Monday, November 6, 2017

Oh, That Explains it

     Just since the Charleston AME shooting in 2015, more people have died in church at the hands of white Christian terrorists than those at the hands of Muslim terrorists in airports, sports stadiums, courthouses, high schools and where ever else we've bunched up our security apparatus. In fact, it could be plausibly argued toddlers had killed more people in 2015 than Muslim terrorists. It seems we have our priorities ass backwards. Since the Port Arthur mass shooting in Australia in 1996 that killed 35, their ultra conservative government led by John Howard imposed a ban on all semi automatic rifles and pump action shotguns. 
     Since then, Australia has not had one mass shooting. Not. One. Meanwhile, the United States is a nation that's grown disturbingly comfortable with or at least resigned to a mass shooting involving three or more people literally every day and then some this year (In 2013 alone, 33,636 American lives were lost due to gun violence- That's at least 11 or 12 9/11s.). Let me put it in even more merciless perspective-
     Since Las Vegas, the deadliest mass shooting in US history (which was just over a month ago), the United States has seen 40 mass shootings involving at least four casualties, according to the Mass Shooting Tracker. 40 in the last month. And very few of them made the national news. Yesterday's slaughter in Sutherland Springs, Texas that caused 26 deaths and 20 injuries was already the 378th such mass shooting. You would think by now we'd know who the Usual Suspects are.
     So who do we go after, instead? Muslim refugees fleeing a war zone in Syria. Sanctuary cities. The only reason anyone went after that white terrorist Devin Kelley was because right wing conspiracy theorists tried to tie him to Antifa. Which is a new low even by right wing standards.
     The NRA, the terrorist organization masquerading as a gun owner's lobby when, in fact, they're a gun manufacturer's lobby, shelled out just last year alone $2,059,129 to the top 20 lawmaking recipients (an average of $102,956.45 to each scumbag) who just all happen to be Republican. And look who's at the top of the list- Ted Cruz, a creepy scumbag only a spittle-flecked, gold-digging twat out of Tiberias, Israel could love, the junior senator of the state that just became the latest pin on a map already coated with little red pushpins delineating all the mass shootings we've had so far in 2017.
     To judge by those that have so many ears and eyes, including our Congress (the GOP is eyeing a health "care" bill slashing $1 trillion in Medicare and Medicaid funding, some of it for mental health. Plus, don't forget, late last February Trump and the NRA's temp employees in Congress very quietly  lifted restrictions on the mentally ill getting firearms, meaning his insistence on blaming the Texas massacre on mental illness is brazen even by his standards), we are indisputably the stupidest fucking nation on the planet earth.
     Think I'm being too harsh or abstract?

      Look again who we elected a year ago as the most powerful man in the free world, a degenerate rube who audaciously blamed mental health as the cause for the #TexasChurchMassacre, So can we please stop pretending "thoughts and prayers" are going to make this national epidemic go away? I think there was enough praying going on at that Baptist church in South Texas yesterday and look where that got them.


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