Friday, September 23, 2016

Twenty Bucks, Same as in Town

     Blogwhoring. You do it, I do it, we all do it. What have you been up to, lately?

     Regarding the newest racist/racial execution of a black man, we start with that of Keith L. Scott in Charleston, North Carolina. John Cole at Balloon Juice shows two videos shot by two different people, including the late Mr. Scott's widow.
     At 2:14 in, you can plainly see the cop in the red shirt planting evidence, specifically a gun or what’s known in police parlance as a “throwdown.” And the brazen cocksucker even knew the man’s wife was filming him.
     And that’s why the police chief just as brazenly refuses to release the dashcam video, because it’s of the cruiser on the left pointed right at that cop literally planting evidence.

     "Sure, Cheryl, you can sit in on Hillary's statements to us as part of her legal counsel, even though you walked out on an interview with us and sandbagged our investigation into the emails. Oh, can we get you anything? Tea, coffee, partial immunity?"
     Politico is about the closest I can find to an actual non-right wing blog that's actually had the balls to write about that damning 16th page of the FBI's 47 page report of Clinton's endless omissions given last summer. That's because all the left wing blogs (including Digby at Hullabaloo) are coughing and harumphing in their sleeves over this newest scandal. Basically, all the big "progressive" blogs have been in the tank for Clinton for over a year and, in my estimation, are utterly and completely worthless in covering all the news about the Clinton campaign.

     Desperate Donald Trump on Ted Cruz' endorsement:

     July: "I won't accept it."

     Today: "I am greatly honored."

     "P.S. Don't touch me."

     Luckily, Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo knows what we should think about anything or anyone, at any time.

     Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors caught this gem from Mike Pence who believes we should be talking all about the Baby Jebus and less about white cops gunning down unarmed black folks because that's so much more divisive than, you know, white cops gunning down unarmed black folks that tend to lead to riots. Yes, Tengrain, Mike Pence is an assrocket. Yes, he is.

     The Rude Pundit has Five Questions for Trump deplorables who are still screaming about Hillary's tax returns. They're good questions, sure, ones that are designed to trip up these basket of deplorable cases on their hypocrisy. However, what the Rude One can't seem to reconcile is that it's not OK for Clinton to do something that the Donald also refuses to do. But then again, Lee Papa, like all other liberal bloggers save for yours truly, has succumbed to the politics of fear and is willing to let a furtive old crook like Clinton in the White House to keep another furtive old crook like Trump out of the White House. Which makes perfect sense, when you don't think about it...

     D r i f t g l a s s resurrects the ghosts of blogger godfathers Steve Gilliard and Hunter S. Thompson in posts they wrote just before their untimely deaths. And the two word message is, essentially, "Fuck them." Meaning Conservatives.
     And in the august and esteemed virtual pages of this blog, I say the same to Hillary Clinton voters, because they are absolutely the new, unacknowledged right wing, using the same tactics, the same dirty tricks and the same intellectual gymnastics to excuse every crooked fucking thing Hillary ever did and will surely do in the White House. The so-called Democrats learned well as the cloven hooves of the neocons. And if you tell me you ever voted for Hillary Clinton, I will gladly spit in your face.


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