Thursday, October 12, 2017

What Passes For Good News at the White House

     Then again, it's not Friday, which is tribal council day on Capitol Hill.
     For a guy who's spent almost a quarter of his Russia-gotten "presidency" on vacation, today's been a busy day for Trump. In short order, he's

  • Signed an Executive Order geared partially toward dismantling ObamaCare, which he almost forgot to sign... again.

  • Decided, like Israel, to withdraw from UNESCO because of "anti-Israel bias." Shit, even the Nazi government of Germany had a better appreciation for culture than this shit show of an administration. Then again, it could also be welcher Trump wants to run away from our $500,000,000 debt to UNESCO. Mind you, this is a clown who once handed Angela Merkel an invoice for £300 billion and has been screaming since Day One about other nations and what they supposedly owe for collective NATO defense.
  • Finally got around to nominating a replacement for John Kelly by tapping Kirstjen Nielsen, who worked alongside Kelly at both DHS and as Deputy Chief of Staff. However, it's likelier that Trump's promoting her because she rubs people the wrong way with her authoritarian and brusque management style.
  •        Jesus fucking Christ, when will it be Mueller time?


    At October 12, 2017 at 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anton said...

    JP, what's your take on the scuttlebutt being bruited about DC that SCROTUS is 'unraveling' 'losing a step' and/or 'unstable?' Bannon (not a bulwark of factual information) thinks he's got a 30% of finishing only one term. Personally, I would wet myself laughing if he were carted off in a straight jacket.

    At October 12, 2017 at 7:32 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

    Well, Anton, the proof is in the pudding, in this case the pudding being videotape. We've seen Trump do this twice. His need for attention is the only thing that keeps him in the Offal Office when he makes his speeches. Yet, once again (and watch the video I'd provided, if you already hadn't), we see Mike Pence chasing after him, anticipating Trump will walk away without signing the Executive Order that was the whole purpose of the speech. Someone else had to put a hand on Trump's right shoulder to keep him in place so Pence could get his attention. We saw him get off Air Force One and walk away in a daze from his multi-ton "Beast", the Presidential limousine. Trump's public pronouncements are like watching verbal versions of a Manson Family massacre. The man cannot complete a sentence and constantly abandons them and goes off on other tangents. If you were to compare Trump now to the Trump of, say, a decade or 15 years ago, you'd see a dramatic difference. On the last 9/11, I watched a video interview Trump gave a reporter near Ground Zero right after the attacks in 2001 and he sounded bright, aware and articulate, not digressing from one point to another. In other words, the Trump in his 50's was able to verbally start a thought then follow it to its logical conclusion, something he cannot do now to save his life. Perhaps due to NBC's editing department, this growing impediment was hidden from viewers of THE APPRENTICE. But there's definitely some degeneration there. I'm not a speech pathologist or neurologist but I don't need to be an architect to recognize a derelict house that's falling apart. There's some mental degeneration there, which makes this administration scarier than ever. Now, Bannon may be a fool but we should at least listen to him when he says Trump has only a 30% chance of finishing his first term because Bannon was right there at Trump's elbow for the first six months or so of his administration, as well as for a long time during the campaign. After all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    At October 13, 2017 at 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anton said...

    JP, thanks for the detailed response. I would agree, that something is rotten in the Office of Offal.


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