Friday, February 22, 2019

Gotham City Digest: Make America White Again edition

     That awkward moment when you call a national emergency that you didn't have to declare to try to steal money for a vanity wall and find out it's already been spent.

     Let the de-Trumpification of America begin...

     Oh, this is getting more interesting by the minute. Robert Kraft, a billionaire worth $6.6 billion and owns a Super Bowl-winning team isn't even the biggest name in this prostitution sting out of Jupiter, according to ESPN.
     The Patriots haters are gonna be short-stroking this until the Rapture. Fine, let 'em. We're still the greatest NFL franchise ever assembled and this won't take away a single one of our six Lombardi trophies.

     Just in case you're still harboring some silly, stubborn notions that Kirsten Gillibrand is anything remotely resembling a progressive...

     Election officials on the take from voting equipment vendors? Say it ain't so!

     Apparently, Jazzy Jeff Epstein met one of his underage victims at Trump's Mar-a-Lago. I'm really liking on the Miami Herald these days.

     Tuscon, Arizona just got hit with 38" of snow. Yeah, I'd say that qualifies as a change of climate.

     Trump: I think I'm gonna pardon Manafort.
     His own government: Uh, not so fast...

     We join you live now at MiniTru Headquarters...

     Meanwhile in Colombia and Venezuela, there are, bizarrely, dueling concerts 300 meters from each other.

     Twin win. A win for undocumented migrants and for gay couples.

     On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi held a vote to invalidate Trump's "national emergency." This will force the Senate to hold their own vote on it within 18 days, thereby forcing Republicans to officially take a stand one way or the other.

     We have got to get rid of the Russian mole in the WH, stat. Putin's basically saying he has the right to station hypersonic missiles close to the US while saying we're not allowed to put missiles near Russia. You've got Trump to thank after he dismantled that treaty.

     Because the answer, obviously, is to make our kids live in a quiet state of siege. God forbid we should have sensible gun control laws.

     In case you're wondering where that Coast Guard Lt got the idea to murder everyone on earth, look no further than Laura Ingraham and her wacko guests who are fighting civil wars in their own addled minds.

     I give Roger Stone one week on the simple grounds that he's a blithering idiot who can't keep his mouth shut.

     Oh, so THAT explains his Twitter account.

     While Donnie Dumbo is badmouthing Kamala Harris, he's forgetting about another Harris, his buddy in NC-9, Mark Harris. NC-9 is the last contested district after last November's midterms. Harris went on record on national TV as saying he'd gotten no warnings whatsoever about any electoral fraud.
      This picture was taken during his own son's testimony that threw him under the bus by stating he himself had warned his father about electoral fraud. This is a much bigger story than the prostrate MSM are making it out to be. Since then, Harris has called for the election to be held again.

     After all this time, if the results aren't readily made available to the public, the perception will indeed be that there's a coverup. And, regarding Mueller's final report, the public expects a long one. But what we should really want is a short one. And these are the reasons why.

     As the kids say, "We have the receipts."

     Two nights ago, Rachel Maddow detailed how scrupulously the outgoing Obama administration collected intelligence on Trump's collusion with Russia and the extraordinary steps it took to preserve that information.
     This was the intelligence assessment, by the way, that Mitch McConnell blocked. Maddow failed to mention that.

     Why stop at just 6G? Let's have 6G20 and bring Putin back in! #MRGA!

     So, Rutger Bregman, the hero of Davos, was interviewed earlier this month by Tucker Carlson. It started civilly enough until Bregman called him out for being a millionaire who works for billionaires.
     The conversation, let's just say, went downhill from that point on...

     Everything you think you know about the media... is a lie, according to one former NBC journalist.

     If, by "Kamala Harris" you mean Bernie Sanders, then yes.

     This Trumpanzee Coast Guard officer wanted to murder everyone on the planet but found a white nationalist America that would've consisted of... himself, apparently. Got to give him an A for ambition.
     But the real terrorists and drug smugglers are at the southern border, right? Isn't that where the national emergency is?

     A must read by Michael Fox. Trump is essentially using the people of Venezuela as a reelection campaign device.

     Mizz Lindsey (R-Streetcar) has the vapors again. And such atrocious language from a proper southern belle. Whoever you are, he has always depended on the kindness of Russians.

     Why is Trump so enamored of muscle-bound skinhead lawyers who look like the Kingpin?

     This is CNN... and its laughable attempt at being "fair and balanced."

     McCabe shot down McCain on The View. It was righteous.

     "I don't care. I believe Putin." This treasonous cocksucker is going to get us all killed if we don't remove him now. Name one other time in US history when our Commander in Chief believed a Russian tyrant over his own intelligence community.

     In just a few hours, Bernie's already outraised all other Democrats within the first 24 hours of them throwing their hat in the ring. Not bad for a Socialist.

     If a Mississippi School of Communication who put you in their Hall of Fame thinks you're too racist to be in that HoF, then you're a racist douchebag screaming straight out of the antebellum era.

     Il Douche and his lawyers also reportedly coordinated secretly with Republican congressmen, including not just Devin Nunes but also Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, to publicly undermine the Russia investigation. Once again, for clarity's sake- An innocent man would not act like this. Trump comes off looking like a mafia don stuffing cash into a suitcase in the dead of night.

     Trump wanted to sell a nuclear reactor to Saudi Arabia? Well, THIS is a little perturbing.

     18 Attorneys General have already taken Trump to court over this so-called "national emergency."

     And so it begins. "Humanitarian aid" my ass.

     Daddy delivers the smackdown! Now, Senator Harris should get a time out in a corner until after the 2020 election.

     Silly libs! Executive power is only for white presidents!

     Anybody remember my old foil, Hal Turner? Hal's doing time in a federal lockup in Chicago for guess what?
     Threatening three federal judges.
     So, please, Roger. Keep talking. And finally...

     “I am not kidding when I say I have interviewed terrorists who were more cooperative and respectful than Matt Whitaker was today. I say that with sadness.” -Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi to Nicolle Wallace.


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