Thursday, October 13, 2016

How John Podesta Killed the Clinton Campaign and Blink 182

     Now, don't get me wrong.
     I'm just as disgusted as you are by the antics of the Clinton campaign, the DNC, David Brock's countless Super PACS, the mainstream media, the army of lobbyists infesting Camp Clinton like fleas and all the other scumbags, hired assassins and political piano wire operators. The Podesta email disclosures, courtesy of Wikileaks, is now on #6 and counting. And I'm not saying we should stop paying attention to this tsunami of sleaze from Tammany Hall 2.0. Far from it.
     However, a qualifier is called for here and I entreat you to stay with me because this is really good stuff.
     Now, when I began political blogging going on 12 years ago (which, I guess, makes me the Helen Thomas or I.F. Stone in internet years), there was a huge learning curve I had to surmount. And, I'll admit, the more I learn about politics and political science, it seems the less I know. But I've learned enough about politics, particularly in the Beltway, so that I can write credibly about it.
     But politics isn't my only obsession.
     While I've always been interested in the phenomena, my own obsession with this pseudo science has really kicked into high gear these last few years, especially when we'd sent the Curiosity Rover to Gale Crater on Mars. And in a very short span of time, I've learned more about the UFO phenomena and extraterrestrials than I have about politics, which is saying something.
     Having a skeptical but very open mind about these things allows me to put things into a cosmic perspective. I'm very well aware we are not alone (Go to Indian Springs, Nevada every full moon, if you don't believe me. That's where Areas 53 and 54 are) and that no matter which psychopath gets elected President, they will not. Be. In. Charge. Of. Shit. The government will never admit to that unless and until a mother ship lands on the front lawn of the White House but our G Men are not in charge.
     However, this, as with its last two predecessors, being a political blog, I keep the UFO references and research and findings down to more than a bare minimum. This is because #1, it's a political blog and #2, I don't want to give my readers the idea that I see little green men behind every bush and around every corner (they're actually grey, but that's beside the point).
     Therefore, when doing some brief research so I could make a little joke about John Podesta on Twitter, that's when the little white rabbit hopped out and invited me in. I haven't come out, yet.
     Because you see, without again minimizing the importance of the Clinton campaign's scumminess, the most interesting emails released by Wikileaks (to me) prove the Clinton campaign's sleaze isn't nearly as important as we thought. Because the most fascinating emails hacked from Podesta's email client reference UFOs and extraterrestrials. And some of them were written to Podesta or about him by Tom DeLonge, the former lead guitarist of every Millennial's favorite band, Blink 182.
     Now, one cannot do any in-depth research into UFOs without running into Podesta's name time and again. Podesta, you may remember, was Clinton's Chief of Staff in the 90's before becoming an aide to Obama and, eventually, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager. But politics isn't his only interest.
     Podesta has famously, if not infamously, been pressing the US government into making disclosures about the UFO phenomena that would necessarily involve declassifying certain documents, including those pertaining to Roswell. For the most part, he's been unsuccessful. In fact, Podesta himself said in 2014 that his biggest failure that year was in not getting Uncle Sam to turn over those documents in question. Other nations such as France, Belgium and Mexico, more committed to transparency than we, are waiting for us to make our disclosures so they can make them to their people. And these other governments are getting increasingly frustrated with our government's fetish for furtiveness and secrecy.
     To give you an idea of Podesta''s own obsession with flying saucers and aliens, when he was still Clinton's Chief of Staff, he actually ran an X-Files fan club out of the White House. And, his failure in getting the government to play ball notwithstanding, he appears to have made some inroads with some seriously heavy hitters.
     And Tom DeLonge is just one of them. In fact, one could even say he's the least of them. I'll just let the opening paragraph speak for itself:
The recent WikiLeaks of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta’s, emails have upset and embarrassed her campaign. It has also brought media focus on Podesta’s interest in UFOs, and one of the most intriguing string of emails reveals a Google Hangout meeting that took place between rocker Tom DeLonge, a couple of USAF generals, and an executive of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works division. Skunk Works is the group that worked with the CIA to build Area 51, and still develops advance, top-secret, air craft there to this day.
     That's right- Skunk Works, the Lockheed Martin program that gave us the most secretive place on earth, Area 51, the kind of place where employees have to be not bused but airlifted in from Las Vegas (they're known as "JANET" flights, or Just Another Non Existent Terminal.).
     Among the literally thousands of disclosures, few of them good for the Clinton campaign, is the revelation that Podesta had joined in a super secret Google Hangout discussion that involved not only Delonge but, as the article's opening paragraphs says, top Air Force generals with serious security clearances as well as an executive with Lockheed Martin whose security clearance may even be higher.
     Eventually, the names Spielberg, Dreamworks and the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 turn up. Apparently, DeLonge is spending his entire post music career brokering movie, fiction and non-fiction deals that involve Steven Spielberg, obviously another UFO enthusiast.
     DeLonge has always been obsessed with UFOs in his own right. Back in 1999, in the Enema of the State album, Blink 182 released a track called "Aliens Exist." And when his obsession with UFOs and aliens grew to such proportions that it overshadowed his interest in music, he began learning about Podesta's one man crusade to prise these secrets from the government's hands to no avail. So, it could be said that, without trying, Podesta broke up Blink 182.
     I and others have been talking about the strange bedfellows this election cycle has created but none of them, in my mind are as strange as of Podesta, a straight-laced, buttoned down guy, hobnobbing with a rock and roller. However, aliens and flying saucers will do that.
     And they listen to each other intently.
     Here's the bulk of the text from one of DeLonge's emails to Podesta, whom he'd interviewed January 2015 in an as yet released television program:
Things are moving with the project. The Novels, Films and NonFiction works are blooming and finishing. Just had a preliminary meeting with Spielberg’s Chief Operating Officer at DreamWorks. More meetings are now on the books-
I would like to bring two very “important” people out to meet you in DC. I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you. I just need 2 hours from you.
     And this is where the rabbit hole really gets black and interesting.Why was the front man for an old rock and roll band allowed to speak with "A-level officials", how did he get Podesta's email address in the first place and why would they tell DeLonge anything when he lacked security clearance? Or did someone give DeLonge the necessary security clearance from within our government? One would think, since Podesta left the Obama administration in 2014, and since granting security clearances was never his purview even when he was Clinton's Chief of Staff, DeLonge couldn't have gotten it from Podesta except if the latter knew people who owed him favors. Or if he knew which dicks to twist.
     Blink 182 was pretty big in its day but Tom DeLonge is hardly a household name unless you eat, drink, sleep and breathe UFOs. Spielberg is another matter entirely. Steven Spielberg's leverage over virtually every aspect of life is immense, which just makes DeLonge's involvement that much more mysterious. Why was he permitted to sit in on an internet chat room with John Podesta, a couple of top generals and a Lockheed executive? After all, we're talking Skunk Works here, people. That name alone involves some pretty heavy hitters, such as Executive VP Rob Weiss.
     This is not some Majestic 12 bullshit, folks. DeLonge and Podesta actually spoke with these guys online for a couple of hours last year. In fact, DeLonge even told Rolling Stone in an interview about the band's breakup, "I couldn’t tell the band I was working with people in the government."
     These particular leaked Podesta emails, which have only been noticed and written about in the UFO community, prove this wasn't arrogant cockwanding.
     But how did he reach those with the combination to the safe containing our most zealously and jealously-guarded secrets? Even DeLonge had to rhetorically ask that question to Rolling Stone: ""It's very hard to think, 'How did this guy in a band get access like that?' It sounds crazy. But it's because I can speak to a very specific audience. I earned their trust. I knew my material." Well, I know my shit, too, and no one's asking for my opinion or help. And it's hard to see how a guy who once ran around naked in music videos for a living was able to access that rarified a level of security.
     And yet, DeLonge had. He's already written at least one of a proposed nine novel cycle in the Sekret Machines series (Chasing Shadows). DeLonge promises that, as with certain major sci fi movies (namely Spielberg's) and TV series (such as the X-Files), the series is studded with actual information given to him by the highest levels in government and corporate circles. Also in the works is a TV series, a movie and a graphic novel, all, seemingly, done with the blessings of people whose blessing count for very much, indeed. DeLonge is all in, obviously.
     Whichever way you choose to look at this very strange story, these particular Podesta emails that of course were never intended to be viewed for public consumption, provide at the very least a necessary palate cleanser to temporarily distract us from the unremitting slime of the Clinton campaign.
     And some of us, yours truly included, tend to look at them with something amounting to more than just mere transitory interest.


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