Monday, May 8, 2017

The Russia (White) House

     Despite all the testimony given today before a Senate subcommittee and all the unanswered questions, there remains one, albeit rhetorical:
     Why isn't Sally Yates once again heading up the Justice Department instead of the useless leprechaun currently occupying a seat she'd briefly held as Acting Attorney General?
     Of course, we already know the answer, two possible answers, actually and they're both horrifying to contemplate. The first answer as to why Sally Yates isn't the top cop is the official narrative: Acting AG Yates was fired on January 30th for not defending Trump's first travel ban that disproportionately disfavored Muslims. even legal ones. The second answer is even more chilling and offers a tantalizing thread that just begs to be pulled:
     That Sally Yates was fired after showing up at the White House at 3 PM on that fateful January 30th to warn WH counsel about General Michael Flynn. Within an hour or two, the decision had been made by Trump to fire her. So, yes, Sally Yates could've been thrown out of the Justice Department for getting too close to a matter that can, and will, ultimately get Trump thrown out of his job.
     By 5:30, at the close of the testimony, it had become obvious why the White House had sought to prevent Yates from testifying before the Senate today.
     Former DNI James Clapper, who'd lied last year before Congress on some key issues, sat next to Yates like a deflated Max Schrek as Nosferatu. But for the most part it seemed as if his answers were genuine and forthcoming. But of course, the star of the show was Yates.
     And the biggest takeaway I got from watching a live-stream of her testimony was that she was more invested in not leaking classified information than Michael Flynn, who was the focus of the Senate subcommittee. Of course, Texas' two senators had other ideas.
     Yeah, there was "Big" John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, who both insisted on shifting the conversation away from Flynn and grilling Yates on her possibly overstepping her bounds in not defending Trump's first travel ban. It brought nothing of any substance to the subcommittee's hearing except for showing up Cornyn and Cruz to be stooges of the Trump/Putin administration. In fact, Yates effectively shut down and shut up Cornyn by baldly telling him, "It (the travel ban) was not legal." Ted Cruz later tried to counter that by quoting an obscure INA bylaw, which Yates then countered by claiming Trump's proposed travel ban, which was subsequently overturned by no less than six federal judges (thereby vindicating her decision), was in violation of the Establishment Clause in the Constitution and that the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel only looks at an Executive Order on its face and not necessarily the legality or illegality of it.
     The subcommittee's chairman, Lindsey Graham, was having none of it, either. From the start, Graham's been on record as being a foe of Trump and virtually everything he stands for and he's proving to be a very useful idiot.  His pointed questions to Yates and Clapper were primarily about Michael Flynn and why he lied to VP Mike Pence about his conversations with Russian officials regarding sanctions.
     Al Franken had to keep from laughing out loud while expressing his incredulity as to why White House counsel would even think to openly question Ms. Yates as to why the DOJ was interested in one WH official lying to another. One would think the answer would be self evident- If Flynn lied to Pence, the official reason for his own termination last February, then why did he lie and what was he covering up?
     Any idiot can see that Michael Flynn, a guy who was paid over $30,000 to sit next to Putin at a dinner and secretly colluded with Russian spy Ambassador Kislyak, is at the very center of several simultaneous, parallel investigations conducted by at least two Senate committees, the FBI and up to two grand juries inquiring not as to whether or not the Russians interfered with the 2016 election that benefited Trump but to what extent? As stated here earlier today, Flynn turned out to be the Trojan Horse, the Typhoid Mary of this treasonous administration that has zero credibility with anyone who doesn't celebrate Hitler's birthday every April 20th and watch NASCAR.
     It also bears repeating, although it was never brought up during today's testimony, that Flynn has not been offered immunity nor will likely ever be. Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried, a good number of them, at any rate, and look for him to be suicided before he gets to testify before Congress or a grand jury.
     And Cruz's and Cornyn's pathetic attempts to shift the topic of discussion away from Michael Flynn and back to Sally Yates' perceived partisan-based decision to pronounce the travel ban as illegal is a pretty good indication that Republicans know more about this than they'd like to admit and are perilously close to being part of the coverup that, in politics, is always worse than the original crime.
     The Department of Justice ought to headed up by Sally Yates and stuffed to the rafters with more attorneys like her. The Justice Department is instead run by a vicious little leprechaun who, regarding inquiries into Russia's involvement with the last election, is a glorified bystander who cannot move the DOJ's investigation one iota toward actual justice.


At May 9, 2017 at 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anton said...

Time for T-Rump to start trying on some orange PJ's, since he may be moving to Leavenworth, Kansas in the near future.

At May 9, 2017 at 4:23 PM, Blogger Stan B. said...

Don't think any of those dimwits will try and match IQ points with her again anytime soon...

At May 9, 2017 at 5:00 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Especially Cruz. I still can't believe that idiot passed a state bar exam. Then again, that state is Texas...


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