Thursday, December 21, 2017

This Boy's Thug's Life

Paul Ryan spontaneously ejaculates as he is looked at by Donald Trump.
     Those of you who are fans of Leonardo DiCaprio may remember a relatively little-noted film he did with Ellen Barkin and Robert DeNiro entitled This Boy's Life. It was the film version of Tobias Wolff's memoir of the same name. It's a very thinly fictionalized account of a horrendous relationship suffered by Wolff and his mother.
      In the movie, Ellen Barkin's character embarks on a hare-brained scheme to mine uranium after leaving behind another in a long string of disastrous relationships. She's nice, is sympathetic as a struggling single mother trying to make a better life for her son Toby. But she's a little on the stupid and/or naive side.
     She proves it by getting mixed up with a guy named Dwight Hansen (impeccably played by Robert DeNiro). Dwight sweeps her off her feet when they meet in Seattle and she agrees to move her and Toby to his hometown of Concrete, California.
     Concrete's a drab little town but it promises a better life so the mother and son move in. By this time, however, Dwight showed his true colors with Toby in Seattle when alone in his truck he physically assaults the child for impersonating him.
     Soon after they move in and Wolff marries Dwight and becomes the next Mrs. Hansen, things immediately start to fall apart. Hansen's pissed with his new girl because she's a crack shot and did better than him in the town's annual turkey shoot, insisting his sight must be off. His violence toward Toby escalates as the boy defies and opposes him at every turn. All during this time, the mother tries to talk "sense" into Toby, telling him he'd better knuckle down before they find themselves homeless.
     Finally, Dwight's cruelty escalates to such proportions that even Toby's mother cannot ignore it any longer. In the final scene, as the Wolffs run away and leave the dust of Concrete behind, Dwight runs out of the house and whines, "What about me? What about me?" over and over.
     I give you President Dwight Hansen, more popularly known as Donald Trump, aka IQ45, aka the Cheeto Bandito aka Donnie Dumbo aka Double Weave.
     Because Scott Dworkin reported on Twitter yesterday that people close to the WH are reporting that Trump's furious about not getting enough adulation about "overhauling" or "reforming" the tax code. And this was after getting publicly fellated on the front lawn of the White House by every Republican on Capitol Hill except for John McCain. This was also probably after an especially unctuous Cabinet meeting where everyone in attendance fellated Trump again under the big square table of the Cabinet Room. That would be the same one in which Trump couldn't resist taking another stab at the "fake news" media.
     That would be the very same fake news media that aren't singing his praises loudly or often enough outside of Fox "News" sound stages and other right wing fox holes and bunkers.

     And now we're hearing Donald Trump's whining yet again to Nikki Haley at the UN, who responded by proxy penis-slapping the 128 member nations that stood unified against Trump and publicly condemned his idiotic comment that's getting people killed about recognizing the Palestinian capital of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This was Trump several minutes after the UN General Assembly vote:

     Again, I give you President Dwight Hansen. A man who vows revenge and that we who have wronged him will all remember him when all is said and done.
     Even if it's as a villain.
     But the triple-chinned and two-faced Republican Party that says very unflattering things about Trump on social media and in DC watering holes somehow found the lack of intestinal and testicular fortitude when they finally passed their $1.5 trillion tax scam bill that is sure to lead us into another Great Depression.
     Paul Ryan, who after the September 7th 2016 revelation came out about Trump's Hollywood Access tapes where he bragged about grabbing women "by the pussy" refused to further campaign with either Trump or Pence, visibly ejaculated when Trump turned around to look at him.
     Because $1.5 trillion in tax cuts buys a lot of withered Republican souls already in the supernatural bargain bin. And as for Trump, aka President Dwight Hansen, it doesn't matter how much adulation or money-driven adulation he gets- It'll never be enough to fill that empty hole where his soul should be. It's like pouring one pitcher of water after another into a desert- It'll disappear and still gape for more.


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