Saturday, November 4, 2017

On Daylight Savings Time, Remember...

     ...even stopped clocks are correct twice a day. And when treasonous freaks such as the Bushes are elevated to act as the voices of reason, you know we're circling that porcelain drain at warp speed ten.
     By now, you might have heard about the new book that'd immediately put the White House in attack mode (not that it's ever in any other). That would be the new one by a right wing hack named Mark Updegrove, The Last Republicans.
     In his book and in a CNN interview, he describes the Bushes as being "restrained" in their assessment of Donald Trump. He quoted W saying the first lesson a leader needs to learn is "humility." Yes, he said humility. This is the same asshole who stood on a dockyard in San Diego and compared himself to better presidents, including FDR.
     The father of the elder HW, future Senator Prescott Bush, engineered a plot back in 1933 with his right wing industrialist buddies such as Remington and DuPont to take over the new federal government led by that same FDR. Their goal was to appoint a new co-president then phase out FDR exactly the way Chancellor Hitler pretended to share power with the aging President Hindenburg then quickly phased him out. As a matter of fact, Hitler's tactics provided the model for Prescott's master plan until he made the mistake of trying to recruit two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner Smedley Butler, who then promptly blew the whistle.
     And the scions of Prescott Bush are horrified, horrified, that Donald Trump is succeeding where Prescott Bush failed over 80 years ago. HW even went as far as calling Donald Trump "a blowhard." In other words, the ass-grabber is criticizing the pussy grabber.
     And in piling on to this rather bland and unimaginative criticism of Donald Trump and cheering the Bushes, we've forgotten about the countless evils they'd visited on this society. In fact, in one notable anecdote, long ago HW, while he was still President, was talking to reporter Sarah McLendon and suddenly said, "Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." One can only assume by "we", Bush meant his own family.
     So when HW, a one term milksop, and an election-thieving two term fraud like W, both of whom still enjoying the benefits of Nazi-era slave labor and Nazi financier money courtesy of Prescott, are set up like the voices of reason in the GOP, then we are truly fucked as a nation.
     And when we feel compelled to look to senior Republicans for "legitimate"criticism of the current criminal in the White House since left wing criticism of the same man can't be relied upon because it would be too biased or partisan, well... That's the moment we keep the moral compass while throwing out the needle. The Bushes are among the most toxic families this nation has ever produced, demented freaks that only a brain damaged Chadwick (sorry for the tautology) could unconditionally admire. Their criticism of Trump, however true it may be, is unnecessary and hardly revelatory.


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