Saturday, January 26, 2019

Gotham City Digest, the Government is Open (for now) edition

(In which we promise to never shut down Gotham City over a needless wall.)

     Granted, most of these news items came out just before the shutdown ended yesterday, but they're still worthy of attention because we must never forget the effect it had on working Americans as well as the shockingly callous attitude of the right wing elitists currently infesting the swamp that Trump just restocked with different alligators.

      Remember back in the day when we used to feed the hungry and indigent all over the world?
      Thanks to Trump, we are now the hungry and indigent. Maybe when Trump and Kim Jong Un meet next month, they can trade jokes about how they starved their respective nations.

     Virginia is for lovers... of misogyny.

     Had anyone else thought it was strange that Trump seemingly had no recorded reactions to Giuliani's countless unforced errors on national TV? Well, wonder no more.

     "Control room error" my rosy red Irish ass.

     I know this was a very boorish thing for Trump to do to Paul Ryan but part of me will always find this hilarious.

     Yeah, it's time we apologized to the privileged white boys who never for a moment in their brief lives ever had to worry about harassment or racial profiling until the horrible way social media raked them over the glowing phosphors of the internet.

     Sure, Lara, it's "a little bit of a pain" not having enough food to eat, getting your utilities shut off, not having enough insulin to treat your diabetes and getting evicted because you can't make your rent or mortgage.
     Another "let them eat cake" remark from the right wing disguised as compassionate conservatism, people.

     Democrats are about to launch a massive wave of investigations into the Trump family's countless breaches of national security. Let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in our favor.

     Guess those bed and breakfasts are like catnip to those Canadians. eh?

     You want to know why the government was still shut down after 35 days? Ask this little Nazi.

     Because, of course. Tennessee.

     Because I'm sure the semantics will make all the difference to a battered woman.

     There is no one who can convince me this man isn't completely insane. Seriously. He's a five year-old who refuses to go in for a time out after breaking the vase. Inviting the president to deliver the SOTU before a joint session requires an Act of Congress in both chambers. But Trump thought he could walk in like he owns the joint. Which is exactly how a dictator thinks.

     This is another reason why I'm not excited about Biden running: In the battleground state of Michigan, Biden endorsed the Republican, not the Democrat and accepted $200,000 from the state GOP to deliver a speech. The last thing we need is another turncoat sellout "Democrat" in the White House.

     This stumblebum from Louisiana with the hobo chic beard is living in his own dream world. When asked why the GOP didn't fund the wall over the last two years, he tried to deflect and mentioned Obama and DACA. (Note the US-Israeli flag lapel pin. Yes, our elected officials are wearing the Israeli flag on their lapels.)

     Meanwhile, Sarah "One Foot Out the Door" Sanders claims people are "so happy to destroy a kid's life." Which isn't true. What happened at the March for Life was, well, deplorable. You know who WAS happy to see a kid's life destroyed?
     Racists who danced on Trayvon Martin's grave, on Michael Brown's grave, on Tamir Rice's grave, on Laquan McDonald's grave. Then manufactured evidence to try to prove the "little thug" had it coming to him. You know, people in "Real" 'Murrica.

     Physically barring, arresting or seeking a restraining order against the president before the State of the Union would obviously be a nadir in American politics. Yet this is exactly what will need to be done. I say let the Capitol police guard the door to the chamber and if Trump tries to force his way in, well, let law enforcement do what law enforcement does.
      As it stands now, I still cannot believe fucking Pelosi refuses to allow impeachment proceedings against him. Three quarters of the government is in turmoil and the other quarter is being starved out of existence.

     Meanwhile, elsewhere in the 4th Reich, two of the Covington kids went on Fox (of course) and dismissed them wearing blackface as "showing school spirit." Not explained was why they were harassing a black basketball player and why one kid was flashing the white power hand signal.

     We are now officially living in a fucking Robert Ludlum novel. It's a given in fiction as well as real life- When a powerful man or men fall, there's always a beautiful woman in the middle of the mix.

     It was inevitable, I suppose, that some right wing nut bag like Ben Stein would compare the far left Ocasio-Cortez with the far right Hitler, the godfather of the latter day Republican Party. But didn't Stein say just seven years ago that he supported the exact same thing when it was proposed by Obama? Bueller? Bueller?! (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC.)

      A year ago, there were grave concerns about what passed for Trump's heart, And yet, here we are over a year later. His health is still the same and we're getting worse.
      We're supposed to be the greatest nation on earth, not the Picture of Dorian Gray.

     Billionaire douchebags like the Kochs really, really hate unions.

     Well, that was fast. Is it any surprise Grand Dragon and Governor-apparent Ron DeSantis would appoint a racist as Secretary of State even after he appeared in blackface right after Hurricane Katrina?

     Watch Rachel. Two days ago, she did a segment on Trump's inexplicable relationship with Douche Bank in Germany.

     Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Pressley Win Seats on Committee Set to Probe Trump. Maybe they could've gone with a better headline.

     Let us all thank the baby Jebus these idiots are stupider than their German predecessors from 85 years ago.

     Well, Pelosi won this staring contest. The next day, she won a bigger one.

     Buzzfeed's second story about Trump's Russia House. The plans went way beyond the letter of intent. There were no less than 10 updates to the Trump team, exact percentages were hashed out and they even appear to have written the text for what would have been the brochures. No business in Russia, my ass.

     Coming this fall to MSNBC: THE USUAL SUSPECTS, the series.

     Netflix released tapes of an interview with a woman-victimizing Republican psychopath who was born in 1946. No, it wasn't Donald Trump.

     "I don't quite understand why federal workers are needing to go to food banks. So the 30 days of pay that some people will be out, there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t be able to get a loan against it." says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Where's Aaron Burr when you need him?

     First amendment? Stupid poors! That's for rich people and Citizen's United!

     "Cartoon villain come to life" perfectly describes Kellyanne Conjob aka Crack Whore Barbie. Now I'm starting to rethink who actually did write that anonymous NY Times op-ed.

     The day the shutdown ended, LaGuardia itself got grounded. Why? The government shutdown. This never would've happened without Trump and Reagan smashing their PATCO union and making them federal employees.

     Basically, it's right wing elitists vs working class people.

     In case you missed it, this is the video of Roger Stone getting arrested and put in handcuffs.
      And, for this lady, it was the greatest show on earth. And finally...

     Well worth reading if you want a legal viewpoint on what to expect next.


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