Thursday, July 25, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Stern. Strong. Fascist. Trump.)

     "After complaints, district officials announced they plan to send out a less threatening letter next week."
      You think they're doing this on behalf of whatever corporation they'd contracted?

     Headline: "Court Just Ruled In Favor Of Allowing Sexual Harassment Against Women Inmates Because It’s A ‘Training Exercise’" "4th amendment?" You don't need no steenkin' 4th amendment!"

     “We shouldn’t take anything she says seriously,” said Fox's Pete Hogsbreath. "Fox News has devoted three times more coverage to the freshman congresswoman this year than the other cable news networks."
      Maybe we should arrange a 9/11 style Commission to see how Trump got "elected" into the WH. Oh, wait, we did. It's called the Mueller Report.

     Remember when Mike Pence suddenly aborted a trip to New Hampshire early this month at the same time Putin was called back to the Kremlin during that disaster that killed 11 Russian sailors? Turns out that was just a coincidence. Here's the real reason why Pence cancelled. Who can blame him?

     Just the fact he said Modi wanted him to get involved with the Kashmir talks and that he could wipe out Afghanistan in a week shows what a colossally ignorant boob he is.

     Let the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum memes begin.

     Oh, this is bullshit. Now we're rounding up US citizens.

     So, when Boris got sent to #10 Downing, this is what Natasha had to say:
     So, how did Putin respond?

     Now he has Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum cock puppets on both sides of the pond. Well, played, Putin, well played.

     In light of who the new UK PM is, this looks like a good day to dust off this old article by Andy Borowitz.

     And yet another oldie but goodie from Andy.

     Can someone please tell me when the media started interpreting a popularity rating of under 50% as "popular"? And since when did Joe Biden, a Blue Dog hack who historically has been completely unelectable for the presidency, suddenly become the Democratic "front runner"?

     Ever wanted a drone with a built-in flamethrower? Well, wait no more. Again, IDIOCRACY is no longer a movie: It's a documentary.

     Cop who threatened AOC's life got fired by the Gretna PD. Just watch- In a couple of months we'll be reading about him getting hired by the corrupt NOPD on the other end of the bridge.

     The American Nazi Party just shut down Theresienstadt. It'd served its propaganda purpose.

     Meanwhile, in Northern Braindead, Trumpistan... "Owning slaves doesn't make you racist."

    Congress finally just passed this bill well past the natural lifetmes of any first responder (2092). It's just a shame Jon Stewart had to shame Congress into it. Speaking of Stewart, this wonderful photo made the rounds:

      P.S. The two pieces of shit who voted against it are the Usual Suspects: Mike Lee and Rand Paul. In Republicanland, these are considered votes of conscience.

     Apparently, you're not permitted to ask the Gestapo for their papers.

     See what you started, Trumpie? Now we have fucking mediums running for state senate.

     More 3 dimensional chess from fucking Pelosi. Just get it over with, already.

     The Mueller testimony, as I'd predicted last month, was a big nothing burger, a limp rerun of the report itself. No revelations, no admissions, no nothing.
     Trump, on the other hand, saw it differently. If he's as innocent as he says he is, then what's fair or unfair is immaterial, right?

          For my friends across the pond.

     Only in the UK can 0.14% of the people be considered a mandate.

     Trump's Chinese-made flags and hats just got held up in Customs. Oh, the irony. Essentially, Trump's running a Walmart campaign. America first, my ass.

     So, who just wrote on Fox "News" that Democrats were losing the immigration debate because of their "extreme" and "radical" proposals like not putting innocent children and babies in concentration camps? This douchebag.

     Looks like Epstein tried to off himself last night. Either that or a mass murderer cop tried to do us a favor. Either way, as the old saying goes, Better luck next time.

     Maybe if they'd pitched him in Russian and put a few million rubles on his desk, Mitch would've listened.

     This is chilling. tRrump's DOJ just brought back federal capital punishment. What's punishable by death? Well, treason, among other things. Maybe Trump and Barr didn't think this all the way through.

     What do you get for a fake president who has everything? A fake presidential seal.

     So, Jeremy Corbyn righteously raked Theresa May over the coals at her exit interview before Parliament and right wingers in the UK press are STILL tweaking out about it.

     That US citizen that CBP grabbed a month ago? He just got released. He was tempted to self-deport just to get away from the filth and ticks. Yes, ticks.
     Concentration camps. They're a thing again. And finally...

     The next time Trump inveighs against coyotes smuggling people across the border, he might want to mention these corrupt jarheads.


At July 25, 2019 at 9:11 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Why should Rand Paul care? He goes to Canada to seek medical treatment from its near-socialist healthcare system.

Socialism for the elites; the free market for the rest of us.


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