Friday, October 20, 2017

Ten questions

     ...about the Niger massacre the wet-legged mainstream media and the duplicitous Republican Party will never ask this medieval shit show of an administration:
1) Why were the French, their only "backup", told (as when two snipers had their sights trained on bin Laden in Tora Bora 16 years ago) to stand down and not engage ISIS?
2) Why did a nation that last year spent over $521,700,000,000 on defense, more than the 19 nations below us COMBINED (18 of whom being allies) send our guys into ISIS-held territory in unarmored pickup trucks?
3) Why was the evac chopper not our military's but that of a war profiteer? We can't afford armored vehicles for our troops despite spending over half a trillion a year on defense but we can afford war profiteers?
4) Why did the Pentagon give them bad intel such as, "You're not likely to encounter resistance"? (Until they did.)
5) Why was Sgt. Johnson left behind?
6) Was he still alive when he was left behind?
7) Why did it take us 48 hours to pick up his mutilated corpse?
8) Why did the Pentagon act for a week as if it never happened?
9) Why didn't our Green Beret operators have air support?
10) What the FUCK are we doing in Niger and why are we just now finding out about our involvement there?

      Like Abbottobad six and a half years ago and that SEAL Team 6 raid in Yemen last January that got over two dozen civilians (eight of them children) and a SEAL killed, Niger was a clusterfuck from the gitgo. But the horror show in Niger has gotten all the traction of an ice cube on hot Teflon where Benghazi deserved its own subcommittee and funded by tens of millions in taxpayer dollars and 24/7 news coverage.
      Questions the GOP not only don't want answered but ones they dare not even ask (except for John McCain). Because, you know, Reagan's 11th Commandment and all.


At October 22, 2017 at 11:53 AM, Anonymous CC said...

Blowback: a mainstay of American foreign policy.

At October 23, 2017 at 3:58 PM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

These were expendable soldiers. If they were expensive mercenaries, then the response would have been totally different!

At October 24, 2017 at 6:04 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Top Ten 10 Douchebags of the Internet:

1) Who's never been published because of copyright infringement despite being under contract with a right wing vanity publisher for a year and a half and had to self-publish it again? Jailbird Joe Chadwick.
2) Who had a book ripping off Mystery Science Theater 3000 removed from 3 online vendors last year for, again, copyright infringement? Douchebag Dave Chadwick.
3) Who's never had a literary agent who wasn't a private school chum? Douchebag Dave Chadwick.
4) Who self-published a book whose only review for the first few months came from his con man twin brother? Clue: Their names are both Chadwick.
5) Who attempts year after year to write parody despite having not the slightest talent for it or even a rudimentary concept of actual humor? Mike Nelson 0.0, aka Jailbird Joe Chadwick.
6) Who's obsessed with a WWE wrestler who doesn't even know he exists? Becky Lynch's stalker, Joseph David Chadwick.
7) Who was outrageously handed a lucrative contract allowing him to slide through a right wing vanity press's back door and despite failing upwards and living the life of Riley, still finds time to stalk a blogger and his dead cat? Mr. Fiona McClanahan, aka Douchebag Dave Chadwick.
8) Who stalks that unknown blogger late in the evening, Israeli time, when he could be giving his gold digger wife the high, hard one? Jailbird Joe Chadwick.
9) Who, even after landing a lucrative contract based on no talent whatsoever that eventually led to a $200,000 executive position in which his only contribution is ripping off REAL authors by selling their rights back to them for upwards of $2000 each, continued begging nickels and dimes from his virtually non-existent readers without once telling them about that contract or even moving to Israel? Come on, now, we all the answer to this one (His wife's wedding dress cost upwards of $20,000): Douchebag Dave Chadwick.
10) Who cannot possibly imagine a world in which I don't pay him any attention? The most pathetic right wing loser and stalker on the planet earth, Douchebag Dave Chadwick.

And there you have it, your top 10 douchebags of the internet. Thank you and play again.

At October 28, 2017 at 12:23 PM, Blogger Fiona Chadwick said...

For somebody who thinks somebody else is obsessed with him, you sure seem to write about him at length a lot. Once again, Robert, he's mine. You can't have him so stop trying! Why don't you try to bang your own girlfriend for once? And don't you have a still-living cat to neglect? I could be wrong, but that is the rumor. And no, idiot, my dress wasn't twenty thousand dollars, I can't believe you were stupid enough to believe that asinine exaggeration, but considering where you got the info from, it hardly surprises me. What is it with you getting information from losers and then something awful happens to them? Seems to happen a lot with you. Fortunately for me I stopped caring what happens to that guy a long time ago, but that's something else entirely that I won't get into. Get a life, Robert Crawford. God knows you need one. Stop trying to snag my man, find your own if that's what you're into. I'm sure Mrs JP wouldn't mind at all.

At October 28, 2017 at 12:41 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

"Thinks" is obsessed with me? This has officially turned into a tag team, meaning Dave's got to have the real man of the house to fight his battles for him. When I get over 800 hits a day, I know it's because your gold pot Jailbird Joe is off his meds and he's stalking me again. Why WOULDN'T anyone notice that considering the stalking and harassment, that he started, is reaching its 4th year? Maybe if he spent less time stalking me, he'd actually be able to finish a title King Solomon can take to market. Now why don't you crawl back under that rock you came from and see if you can win back Dave's affections from Becky Lynch, you ignorant right wing lunatic?

At October 28, 2017 at 4:26 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

To paraphrase Rifftrax, "Aaaand she's back."

You have a hell of a lot of nerve impugning my devotion to my pets. I treat them like gold. I never spitefully kept back a dog from its rightful owner even though I couldn't stand the sight of it then drop it off at an out of state kill shelter like you did with Charlie. Then again, that's part and parcel to a sadistic right wing cunt such as yourself. Projection much, Becky Lynch 1.1?


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