Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If Only...

     I think most of us know the only reason why Obama didn't do this to Trump in real life- Respect for the office of the presidency, even when that office is about to be occupied by an umber buffoon who openly fantasizes about grabbing pussies, having sex with his own daughter and 11 year-olds he see on escalators.
     Even when he brings into his Cabinet some of the most evil free market douchebags this nation has to offer, such as billionaire Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary, who   for decades has been busting her hump trying to carpet America with more charter schools than McDonald's and Walmarts combined.
     Even when his new Karl Rove is fellow racist and misogynist Steve Bannon, who's proved to be such a polarizing figure that advertisers are fleeing Breitbart faster than they did from Rush Limbaugh.
     Even when his pick to head Treasury is Steven Mnuchin, who was recently described by Sen. Elizabeth Warren as "the Forrest Gump of the financial crisis".
     Even when Trump taps yet another billionaire, Wilbur Ross, to be his Commerce Secretary.
     Even when his idea of an Interior Secretary is Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, who never met an oil executive whose cock she didn't want to suck or an indigenous tribe she didn't victimize in some way.    
     Even when Trump's big idea of a good Secretary of State is David Petraeus, the most perfect delineation of the Peter Principle in all human history, a guy who leaked secrets to his biographer and lied to the FBI and thinks that would be a wonderful change of pace from Hillary Clinton.
     Even when Trump thinks a great Transportation Secretary would be Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell's wife and the daughter of a drug runner.
     Even when Trump's pick for Top Cop is Jeff Sessions, a racist little leprechaun who would waste no time in dismantling the DOJ's Civil Rights Division.
     Yeah, Obama would've looked pretty petty if he had given Trump the bird in the Oval Office. It would've looked to a lot of people as if he was a sore loser and had decided to blow the last bit of his political capital on a puerile gesture, a childish way to end his legacy.
     But by infesting his Cabinet with a bunch of anti government, anti-regulation Free Market billionaires and his administration with racist psychopaths in a way that brings to mind a home contractor deploying not skilled laborers but dumping a box of termites in that house, Trump's essentially dragging the Office of the Presidency through the mud and giving us a tiny middle finger, anyway. And if tens of millions would've deplored Obama for giving this orange baboon the finger, to tens of millions more he would've been a fucking hero.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Well, This is Interesting...

     The Clinton campaign, after looking at this growing recount controversy with sublime calm, is now dipping a toe into it. After Jill Stein raised $5.7 million for the legal and recount fees (which are expected to total $6-7 million), they're finally getting involved. Some people might question, if the ruins of the Clinton campaign want to get involved in the recount process, why not chip in some cash and put their money where their mealy mouths are?
     My answer? They already had. Where else do you think that $5.7 m came from? It sure as hell wasn't cash-strapped hippie dippy granola-eating Green voters. That money came from well-financed Clinton backers (most likely starting with puppet master Soros through a proxy or two) who are fighting a proxy war of their own using Jill Stein and her campaign as their infantry, their useful idiots. It's a win-win situation for the Clintonistas:
     If the recount yields fruit that puts their Goldwater Girl in the WH, great! If it doesn't, their lack of proximity will give them enough plausible deniability to blame the entire debacle on Stein if and when it blows up in her face like a prank cigar.
     My prediction: Trump's still sleazing his way into the White House and this recount will be a waste of $7 million. After all, the various county elections officials are probably the ones that hacked the electronic voting machines in the counties in which Clinton did the most poorly (she fared much better in WI counties in which paper ballots were used, one of the Stein campaign's biggest bones of contention).
     I won't trust the recount results in the famously fascist Michigan or even Pennsylvania. Republicans are even now ensuring their people are firmly embedded in the recount process and the results won't change much if at all. After all, if the ballot results shift noticeably but still give the presidency to Trump, all the recount will do is inspire more distrust in the electoral process. And considering Trump's slim margins of "victory" in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, they don't have a lot of wiggle room, to begin with. If Trump walks away with 2% fewer votes in the first two and 3% fewer in PA, it'll hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton.
    And the Obama administration is helping Camp Clinton about as much as it's assisting the water protectors in North Dakota, which is to say not at all. In fact, the Go Along to Get Along At All Costs Obama administration actually said in a press release,
     "Nevertheless, we stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people."
     Right. If that were true, we'd be going by the popular vote that Clinton won instead of an outdated and irrelevant Electoral College that's a relic of the 18th century.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Spenser For Hire

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
As long as whites continue to avoid and deny their own racial identity, at a time when almost every other racial and ethnic category is rediscovering and asserting its own, whites will have no chance to resist their dispossession.” - Richard B. Spenser

David Duke did it already, Dick. And, before him, George Lincoln Rockwell.
      Today in the Gray Lady's pages, Kelly J. Baker wrote a bombshell of an article entitled, "White Collar Supremacy." Until recently, it was still trending on Twitter and for good reason. In it, Baker deconstructs the fallacy that the so-called Alt Right movement increasingly symbolized by Richard B. Spenser is not a new movement nor is it conservative intellectualism.
     Richard Bertram Spenser, a guy who seems to have been named after three butlers and whose very birthplace (Whitefish, Montana) sounds Aryan, has seen a disturbing surge in popularity since the improbable election of Germanic strongman Donald J. Trump. In a recent speech on the 19th, Spenser was videotaped saying, "Hail Trump" to stiff arm Nazi salutes from audience members (egged on by a hype man at the end of the video) and referred to the mainstream media, with a smirk, by their German name. With a shortening of a vowel from "Hail" to "Heil", we would've had a beer hall putsch, minus police intervention.
     Baker, a trained historian and essayist, writes in her second paragraph,
They want to convince the media that they are a “new form” of white nationalism that we’ve never seen before: clean-cut, intellectual, far removed from the unpolished white supremacists of the past. But the alt-right is not as new as we might think. In fact, efforts to dress up white supremacy in ideas and middle-class respectability have been around since the first organized movements emerged in the late 19th century — and once again, people are falling for it.
     While perhaps best saved as a peroration, Baker had there encapsulated the entire thrust of her article in the NY Times: That the white supremacist movement is hardly a new thing no matter how many fake "scientific" studies they trowel out, no matter how much their wardrobes cost and no matter what their intellectual pretensions.
     But the white supremacist movement began in this country since the first Continental Congress in 1774 Philadelphia, when the nation's first ratified laws immediately favored wealthy, white merchants, land and slave owners, laws that also immediately invested unprecedented powers to everyone who wasn't wealthy, white or male. With the election of multibillionaire Trump 242 years later, and with a Congress that is a third comprised of almost exclusively white millionaires and multimillionaires (as of 2014), nothing much, it seems, has changed.
     But tell that to craven racists such as Richard Spenser, head of a white nationalist organization named the National Policy Institute that boasts, among other assets, not one but two publishing divisions. To hear Spenser whine about the decline of a white America, you'd half believe, if you think pork rinds are a food group and that the outgoing Duck Dynasty is the epitome of arts and entertainment, the white man's days are numbered.

Take Up the White Man's Burden
     As "scientific" proof that the white man is superior, Spenser exhumes the bones of Madison Grant, a late 19th-early 20th century racist and white supremacist who'd written a book entitled, "The Passing of the Great Race." It apparently has been lost on Spenser that Grant was not a scientist by trade or training but a lawyer, a person more interested in the conservation of animals than non-Caucasian races. He's essentially to Spenser what Canadian racist Cleon Skousen is to Glenn Beck.
     Just as Skousen, who once wrote that, "American slave children were freer than white non-slaves" and fought tirelessly against anti-discrimination laws, Madison was a eugenicist who in his most cited work bemoaned the dilution of white blood in America and wrote of "racial hygiene" (just a half step removed from the ethnic cleansing of the German Nazi movement). The work of people such as Skousen and Madison and all too many others is rooted not in hard science but racism with an academic degree attached to it.
     To show how thoroughly unmoored from reality and science is Spenser, he said in his November 19th speech, "We don't exploit other groups", which I'm sure will come as a relief to the dead slaves who'd been stolen from Africa to pick our cotton and the Chinese coolies who'd mined our gold in the American Northwest and largely built our first transcontinental railroads. Indeed, it's amazing that Spenser hasn't yet trotted out "evidence" from 19th century phrenologists who'd also "proved" that white people were intellectually superior to blacks.
     But this 38 year-old wouldbe George Lincoln Rockwell, who's trying to appeal to whatever racist Millennials that are out there by dressing in black shirts and hipster sunglasses, is just another false prophet treading in the old jackboot footsteps of other men who'd tried to rebrand racism, white supremacy and homophobia with a simple wardrobe change.
     Rockwell, despite his obvious flaws in character, nonetheless was a highly intelligent man with a nimble, agile mind. As head of the American Nazi Party, he came dangerously close to making his racist views mainstream by perverting his high intellect to a worldview that is anything but intellectual. If conservatism is capable of teaching anything to normal people, it's that it's staunchly opposed to anything that carries with it even a whiff of intellectual elitism. In fact, the intellectuals, as with eastern Europe's LGBT population, were among the first to go to the Nazi death camps.
     Less than a generation after Rockwell's assassination by one of his own men in Arlington, VA in 1967, David Duke shrugged out of his Klan costume and put on a business suit. Duke, who'd actually gotten elected to the Louisiana legislature (and infamously endorsed Trump), did a more successful rebranding of racism and was one of the first to make the useless distinction that's still bought by the gullible that he wasn't racist but "pro-white." Duke put a fresh, youthful face over the once-dreaded white hood of the KKK and made racism hip and cool again.
     And now Spenser, buoyed by an impending Trump presidency that promises a supposedly peaceful ethnic cleansing (which was the line used by Nazi officials to the civilians in Germany), is the latest Hydra head that needs to be lopped off at the shoulders. And that's what American racism is: A Hydra in which, when you lop off one head, several more seem to take its place.
     Spenser is hiring out both himself and his own rancid world views to a gullible white America that still enjoys favoritism with the media, law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Like Trump, he's a useful idiot to those who share that morally and intellectually bereft world view that wistfully dreams of a pure white America that never was and never will be.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

From Our Home to Yours

     I know it looks as if I put up the same picture every year but I don't. Yet since 2010, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners have largely remained unchanged: Once again, we had pork loin, mashed potatoes, Charlene's Cheesy Potatoes, Stovetop stuffing, our neighbor's sausage and water chestnut stuffing, butternut squash, corn, cranberry sauce and a good but inexpensive Spätlese white wine. Later on, a traditional pumpkin pie and whipped cream and maybe a shot of Bushmill's.
     What did you have at your house?

Happy Thanksgiving

     But before you have Thanksgiving dinner, if you haven't already, give a not so silent word of thanks to the indigenous people who made that first Thanksgiving possible. Yet this is how we show our thanks to them, using the same playbook to which we've been defaulting since we'd first colonized this land in the 16th century-
     Blasting them in 20 degree weather with water cannons that the corporate goons passing as law enforcement then lie about and say, "We were only putting out fires." (As if putting out fires is law enforcement's job.) Hitting them with concussion grenades, pepper spray, tear gas canisters, rubber bullets. Treating these people as if they were four legged pests.
     This is what happens to a human arm when it's in close proximity to a concussion grenade's detonation. This is what happened to water activist Sophia Wilanski after a concussion grenade nearly took off her arm and doctors may have to amputate it. I know this doesn't make for very appetizing fare on Thanksgiving on all days but perhaps a dose of reality is what we fucking need when shit like this happens to peaceful protesters. I have never been here nor ever will be here to expand people's comfort zones. This is the truth, not some massaged or propagandized reality. The truth is not subjective any more than the truism that Water is Life.
     Obama turned his back on them after promising to help them. He has everything to gain and nothing to lose by simply showing up and putting a stop to these crimes and human rights abuses. If we'd treated the Bundys and their idiotic snackie supporters like this when they tried to steal federal land, it would've all been over in 24 hours.
     These brave indigenous people have stuck it out for well over seven months and that deserves some measure of respect and recognizance.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

You Don't Know Dick

     And perhaps you should.
     This is Richard Spenser, an emerging fascist and ultra right wing cunt of the most dangerous kind, a man who was exponentially empowered by Donald Trump's so-called victory in the recent election. They're all coming out of the woodwork now like a nest of arrogant termites during a fumigation.
     No doubt, these assholes stiffly jutting out their arms and saying, "Hail Trump" while listening to speeches delivered partly in German will vigorously deny they're fascists and that they're really, honestly on Israel's side despite agreeing their people are "soulless golems."
     This is how it begins, people. Thank you for this gift that will keep on giving, Hillary and you cunts who voted for her.
     This is the beer hall putsch of the 21st century. The only difference between this one and Hitler's in 1923 is that one wasn't fired upon through police resistance. Most of our law enforcement would no doubt be in sympatico with this tin pot goose stepper

Friday, November 18, 2016

Pic o' the Day

"Alas, poor America. I knew it well..."

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why Kurt Eichenwald and Peter Daou Need to Be Reincarnated as Amanda Marcotte's Dildos, Pt 2

     So let's move on to Peter Daou, shall we?
     In a magnificently whiny screed at his new perch on Shareblue, Daou had practically insisted that Hillary had won the election because she won by 0.2% of the popular vote. Daou apparently shares the same misguided sentiment that #1, winning a presidential election's popular vote by 0.2% of the population (or under 600,000 votes) makes for a pretty shitty and useless mandate, not the least reason of which is #2, the Electoral College's 538 electors is still the legally-binding metric. So Daou and Melissa McEwen, another second rate feminist, can whine and gnash their teeth at the election results all they want. But the bottom line is that, in the Electoral College, Trump still won by a landslide.
     This is the preface of Daou's piece, which should tell you all you need to know about the crocodile tears that follow:
America's national media played a defining role in savaging Hillary Clinton's character, creating a grotesque caricature of the ethical, compassionate person she really is. Their pit bull-style coverage of her emails was the definition of disproportionality and indecency. Now they want to absolve themselves of guilt by blaming her for not appealing to certain demographics. We should reject their revisionism.
     Wow. That takes about 100 pounds of brain damage to actually write that in a public forum let alone believe it. Because it takes a terminal case of Head in Ass syndrome to believe Clinton is an "ethical, compassionate person" on any planet. To start his case, Daou puts up some impressive-looking graph then concludes by saying, "That gut-wrenching reversal in her favorability is why she lost. And it wasn’t anything she did. It was what was done to her."
     There is absolutely no quarter given in the national narrative that showed countless millions of Americans were turned off by the incontrovertible proof of Clinton's, the DNC's or the MSM's corruption and collusion. In fact, he railed about the MSM's complicity in "savaging" Clinton and painting her, as has virtually everyone on the Tammany Hall 2.0 side, in painting her as the victim in all this.
     Clinton's likeability took a sharp nosedive when the Podesta emails came out. That was prefaced by her unwillingness to hold a presser for 261 consecutive days, which just made her look furtive and that she had a lot to hide (and, as the Podesta emails proved beyond a doubt, that was exactly the case.) The media that were complicit in her inevitable downfall also colluded with the Clinton campaign to the point of CNN feeding debate questions to Donna Brazile to then pass on to her Goldwater Girl, and media outlets checking directly with campaign chair John Podesta and sucking up to him for his blessings before running with print stories.
     For a year and a half, we saw a supine and endlessly compliant mainstream media that had helped Clinton limp to the finish line, telling the American people the Podesta emails were both fakes and illegal to read and were a product of the Russian government's meddling. We saw that same MSM endlessly help Clinton catapult the propaganda about Bernie Sanders and his supporters even to the point of launching a ridiculous lie started by professional scumbag John Ralston they were throwing chairs at the Nevada caucus (and, considering how that turned out, could anyone really blame them?).
     If it wasn't for the compliant MSM that Daou insists on blaming for "savaging" his former boss (a disclaimer that has mysteriously disappeared since his Blue Nation Review gig ended at the end of August), Clinton wouldn't have even stolen the primaries hence the nomination from Bernie Sanders.
     But if you'll notice, people like Daou, Marcotte and Herr Eichenwald won't even dare engage people on the proof of corruption and collusion because they know they have nothing (In fact, just try posting a comment on this site. As with the last one, they wouldn't even give people the chance to start a dialogue because they know they're full of shit). Instead, they craft these useless narratives that Hillary lost because she's a woman, Hillary lost because the blue meanies in the right wing press made her more unpopular than she had a right to be and that she actually won the election because she barely won the popular vote.
     Had Clinton won the Electoral College but losing the popular vote, as Trump had, you'd be amazed how fast they'd back off any mention of worthless petitions demanding of the electors to change their votes to Clinton. Suddenly, they'd be huge fans of the Electoral College and poo-poohing the popular vote because, you know, that's not the one that counts.
     Amanda Marcotte is among those so-called feminists that have been leading the charge that Hillary lost because there were nearly 61,000,000 misogynists in the country who were bound and determined to foil their long-cherished dream of having a novelty woman president regardless of how massively hated she was by tens of millions of voters. With people like Marcotte, it always comes down to vaginas and penises. Not corruption, not charisma or the lack thereof. It's all about the genitalia.
     Again, for clarity's sake: Clinton's Pay to Play corruption both in her campaign and the Clinton Foundation is what cost her the election. And no one gave a rat's ass what she had between her legs when she approved billions in weapons deals and granted personal access to third world dictators with human rights abuses after they'd paid her family massive bribes.
     And that's why angry white guys like Peter Daou and Herr Eichenwald would be better put to use in the next life by being reincarnated as dildos for Amanda Marcotte. They love women so much, that should be the perfect fate for them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Kurt Eichenwald and Peter Daou Need to Be Reincarnated as Amanda Marcotte's Dildos, Pt 1

In Which the Jurassic One Borroweth a Page From the Rude One and Venteth His Spleene in a Most Vexing and Uncouth Manner.
     ...because, as douchebags, they're already halfway there.
     I'd cultivated a special hated for Kurt Eichenwald during the election cycle and especially for Peter Daou, that blubber-lipped baboon who used to write for Blue Balls Review before it moved to Shareblue, or some such fly-by-night outfit. And if there's one thing these guys have in common, despite a fetish for getting Queen Hillary her long-deserved coronation, it's this:
     A deeper hatred and venom for Bernie and Jill voters than they've ever expressed for Trump backers.
     Two days ago, Eichenwald and the editors at Newsweak had a fun ole time seeing how low they could limbo in the game of journalism by publishing Kurt's piece, "The Myths Democrats Swallowed That Cost Them the Presidential Election." And they basically buried the limbo bar in the sand by letting Eichenwald publish a piece that started with, "On Friday, I almost assaulted a fan of my work." The exchange with this fan, ironically in the city of Brotherly Love that saw Queen Hillary essentially steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders by right of royal fiat, culminated with Eichenwald telling his misguided fan to go fuck himself. That's right. Kurt Eichenwald, a man whose very name conjures images of sexually repressed men wearing iron eagles on stiff grey uniforms and pinching their cigarettes between thumb and forefinger, channeled Dick Cheney.
     Seriously, this is the kind of shit we expect from right wing lunatics like the late Andrew Breitbart and Joe the Plumber. It also establishes Eichenwald to be a bag o' douche of the lowest quality (On the Massengill Index, about five steps below that of a turkey baster full of vinegar) and Newsweak ran with it.
     So what inspired Col. Klink's passions? That his self-perceived antagonist voted for Jill Stein. That's when Eichenwald lost it and embraced his inner Nazi. This is when he told this man at Philadelphia International Airport he wanted to punch him.
     And there we have it- Impotent white rage that his candidate of choice, a woman dogged by more scandals than an army of Huey Longs, didn't get elected President. And threatening those who strayed from his diktats with bodily harm. This is what passes for journalism.
     I could deconstruct this article for you or you can read this piece in Shadowproof that my Constant Reader and unpaid researcher CC sent me last night. The Shadowproof article does a nice job deconstructing (or taking apart) Eichenwald. But my focus here is going to be considerably wider and a bit more abstract. In it, I'm going to hit back at some of the biggest douchebags who promoted Hillary to the masses so viciously they forever lost readers, especially those who, as our friend in Philadelphia found to his dismay, didn't toe the party line.
     However, Eichenwald, I must say, didn't exactly do himself any favors by reaching for that old two word chestnut designed to dismiss anyone proffering inconvenient and unpopular hypotheses: "Conspiracy theory." And conspiracy theory #1 is that the DNC was some "monolithic" entity that was in the tank for Hillary and kneecapped the Sanders campaign. If nothing, this shows how out of touch Eichenwald is and how closely he's really listening to us:
     It wasn't the DNC playing puppet master to the Clinton campaign but vice versa. Without even once mentioning it (except to make a vague, unsourced reference to us listening to "Russian propaganda"), Eichenwald, as with Peter Daou and Amanda Marcotte, blithely ignores the Wikileaked Podesta emails that, through at least 37 iterations, conclusively proved the Clinton campaign twisted a lot of dicks and colluded with tons of entities that had a vested interest in seeing her back in the White House. And it was this evidence of corruption that we'd already suspected was in play that turned off Democratic voters to yet another pro-corporate Clinton administration.
     And Kurt Eichenwald all but proves that guys with super German names perhaps shouldn't be writing articles that rag on two Jewish candidates. The optics look horrible. Just sayin'...
     Then there's the other guy who looks as if he got his lips stuck in an Olympic pool drain, Peter Daou. Daou has shown nothing but withering contempt for the same type of liberal that makes Eichenwald yearn to go all Room 101 on them: The one that can think for themselves and recoil from Democratic corruption when they see it.
     To them, that's tantamount to abandoning reason and embarking on a Quixotic search for purity. Why dream when you can be pragmatic and just quietly obedient to the corporately-enforced status quo?
      (To be continued tomorrow)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stupid Bastards, You Finally Did It

     Oh, this will end well...
     If one audits just NBC's online news feed, you'll immediately get a queasy sense that all is not right in Trump USA (formerly Washington, DC). First, there's the Stalinist purge taking place:
The Donald Trump transition, already off to slow start, bogged down further Tuesday with the abrupt resignation of former Congressman Mike Rogers, who had been coordinating its national security efforts.      
Two sources close to Rogers said he had been the victim of what one called a "Stalinesque purge," from the transition of people close to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who left Friday. It was unclear which other aides close to Christie had also been forced out.
     Now, some of you may have noted that on the campaign trail, Christie was treated to some disrespect. There was the infamous hot mic moment when Trump told Christie, "Get on the plane, you go home" after the New Jersey Governor had just given him his endorsement. And you may also remember this infamous, "I get the umbrella, you get the rain" moment.

      So, it made a lot of people scratch their heads when, despite him telling Christie he "wouldn't last past October 2015," Trump made Christie head of his transition team. Well, that lasted all of two and a half days after Election Night when Christie abruptly got demoted, which almost immediately prompted his resignation last Friday. Then former Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan just as abruptly left the transition team amid reports that "a Stalinesque purge" was taking place of Christie loyalists. Rogers, you might recall, also was more or less the head of Trump's National Security team on the campaign and was on the short list to be Trump's CIA Director.
      Trump's loathing of Christie over Bridgegate is well-known but there appears to be a longstanding grudge between Trump and the NJ Governor- You see, between the time he was on the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeloaders and the Governor's Mansion, Christie was the US Attorney for the District of New Jersey. And in his official capacity, he successfully prosecuted a crook named Charles Kushner. If that name sounds familiar, it is:
     Charles Kushner is the father of Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law and the owner of a right wing rag called The Observer. Jared Kushner is also part of the Trump transition team. Kushner, Sr had pled guilty to 18 counts of tax fraud and witness tampering, which sent him to federal prison for a whopping two years. (Kushner's also a heavy financial backer for the Democratic Party).
      No, no family issues there. Christ, this isn't an incoming administration, it's a bad ABC family dynastysummer replacement series.

     It's bad enough that Trump's American Psycho offspring bought the old post office in Washington DC that they're planning on turning into a Trump Hotel. But the same guy who's fit only for taping gold commercials on the QVC network also tried to turn his ".gov" transition website into an infomercial for his many properties.

     After NBC reported on this on the 11th, the public jerking off got abruptly, well, jerked off the transition website.
       And if all that doesn't put cold sweat on your balls, one of the reasons Trump's transition train is practically derailed is because all the legal paperwork signed by Christie no longer is valid now that Pope Pence I is in charge of the transition. This means nothing will get done until Pence files new legally-binding paperwork. In the meantime, the State Department and the Pentagon are still waiting for the transition team to occupy offices that have been set aside for them.
     And, a week after winning the presidency, Trump still hasn't received a single intelligence briefing, even though he's already allowed to receive the PDB.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Smithers, release the hounds..."

     And so beginneth the fourth installment of The Purge. Yes, it's started already. (Via Stan Banos)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Time For a Party Makeover

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
Right now, there's a frenetic hum of activity going on between New York and Washington. It's a super-charged current of electricity of which we're aware only in a historical sense, silent but deadly.
     It's the transition of power, countless decisions being made by countless people, starting with President-elect Trump and the head of his transition team, Chris Christie. Among those decisions are those ranging from who will be the next Secretaries State and Defense to who'll do Trump's double weave and umber makeup every morning.
     There are also two other phenomenons gathering steam like a hurricane about to hit the coast- Anti Trump protests and attacks being waged by his voters and supporters on those whom Trump had singled out for special attention. They are circling around each other now like two sharks or gladiators about to do battle and it's only a matter of time before this human binary bomb finally converges and blows up the country.

     And insiders of both parties are aghast at the spectacle quietly unfolding on newspapers, internet news sites and social media. Muslims, Mexicans and African Americans are being physically and verbally attacked because now racists and bigots finally have one of their own in the White House. They're letting their freak flag flap high and proud and it has a swastika on it.
     Evangelicals supported a guy who's on his third marriage and counting, has lived the life of a dissolute playboy, sexually abused women for decades and had once been pro choice,
     Rednecks south of Mason Dixon supported a good old boy from Jamaica, Queens.
     Women supported a sexual predator.
     Minorities supported a racist whose first agenda will be to deport Muslims and Mexicans.
     Yet Wall Street, much of the Congressional GOP, the Koch Brothers and their fundraising arm and virtually all of Trump's fellow billionaires turned their backs on him. The RNC had also cut off all his funding, preferring, as had the Koch Brothers, to focus on the down ballot races.
     What's wrong with this picture that I've painted? And I haven't even begun to paint one of the so-called Democratic Party.
     One doesn't need to be a political journalist such as Jonathan Tasini (who lost to Clinton in her cynical Senate re-election bid a decade ago) or a Matt Taibbi to know there is something very deeply, disturbingly and dangerously wrong with the Democratic Party. As Taibbi put it in Rolling Stone yesterday,
The Democratic Party's failure to keep Donald Trump out of the White House in 2016 will go down as one of the all-time examples of insular arrogance. The party not only spent most of the past two years ignoring the warning signs of the Trump rebellion, but vilifying anyone who tried to point them out. It denounced all rumors of its creeping unpopularity as vulgar lies and bullied anyone who dared question its campaign strategy by calling them racists, sexists and agents of Vladimir Putin's Russia.
     This was readily obvious to anyone who was even sporadically on social media over the last year and a half. We saw self-identified "Liberals" and "progressives" resorting to the same exact thuggish tactics and arrogance toward anyone and everyone who didn't toe the party line that we'd seen with Bush backers from 2000 to 2009. Those who didn't swear undying, unconditional and unswerving fealty to Queen Hillary were immediately pronounced, as Taibbi said, as KGB operatives, Trump supporters and even paid shills.
     They resorted to blocking those dissidents in huge numbers, getting them shadowbanned and censored on Twitter and elsewhere which the brainless social media giants happily allowed to happen thanks to automated algorithms. The Sanders campaign had a dozen Facebook pages shut down when the real paid shills for Hillary Clinton posted child pornography on the eve of the five state mid Atlantic primary.
     In short, Hillary supporters became nothing more or less than the new faux-feminist right wing (In fact, I'd classify them as the closest delineation we've ever seen to Rush Limbaugh's "Feminazis") while still arrogantly insisting with red, spittle-flecked faces that they were Democrats.
     If both Clinton and Trump had one thing in common this election season, it was that their supporters were militantly and willfully blind to the many grave defects of their candidate that should've immediately disqualified them for the most powerful office in the Free World if not the entire planet. Both ought to be in federal prison for their past crimes. It was the convenient bipartisan defenestration of once-cherished party principles for a cult of personality.

The Dean of Corruption
     And now we're hearing that Dr. Howard Dean, a man most notorious for a scream, is running for the chair of the DNC. Sorry. That's not going to do. That's just reshuffling the inner office chairs of old Tammany Hall.
     In fact, a simple litmus test for the next DNC chair could be this: "Have you ever supported Hillary Clinton for President?" If the answer is Yes, that should immediately disqualify them from the running.
     Because Hillary Clinton, whether her faux Democratic supporters like it or not, is the very face of political corruption. It is not Donald Trump because he has never held elected office. Both candidates have crooked Foundations that exist solely to serve themselves but the spotlight of public scrutiny outside of Camp Clinton had been put on her and for good reason.
     Whereever she went, whether it was the Executive Mansion, the US Senate or Foggy Bottom, that Huey Long-class Clinton Corruption followed her like a slime trail. And it had slowly rolled up and caught up to her. Despite the intoxicating novelty of her being the first female President (and a President ought to be elected for reasons other than it being a novelty- the ruinous Obama administration taught us that or should have) and despite most of the nation, and the planet, being female, she still lost in the Electoral College virtually by a landslide.
     Trump's female deplorables aside, that meant a lot of women stayed home on Election Day.
     The campaigns of both candidates were the wrecking balls that put the first hits to ancient, virtually irrelevant parties that had begun crumbling decades ago. Super delegates were largely made up of corporate lobbyists and both of Clinton's Presidential campaigns were infested with them. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the disgraced, corrupt ex Chair of the DNC, last October quietly changed the rules so that corporate cash could underwrite the convention. Sanders supporters holding up innocuous signs at that convention were threatened by DNC thugs with the revocation of their credentials, were thrown out of their seats and replaced with paid actors, and noise suppressors were installed the last night of the convention. Schultz's interim replacement, Donna Brazile, was revealed by Wikileaks to be every bit as much the collusive crook her predecessor was.
     And now Howard Dean, Clinton backer, wants to replace her.
     As with the Republican Party, the Democratic Party needs to rebuild from the nap of the carpet on up and I'd even suggest from the floor joists on up. It does not represent true Democratic principles any more than Germany's National Socialist Party represented socialist interests. I would even propose a rebranding and a renaming so that the tarnished and shit-stained name of the Democratic Party is never used ever again. Hillary Clinton spoiled it as surely as Nixon forever tarnished the Republican Party's name.
     The party's been taken over by crooks, right wing zealots, Wall Street and Beltway insiders. It had been transformed, under the ruinous Clinton brand, into Tammany Hall 2.0. The original Tammany Hall is now a historic relic and so should be the Democratic Party. It's time for the Green Party, the real progressive party, to move their furniture into DNC HQ, put up new signage and one at the door saying, "Rebuilding under new management."

Top Ten Things Donald Trump Said to President Obama

     Yesterday, President-elect Donald J. Trump met with outgoing President Barack Obama at the White House. Many confidential matters, obviously, were discussed between the current and future leader of the Free World such as economy, jobs, ISIS, etc. But lesser matters were also discussed while the press was in attendance. What were the top ten things said by Mr. Trump to Mr. Obama?

  • 10) "Hey, boy, towel! Sorry, thought you were the bathroom attendant."
  • 9) "Where are the white women at?"
  • 8) "How's the wifi here? Cuz I may have to answer some tweet critical of me at 3 AM."
  • 7) "What does it cost to fumigate an office this size?"
  • 6) "Funny, I thought you actually had a Muslim prayer rug in here."
  • 5) "How are the taco bowls here?"
  • 4) "Whaddya you think about my asking Hillary if she wants to be Secretary of State again?"
  • 3) "So, if I tell the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to dress like a chicken all day, would he have to?"
  • 2) "No, Trump Tower's not built on a land fill or is under power lines. Why do you ask?"
  • 1)  "Trust me, you'd rather deal with me. Crooked Hillary would prolly steal this piece of furniture, too."
  • Thursday, November 10, 2016

    Good Times at Pottersville, 11/10/16

    Letter to My Sons

    Dear Adam and Jake:
         Two days ago, we went to the polls and made yet another horrible mistake. We're Americans. It's what we do.
         As usual, we collectively made a horrible error in judgment in order to avoid another horrible error in judgment. Again, this is what we do. We say we want filet mignon. Yet, when it's offered to us, we shy away from it at the last minute and pick either the Whopper or the Big Mac. Again, we're Americans. This is what we do.
         Yet, to me, the choice we made on Tuesday hits closer to home. Hillary Clinton represented a more abstract threat to our way of life. She would've gone gunning for our Social Security, sent all of our kids to war against Russia or Iran or whoever threatens the Clinton Foundation's way of life, outsourced whatever few jobs we have worth keeping. But Donald Trump is something else entirely.
         Donald Trump represents a threat to people of color everywhere. It is that simple. We saw that at his rallies, we'd had that confirmed in the KKK, white nationalists and assorted racist right wing evolutionary dropouts who'd supported him and whose support Trump accepted with alacrity and was too craven to disavow. Trump is also a threat to women and last month his misogynist supporters actually tried to float the idea of repealing the 19th amendment when Nate Silver discovered that if only men voted, Trump would win. The 19th Amendment, if you don't know, is the one that gave women the right to vote in 1920.
         And regardless of the loathing the establishment GOP feels for him, Donald Trump is like any and every other Republican in that he threatens to catapult us back to the 19th century. He wants to return us to the days when men could sexually harass and abuse women with impunity, to when there were no unions and people worked long hours in dirty, dangerous conditions for low pay, no benefits and no power to strike or collectively bargain.
         A time when white people could openly lynch African Americans and burn crosses on their lawns, again, with impunity.
         It is these vile specters that Donald Trump resurrected with a vengeance through a white America that was never white that sees a threat to its Aryan way of life. They are ghosts that some of us had assumed were a thing of the past with the election of a black president, 20 females in the Senate and three appointed to the Supreme Court. But as with the three ghosts of Christmas and Jacob Marley, ghosts exist to haunt us for our past evils and transgressions.
         And a President Donald Trump and a Republican-dominated Congress may force our young women and people of color to do battle to regain the same rights our grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents fought to secure for the unborn generations, rights going all the way back the 13th Amendment in 1865 that ended slavery.
         Jake, last July you went to Georgia with your grandmother to see the site of the plantation on which a genealogist discovered your ancestors had toiled as slaves. You went to Stone Mountain, the site of an annual racist rally, and you told me on your return someone advised you, "Don't go on the other side of that mountain."
         Past and present reminders that as a nation, we have not come as far as we choose to think we have. We are not a post racial nation, never have been, never will be. As proof of this, when the Supreme Court gutted Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that mandated certain states (mostly south of Mason Dixon) check in with Uncle Sam before fiddle fucking with their electoral laws, Chief Justice John Roberts in his majority ruling stated that this was OK to do because we've moved beyond racism.
         Nanoseconds later, those very same states muzzled by Section 5 of the VRA began drafting and ratifying voter suppression laws aimed at people of color which Republican governors such as Pat McCrory broke their necks to sign into law as soon as possible.
         Jim Crow has returned with a vengeance.
         And you, my sons, are about to inherit a United States that Trump's supporters think is not great but can be made so again through the magical elixir of voter suppression, racism and misogyny. This is the United States I and my generation have left for you to live in and I am so sorry. Trump was right. America is not a great country anymore but the bitter irony is that Trump and his supporters have made that so.
         For reasons we all know, I was not there for you for much of your childhood and this was a choice I did not have the luxury to make. Your mother died when you were so young, you essentially grew up without parents yet still you both turned out, for the most part, to be fine young men. But now that I'm back in your lives and have been for several years now, and since I'm not planning on going anywhere, I feel it incumbent on me to pass this sputtering torch to you with words of what middling wisdom I've accrued.
         If you see a woman anywhere being wronged, abused, harassed, you stick up for her. If you see a cop harassing a person of color, especially if it is you, know your rights, stick up for them, stand your ground, advise them of those rights, starting with whatever's left of the Constitution. Do your part to stamp out racial bias and prejudice because real change doesn't start in the glistening, gilded marble halls of legislators but on the grubby streets where real people in the real world live and die.
         As I've just said, you have both turned into fine young men with great compassion and keen, discriminating intellects. But I feel this needs to be stated, overstated, if you will- That no right was ever given to anyone without great battles being fought over it. If nothing else, human history (and we Americans are not exempt) is a running, oft-told tale of one privileged section of humanity trying to deny their rights to another. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was absolutely correct in 2008 when he said America was founded on racism and slavery.
         And we have proved this, again, by ignoring the plight of Native Americans trying to prevent the theft of land we had given to them 150 years ago that was theirs to begin with. We had proved this when peaceful protests to prevent the needless killings of unarmed African Americans in Baltimore, Ferguson and St. Louis were all met with violent resistance by those who visit that violence. And we proved it five years ago during an Occupy movement that saw the same opposition. And we ignore them. But when white rednecks like the Bundys and their militia supporters attempt to steal land that belongs to we the people, we grace them with news coverage in an endlessly sympathetic 24/7 news cycle.
         Our selective, Caucasian-centric day and age aside, history and posterity does not care to recall the names of those who whispered for compromise or incremental change. The great newsman Edward R. Murrow once wrote, "We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men." And he should know- He toppled a tyrant named Senator Joe McCarthy when newsmen were still worth trusting and listening to. We do not remember the names of conciliatory abolitionists. We do, however, remember John Brown. I wrote a novel about him.
         Despite his conciliatory and carefully humble acceptance speech early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump does not respect people that aren't like him. If he has his way, women will again be reduced to mere sex objects that can be toyed with by rich powerful men such as him. Black people and all people of color will again be shoved to the margins of society, to the muddy wayside of the road to progress. And if his running mate Mike Pence has anything to say about it, he will usher in an age we long thought was even further in the distant past-
         Religious primacy, loyalty oaths, the rule of law based on the Bible and not secular law itself.
         Last Tuesday, we had taken a giant leap backward into a horrid past in order to avoid a horrid Brave New World of the future. This is the world I and my generation have handed down to your generation and I am so sorry I did not play my part better.
         Yet just as our ancestors had fought and secured the rights we tend to take for granted, so I have every confidence that that progressive spirit will again save the day just as we peer into the abyss to which Republicans and bigoted misogynists such as Donald Trump will surely push us.
         And your generation will again save the day and lead us to that Promised Land to which evolution inexorably nudges us.

    Wednesday, November 9, 2016

    In Politics, Honesty is Not Always the Best Policy

    (By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
    "For those who have chosen not to support me in the past - of which there were a few people - I'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help, so we can work together and unify our great country. I promise you that I will not let you down." - President-elect Donald Trump, 11/9/16, who's made a living dodging his taxes and stiffing his contractors.

    There are some historic takeaways from last night's Presidential election.
         Donald Trump is the first billionaire we've ever elected President.
         For the first time, we'll know what the First Lady's tits look like.
         Donald Trump lost every state, including his home state of New York, in which he ever put up a casino or a Trump Tower.
         Trump is the first reality TV star ever to get elected President.
         Trump is the first President who's ever been accused of being a child molester, even though the charges were just mysteriously dropped.
         And this augurs well for our nation... how, exactly?
         Is it any wonder why tens of millions of Americans woke up this morning with a less than optimistic feeling or a haunting suspicion that we've finally, irrevocably slipped into the prequel of Idiocracy?
         The circular firing squad had begun when Trump was still only halfway to the Oval Office, long before he'd returned to Trump Tower in New York City when the psychological sideshow of his campaign began on June 15th, 2015, the day before Dylann Storm Roof murdered nine parishioners at an AME church in North Carolina. When it had begun to look more and more as if Hillary wouldn't pull this off, after all, in defiance of the Very Serious People we still, inexplicably, listen to every four years, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews of MSNBC already began blaming third party voters instead of Hillary Clinton's corruption and plain unlikability.
         The suspects are more numerous than in an Agatha Christie parlor room mystery. It's the fault of Millennials, Bernie Bros, Jill voters, misogynists (according to the moronic Amanda Marcotte, the Poor Woman's Gloria Steinem, on her Twitter feed), everybody but the Clinton campaign. And all the so-called suspects are red herrings.
         It wasn't third party voters that slew the dragon. Those who voted for the twitchy and defunct Gary Johnson wouldn't have voted for Clinton in large numbers had Johnson not dropped out so late that his and Bill Weld's names were still found on the ballots (as they were here in Massachusetts). Jill Stein bombed so badly even in her home state that her voters, had they gone to Clinton, wouldn't have produced even a noticeable bump, let alone bridged the split.
         It wasn't Millennials. It wasn't misogynistic Bernie bros who still voted for Stein.
         It was Clinton and her insufficient supporters who were caught holding the bloody lead pipe in the parlor. Get a clue, Maddow.

    The Purloined Letters
         It could still be plausibly said that Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election when he was taped making his "47% comment." Or it could have been when he barely waited until just after midnight after the Benghazi embassy was attacked and four Americans were murdered by jihadists then got all the facts wrong and blamed Obama for everything.
         Hillary had several "47%" moments. In fact, it could be said the only people she'd attacked with any impunity were her Wall Street backers and they knew all along she was kidding. She said as much in her locked door speeches for $225,000 a pop. Early in the skein of Podesta emails released by Wikileaks, we'd seen some of the bullet points and they confirmed what we'd always suspected.
         She'd gone out of her way to attack Trump's backers, calling them "a basket of deplorables." She'd gone out of her way to alienate Bernie backers, whose votes she needed, "basement dwellers" (also released in the Podesta emails and backed up by audiotape). And she'd made these nasty comments both publicly and privately. The private moments were made public only with the help of Wikileaks and probably the Russian government.
         Clinton torpedoed her own campaign because she simply couldn't hide her disgust  and loathing of Bernie supporters who saw right through her corruption and disingenuous triangulating. Essentially, Clinton was a super-sized version of Martha Coakley, next to Clinton the most thoroughly loathsome woman in the history of American politics.
         Clinton torpedoed her own campaign by stealing the primaries from the guy whom polls had shown would've beaten Trump had he been permitted to win the primary. Her relentless and hardly restrained hostility toward his base all but guaranteed Millennials and other Bernie Bros would stay home last night.
         Clinton torpedoed her own campaign by not embracing more of Sanders' policies such as a $15 minimum wage, affordable higher education, etc. Even for empty, triangulating populism's sake, Hillary just couldn't do it. She's just not progressive, never was, never will be.
         And this is the final reason Hillary torpedoed her own campaign: We already had a Republican running for President and his name was Donald Trump. She was a fifth wheel.
         Donald Trump is a vile, disgusting man-pig, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, lecherous and avaricious to the core. But he appealed to his base, brought them to the polls and was willing to say anything to get elected, even if it privately raised his orange hackles.
         Hillary Clinton couldn't even be bothered to do that any more than Martha Coakley could be bothered in 2010 to press the flesh on a rainy day at Fenway Park like Scott Brown.
         Hillary Clinton didn't lose the election because she couldn't hide her dishonesty. She lost because she couldn't hide her honesty.

    Yes, He Is Your Next President

         How the fuck did we get from this...
 this in less than a year and a half?
         Well, as V said in V For Vendetta, "You have only to look in a mirror."
         As of this moment, Hillary Clinton still leads Donald Trump in the popular vote by over 209,000. Of course, in the United States, it's not the popular vote that counts, which seems to run counter to the idea that we're a democratic republic, but the Electoral College. And the Electoral College, that perennial School of Hard Knocks, tells us that Trump has won the presidency with 279 electoral votes to Clinton's 228. And Trump will likely get 27 more when Michigan's and Arizona's votes are finally tallied, putting him well above 300.
         But wait. Wasn't Clinton the one who was supposed to get over 300 electoral votes, according to the Unimpeachable Poobahs of the Punditocracy? Yes, yes she was. Hours before the first polls began closing at 7 PM here on the east coast, every major poll had Clinton winning by 3-4%. And the political zeitgeist informs us every election cycle that the closer you get to an election the polls get more accurate. And exit polls are completely worthless if you're trying to run a clean Democratic primary.

         This is what happened last night, instead. And I don't feel one bit sorry for them. In fact, I wish I could drink their tears as a chaser to a few shots of Bushmill's.
         Keith Olbermann must be wearing a football helmet in his broom closet of a sound stage at GQ to keep his already swelled head from exploding in a thousand sticky pieces.
         You want to talk numbers? OK, let's talk numbers:
         As I'd predicted, this would be the lowest voter turnout in at least three general election cycles, perhaps ever. The numbers bear this out. In fact, since 2012, AP and the networks stopped using exit polls in 19 states and one wasn't even commissioned after the UK's historic Brexit vote.
         Yet, while exit polls are currently under siege, there's still a long tale of the tape for us 13th round referees to parse. And they show a significant enthusiasm gap, a missing voter engagement that wasn't quite so much in evidence when Obama ran for re-election four years ago. In other words, Hillary brought fewer voters to the polls than Mr. Obama while Trump brought them out in quite a few states that Romney didn't.
         Enough of the numbers have come in so that we can extrapolate this year's voting trends so that one can comfortably say that Hillary's Get Out the Vote fell flat on its face and it can't be said the Purloined Letters helped, either.
         For instance, in Michigan, Clinton got 13% fewer votes than Obama. Trump got 7% more than Romney (and in Romney's home state).
         In the battleground state of Pennsylvania, Clinton got 5% fewer votes than Obama. Trump got 9% more than Romney.
         In Wisconsin, Clinton got 15% fewer votes than Obama. Trump did slightly worse than Romney.
         In 2008, President Obama earned 69,498,516 votes when we had 23-25 million fewer people in the population. Compare that to Clinton's 59,649,228 (as of right now). The President, with a smaller population, got nearly 10,000,000 more voters to vote for him than had Hillary.
         And so forth and so on. And, mind you, we've added 47,000,000 people to our population since 2000.
         The only consolation Democrats can take away from this clusterfuck of a general election is that we'd wrested back control of one extra seat in the Senate, in which the Republicans still hold a 51-49 edge. That's it. After all those billions spent in those 34 Senate races, we won back one seat.
         Well played, Koch brothers and their redneck puppets, well played. We kept Rand Paul in the Senate and kept Russ Feingold out of it.
         And, of course, the GOP kept its stranglehold on the House. At last count, they still controlled 239 seats, with 218 needed for a majority.
         Say what you want about President-Elect Trump. But he brought out the parishioners in a way that Hillary didn't (even though she actually won the popular vote count by 209,000 votes). So stop blaming the millennials, the Bernie bros and the third party voters. Gary Johnson still inexplicably got millions of votes on his Libertarian Party ticket and that could only hurt Trump and help Hillary. Jill Stein did so horribly, including her home state of Massachusetts, that her vote totals wouldn't've come close to making up the splits. And stop with your childish, whining #NotmyPresident hashtag on Twitter. That's what the rednecks said after the 2008 election and again four years ago.
         Donald Trump is your next President, like it or not. And if you supported Hillary, the crook who stole the primary and kneecapped the guy who was polled as having a better than even shot at winning, then you are to blame for last night. You are to blame for the presidential race's outcome and many of the down ballot races if you voted for establishment, Blue Dog Democrats. Or, as the numbers state, stayed home.
         Look in the mirror. You own Trump and you can't return him for something better like a bad Christmas present.

    Tuesday, November 8, 2016

    Election Night 2016

         As of 9:15 tonight, this is the way the electoral map looks on the NY Times' website and it's pretty typical for a general election. The Republican crook is winning big in the redneck and flyover states while the Democratic crook has won a few wealthy east coast states. Hillary very briefly pulled ahead of Trump by two electoral votes by winning 20 in her native Illinois. Not very ironically, Trump lost in his home state of New York.
         But as it stands now this minute, Trump's ahead overall 130-97 electoral votes with California's vote-rich 55 still very much in play. It could easily come down to a a battleground state or two.
         My thoughts so far on this clusterfuck:
    (Update 1) Donald Trump is now over halfway to the WH. How's that for nightmare fuel?
    (Update 2)
         The electoral map as of 10:35. It's becoming increasingly clear Hillary will lose again. The circular firing squad's already begun cocking its rifles.
     (Update 3)
         Looks as if the Ohio GOP stole the Buckeye State again for one of their own. Want to know how they did it? Read this by Greg Palast. So a corrupt Secretary of State got fucked over by another corrupt Secretary of State.

    (Update 4)
         This is really interesting.
         Look at the electoral map just above. Hillary's losing big, right? According to that, even if she took California right then and there, she'd still be losing to Trump by 4 points.

         This is what the electoral map suddenly changed to literally 60 seconds after the polls closed in California.  That's how you turn a landslide into a neck and neck horse race.
         Yes, the NY Times literally declared California for Hillary before any of the polls had reported.
         Bias much, Gray Lady?
         There's all sorts of crooked shit going on in this country tonight.

    (Update 5)
         Trump's going to pull this one out, I'm afraid. My constant reader CC says Hillary needs to win PA, WI & MI to have a prayer of winning. She's losing the last two states and is holding on to a slim edge in the first. This is how the electoral map looks. Trump's 54 votes from sleazing into the WH.
         As I predicted, two of my biggest Twitter accounts got shadowbanned by Hillbots who apparently can't take the news their Goldwater Girl's gonna lose. At this point, I hope Trump does win just to see the looks on their faces as they sweep up the popped balloons and confetti.
         Knowing Hillary's a goner, Maddow and Matthews on MSNBC are already starting the circular firing squad and blaming third party voters for this. But Stein is doing so horribly, even in her home state of MA, that even if her votes went to Clinton, it wouldn't've made a lick of difference in any state. And those inexplicably voting for the defunct Gary Johnson can only hurt Trump and help Hillary.

    (Update 6)

          Trump's 32 electoral votes from getting in the WH. Looks as if Hillary won't pull off wins in Wisconsin or Michigan, so it won't matter if she wins Pennsylvania. She'll lose Alaska and their three votes although she may win in Hawaii and get their four.
         But without WI or MI, it doesn't look as if she's got a prayer of winning. Although that cocksucker Husted in Ohio didn't do her any favors, either, by disabling the tamper proof security systems on the electronic voting machines.

    (Update 7)
          26 more electoral votes and Trump starts measuring drapes in the WH.
         Wisconsin and Michigan has 26 electoral votes combined.
         Trump's got this one sewn up. Gentlemen, present arms!
         Form circular squad.

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