Monday, May 8, 2017

Out Like Flynn

     As readers of this forum over the last eight years can tell, I'd had little to no use for Barack Obama. He did everything the banks told him to do while posing as a progressive including letting Citigroup choose his Cabinet. He was a Nobel Peace Laureate who killed countless thousands of civilians through his endless drone strikes then lied about it. He prosecuted as many whistleblowers as his first 43 predecessors combined, deported over two and a half million undocumented workers (more than any other president), and had no problem with extra-judicial assassinations of US citizens and their children.
     He also kept us in Afghanistan during his entire presidency, took three years to get us out of Iraq then stealthily began slipping more and more ground troops back in after violating SOFA. He did little to nothing whatsoever to support labor or unions, continuously sniped at liberals from behind gated Connecticut mansions who called him on his velvet gloved right wing agenda and he's coming out of the closet and showing where his true loyalties had lain all those years in the White House by accepting a $400,000 gig speaking for Wall Street's Cantor Fitzgerald.
     But one thing you can't say is the man is stupid.
     When Obama hosted Trump two days after the election for their 90 minute-long fireside chat, they also spoke of personnel issues. And, it had just come out today, among those issues was Obama warning Trump not to hire Gen. Michael Flynn. After all, Obama knew what he was talking about- He'd fired Flynn as head of the DIA, the intelligence-gathering arm of the Pentagon, after he was pressured to quit by DNI James Clapper.
    But heaven forbid Trump should ever take advice from a black man, even one who'd been the sitting President of the United States, someone who knew first hand what a bad bet it had turned out to be in hiring America's angriest general to head the Defense Intelligence Agency (a longtime reader of this blog, I'd like to add). Frankly, one is a little stumped as to why Obama had hired him for such an important role in the first place, since he worked as a top aide to Gen. Stanley McCrystal, whom Obama also had to fire after that notorious Rolling Stone interview conducted by the late Michael Hastings.
     And now Flynn is proving to be with nearly each passing day that dreaded Trojan Horse every administration fears, one that Trump blithely rolled into the Oval Office despite being warned not to by the previous occupant. And what did Trump have to wind up doing?
     Firing Flynn after it had been revealed he'd lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his meeting with Russian officials regarding US sanctions. Not only did Flynn last less time as National Security Advisor than any of his predecessors but he also serves the distinction of being one of the very few people to be fired in successive administrations.
     Despite all the other assclowns Trump has tucked into his Cabinet and administration, one would still be hard-pressed to name much less actually find someone who was more toxic to this administration and our national interests than Michael Flynn. Flynn, a fan of fake news and a hothead on his best days, was also a liar and greedy and furtive- He was on the payroll of Turkey and Russia, basically acting as their lobbyists while still attached to Trump's campaign and administration. For good measure, he also didn't disclose this dual income to the proper authorities.
     And now Michael Flynn is turning out to be a geopolitical Typhoid Mary to the administration for whom he'd once briefly worked. Congress is investigating him, at least one, maybe two, grand juries that enjoy the cooperation from the FBI and the Department of Justice as a whole (without the interference of Jeff Sessions who'd recused himself from all such investigations and inquiries into Russia's connection to Trump) investigating literally dozens of Trump's current and onetime confederates including Paul Manafort and Carter Page, two guys who alone will put the children of dozens of political true crime writers in Ivy League universities for decades.
     Even if Trump had taken Obama's advice and not brought Flynn back into the government, the Russia connection still would've been extant and it perhaps would've resulted in the convening of these grand juries and federal investigations. But Trump did bring Flynn into the government, right into the Oval Office, and that makes it much more serious than a campaign matter.
     All because the stupid white man didn't listen to the much smarter and more experienced black man.


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