Monday, July 30, 2018

Gotham City Digest, 7/30/18

Where the criminally legitimized Trump campaign keeps moving back the goalposts.

     Uncle Fester then: There was no collusion.
     Uncle Fester this morning: Well, there MAY have been collusion with Russia but since when's that a crime? Well, it's not. But the Mueller investigation isn't investigating collusion but a conspiracy to collude with the Russians with the intention of subverting the electoral process. as well as the cover up and obstruction of justice. So, yeah, technically collusion isn't a crime. But that's like saying Trump isn't guilty of adultery because that's not a crime, either.

     Sen. Ron Wyden, the guy who'd basically deregulated the entire internet, is now having second thoughts about it and putting Facebook and the other behemoths on notice and that he's not going away.

     Just another wonderful day in Trump's neighborhood. This kind of racist bullshit in the Glorious Age of Trump is getting so common, if we don't hear something like this every day, we suspect the MSM or social media of not doing its job.

     Oh my. Hawaii's few brown people give white woman the vapors. Someone should tell Roseanne that when one finds oneself in a hole... stop digging.

     Is Sessions' Religious Liberty Task Force going to be in the Space Force patrolling for illegal aliens coming from Orion?

     Politico claims another Trump conspiracy theorist.  This clown makes three, so far.

     The money shot: "If you're a predator, it's a gold mine." This is how shoddy is the security at a youth concentration camp in Arizona.

     Yeah, Trump's sated a lot of people alright but it ain't the poor and middle class.

     Who cares if one of Betsy's yachts got vandalized? Can someone please explain to me why anyone would think they need nearly a dozen yachts? And finally, speaking of Betsy...

     No words needed.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Reality is Not a Winner

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
OK, this actually happened-
     The United States accused Maria Butina of being a Russian spy and having ties to the NRA and was also accused of funneling Russian money to Trump through the National Rifle Association. 
     The next day the Treasury Department ended requirements saying the NRA needs to identify their financial contributors.
     Meanwhile, former NRA contractor and whistleblower Reality Winner is serving her 13th month in federal prison and could spend at least four more years under the Kafkaesque Espionage Act.
     If you've forgotten who Reality Winner is, you can be partially forgiven. She was last year's version of Sibel Edmonds, a government whistleblower who'd also fallen in the Mainstream Media Memory Hole (hereafter referred to as the MMMH) because both in 2017 and now don't think she's sexy enough. Virtually unable to defend herself under the kangaroo court Espionage Act, last month Winner had to plead guilty to a lesser charge of felony transmission of national defense information, which was an ironic charge on which to try her.
     Why it was so ironic, to those of you who've forgotten this unsung heroine, was because in the spring of last year, when Vladimir Putin's Vice President began his reign of error from Kremlin-on-the-Potomac, Winner briefly made headlines when she'd been arrested after releasing damning information proving that Russian agents had hacked our last election. Winner not only released documents proving that the US electoral system had been hacked and compromised (especially in the state of Florida) but that the government was covering up this news even as an artificial president was about to move himself and his crime family into the White House.
     Aye, there's the rub. It wasn't so much that Winner had revealed Russian interference in the last election, it was the fact that she had showed up the government yet again for being the mendacious pack of psychopaths that it is. In that respect, she's joined the lengthening list of whistleblowers that got exponentially longer during the Obama years who were incarcerated for telling the truth. We're talking about whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning, Susan Lindauer and John Kiriakou, just for starters.
     So you have two women in orange jumpsuits. One helped hack the electoral system and pollute the NRA and Trump campaign's coffers with Russian roubles and the other released information revealing that. Then the same government that had successfully prosecuted Winner under the Espionage Act, also sought to shield the NRA from scrutiny by telling them they didn't have to reveal their donors' identities. In other words...

America is Open For Business
Winner never had a chance to live up to her colorful name. Under the terms of the Espionage Act, which is clearly perverted by latter-day Congresses to not give defendants a fighting chance, Winner and her lawyers were unable to produce evidence regarding her motives for leaking the documents. In fact, the federal judge had even refused to grant her bail, something even given to Ethan Couch after he got behind his father's car while under the influence and killed four people.
     And you would think that Robert Mueller's endless Russia probe indicting a dozen more Russians for espionage and hacking into our system, which Winner had sought to tell the American people, would give her some legal mitigation and vindication, But there you'd be wrong, comrades. Not even the subsequent arrest of Butina, which showed just how widely she'd extended her tentacles into not just the Trump campaign but also the powerful lobbying arm of the NRA, evangelicals and the Republican Party as a whole gave Winner any relief even in the MSM (They of the aforementioned MMMH.who are too lazy, corrupt or indifferent to connect the dots).
     Butina, we now know, had been instrumental in funneling upwards of $30,000,000 in Russian roubles into the NRA, which happily took the money without questions and not caring if it came with any strings attached. She'd also been seen and photographed attending at least two prayer breakfasts, which is a great back door channel to meeting kingmakers and other power brokers without having to navigate the cumbersome channels of the State Department. Indeed, at Butina's bail hearing (she too was denied bail, being labeled a flight risk), she had more people in that courtroom (two Russian officials) interested in her release than Winner had in her trial.
     Indeed, it seems the sole purpose of the Espionage Act is to aggressively shield Uncle Sam from public embarrassment after committing war crimes. Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning was arrested and served jail time for releasing through Wikileaks videos showing US forces killing Iraqi civilians, including a journalist then laughing about it. Edward Snowden would still be in a Super Max today if he hadn't fled to Russia after releasing a treasure trove of documents proving how much the NSA and its corporate partners such as Verizon were spying on us. Susan Lindauer spent 10 months in Carswell Federal Prison, the only federal maximum security women's prison in the country, for proving the Bush administration lied about Iraq's WMD infrastructure to rationalize its case for going to war (Then she was mysteriously released on January 16th, 2009, four days before the Bush junta scuttled out of the White House with complete impunity).
     And Winner is in prison and likely will remain in prison for the next several years for proving that, once again, Uncle Sam had lied to us about the extent of Russia's meddling in our elections. That's all the Espionage Act is- Whitewashed and glorified ass-covering for the US government. It has absolutely nothing to do with espionage, regardless of the severity of the crimes and coverups that are uncovered.
     To sum up, again: An NSA contractor released documents proving Russia hacked the election and that the US government lied about it and let Trump sleaze his way into the Oval Office. Then, days after a Russian spy was arrested for infiltrating our electoral system and illegally funneling money to that same Donald Trump's campaign coffers, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin quietly repealed the rule requiring the NRA to disclose the identity of its donors. Robert Mueller vindicated Winner by proving the Russians meddled in our last election.
     America is still open for business but the only winners is one sitting in prison in Georgia and the rest in Russia.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Book Launch

     My new release, THE DOLL MAKER, the sequel to TATTERDEMALION, is now available for pre-order right here. The official launch will be on Sunday the 29th. Here's the synopsis:
     Jack the Ripper was just the beginning.
     In 1889 New York, 22 year-old Scott Carson retreats to his parents’ basement on 69th Street. Unwilling to venture back into the world, the reclusive engineering genius is still licking his wounds after winning his final battle with Jack the Ripper and trying to reassemble his shattered psyche. Then his friend Jacob Riis, desperate to get him back into the land of the living, shows him a photograph given to him by a detective that seems to be of a dead girl sitting on the lap of an adult hidden by a shroud.     

     Carson quickly realizes this person who’d had delivered the photo to NYPD HQ on Mulberry Street may be a more advanced photographer than him and his interest is piqued. Riis introduces him to this detective, Angelo Delmonico (of the famous restauranteur family) and he finds the scientific-minded detective and he are of a similar mind regarding this new killer. Together with teenager Kelley McCarthy, a pioneering female urban explorer "who goes where even the rats don’t go", the trio chase an ingenious and elusive serial killer who is murdering little girls and turning them into human dolls.
     The next part in the Scott Carson saga, A Game of Hangman, is almost complete and will likely be out before the end of the year. It's literally 99% drafted out.
     So pre-order The Doll Maker.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Gotham City Digest, 7/22/18

     Where you can watch the de-evolution of Mankind one summit at a time.

     You ever notice when a right wing nut job gets a book deal, they go on TV then either they get kicked off the show or storm off in a huff? Witness Christine O'Donnell on Piers Morgan's show a few years ago. Then this happened on The View when Pirro appeared to pimp her new book, "Stalking Hillary Clinton Has Become My Second Career." Like a typical right wing class act, Pirro called all the hosts "cocksuckers" before sniffling about all her woes on Sean Handjob's radio show. Naturally, her book shot up to #1 on Amazon, proving once again we are indisputably the stupidest fucking nation on earth.

     And then there was this out of New Jersey yesterday morning... No, Trump, my "favorite president" did a lot of wrong things. But JFK was still a better president than you.

     How ingenious of Trump to set up an assembly line for his daily fellating.

     Looks as if Trump's vanity parade is going to be more expensive than the Pentagon thought. It's going to coincide with Putin's visit to the US this fall so he'll get the chance to watch his military pass by. Then again, it's going to be held four days after the Blue Tsunami on Election Day so it'll turn into a celebration of the Democrats taking back the Senate and House.

     Deflect and distract. I get it. But I disagree with Cuomo, if the Cohen tapes are perhaps more important than Cuomo thinks. Especially if these tapes prove he broke election finance laws.

     "Two months ago, NRATV host Dan Bongino called reports of NRA-Russia ties a 'fairy tale.'
      Most fairy tales don’t end with orange jumpsuits and jail time."
      Zing points for Rolling Stone.

     Speaking of Butina... Is latest from TASS, tovarisch. Russians think they're in position to demand Butina's release, which goes to show you how deeply Trump's in Putin's pocket and how very well aware they are of that fact.

     Wow, the cocksuckers couldn't even give Spicey the home town discount.

     For the benefit of those of you who don't know how to speak or read Russian like me, this is from the Twitter account of Alexander Torshin, the Russian politician/spy who along with captured Russian spy and NRA member Maria Butina, has been worming his way into the NRA's good graces since at least 2011 (Yes, seven years, comrades). And in this tweet from February 2016, Torshin writes, ""Maria Butina is now in the United States. Writes to me that D. Trump (member of NRA) is ready for cooperation with Russia."

     Wow, Republicans really are masters at projection. Here's the nut bag who's opposing Tim Kaine for his Senate seat in Virginia getting drowned out by peals of laughter after saying that Trump is "standing up to Russia," which would be quite a trick since Trump drops to his knees every time he sees Putin. Yes, as the old saying goes, exit laughing.

     Here's the RNC's spokeswoman claiming Democrats want hundreds of thousands of Russians to vote in the next general election... for Trump. Where the hell does Fox find these short bus superstars?

     These are photographs of Trump's prepared remarks from a few days ago. They appear to show that a line about bringing the election hackers to justice was crossed out, and a line denying collusion was added. Again, Trump won't even entertain the possibility of going after the hackers because he knows damned good and well they were acting under direct orders of his boss Putin.

     This is from January but is very worth revisiting since the midterms will be in three and a half months. Buy, uh, aren't poll taxes illegal?

     Russian mob money built Trump's empire? No fucking shit, Sherlock.

     Rachel Maddow deconstructs the WaPo's latest scoop that proves KT McFarland knew of Flynn's collusion with the Russians and her getting the job on the recommendation of Maria Butina's boytoy Erickson.

     Oh, fucking spare me, Fox. This is the new Republican Party. These scumbags are not outliers. They are you. They are the product of lowering the level of political discourse until the bar is buried six feet underground. This is the natural result of letting more extreme and less qualifed candidates run for office. This is the Nexus phase of 2010's Teabagger movement, the racist and fascist tablesetters for Donald fucking Trump. So spare me your fucking shock when over the hill storm troopers like Arthur Jones win primaries. tRump's bringing them out like termites during a fumigation. You supported and still support Trump and are now trying to pretend as if there's daylight between Trump and his little bastard sons. This is the new Republican Party.
      Own it, bitches.

     There are useful idiots like Trump.
     And then, there's the utterly useless variety, such as these turncoat racists called The League of the South who'd actually set up a Russian language web page to foster the relationship between us and Russia, "two natural allies." Yes, you read that right: "natural allies." "Goldarn, Cletus, I done thought that fox we hired would rebuild the hen house, not eat all the Goldarn chickens." "No one coulda seen that, Zeke." "Let's go watch Hee Haw reruns!"

     Has anyone else noticed that the Mueller revelations are now coming out not just every day but SEVERAL times every day? Now Carter Page is relevant again. When asked if he was a Russian agent, Page replied, "Нет, товарищ! Никогда!"

     Any wonder why last year the Secret Service went broke in the first 6 months of Trump's "presidency"? Now they're doing it again this year, this time by blowing $230,000 of our money on a business trip to Saudi Arabia for American Psycho 1 & 2.

     Completely forgetting their Obama Derangement Syndrome between 2009-2017, Fox "News" is now bemoaning all the "Trump Derangement Syndrome". When I see Trump's jiggling umber kisser on Fixed News, I think of Big Brother's on those giant Jumbotrons in 1984. Who else is with me?

     Yes, grilling an interpreter before Congress would be unprecedented. But so is having a Russian stooge in the Oval Office.

     Thanks to Stand Your Ground laws in places like Florida, we now have the right to kill each other over parking spaces.

     Just before Trump won the GOP nomination, one of Maria Butina’s top American contacts privately told the Trump campaign that the “international reach of the NRA placed me in a position to slowly begin cultivating a back-channel to Putin’s Kremlin.” And finally...

     That's right, Kemp and Pence. Keep a civil tongue on that jackboot.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

How Pottersville Became Gotham City, Part 2

     "Do I look like a man with a plan?" - The Joker to Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight, 2008
     In last night's piece, I went into how Welcome Back to Pottersville became Welcome Back to Gotham City early last year. I'd used by way of comparison Tim Burton's Batman Returns and contrasted it with the Trump administration that's remaking America. Today, I'm going to use an even more recent and fun example: Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.
     I'd said after seeing that movie, "Tim Burton's Batman movies were for the kids. Christopher Nolan's are for the grown ups." And my reasoning at the time was that Christopher Nolan's entries into the Batman saga were sophisticated crime and high tech thrillers. We saw the run of the mill criminals as well as the bizarre bad guy (in this case, Heath Ledger's Joker). In other words, they would've succeeded as straight up caper movies even without the costumes and Batman's high tech weapons and vehicles.
     In this movie, it can be said the Joker, unlike Batman, is an agent of change. Yet while Batman is putting on his armored shoulders the fate of a vast city he's trying to single-handedly hold together, the Joker's vision of change is a chaotic one in which everyone has unchecked free will. The Joker is the ultimate anarchist whose sole plan, if it can be called one, is to show up Batman and the people of Gotham City to be as anarchic as he is, that we do not deserve to be on the pedestals on which we've placed ourselves.
     Neither man offers the city any real hope, especially the Joker. That must come in the form of Harvey Dent, the idealistic but surprisingly successful District Attorney of Gotham City. As Bruce Wayne, Batman supports Dent's political career even though he's not up for reelection ("One night with my friends, you won't need another fund raiser," Wayne assures him.). Bruce Wayne and Batman see in Dent a man who can give the city real, working hope that the Batman can't possibly give it.
     The Joker can't have that. After robbing a mob bank and killing all his accomplices, the Joker then takes over the entire criminal underworld of Gotham, extorting them for a massive amount of money. Then, in a memorable scene, the Joker stands before two mountainous piles of money and sets fire to one of them, showing that money is not his sole motivation.
     Because, as stated, the Joker is the ultimate anarchist, one that had absolutely zero interest in replacing the void he creates with anything. In a way, Batman is just as clueless. Like a modern-day Hadrian, Batman is doing all he can just to maintain the status quo. He's not exactly a nation builder.
     As Bilge Ebiri said in his article, what motivates The Dark Knight is guilt, both individual and collective. Just as a doctor measures pain by mobility, Christopher Nolan sought to define the human condition by measuring it against the characters' actions and their degree of grace under fire. This is no better delineated than in the tense final scene when the Joker rigs two ferries with explosives. One is filled with civilians, the other with inmates betting transferred. Each boat is equipped with a remote control device with instructions that unless one boat blows up the other, both will be destroyed by a certain time.
     The Joker's intent was to bring us down to his level by demonstrating that if the survival of one is threatened, the other will respond with extreme prejudice. It is, in essence, a large-scale, real life version of the Milgram Experiment.
     Now, imagine if that scenario were to play out in the real world. You have one boat filled with Trump supporters and another with liberals who voted for Bernie or Hillary. Trump's holding the master switch and tells both they have only a certain amount of time to push the button and kill everyone on the other boat to save themselves.
     In the movie, civilian and criminal alike decide to reject the Joker's terms and throw away the remotes and let the chips fall where they may. They will live together or die together. The Joker, seeing the deadline has passed, pushed his own switch as promised then is enraged when neither boat explodes (the bombs are neutralized). The Joker is enraged because his plan for complete chaos through a massive, senseless loss of human life has been thwarted. They took matters into their own hands, without Batman's help, and exercised the self-determination they had all along. On a deeper level, the Joker is outraged because the citizens of Gotham showed they were better than he'd judged them, that they weren't mere "wretched pinhead puppets", to quote the Penguin in Batman Returns.
     Trump would get his answer in a pretty damned big hurry as to which we are and I wouldn't lay bets on which faction would push their button first. In the movie, the Joker had failed. In real life, he'd win every time.
     Trump, by some accounts, loves chaos just as much as the Joker.  In the White House, he, too, sets people against each other by teasing firings and who'd make a suitable replacement for whom. He relishes seeing people fight each other tooth and nail for his favor, as if he thinks he's still on the set of The Apprentice. And his own actions and public statements seem as unpredictable as the Joker's. The only way in which Trump is understandable is that he, unlike the Joker, is solely motivated by money. The chaos is for pure entertainment value. The Joker is deadly serious about chaos. Trump doesn't need broken pool cues to achieve a dog-eat-dog mentality. He uses peoples' ambitions against each other.
     While he will fail with the ferries, he ultimately wins in killing off Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne's old girlfriend and who was dating Dent, when the Joker gives Batman the impossible task of saving both simultaneously when they're at opposite ends of the city. Batman's guilt assumes a new weight when he cannot because he is a man who constantly sets himself impossible tasks (Alfred reminds him in the first movie that. as a man, he has limits and Wayne answers he cannot afford himself the luxury of recognizing them).
     But, whether the Joker intended to or not, Dent lived but at the expense of half his face, hence his humanity. And with the loss of that humanity goes Gotham's final hope at hope when Dent becomes the criminal he is sworn to put behind bars. And again, that is the Joker's overarching rationale: To bring us down to his level. It worked with Dent but not with the people of Gotham City, represented by the ferry-goers, who had the power of hope and self determination all along.
     With the real United States, we don't see so much of that in evidence, save for a still largely disorganized movement generically called the Resistance. And Trump had succeeded far better than the Joker ever had in bringing 63,000,000 people down to his own level, into his personal Hell his supporters are glad to imagine they share with him.
     And, just as the Joker had succeeded in depriving Gotham of its best and brightest hope for order, Trump is trying to undermine the long and hard efforts of the real world Harvey Dent- Robert Mueller.
     The people of Gotham City, despite losing their sole hope at establishment law and order and handed chaos, instead, rediscovered their innate humanity and power to determine their own fates. We, too, have that power, and should stand together to reject Donald Trump's own noxious brand of hatred and chaos.

Friday, July 20, 2018

How Pottersville Turned Into Gotham City

"Just relax. I'll take care of the squealing, wretched pinhead puppets of Gotham!... You gotta admit, I've played this stinking city like a harp from hell!" - The Penguin, Batman Returns, 1992

     Two days ago, Bilge Ebiri of the Village Voice had written a pretty good article dissecting The Dark Knight Rises on its tenth anniversary (Yes, it's been a decade since the late Heath Ledger forever stole our hearts with his portrayal of the Joker then broke them when he tragically died of an overdose before the film's release.). He makes a pretty persuasive case that Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is his magnum opus, one that he'll likely never surpass nor live down. Indeed, it's extremely rare that a first sequel, the middle child in a trilogy, turns out to be the best of all three. Yet, this is exactly what The Dark Knight Rises is. It's a masterpiece of existential film making, largely driven, of course, by the brilliant performance of the late Ledger and his early death.
     However, the direction this nation has taken since Election Night 2016 not only led me to rename this blog Welcome Back to Gotham City, since reading Ebiri's erudite article, it's made me think of the second entry of the first Batman trilogy, the one directed by Tim Burton: Batman Returns.
     There's something about playing a Batman villain that brings out the Grand Guignol in gifted actors (Whether you know it or not, every actor who's ever played the Joker in a movie had won at least one Academy Award, although Ledger was the only one who won it for that role.). A Batman villain is supposed to be over the top to the point where you almost forget they're villains, the operative word being "almost."
     And that's why I'm thinking of Danny DeVito's almost equally brilliant performance as the Penguin in Batman Returns. In Tim Burton's and DeVito's reimagining, the Penguin, aka Oswald Cobblepot, is born to a well-to-do family but he is deformed. He's abandoned by his socially-conscious family who is scandalized by the deformed newborn where he's then discovered and raised into manhood, presumably, by penguins in the Gotham City's sewer system.
     Aside from that improbable origin story, Cobblepot's adulthood is consumed by his obsession with finding out who he is. He breaks into the city's Hall of Records and discovers his plan for vengeance on his family has been thwarted by his parents' deaths. This is what sets his much wider plan into motion.
     On the other side, we have Bruce Wayne. As we all know, Wayne's parents were killed by a mugger and he was raised by the butler Alfred. It's a classic case of the duality of man- Both men who are orphans take two polar opposite paths in life. One becomes the Caped Crusader, the other the bane of his existence.
     In the middle, as usual, are the innocents of Gotham City. Gothamites are never portrayed in a positive light until the very end of a Batman film and Batman Returns is no exception. Gothamites can serve at least on an abstract level as a synedoche of American civilization as a whole. They tend to be either willing accomplices (Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises) or as helpless rubes held in thrall to the machinations of one super villain or another to the point where we wonder why they even have a police department.
     In The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy as Bane takes over Gotham City and essentially gets much of the populace on his side by spouting populist propaganda, using their innate socialist sensibilities and middle class rage to turn on the very system entrusted to preserve the very infrastructure in which they toil. Of course, before and during the kangaroo courts presided over by the Scarecrow (played by Cillian Murphy), Bane deliberately fails to tell them of an experimental power source created by Wayne Enterprises, Batman's own corporation, that he plans to use as a nuclear weapon to destroy the city he's swearing to liberate.
     In Batman Returns, the complicity of Gothamites is somewhat more conventional but no less unflattering and the same goes for Cobblepot's master plan. Because the Penguin plans to take over control of Gotham City by getting elected its Mayor. He makes the incumbent look foolish by kidnapping his child then staging a rescue that's transparent to the moviegoer but works on the gullible citizens of Gotham. By pretending to be the savior of a situation he himself had created, The Penguin fools Gotham City's voters into believing that he alone can clean up their rampant crime problem that can seemingly only be addressed by a masked man. In fact, the Penguin's campaign motto is, "Cobblepot Can Clean it Up!"
      And the theatergoer in 1992 may have been silently wondering and marveling at how the people of Gotham could be taken in by such a hideous and flamboyantly evil and lecherous huckster with paper-white skin, a bloated physique and green slime constantly oozing from his mouth. Indeed, in the real world (at least until the rise of Donald Trump), a slight scandal or a verbal misstep could end not only a candidacy but an entire political career (John Edwards, anyone?).
     But in this movie, Gotham City to be precise, and its people are seemingly endlessly gullible and hapless to whatever super villain decides to break out of Arkham Asylum or just appear with mysterious financing to hold them in thrall. And it's the very viability of both the campaigns of DeVito's Penguin and Donald Trump that seem to hold up a mirror in which Gotham City looks and sees its real life analog in America as a whole.
     In the 11th hour of the mayoral election, the Penguin is surprised to hear dialogue surreptitiously recorded by Batman in the Batmobile (the quote above.). Using a remote control duck vehicle earlier in the movie, the Penguin lets loose with a torrent of abuse, his real feelings about the voters of Gotham City ("the wretched pinhead puppets of Gotham."). The words are played on a PA system hacked by Batman and Alfred while the Penguin is making a political speech. The people respond with a torrent of abuse of their own and begin throwing produce that suddenly seems to appear in the hands of his supporters and they chase him away, ending his candidacy.
     Afterward, the Penguin goes full throttle with his master plan, which is to separate children from their families with the intention of killing them. In essence, whether or not Burton intended this, the Penguin tried to turn himself into a latter-day King Herod who's trying to exact revenge on the children of Gotham in some misguided and twisted retribution for his own spoiled childhood.
     But the people of Gotham, as always, toward the end find their true north and rebel against the evil in their midst. One could argue they did so only because each person was personally offended by the Penguin's vicious words and not redeemed by a collective civic duty. But the important thing is they finally recognized evil when they saw it, thanks to some high tech wizardry from the Caped Crusader.
     We (meaning Trump's supporters) have yet to see the evil in Trump even though we've heard several Penguin moments from him ("How stupid are the people of Iowa?" "I love the poorly educated." etc.). To be fair for a moment, the people of Gotham never seem to have even this defining moment in Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises because they're too busy wreaking mayhem in their orgy of destruction.
     Yet while guilt seems to be the overarching rationale and guiding influence in Christopher Nolan's trilogy (especially in The Dark Knight). in Batman Returns the guiding and motivating energy of at least this movie is utter helplessness. DeVito's Penguin is as helpless to meaningfully change his life as he was when he was an abandoned, defenseless infant. Batman, too, is crippled by a sense of hopelessness and helplessness despite his vast wealth and technology. Wayne as the Batman is just as motivated as the Penguin by a tragic childhood and perhaps the only thing separating the two was a mental flip of the coin back in the day.
     As with the fictional Wayne, Trump was born to wealth and privilege but unlike the Lord of Wayne Manor, Trump wasn't orphaned at a young age. Yet he plainly doesn't like children, not even his own until they're at least out of diapers. And he obviously has a special ire for Latino children, if his Herodian policies at the southern border are any indication.
     Trump is essentially a Batman villain come to life in a Gotham City of not 30,000,000 but 300,000,000, one without a Caped Crusader to autonomously solve our problems. The closest we have to Batman is Robert Mueller as Harvey Dent (although Dent's idealism also failed and, through the Joker's existentialist machinations, became the exact thing he vowed to eradicate- a criminal).
     We're still waiting to have our redeeming moment that can be translated into action and that's our first mistake. Meaningful change doesn't come when you wait for it any more than the proverbial pot boils when you watch it. Trump is essentially doing exactly the same thing as the Penguin, even secretly writing into the equation a "final solution."
     If anything, we're proving to be more stubbornly gullible as the people of Gotham City in Batman Returns. The thing to remember here is that the people of Gotham finally woke up and chased off the bad guy before electing him. We lost that moment, especially in the last two weeks of the election when Putin's cyber thugs flooded social media with anti-Hillary propaganda and then James Comey announced he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. By that point, we would've elected Hitler if he was on the Republican ticket.

     Our country is run by a Batman villain, one who virtually reproduced Bane's words ver batim during his surreal and frightening inaugural speech.
     When will we finally see past the populist rhetoric, the lies and the racism that has come to define us instead of a sense of collective duty?

Gotham City Digest, July 20, 2018

     In which we fondly reminisce about how nice it was to once be on another planet besides earth.

     The NY Times' lede: "President Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, secretly recorded a conversation with Mr. Trump two months before the presidential election in which they discussed payments to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump, according to lawyers and others familiar with the recording."
      So, naturally, Giuliani tells the Times that it shows Trump knew nothing about the payout and that it's "exculpatory." Rudy Giuliani: the gift that just keeps on giving.
     Btw, what else happened two months before the election almost to the day?
     The release of the Access Hollywood tape (September 7th). Hence the timing of this other taped conversation.

     Gee, I don't see how this could've happened. Russian hackers got into our energy, aviation and power infrastructures. How could this have happened on the watch of a guy who thought being the Secretary of Energy simply involved being a goodwill ambassador to oil and gas companies? But, hey, that's OK. We'll just blame the black guy again.

     Just as Trump is the Russian stooge we asked for, Maria Butina is the spy the administration asked for. Now she's in federal custody. When will it be the time for Trump and his inner circle?

     Mission accomplished, comrade. My God, this fucking moron doesn't even know when he's being mocked by Putin from five feet away. But what do you expect from a guy who allowed and greatly aided Putin in tearing us apart using our racism and homophobia? No wonder they're calling trump the #MoscowMule.

     This is how corrupt Florida politics is. Florida primaries are open when only one party has candidates. So, if 2 Democrats and no Republicans qualify for a race, then the Dem primary is open to all voters. But a fake, write-in candidate can close the primary, effectively disenfranchising a majority, in this case, 62% of the district. You'd think, after nearly 200 years of public voting, America would have this electoral thingie nailed by now.

     At the Aspen Security Forum yesterday, Rod Rosenstein unveiled a plan in which the Justice Department essentially will warn us about Trump's treachery regarding at least Russia. Yes, our Department of Justice has to protect us from Trump and his puppet masters. Think about that for a minute, folks.

     So, Trump is now being called the #Moscowmule and is the target of this op-ed. Was it written by some wild-eyed deep statist Commie liberal? No. Will Hurd is a Republican sitting member of Congress from the 23rd District of Texas and a former CIA officer.

     It ought to be mentioned and repeated infinitum ad nauseum that Russian agents such as Butina targeted right wing groups such as the NRA, the GOP and evangelicals, not Democrats or liberal groups. This is because conservatives are the stupidest, most easily deluded people on the planet. Again, the Russians did not target the left wing, they targeted the right wing because they are simply stupid. That is all you need to know. We're not the ones wiping borscht off our faces, they are. In fact, in my mind, NRA stands for Numbnut Russian Accomplice.

     Here's what happened on camera between Whoopi and Pirro. I would've loved to be a fly on the wall for what happened off camera. I'm sure Pirro's literary agent and publisher are glad they signed up this whackjob.

     I agree with Corey Booker. All the indictments, guilty pleas and imprisonment of his thugs aside, he should not be allowed to nominate a SCOTUS Justice if you're under a criminal investigation. We already let him do it once. We shouldn't make the same mistake again. In fact, I'll go you one further: All laws or appointments Trump has made while having prior knowledge that Russia interfered in the election then denied should technically be declared void ab initio (void from the beginning).

     Erica Jong's daughter Molly told Kimberly Guilfoyle that quitting Fox and going to work for Daddy Warbucks' Super PAC wasn't a promotion. I concur. Boy, she's gonna feel awfully stupid throwing away a career when Trump gets his indictment.

     Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Trump supporter Roseanne Barr in her farewell performance.

     You just can't make this shit up. At the Aspen Security Conference, DNI Dan Coats actually laughed and said, "Say that again?" when told Trump invited Putin into the WH.

     Oh, so Obama's the patsy for Russia now, eh? Wow. Projection, thy name is tRump.

     Gee, isn't Roger Stone begging for money dangerously close to, I don't know, Socialism? Maybe he can pawn his Clark Kent glasses. And finally...

     (Robin Leach voice) Why, look who it is! It's Russian superstar spy Maria Butina with Sheriff David Clarke at a Russian NRA function!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Epiphany Day

"President-elect" Donald J. Trump on Jan. 6, 2017, the day he was briefed on cyberattacks designed to sway the 2016 American election.CreditSam Hodgson for The New York Times
(By American Zen’s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
"Two weeks before his inauguration, Donald J. Trump was shown highly classified intelligence indicating that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had personally ordered complex cyberattacks to sway the 2016 American election." - The "failing" New York Times' lede, July 19, 2018
Looks as if there was a second meeting at Trump Tower that undermined his so-called "presidency". It took place on January 6th, 2017, appropriately Epiphany Day, two weeks before the inauguration. Except, in direct contravention to the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June the previous year, this one was attended by American intelligence officials.
     Trump was briefed that day by "John O. Brennan, the C.I.A. director; James R. Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence; and Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency and the commander of United States Cyber Command." Also present was then FBI Director James Comey, who would be fired by Trump four months and three days later over the Russia probe, a firing that automatically triggered the Mueller special counsel investigation.
     It brings to mind the August 6th 2001 intelligence briefing given to Bush about the likelihood of Osama bin Laden striking the US with our own planes and Bush dismissively saying afterwards, "Alright, you've covered your ass." It was even unambiguously entitled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US." Except in the Trump Tower meeting between Trump and the heads of our most powerful intelligence agencies, the news was in the past tense. "Putin Was Determined to Strike in the USA and Had."
     If they had any balls, they would have told Trump to his face that the election was a sham and that he was not really the president-elect. And why Barack Obama had not immediately declassified this briefing in the waning hours of his administration so the American people could be warned that a traitor and a fraud was about to supplant him in the White House will or should be debated at a later date (although dependable right wing saw horse Mitch McConnell had something to do with that.). It would or should go down in history as Obama's last and worst capitulation out of countless ones to the right wing.
     Ironically, Donald Trump himself had criticized the 44th president for not doing more to stop him and his Russian employers and puppet masters in the Kremlin.
     Sitting atop this information for over a year and a half and waging a one man propaganda program during that time, Trump claiming the Russia probe was a "witch hunt" would be a political disaster even were the Russian cyberattacks unsuccessful. But the attacks were successful and persuaded public opinion in the 11th hour of the campaign, which makes this Watergate-on-steroids exponentially more devastating to this illegitimate administration and to the entire Republican Party within the last four months of a crucial midterm. Felix Sater, aka Mr. Stabby Face, the Russian mobster, was even bragging about his so-called role in getting Trump elected a full year before the election. (Trump later denied even having met Sater despite a vast plethora of photographs of Trump with Sater.)

     However, it would be fallacious to assume that Trump knew nothing of these cyberattacks and the years-long Russian determination and involvement to put this real-life Manchurian Candidate in the White House to do their bidding. Trump knew all along what Russia was doing on his behalf because the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 happened in TRUMP TOWER and was attended by his son (who'd written Daddy an email 20 minutes later telling him how it went), his son in law Jared Kushner and his campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Two weeks before the inauguration? No. #Trumpknew.
     So, how does this involve the entire Republican Party aside from Mitch McConnell refusing to allow Obama to warn the American people through bipartisan consensus about the Russian hacks? To answer that, we'll have to look at

The Real Red Sparrow
In 2013, a novelist and CIA insider named Jason Matthews published the first part of the Red Sparrow trilogy. It wallowed in obscurity for a few years until getting a major shot in the arm when the Jennifer Lawrence movie Red Sparrow came out last year. The Sparrow program indoctrinated both men and women to act as espionage agents and trained to infiltrate their targets even to the point of letting their bodies be used for sex.
     Stop me if this is starting to sound familiar.
     Butina was arrested by the FBI last Sunday, the day Trump arrived in Helsinki to get his marching orders from Putin. Last Wednesday at a bail hearing, Butina was not allowed to go free and the judge decided (despite two Russian diplomatic officials being allowed into the hearing) she was too much of a flight risk to release. Her lease expires at the end of this month and the FBI noted she had boxes
already packed in her apartment. That plus, well, she is a Russian secret agent who was seen talking to her handler. The US does not have an extradition treaty with Russia and if she'd been released for even a second, she would've been whisked into a diplomatic car and driven out of the country.
     So, who is this real-life Red Sparrow and why is she so important?
     Well, let's start with the ubiquitous Butina funneling $30,000,000 through the National Rifle Association with the aid of another Russian agent. Even with money being as fungible as it is, since the NRA spent $10,000,000 by themselves getting Donald Trump "elected", I'll give you a wild guess where the lion's share of that loot came from. Butina also met with Donald Trump Jr at an NRA function and was even allowed to ask Trump himself a question about Russian sanctions.
     And that's just the tip of the iceberg, comrades.
     She's also had her picture taken with Rick Santorum (R-Froth), Scott Walker and a whole host of right wing luminaries. She was arrogant enough to take a selfie of herself at the inauguration two weeks after Trump was briefed about Russia's involvement and sent it to a friend. Then she was spotted at not just one but two prayer breakfasts, both attended by Trump. Essentially, Maria Butina is the Zelig or Forrest Gump of the Republican Party. And, as is often the case, when a government gets toppled, it's because of a woman.
     The National Prayer Breakfast that essentially toppled the wall that should be separating church and state starting in 1953 is, as everyone in the Beltway knows, a great back door channel for Russian nationals and others who wish to circumvent official State Department channels to meet with American power brokers, politicians and Kingmakers. Butina was allowed to worm her way into two of them, plus the inauguration, speak to Trump and meet with his oldest son and namesake. And all this time, she was communicating her findings with the Russian FSB. Basically, she's the linchpin that should, if there's a benevolent God overseeing all this, bring down the entire Republican Party, considering her ubiquity, lovingly documented by Moms Demand's Shannon Watts, who deserves a Pulitzer for documenting Butina at so many right wing events.
     And that brings us to Michael McFaul.

Pride Goeth Before McFaul
 “What he did, is an incredible offer. He offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators, with respect to the 12 people. I think that’s an incredible offer.” - Donald Trump in Helsinki, July 16, 2018
Michael McFaul had been out of the public eye ever since he quit his last job and we could be forgiven for forgetting who he is and what he'd done for his country and human rights in general. All that changed today when it was revealed that one of the things discussed between Putin and Trump during those two secret hours in Helsinki was Michael McFaul.
     As our man in Moscow during the later Obama years, McFaul had made it his mission to publicly criticize Putin's never ending human rights abuses. He was attacked by the Russian state press, who'd called him "Putin's personal enemy." Because you see, one of the reasons why Trump wanted to talk to Putin with just two interpreters present during this generic summit was so he could negotiate a way for Putin's people to interrogate McFaul in exchange for Mueller's people going to Moscow to interrogate the 12 Russian military agents named in the indictments announced by Rod Rosenstein when Trump was in Windsor.
     It cannot be stressed enough how brazenly treasonous this is on the part of a United States President to even entertain for a nanosecond handing over a former US asset in our diplomatic corps to agents of a foreign enemy. Yet that is what Trump is doing right now with his closest aides. If they're worth their weight in borscht, they would be telling Trump that if he hands over a former US diplomatic official who'd enjoyed diplomatic immunity while in Moscow, it would be the final nail in his political coffin.
     In fact, the US Senate was reduced to planning to hold a vote today on a non-binding resolution warning Trump not to hand over McFaul. Doing so would not only be an act of treason that would be automatic grounds for impeachment but it would set a false equivalence between Russian interference in our electoral process and Putin nursing a grudge against an American critic of his human rights abuses.
     Also, let us not forget how and why the Magnitsky Act came into being in 2012. In fact, Putin was brazenly arrogant enough to bring up Bill Browder, a US-born British investor who basically had all his holdings in Russia stolen by one Vlad Putin. Investigating this, Browder hired Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian attorney who was then subsequently arrested by the Interior Ministry (police) and who later mysteriously got a case of the deads while still in Russian police custody.
     We have Browder to thank for lobbying Congress to draft and pass the Magnitsky Act, a raft of sanctions that would be levied against Russia for committing the same human rights abuses of which McFaul had been so vocal. And Donald Trump is seriously considering handing this man over to Russian agents more dangerous than even Maria Butina ever was. And the United States Senate now is forced to vote on a resolution warning Trump not to do that.
     This is the State of the Union... of the Post Soviet Socialist Republic. Let this be your surfboard in the Blue Tsunami this November, people.

(Addendum: 98 angry Democrats just voted against Trump handing over McFaul to the Russians.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Should a Woodhead Chuck "Would"?

     Remember 20 years ago when Bill Clinton nauseated the nation by trying to parse the definition of the word "is?" "What is is?" he asked before a Congressional committee. Now we're debating over what Trump really meant regarding the Russia probe and whether he meant to say "would" or "wouldn't".
     I think the bigger issue is us debating over what he meant since the words "would" and "wouldn't" are polar opposites and that this walking brain stem masquerading as the president doesn't actually know the difference. The bigger issue is that the "president" is such a fucking incurious oaf he can't even be bothered to spell certain words correctly.
     What you see above is a screengrab of Trump's prepared remarks taken by the NY Times and shown on Chris Cuomo's show that someone snuck under his snout yesterday. As usual, Trump decided to go off script and remind himself, as if he himself hasn't mastered the lie, that "there was no colusion."
     Yes, he couldn't even spell that word correctly. You'd think, of all the words in the Goddamned English language, he'd know how to spell that one correctly since he uses it far more frequently than he does his wife's name or that of any other member of his family.
     And today the press corps was treated to the sight of Sarah Huckabee Sanders telling the media that when Trump said "No" when asked if he thought Russia hacked our 2016 election that what he really meant was "No, as in No, I'm not going to answer any more questions."
     So we're left with three choices- That this Manchurian Candidate puppet actually doesn't know the difference between antonyms, that he's lying through his teeth or he honestly doesn't even know what the truth is, any more because he's already well into dementia.
     Of course, the scariest answer is that all three could be correct.
     "Do you think Russia interfered with the 2016 election?"
     "I don't see any reason why they would."
     And we're left idiotically debating whether he meant that or the antonym "wouldn't", a distinction you'd reasonably expect of a child in elementary school, let alone the most powerful man in the free world.
     He meant what he'd originally said in Finland when he said, "I don't see any reason why they would."
     Except this time Donald Trump has an excellent reason for lying.
     I don't know who'd arranged that Helsinki Summit but one gets the impression it was Putin pulling the strings affixed to all four of Trump's chubby limbs. It would explain why Trump rushed to Helsinki right after Scotland without a word of explanation as to what the summit was to be about. If so, it was a master stroke of a move for Putin.
     Putin knew the media would ask about Russia's interference in the 2016 general election, especially after the Mueller probe issued another 12 indictments naming 12 of Putin's most senior military intelligence officials.
     OK, so you're Vlad Putin and you have Donald Trump standing next to you, knowing the press would ask if Russia meddled in our last election. Putin stuck in Trump's tiny little hand a two-headed coin. Whether or not he knew of any collusion between Russia and he and his campaign (and he surely would have to know), both sides of the coin say the same thing. No, there was no collusion.
     It was a classic trap, a win-win for Russia and a lose-lose for America. Either Trump lies about the collusion and says there was none or...
     ...he has to admit there was collusion thereby invalidating and neutering his entire term of office.
     And, really, what do you reasonably expect a prolific liar like Trump to say? He either had to throw his entire intelligence apparatus under the bus or admit to the world that Hillary was cut off at the knees (and the poor woman has a hard enough time staying on her pins, to begin with) and that he's not legitimately the president.
     Those were his two choices. And maybe that's what he was thinking as he sat and stood looking like a man about to walk the last mile down Death Row. Perhaps he mentioned the emails and the "missing" server because he knows in his tiny heart of hearts that she won and he did not.

     Ladies and gentlemen, that is the look of a man who is forced to decide what is the best way to eat a shit sandwich, with or without the crust.
     Those were his choices- Either side with a dictator who's as big a fucking liar as he or admit he's a fake president.
     Which, of course, he is.

Gotham City Digest, 7/18/18

In which we promise only to prick your conscience, never your delusions.

     I like being informed and having knowledge few others know. But what fascinates me is what I DON'T know. Seriously, there better be a YUGE payoff at the end of all this waiting and I won't settle for anything less than Trump getting thrown in federal prison for life.

     Maria Butina offering sex in exchange for a position in an organization she was targeting? Thanks to Trump, we're living in a 60's James Bond movie.

     "Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people. … They're very aggressive people. They may get aggressive, and congratulations you're in World War III." - Actual quote from one man 5th Column Donald Trump to Tucker Carlson on Fox.

     And in case you need yet another reason to loath Jeff fucking Bezos and Amazon... I think this Seattle City Council member Sawant is a little too idealistic, uncompromising and not as pragmatic as she should be. After all, some compromise is essential in all politics. But I love her idea for a $500 head tax, that Amazon and Bezos viciously (and successfully) attacked. The Seattle City Council is supposed to work for the people of Seattle, not Jeff fucking Bezos.

     So, we just got hit with a bill for nearly $70,000 so Donald Trump could play two rounds of golf in Scotland yet we're supposed to believe no one profited? All these greaseball grifters have done is profit off the presidency.

     Every once in a great while, Donald Trump can be shamed into doing or saying something to countermand something he'd done or said that's truly shameful. We saw it in the days after Charlottesville, when he blamed "both sides" for the violence, then the next day he walked back his statements to blame just the neoNazis and white supremacists. Then the very next day at Trump Tower, with his Jewish son in law, daughter and Jewish Treasury Secretary standing right next to him, he went back and said the racists and antisemites were "very fine people".
      Then there was the Vegas shooting that killed 58 people and wounded about 850 others. Trump said he was taking strong measures then the next day signed a ban on bump stocks and nothing else.
      Then there was Helsinki, in which he sided with Putin and not his own intelligence community. When he saw the opposition on Fox, the only channel he watches, and saw his numbers tank, he yesterday said he stood by his intelligence community regarding their belief that Russia hacked the election.
      Then, predictably, the very next day, today, there was THIS.
      You can't fix corruption any more than you can fix stupid.

     Wow, what a great time to be a Russian or Ukrainian in this country. Probation for trying to murder a toddler then hitting a cyclist, a motorist and dragging someone with her car for 10 blocks. Yet, despite a confession and all that violence, the judge considered her to be a "low risk" for more violence. So what justice did the family of the hung toddler get? Sorry, a decade of probation just wouldn't cut it for me.

     Look, in these "interesting times", we can either laugh or cry. And laughing is so much more fun. This is just some of the fun fodder with which late night comedians had at Trump's expense last night, courtesy of my friend Tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors.

     Every other right wing president has installed fellow right wingers on the High Court in the interests of leaving long term conservative time bombs in their wake. Trump's the first who's trying to install a short-term human counter measure picked solely to protect him from Robert Mueller. And finally...

     Trump Badyear Blimp stopped before IRS jihad designed to "start a second American revolution."

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Man on a Mission

     Yes, Trump went to Helsinki and all he got was a toy.
     When Donald Trump stood beside Vladimir Putin and did his dog and pony show, even Republicans were shocked. On Fox Business, Trish Regan and Gen. Jack Keane, they were shocked, shocked that Trump didn't do the slightest thing to defend our country, starting with his own intelligence community and the FBI. (Russian meddling that had been aided and abetted for years by the countless talking heads at Fox then decried.).
     NBC News reported that Brit Hume's own analysis of the summit was "disgusting" (this coming from the same Brit Hume who, ironically, used the 4th of July to say on Twitter that "Democrats don't love America") and Bret Baier called it "almost surreal at points".'s Douglas Schoen wrote that Putin "eats Trump's lunch."
     And then human asterisk Newt Gingrich piped up:

     Essentially, this is virtually how we perceived the White House this morning:

     But the reaction wasn't all bad, as Mary Lou from Connecticut proved when she called in to C-SPAN yesterday:

     Yes, they're actually grateful that Russia meddled in the 2016 election because the subversion of our electoral process with the purpose of fraudulently installing a Russian stooge like Donald Trump is still vastly preferable to legitimately electing Hillary Clinton because of ... the emails! The server! Monica! Because that's how we'll make America great again, by thanking our worst enemy for hacking into the American electoral process for which our ancestors had fought and died to defend. MAGA!
     If any one picture could perfectly describe this Helsinki summit/debriefing/job performance review, it would be this one. Putin sits very comfortably looking like a 10 pound cat that just ate a 20 pound canary. Trump, on the other hand, looks like a man who abruptly lost his place in a universe that no longer makes sense. One can perfectly imagine The Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime" playing through his head.
     "And you may find yourself in a beautiful house
     With a beautiful wife
     And you may ask yourself, well
     How did I get here?"

     Well, the answer was sitting to his left, looking extremely satisfied that his master plan was running like clockwork with the continuing collusion of 63,000,000 racist evolutionary dropouts who still think Trump is the greatest thing since vodka and borscht.
      Guilty of collusion or not, any sane president would have immediately canceled such a summit in the interests of political decontamination. Trump's top advisors begged him not to go but Trump was a man on a mission and he had to get his marching orders from the Boss. Then smack dab in the middle of the summit, this bombshell dropped over the White House and the Kremlin.
     Maria Butina, the Russian gun nut, had been charged with acting as a surreptitious Russian agent and establishing a secret back channel with the GOP through the NRA. That involves the entire Republican Party, not just Trump.
     And still, the "president" got up on his hind legs and said, "No collusion" several times and even mentioned Hillary's emails and the basement server. Yes, he went there. Again. He decided to side with a murderous ex KGB goon instead of the FBI and his 17 intelligence agencies, including his DNI, Dan Coats, who recently and unequivocally said that Russia hacked the election.
     And then he took that beautiful toy and tossed it to his beautiful wife, in essence dropping the ball both literally and figuratively.
     "And you may ask yourself
     Am I right? Am I wrong?
     And you may say to yourself,
     'My God! What have I done?'"

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