Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome to Bizarro World

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Damned if He Does, Damned if He Doesn't

     Poor James Comey.
     Right about now, he must feel like a circus animal tamer with his head in a lion's mouth while a tiger's teeth is buried in his ass. Now he's in a damned if he does, damned if he doesn't situation. And I'm sure the FBI Director can tell you all about both ends of that equation.
     It came out yesterday that Comey was taking it upon himself to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation, with many Trump and Bernie/Jill supporters hoping he gets it right this time. This came about because of the bombshell discovery at the Bureau that emails from Hillary Clinton's unsecured email server were found on the semen-spattered computer of the husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton's own Vice Chairwoman of her presidential campaign.
     However you want to cut it, that is a tantalizing development. Husband to Abedin or no, there's no way that Anthony Weiner should've come into contact with any of Hillary's emails, especially the classified ones we now know were on her private email server in the basement of her Chappaqua home. How do emails of that potentially a sensitive nature migrate from some electronic device or another without something illegal or incredibly stupid and careless being done to obtain them? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
     But this is just the first half of the story- Today the news broke that suddenly, James Comey is no longer the fair-haired golden child of either Kamp Klinton or his bosses at the DOJ for notifying Congress about his intention to reopen the original Three Stooges investigation that saw immunity being handed out like Zig Zags at a Grateful Dead concert. According to the so-called Justice Department, “(W)e don’t comment on an ongoing investigation. And we don’t take steps that will be viewed as influencing an election.”
     However, as longtime reader CC put it to me in an email today, providing the Clintonistas with cover and blanket immunity didn't help influence this election?
     The anonymous DOJ source then went on to say,
Director Comey understood our position. He heard it from Justice leadership. It was conveyed to the FBI, and Comey made an independent decision to alert the Hill. He is operating independently of the Justice Department. And he knows it.
     In other words, "How dare you interfere with our constant running interference for the Clintons?"
     This had led the Clintons to audaciously demand, get this, transparency and wants Comey to give them a heads-up with all facets of the re-opened investigation like they've been getting from CNN, the State Department and all sorts of other places that have no business colluding with a presidential campaign.
     In fact, longtime Clinton stooge John Podesta, who can't afford to talk about anything regarding transparency or anything of a moral or ethical nature, actually said Comey's statements were,
(L)ong on innuendo and short on facts. There’s no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, no indication that this is even about Hillary.
      With Election Day looming in less than 11 days, I can understand why Podesta's spooked about this investigation reopening when it does. People who have a lot to hide (and Wikileaks has proved over the last three weeks with its daily disclosures, now topping 50,000 emails from Podesta's account, they have a LOT to hide) will get jittery when investigations into their affairs are opened and reopened.
     Maybe this is Comey's attempt at unfucking a fuckup. He did his damnedest to ensure the toothpaste stayed in the tube, that the genie stayed in the bottle. But, Republican or no, Comey seems to have a conscience and it could even be said he's worried less about his own professional future and about the image of the FBI, which has been battered enough these past several decades.
     And one wonders what J. Edgar Hoover would've done to Hillary by now if he was still alive.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What Would a Braver Man Do?

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
It seems another Clinton insider may be running for his life. And considering all the dead bodies that have popped up around the Clintons like the skeletons in Poltergeist 3, this scenario is not entirely implausible. Except, if the reports are true, this one is a special case: The latest wouldbe victim of the Clinton hit team is none other than Eric Braverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation.
     Braverman's name may not be a household one (and, if the completely useless MSM had its way, and it will, it never will be) but it ought to be. Braverman was installed by Chelsea Clinton as sort of an Inspector General of the Foundation to investigate the accounting irregularities she'd found in 2011. Getting the Foundation's board to install him without actually telling the board why she wanted him to be her inside man was tantamount to a war the former First Daughter was waging on her own parents' corrupt Foundation.
     Apparently, Chelsea had busted open the books when she was officially named an officer of the CF and her name was added to the Foundation's full name. She'd allegedly found serious conflicts of interest such as her parents accepting upwards of a billion in bribes from third world dictators given ostensibly to rebuild villages. Chelsea apparently discovered only $53,000,000 of that billion was actually diverted to that end and the rest wound up in her parent's bulging pockets.
     The young Yale-educated CEO lasted for just a year and a half, even though his tenure was all but assured through to next year, at the helm of the Clinton Foundation before abruptly resigning March of last year and not giving any reason as to why. Requests for comment were forwarded by Braverman to the Foundation which, of course, has been typically closed-mouthed. Now we're hearing not so much reports but mutters on social media that Eric Braverman has within the last 48 hours or so sought asylum at the Russian embassy in New York City. It seems the source for this article, according to time stamps and the sheer number of people linking back it, seems to be some obscure website called Western Sentinel, which in itself offers no linkage corroborating this claim. And other websites reporting on this merely copy and paste the original WS article.
     According to the Russian Federation's Law on Refugees, asylum is issued to those seeking “asylum or protection from persecution or a real threat of becoming a victim of persecution” in their home country for “social-political activities or convictions that do not contradict the democratic principles recognized by the international community and norms of international law.” Russia is one of the most sought-after nations for political asylum (Ed Snowden showed us that) but it's rarely given.
      Again, take this "news" for what it's worth. The only things we know for sure is that Braverman just vanished on the 23rd and immediately thereafter we began hearing reports that he'd sought asylum on a visa application as the Russian embassy does not grant asylum to those requesting it by snail mail or electronically. Therefore, before we can ascertain whether or not this is true, that Braverman's a wanted if not a hunted man (and recall the sheer body count just from this past summer of those who'd run afoul of the Clintons and their goons in the DNC), we must first go back five years and see what precipitated this.

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it..."
     He hasn't tweeted in two weeks, which isn't unusual as he wasn't a very prolific tweeter. He's listed as a lecturer at his alma mater Yale which tells us nothing. All anyone knows is that Braverman has been seen nowhere since Sunday October 23rd, which was exactly the same time something else happened that may or may not be related to his decision to disappear.
     The day before, Gavin MacFadyen, the legendary journalist who'd founded the CIJ (Centre for Investigative Journalism) and the director of Wikileaks, came down with a case of the deads. It was officially ruled as lung cancer and MacFadyen was 76. He was one of the last of the old guard of crusading journalists that includes Sy Hersh and Greg Palast. 
     However, when one is as closely allied with Julian Assange as Gavin was, especially as Hillary Clinton once irritably asked if we could "drone Assange" and considering the body count from this past summer alone, one can never be too hasty in ascribing a cause of death of one who'd even indirectly caused the Clintons so many headaches.
     One would have be a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire or a creative storyteller to tie in Gavin MacFadyen's untimely death with Braverman seeking "urgent and immediate" asylum from the Russian embassy in NYC. But there's more backstory to this that makes the possibility of the ex Clinton Foundation CEO running for his life less speculative and more plausible.
     If you haven't already, I refer you back to the second link I'd posted in the second paragraph. That's to a Politico article written about a year and a half ago when Braverman suddenly turned in his credentials and scuttled from the Foundation like a whipped cur. Braverman, being the former CEO of the Foundation and had overhauled much of its processes, including, at Chelsea's behest, more rigorous controls in its fundraising apparatus, knew where all the bodies were buried (no pun intended). Or, as Tyler Durden sensationally but plausibly said in the pages of Zero Hedge, "Meet The Man Who Can Expose The Real Hillary Clinton Scandal."
     So what is the real scandal that last year pushed him from his corner office at 1271 6th Avenue and nearly out some handy-dandy high-rise window?

"You Don't Know How This Place Works..."
     Braverman's installation as new CEO was already compromised before it had begun. The Foundation had been helmed by the recently-retired Bruce Lindsey, a longtime shyster associated with the Clintons. It was Lindsey who sounded the first warning bells to Slick Willie himself when he got indications this upstart kid was for real. Clinton insiders and hangers-on actually told their CEO, "You don't know how this place works." Apparently, the corruption in Bill and Hillary's mega ATM was so entrenched that many of Braverman's subordinates as well as the Clinton power couple had hamstrung his efforts to reform what he (and his former McKinsey and Company co-worker Chelsea Clinton) saw as a corrupt, inefficient financial juggernaut that now was in possession of over two billion dollars. Here's a telling snippet from the Politico article:

But Chelsea Clinton’s rise at times has seemed to threaten some veteran Clinton aides who had carved out influential—and lucrative—positions after long service with her parents. She is blamed in some quarters for marginalizing both Lindsey and Doug Band, who rose from the president’s body man to build and help run the foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative. A third Clinton veteran, Ira Magaziner, saw his portfolio at the foundation diminished during Braverman’s tenure, and sources say Magaziner’s role remains under scrutiny.
     At first, however, it looked as if the whiz kid from New Haven was just the trick. He'd grown the Foundation's endowment from the $20,000,000 it was at to a whopping quarter of a billion dollars. He'd set up programs aimed at reforming transparency and oversight while avoiding conflicts of interest. There apparently was a honeymoon period.
     His installation as CEO in 2013 had actually begun two years earlier in 2011 when the Foundation had unanimously agreed to do a hermetic internal audit. Another one, carried out by Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP, a high-powered, billion dollar white shoe law firm, recommended reforms that would eventually be implemented by Braverman. Enter our untethered goat.
     It began with a subtle enough touch. Yes men would dutifully say "Yes" to him as he advanced his proposals only to sandbag him when he actually tried implementing them. Ira Magaziner found he was actually losing money under Braverman's stewardship despite him already making $20,000 more than the young CEO's $395,000 annual salary. The Old Guard, several of whom being Clinton barnacles going back to when Slick Willie was raping women and dicking bimbos in Little Rock, saw Braverman as a threat not only to their way of life but of the cultish corporate culture that had blossomed around the power couple at the Foundation.

"Follow the money and find the real HRC scandal."
     At first, life seemed to go on rather swimmingly at the Foundation in Braverman's abrupt wake. His spot was taken over by another longtime Clinton crony, Maura Pally, whose old employers at the Bloomberg Philanthropies had kicked in a cool $100,000 to the Foundation. Things were going back to the old corrupt ways of pay-to-play when Hillary was Senator and later Secretary of State.
     Then the Podesta emails began leaking out two weeks ago.
     The hacked communiques from Clinton chair John Podesta's Gmail account had shone a white hot spotlight on the Foundation. Veteran Bill Clinton handler Doug Band, who'd started a consulting firm named Teneo, had apparently landed some lucrative contracts at least partly through his closeness with the Clintons and Hillary's tenure at the State Department. Then, Braverman came in with his reforms long before Wikileaks. This is an email sent from Band to Podesta in which he tries to insinuate the latter to talk sense into Chelsea, whom he calls "a spoiled brat kid... creating issues."

     This panicky letter to Podesta was dated November 11, 2011, two years before Braverman was installed as CEO. His company's involvement with the Clinton Foundation or the CGI, which he risibly tried to deny to Podesta (who must have known better, as he's the ultimate Clinton insider), was inspired by the internal audit by Simpson & Thacher. And if the audit in the pre-Braverman days got him this jittery at the prospect of seeing his company go down in flames with the Foundation, these days he must be shitting enough bricks to build another Faneuil Hall.
     Fast forward nearly three and a half years later. American Progress stooge and Clinton surrogate Neera Tanden writes to Podesta that Band is her pick for the source of the leak to Ron Fournier (resurrected in a tweet by NBC's Joe Scarborough) that had come out about a $12,000,000 bribe given to the Clinton Foundation by the King of Morocco in exchange for hosting one of its shindigs (the exact phrasing was, "Follow the money and find the real HRC scandal."). She tells him to keep a close eye on him and Podesta fires back an email saying just two words: which Tanden merely responds, "Holy Moses."
     Mind you, this email exchange was written when Braverman had just suddenly resigned as the CEO of that same Foundation. Then MacFadyen suddenly dies at the same exact time the Wikileaks for which he was still the director begins releasing a river of leaked emails.
     Next thing we know, we hear reports of Eric Braverman banging on the Russian Embassy's door in NYC begging for asylum because he's in fear of his life.
     How did Podesta know he was the leak? We don't know for sure if he was even right but it's not like the usually cautious and conservative Podesta to make even private (at least they were private) allegations to those who were neither attached to the Foundation or the Clinton campaign. But, as I'd said, Podesta is the ultimate Clinton insider.
     What would a braver man do? Expose himself, make himself conspicuous and guaranteeing his abrupt absence would be even more conspicuous. However, in Braverman's case, since he knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, it's only natural for him to not want to be among them.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Septic Tank Continues to Overflow

     ...and as always, Twitter makes the perfect leach bed.
     At this point, we Bernie Bros and Jill fans have long since surrendered any pretense that there's anything good, kind or decent in the Clinton campaign, the DNC or the Democratic establishment in general. We've formed sort of a tacit, uneasy alliance with Trump deplorables who, as always, are blindly insensible to the evils of the GOP and Donald Trump himself. Now we just share these emails, screengrabs and exhumed scandals with a gleeful abandon, like anarchists who just want to burn down an edifice that symbolizes corruption and injustice, much in the same way V did when he blew up the Old Bailey in V For Vendetta.
     And then of course, there's sad Curt Schilling...

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Reverse Chicken Little Scenario

     Behold, the Democratic political landscape of 2016. This is the image put in my mind after nearly two straight weeks of the leaked emails from John Podesta's account. We're easily up to tens of thousands of hacked and leaked communiques, many of them giving us in stark, merciless detail an ever-growing pile of vile refuse.
     It's like watching a big city sanitation strike and seeing the piles grow higher and higher. Yet, despite the stink, despite the ready evidence of an obvious problem, life still, stubbornly, goes on. We just as stubbornly refuse to look at the growing horror of our landscape, sort of like whistling by the graveyard. Or, more accurately, it's like a reverse Chicken Little scenario:

     Once Twitter went back up, I continued commenting on the #podestaemails14 hashtag and here are the best results:

Denial of Service? Aw!

     Today, Twitter got hit with a DDoS attack (Denial of Service), which paralyzed them and still paralyzes them at present. Apparently, after the #podestaemails14 came out, this massive DDoS attack hit not just Twitter but Amazon, Spotify, Paypal, Netflix and others, none of whom I feel any sympathy for since I have massive issues with most of them.
     But considering I'd had three accounts shadowbanned or censored on two consecutive days, this is how I look at Twitter's present situation:
     Welcome to my world, you fascist cunts. Sucks being me, doesn't it?

(Addendum: Apparently, this attack in global in scale. A major rerouting and traffic management company named Dyn just north of me in New Hampshire, resolved a massive DDoS attack a few hours ago then a few hours later found itself fending off another attack. So, whatever miscreant(s) is doing this, it's relentless. It's serious enough so that the Dept.of Homeland Security is closely monitoring this situation.
     So if you live on the east coast like me, you're basically fucked if you social network on Twitter or Reddit, buy or sell shit on Amazon (although they seem to have resolved their issue), watch TV or movies on Netflix, listen to music on Spotify or do your banking, as I do, on Paypal.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
Last night, Donald Trump hurt himself.
     He'd hurt a lot of people both officially and emotionally attached to his snake oil traveling roadshow of a campaign, none of whom are deserving of any pity or sorrow but that's beside the point. He plainly lost last night's debate, which I didn't even bother watching. For the purposes of half-assed punditry, it was enough to just read the analyses of better writers than I in the Yahoo alerts that came streaming into my Android.    
     And this old song, originally by Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, could serve as the epitaph we all need to rehearse when we see or feel the end is nigh and it especially serves Donald Trump in the twilight of his own self-absorbed life.
     However, there's the matter of self-awareness. That's lacking. Self absorption does not necessarily mean self-awareness. A human should at least understand and fully appreciate that epitaph when it's tried on for size in that 11th hour and Donald Trump simply does not have that.
     He hurt himself today, too.    
     Donald Trump did that by telling an equally clueless crowd in Delaware, Ohio that he would respect the election results... provided he won. Then he would deign to accept the presidency that his namesake said would be "a step down" for his father. Sure, running for the highest office in the land involves, as Hemingway said, a "built-in, shockproof shit detector" (or, in this case, a generator) and morally one must always wear hip waders during political campaigns.
     But that wasn't what Junior meant. He knows it, you know it, we all know it. It's the preamble to the old sour grapes tune that Trump sings when he doesn't get what he wants or when his hand is caught in a cookie jar (or, more accurately, up some pretty girl's skirt). "She wasn't attractive enough. Look at her!" And, after Nov. 8th, it'll be, "The election was rigged, anyway. And I never worked a shitty job for just $400,000 a year even right out of college."
     Last night during the third and final debate, Donald Trump told Chris Wallace and the American people, again, that he would contest the election results if it didn't go his way. This would be a first in American history. Not even a scumbag like Richard Nixon contested the results of the 1960 election despite losing to Kennedy by a razor-thin margin. Even though they could have pressed it harder and for legitimate reasons, Gore and Kerry could've contested the 2000 and 2004 elections, respectively.
     But they hadn't.
     Because they were bigger than that. They put this democratic republic higher than their aspirations and egos.
     Donald Trump can't and won't if he doesn't get his way. And a man born to a vast fortune and a man who had grown that vast fortune into a dynasty isn't used to not getting what he wants.
     It could be plausibly said that no major party nominee for President in US history has run a campaign so firmly identified with all the worst elements that American society can inflict upon the world. What Trump is setting up is a civil war, a needless one, that could result in Hillary Clinton's assassination. And if God forbid that happens, that another president or a President-elect is gunned down because that assassin's iconoclastic Godfather told him that woman's elevation to the Presidency of the United States of America was illegitimate, a sham...
     ...then Trump will fade back into the shadows or behind a wall of American flags, hold up his tiny hands and say, "I didn't do it!"
     The equally spoiled and coddled Mitt Romney was genuinely stunned he didn't beat Obama four years ago. Another man used to getting what he wants, when he wants it, how he wants it, still took the news with enough good grace to go into that good night without even breathing a word the contest was rigged.
     Because even a sociopath like Mitt Romney knew that President Obama beat him fair and square.
     Trump has been humbled several times in his life. Two wives divorced him, the second at a time when Trump almost lost his empire and had to get by on a mere $460,000 monthly allowance given him by a Wall Street bank. Only bridge loans and his 12 carat-plated brand name kept him afloat during those less-than-palmy years. You'd think the early 90's would've taught Trump a lesson in humility but you'd be very wrong.
     He went back to dodging his taxes, groping women, attacking and suing people with little or no provocation. Then he bragged about it and is still bragging about it on the most widely-watched television broadcasts of 2016: The presidential debates. And after last night, Hillary Clinton should've sent to Trump's suite a dozen red roses. Ten dozen of them. Because last night, with three weeks to go before Election Day, Donald Trump gave Hillary Clinton not just the White House but the keys to the entire District of Columbia.
     Donald Trump is willing to risk Civil War and having another chapter of American history scrawled in blood to satisfy his ego because he honestly believes in his combovered, double-woven mind that no one can defeat him, that no one should defeat him for the most powerful office in the free world.
     He is now the very definition of a loose cannon. Even after his own campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and his own running mate Gov. Mike Pence said they'd be at peace with the election results either way, Trump is having none of it. And the man who'd months ago called for "2nd Amendment people" to do something about this "rigged" election doesn't care how many people die or who they will be, starting with the President or President-elect. It would be a constitutional crisis unlike any other in American history.
     And if Trump gets his way, he will turn this nation from one of laws into one representing one man, himself, a man fueled by rage, avarice and lust for more, more than the world can reasonably give even in this new Gilded Age.
     Donald Trump is simply a monster, one created by American politicians who write those tax loopholes Trump has used to maximum effectiveness for nearly two decades. The Republican Party owns this Frankenstein monster who's never been, isn't now nor ever will be man enough to take No for an answer even when it's said to him on Election Night 50,000,000 or more times.
     Donald Trump, in the midst of his empire of gold dust, unpaid bills, empty casinos and people he's put out of work through his bottomless greed, incompetence and arrogance, has hurt himself today. He did it last night and he will America tomorrow because of an insult to his wholly unjustified megalomania.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mr. Winston Smith Goes to Washington

     Those of us on Twitter, especially those of us who aren't in the semen-spattered, shit-stained Big Tent of Hillary Clinton, have noticed something particularly pernicious going on in this election cycle: Censorship or what is known in the Twitter community (it even has its own hashtag): Shadowbanning. It's known by many other names such as stealth banning, hell banning but for the purposes of this exercise we'll just use shadowbanning.
     Now, shadowbanning, the censorship most commonly used by Twitter's automatic algorithm, was set up to isolate and silence trolls (which, to judge by the Clinton and Trump supporters' constant engagements of Bernie and Jill backers, isn't working or isn't being used) and spammers (unlike the sanctioned spammers who pay to bother people with "sponsored content" or the official spamming and trolling given the little blue bird's housekeeping seal of approval). It's plainly been perverted from its original semi-noble use and is now used as a weapon for people to game (and it's absurdly simple to game an algorithm if you can get a few like-minded trolls on board with your agenda) and to silence those who hop on a hashtag that just happens to be popular. Just last month, my main account got censored for eight and a half days in a row just for tweeting about the Patriots-Texans game, so I guess I ran afoul of at least a few redneck Houston fans.
     Shadowbanning is a particularly craven and cowardly way to temporarily censor people, and the censorship always lasts for at least 24 hours, without suffering any comeuppance for their stalking and trolling. All they have to do is have you blocked enough times within a certain time and Twitter's algorithm brainlessly obliges these cowards. Or it could be Twitter has moderators whose sole job it is to find those using a certain hashtag, typically one embarrassing and unflattering to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in general, and they do the banning. Whichever the scenario, blocking strangers you immediately decide you don't like has no downside because among the many things Twitter doesn't share with you (such as who blocks or mutes you) is who's clicking on your profile, the first step toward them blocking you.
     Either way it's happening, it's an incredibly cowardly way to silence those from the shadows of cyberspace who don't agree with you or management's political positions. Indeed, it can now be said that Twitter is no longer in the social networking business- They're now, as is Google, in the opinion-shaping business and that includes using sneaky weapons such as shadowbanning and manipulating autofills so the hashtag you're trying to use through autofill doesn't complete or gives you options that are similar but not the same as the actual hashtag that is often, if not always, much more active.
     For instance, today started out typically for me: I began using the #podestaemails12 hashtag and within minutes, my main account @jurassicpork59 was censored. Furious but undeterred, I went to my @mikeflannigan78 account and continued using the hashtag. Within mere minutes, that was censored. Now livid with rage, I went to a secret account I haven't told anyone about and within a half hour, that one was censored. I'm now using a fourth account and, so far, that one hasn't been shadowbanned (But the day is young).
     The easiest way to tell if you've been isolated from your followers is to look at your analytics. You can check those on both your Twitter feed using the analytics button or to go straight to your analytics page. If your once-heavily-trafficked account is now getting views in single and low double digits and if your timeline suddenly disappears from the analytics page, you've just been cravenly censored.
     Those of us who've been paying attention know that Twitter is completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year, they hosted a fundraiser that Google, natch, doesn't want you to know about. And it's telling that I have never once heard of a Clinton surrogate or supporter to complain about being shadowbanned while many Bernie and Jill supporters (and quite a few right wingers like Scott Adams and Milo) have. While it's difficult for me to feel any sympathy for any right winger, especially a Trump backer, it's still unfair to them because everyone should have the right to express their political opinion regardless of how misinformed it may be.
     DailyKos noticed this last February, just days after Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had the audacity to lie his site wasn't censoring anyone. The question at the time was did Twitter executive Omid Kordestani and others censor the accounts of those using the enormously popular #WhichHillary hashtag and did it deliberately knock it from the top 10 trending hashtags? I was heavily using the hashtag that night myself until I got muzzled and soon a chorus of boos from mostly Bernie backers began to rise that they, too, were shadowbanned by Hillbot lurkers, possibly paid operatives, stalking the hashtag and those who used it.
     It's become screamingly obvious that Twitter's no longer interested in social networking, at least until Nov 8th, when I predict the censorship will suddenly subside to minimal levels, any more than Google's interested in giving people honest and comprehensive search results.
     And this shadowbanning of three of my accounts today (and two of them have very small followings, making this paranoid stalking of me and other Bernie and Jill backers ridiculous) seems to have a preemptive feel to it. After all, the third and final presidential debate is tonight, a night when people can usually clean up on "impressions" and even gain like-minded followers. And three of my accounts have already been neatly censored many hours in advance of it.
     So,at least until Election Day, when it won't matter what we say about Hillary whatever the outcome, it'll be, "#podestaemails12, @jurassicpork59 and @mikeflannigan78, unpersons. Shadowbanned."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Keeping it in the Family

     No wonder the FBI gave these crooks immunity like Halloween candy.

Good Times at Pottersville. October 18, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

12 Reasons to Hate What Our Country's Become

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
Culled from actual news sources or those still worthy of our trust:
     George Zimmerman murdered unarmed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin after stalking him and got off scot free but the guy who only shot at his car just got 20 years in prison.

     Democracy Now's Amy Goodman had a warrant put out for her arrest for inciting a riot while filming police attacking peaceful protesters with attack dogs and pepper spray.

     Shailene Woodley, star of Divergent, was arrested for trespassing, the original charge on which they'd issued Goodman's arrest warrant until they found out that wouldn't stick.

     Despite over 140 arrests and the mauling and assault of peaceful protesters, the mainstream media still has hardly reported on the pipeline protest while the Bundys and their "peaceful" followers were given wall-to-wall coverage 24/7 for months when they tried to steal federal land before any action was taken on them.

     Bill Clinton sexually assaulted several women and Republicans are still going after him with hammers and tongs. But his wife's opponent, an accused child molester, despite bragging about sexually assaulting several women and ogling little girls, is presidential material.

      Right wing nut cases who wanted Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning hung by the balls for embarrassing the Bush administration today love him now that he's going after "Democrats" like Clinton.

     The United States is much better at "shielding" gun and ammo manufacturers from lawsuits after school shootings like Sandy Hook than it is at shielding children from their bullets.

     While Obama is bearing down on whistleblowers like Assange and Manning at an unprecedented pace, that same president is giving safe passage to ISIS terrorists out of Mosul to Syria, a nation we're blowing to smithereens.

     A GOP field office in North Carolina was ineptly firebombed and Republicans are wringing their hands and clutching their pearls yet defended or were silent when bricks were being thrown through Democratic congressional office windows during the 2009 town halls on Obama Care.

     Junior thinks that women who can't take sexual harassment shouldn't be in the workplace without once stumbling on the irony that Senior's inability to entertain any kind of criticism automatically disqualifies him from the presidency.

     The surreal, Onion-esque spectacle of US Navy SEALs battling light sabre-wielding terrorists is perfectly acceptable entertainment at Trump's Republican Hindu Coalition but the next day Amy Schumer criticizing Trump isn't.

     Publicly, Hillary Clinton is "skeptical" of fracking.
     Privately, Hillary Clinton is all for fracking.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pot Luck Sunday

     What, you think I save all the tastiest bits for you? Guess again, Bucko.

Friday, October 14, 2016

I Win the Internet

     There was a Twitter hashtag yesterday, #TrumpDrSeuss.
     I won.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

How John Podesta Killed the Clinton Campaign and Blink 182

     Now, don't get me wrong.
     I'm just as disgusted as you are by the antics of the Clinton campaign, the DNC, David Brock's countless Super PACS, the mainstream media, the army of lobbyists infesting Camp Clinton like fleas and all the other scumbags, hired assassins and political piano wire operators. The Podesta email disclosures, courtesy of Wikileaks, is now on #6 and counting. And I'm not saying we should stop paying attention to this tsunami of sleaze from Tammany Hall 2.0. Far from it.
     However, a qualifier is called for here and I entreat you to stay with me because this is really good stuff.
     Now, when I began political blogging going on 12 years ago (which, I guess, makes me the Helen Thomas or I.F. Stone in internet years), there was a huge learning curve I had to surmount. And, I'll admit, the more I learn about politics and political science, it seems the less I know. But I've learned enough about politics, particularly in the Beltway, so that I can write credibly about it.
     But politics isn't my only obsession.
     While I've always been interested in the phenomena, my own obsession with this pseudo science has really kicked into high gear these last few years, especially when we'd sent the Curiosity Rover to Gale Crater on Mars. And in a very short span of time, I've learned more about the UFO phenomena and extraterrestrials than I have about politics, which is saying something.
     Having a skeptical but very open mind about these things allows me to put things into a cosmic perspective. I'm very well aware we are not alone (Go to Indian Springs, Nevada every full moon, if you don't believe me. That's where Areas 53 and 54 are) and that no matter which psychopath gets elected President, they will not. Be. In. Charge. Of. Shit. The government will never admit to that unless and until a mother ship lands on the front lawn of the White House but our G Men are not in charge.
     However, this, as with its last two predecessors, being a political blog, I keep the UFO references and research and findings down to more than a bare minimum. This is because #1, it's a political blog and #2, I don't want to give my readers the idea that I see little green men behind every bush and around every corner (they're actually grey, but that's beside the point).
     Therefore, when doing some brief research so I could make a little joke about John Podesta on Twitter, that's when the little white rabbit hopped out and invited me in. I haven't come out, yet.
     Because you see, without again minimizing the importance of the Clinton campaign's scumminess, the most interesting emails released by Wikileaks (to me) prove the Clinton campaign's sleaze isn't nearly as important as we thought. Because the most fascinating emails hacked from Podesta's email client reference UFOs and extraterrestrials. And some of them were written to Podesta or about him by Tom DeLonge, the former lead guitarist of every Millennial's favorite band, Blink 182.
     Now, one cannot do any in-depth research into UFOs without running into Podesta's name time and again. Podesta, you may remember, was Clinton's Chief of Staff in the 90's before becoming an aide to Obama and, eventually, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager. But politics isn't his only interest.
     Podesta has famously, if not infamously, been pressing the US government into making disclosures about the UFO phenomena that would necessarily involve declassifying certain documents, including those pertaining to Roswell. For the most part, he's been unsuccessful. In fact, Podesta himself said in 2014 that his biggest failure that year was in not getting Uncle Sam to turn over those documents in question. Other nations such as France, Belgium and Mexico, more committed to transparency than we, are waiting for us to make our disclosures so they can make them to their people. And these other governments are getting increasingly frustrated with our government's fetish for furtiveness and secrecy.
     To give you an idea of Podesta''s own obsession with flying saucers and aliens, when he was still Clinton's Chief of Staff, he actually ran an X-Files fan club out of the White House. And, his failure in getting the government to play ball notwithstanding, he appears to have made some inroads with some seriously heavy hitters.
     And Tom DeLonge is just one of them. In fact, one could even say he's the least of them. I'll just let the opening paragraph speak for itself:
The recent WikiLeaks of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta’s, emails have upset and embarrassed her campaign. It has also brought media focus on Podesta’s interest in UFOs, and one of the most intriguing string of emails reveals a Google Hangout meeting that took place between rocker Tom DeLonge, a couple of USAF generals, and an executive of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works division. Skunk Works is the group that worked with the CIA to build Area 51, and still develops advance, top-secret, air craft there to this day.
     That's right- Skunk Works, the Lockheed Martin program that gave us the most secretive place on earth, Area 51, the kind of place where employees have to be not bused but airlifted in from Las Vegas (they're known as "JANET" flights, or Just Another Non Existent Terminal.).
     Among the literally thousands of disclosures, few of them good for the Clinton campaign, is the revelation that Podesta had joined in a super secret Google Hangout discussion that involved not only Delonge but, as the article's opening paragraphs says, top Air Force generals with serious security clearances as well as an executive with Lockheed Martin whose security clearance may even be higher.
     Eventually, the names Spielberg, Dreamworks and the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 turn up. Apparently, DeLonge is spending his entire post music career brokering movie, fiction and non-fiction deals that involve Steven Spielberg, obviously another UFO enthusiast.
     DeLonge has always been obsessed with UFOs in his own right. Back in 1999, in the Enema of the State album, Blink 182 released a track called "Aliens Exist." And when his obsession with UFOs and aliens grew to such proportions that it overshadowed his interest in music, he began learning about Podesta's one man crusade to prise these secrets from the government's hands to no avail. So, it could be said that, without trying, Podesta broke up Blink 182.
     I and others have been talking about the strange bedfellows this election cycle has created but none of them, in my mind are as strange as of Podesta, a straight-laced, buttoned down guy, hobnobbing with a rock and roller. However, aliens and flying saucers will do that.
     And they listen to each other intently.
     Here's the bulk of the text from one of DeLonge's emails to Podesta, whom he'd interviewed January 2015 in an as yet released television program:
Things are moving with the project. The Novels, Films and NonFiction works are blooming and finishing. Just had a preliminary meeting with Spielberg’s Chief Operating Officer at DreamWorks. More meetings are now on the books-
I would like to bring two very “important” people out to meet you in DC. I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you. I just need 2 hours from you.
     And this is where the rabbit hole really gets black and interesting.Why was the front man for an old rock and roll band allowed to speak with "A-level officials", how did he get Podesta's email address in the first place and why would they tell DeLonge anything when he lacked security clearance? Or did someone give DeLonge the necessary security clearance from within our government? One would think, since Podesta left the Obama administration in 2014, and since granting security clearances was never his purview even when he was Clinton's Chief of Staff, DeLonge couldn't have gotten it from Podesta except if the latter knew people who owed him favors. Or if he knew which dicks to twist.
     Blink 182 was pretty big in its day but Tom DeLonge is hardly a household name unless you eat, drink, sleep and breathe UFOs. Spielberg is another matter entirely. Steven Spielberg's leverage over virtually every aspect of life is immense, which just makes DeLonge's involvement that much more mysterious. Why was he permitted to sit in on an internet chat room with John Podesta, a couple of top generals and a Lockheed executive? After all, we're talking Skunk Works here, people. That name alone involves some pretty heavy hitters, such as Executive VP Rob Weiss.
     This is not some Majestic 12 bullshit, folks. DeLonge and Podesta actually spoke with these guys online for a couple of hours last year. In fact, DeLonge even told Rolling Stone in an interview about the band's breakup, "I couldn’t tell the band I was working with people in the government."
     These particular leaked Podesta emails, which have only been noticed and written about in the UFO community, prove this wasn't arrogant cockwanding.
     But how did he reach those with the combination to the safe containing our most zealously and jealously-guarded secrets? Even DeLonge had to rhetorically ask that question to Rolling Stone: ""It's very hard to think, 'How did this guy in a band get access like that?' It sounds crazy. But it's because I can speak to a very specific audience. I earned their trust. I knew my material." Well, I know my shit, too, and no one's asking for my opinion or help. And it's hard to see how a guy who once ran around naked in music videos for a living was able to access that rarified a level of security.
     And yet, DeLonge had. He's already written at least one of a proposed nine novel cycle in the Sekret Machines series (Chasing Shadows). DeLonge promises that, as with certain major sci fi movies (namely Spielberg's) and TV series (such as the X-Files), the series is studded with actual information given to him by the highest levels in government and corporate circles. Also in the works is a TV series, a movie and a graphic novel, all, seemingly, done with the blessings of people whose blessing count for very much, indeed. DeLonge is all in, obviously.
     Whichever way you choose to look at this very strange story, these particular Podesta emails that of course were never intended to be viewed for public consumption, provide at the very least a necessary palate cleanser to temporarily distract us from the unremitting slime of the Clinton campaign.
     And some of us, yours truly included, tend to look at them with something amounting to more than just mere transitory interest.

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