually marched with Dr. King. Yet at the same time Bernie was getting arrested in Chicago over integration, your girl was rah rah sis boom bahing for an ultra right winger named Barry Goldwater who wanted to nuke North Vietnam and repeal the Civil Rights Act. "Oh, but she saw the light," you conveniently say, "and eventually sided with the angels."
     Well, Bernie Sanders saw the light decades ago and has never turned from it or wavered in his message. And you hate him for it.

     Helping Hillary into the White House will be, at least, a fifth Bush term, as Obama's presidency was nothing more or less than a third and fourth Bush term. There is absolutely no daylight between either party, anymore. They all work for the same corporations, the same lobbyists, the same banks, the same right wing dictators. Her husband's own presidency was one of the most ruinous in American history (and one of the most despicable as a false Democratic banner was flown above it) and she merely promises more of the same. She flip-flops with the consistency of Mitt Romney yet you are oddly comfortable with that, too, preferring to see that as "flexibility."
     She is a closet racist who once called black youth "super predators" when cheering on her husband's 1994 crime bill that was plainly skewed against minorities. Yet black voters are coming out in droves for this woman who had indirectly caused, and still defends causing, God knows how many of your relatives to languish in for profit prisons that began to seriously rake it in the minute that crime bill was signed into law.
     You see her in her Chairman Mao pantsuits and listen to that husky voice and think she's the next Eleanor Roosevelt. But what you hear as ballsiness and brassiness is nothing more than a diminished estrogen level. Hillary Clinton is the very epitome of the machine Democrat and, if she wasn't shamelessly trading on her vagina on the campaign trail, she'd be the envy of the 19th century Tammany Hall bosses and sachems.
     She has shown an absolute contempt for Black Lives Matter protesters who've spoken up at her rallies and toward any other critics. God forbid you should ever turn face when you see how horrible this woman will be in the Oval Office. See how long your Goldwater Girl will tolerate your criticism after she becomes president.
     Because she will make the NDAA even more fascist and oppressive than Obama had already made it. She will absolutely renew the USA PATRIOT Act with all its cruel and needless provisions. The Terrorist No Fly lists will remain firmly in place and will even grow exponentially, with all secrecy intact. Don't come crying to us when you find out at the airport one day you've been placed on it without being told why.
     And as much as we in the know know about this crook for whom you're shamelessly pandering, I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg and that the full truth is much, much worse than I've already said here. I had Obama pegged eight years ago and it cost me 90% of my readership because nobody likes a Cassandra.
     And I am right about Hillary Clinton as surely as I am right about you.
     You are the new Republican Party, the neo right wing. Do not think your opposition to Donald Trump makes you in any way, shape or form "progressive" or "liberal." Do not think that Bernie Sanders or his message of real hope and change will go away as easily as blocking a Bernie supporter from your precious Twitter feed.
     You are the enemy. And I am taking names and if and when this second dirtbag Clinton gets in the White House, I will remember those names and ask you how you like your Goldwater Girl now when innocent brown people, and perhaps American citizens, continue dying, when the incarceration rate of minorities continues to skyrocket, when we're endlessly at war in Third World countries and when corporations are coddled more lovingly than any of Hillary's individual supporters in the 99%.
     Yes, it will make history if the first female president gets elected, even if it's through dirty right wing tricks such as voter suppression, collusion with the media, party insiders, right wing donors and Republican operatives. But Obama made history nearly eight years ago by becoming the first black president and it can't be said that history had translated to any serious advancement for civil rights.
     Nor will Hillary Clinton's presumed presidency. It will be more empty, easy populism as we've seen over the last eight years, with the enforcement of the corrupt status quo successfully masquerading as hope and change poisoned with an unhealthy infusion of centrist, bipartisanism that is doomed to fail at every opportunity.
     And you will have no one but yourselves to blame for the outcome. I was right eight years ago. And I am right now.


At June 10, 2016 at 4:46 PM, Blogger stEn said...

I am not exactly a Hillary backer. I was a delegate for Bernie, until I couldn't find a parking spot anywhere near the venue where we were expected to caucus at the County level. I am no fan of Hillary or her asshat of a husband, Bill. But I guess I'm wondering what you want us to do? Stay home? Vote for Drumpf? But I have to say, from one Democratic election to another, are you truly surprised by the stupid/criminal behavior of the DNCC?

Read this old post (and any others you might favor):

As always, a real pleasure reading your work. And I'm sorry, but unless and until we're allowed to vote for a real third Party Candidate who can also win, I'm gonna have to vote for a woman I don't trust and would rather not be in the race.

At June 10, 2016 at 5:07 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

stEn: I wouldn't presume to "tell" anyone what to do. After all, they're called "elections" because voting is an elective process, an act of volition and free will.

All I can do is tell you what I will do.

If Bernie runs third party, I will vote for him.

However, even if he honors his old promise to not run on a third party ticket, I will do the same thing I did four years ago and vote for Jill Stein. She's my homey here in MA and her views are almost perfectly aligned with Bernie's.

After two general election cycles of voting against the Republican and not for the Democrat, I got sick of that. By 2012, I began voting my conscience. And I make absolutely no apologies for that.

What you will do in the voting booth is entirely up to you.

However, I would recommend we make a bigger stink about her corruption, her vote suppression tactics, the collusion of the entire Democratic Party which no more represents true Democrats than Trump represents mainstream Republican voters and their party.

At June 10, 2016 at 5:59 PM, Blogger stEn said...

I hear ya. My thing is worrying more about the down ticket, anyway. I'm pretty sure that Drumpf will, in fact, implode well before election day, so it may not matter who I vote for on the main ticket, but by god, if I can keep the Rs outta the Congress, I'm going to. Most of our Congresscritters are okay in this state on the Dem side (though I have some doubts about Patty Murray). I'm not sure Jill Stein is ON the ballot in WA.

Damned if one does, and Damned if one doesn't.

At June 10, 2016 at 6:05 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Take this "litmus test": in the event of a Clinton victory, will Trump continue to live comfortably?

Likewise, in the event of a Trump victory, will Clinton continue to live comfortably?

If your answer to both questions is yes, then wouldn't a vote for Clinton be a vote for Trump?

Actually, a vote for Clinton or Trump is a vote for the same fecal matter, but flavored differently.

At June 10, 2016 at 7:39 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

stEn: Might I ask what state you live in?

CC: Once again, I say, "Damn you, I wish I'd thought of that!"

At June 11, 2016 at 2:53 AM, Anonymous CC said...

"I'm pretty sure that Drumpf will, in fact, implode well before election day..."

How many times have we heard that in the last six months?

"I'm not sure Jill Stein is ON the ballot in WA."

Not yet, but neither is she on the ballot in 29 other states as of this writing:

Maybe you can help change that.

At June 11, 2016 at 11:29 AM, Blogger downriver said...

What a pile of anonymously written horse shit. Your candidate lost by a with it

At June 11, 2016 at 12:04 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

And you are a perfect example of the kind of strenuously head-shaking Hillary-backing jackass for whom this was written.

And I'm not anonymous. All my real readers know my real name.

At June 11, 2016 at 12:56 PM, Anonymous Aquaman said...

1. Oh, be careful, stEn! He's asking for your location, that means he wants to dox the hell out of you and then accuse you of being a stalker for merely reading his stupid, bigoted blog.

2. Bernie never once stood a chance of becoming president, even if he had won the nomination. He's a weak candidate and Trump or any of the republicans would have mopped the floor with him. DWS did you all a favor by rigging the whole thing for Hillary.

At June 11, 2016 at 1:12 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Actually, a landslide is like FDR over Landon in 1936, Nixon over McGovern in 1972, and Reagan over Mondale in 1984.

Oh, and before I forget, like Johnson over Goldwater (aka Clinton's heartthrob) in 1964.

Clinton's presumptive (because it ain't over until the Democratic convention next month - and perhaps not even then) defeat of Sanders is more like a Pyrrhic victory.

Clinton's camp and the mainstream media may spin it as something else, but she really underachieved in outlasting Sanders. She enjoyed every conceivable advantage and still had to rely on some shady ones to (all but) deny Sanders the nomination.

Maybe if Clinton hadn't supported her husband's regressive policies on their vict--, er, voter base, hadn't supported the Iraq war as senator, hadn't supported the coup in Honduras as Secretary of State, hadn't expanded the War on Terror in the Middle East, and hadn't given those six-figure speeches to bankers after she left the State Department, then she could have won in a landslide. Heck, Sanders wouldn't even have entered the fray if she hadn't done all those things.

By the way, those Republicans listed above were more progressive in some ways than the Clintons.

At June 11, 2016 at 1:15 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...


Whether you're being facetious or not, you're still a douchebag.

And, FYI, every poll taken had Sanders over Trump by a healthy margin.


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