Friday, August 30, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we vow never to relax because everything's not fine.)

     And another one down and another one down and another one bites the dust...

     Now why did this fucking blithering idiot have to go and do this? To add to Trump's lengthening list of all the things he's withdrawing from, now it's the International Postal Union.

     Yep, I can perfectly see this happening.

     “My husband once famously said that he’s ‘automatically attracted to beautiful’ and that he just starts kissing them. So if he can, I will too."

     Because, of course Alabammy. Who knows what these hillbilly cousin-fuckers were thinking when they tried to pull this stunt? But the Alabama Republican Party proves on a daily basis why the south will never rise again except if a big enough meth lab explodes.

     We're now deporting kids with cancer (pay wall). I don't know what the fuck happened to Trump in his childhood but whatever it was, it must've been a pip.

     All this human suffering and broken families, it was because of a political ploy. That's all the fucking wall ever was to him- A political stunt to appease the racist goobers in his base.

     It's not the Onion, it's Steve King.

     "Trump is using the same immigration policy that once kept out Jews fleeing Nazi Germany." Gee, fancy that. I never would've expected that from someone who slept with Hitler's speeches next to his bed.

     Sorry, I think the Old Girl dropped the ball here.

     Isakson's out by 2020. It's a shame Stacey Abrams won't run next year.

     Right about now, you may want to ask yourself why the Kentucky Army National Guard's 223rd Military Police Company's being sent to Gitmo. It's all being done hush hush and rush rush.

     The only trickle down I see is Republicans peeing on our heads and telling us it's a golden shower.

     I'd seriously read the excerpt from this guy's book. The little bastard sons of Adolph Hitler, such as Trump, are still using religion to this day despite being unwilling or incapable of showing the slightest amount of piety or Christian principles.

     Skynet comes to the bedroom.

     I'll just put this up without comment.

     Speaking of horrible marketing ideas- Got a shotgun wedding coming up? Let us be your one stop shopping center.

     The Indians call it karma.

     Since when is it the media's job to work with the government? Which Fox is, 90% of the time. It's the other 10% that's driving Trump crazier than usual.

     I'd like to see this story shared as widely as possible. Trump is now deporting sick kids, including those with cancer. It broke on WBUR here in the Boston area where it was then picked up by the Globe in the print media and finally Maddow's show on MSNBC.
     This has all the earmarks of not only a typical Trump dick move but a typical Trump dick move in which the pertinent agencies weren't even notified. CBP had already sent out letters to parents telling them to self-deport or they will get deported by us within 33 days. This would be a virtual death sentence for those children.
     Then the Trump administration is being so craven about it, not only are they ending this program without an official announcement, CBP actually contacted BUR about it and said the program isn't really ending, it's just being shifted from CBP to ICE. When MSNBC reached out to ICE, they told them they had no fucking clue what they were talking about.
     We're killing gravely sick kids and no one seems to know why except Trump's sadistic cruelty.

     Now Trump's trying to steal citizenship from children of service members who were born overseas. So, how do you like your Commander in Chief now, guys?

     Shorter Jill Biden: "Pinch your nose and swallow. I did."

     More redneck white privilege.

     That's basically it. The last time this was done, Charles I lost his fucking head.

     This is positively Kafkaesque. I'm not responsible for what others post on Facebook and neither is this kid.

     The very next day, O'Donnell posted an apology on Twitter and admitted it hadn't gone through MSNBC's "usual vigorous vetting process." I cannot possibly tell you how disappointed I am with O'Donnell. This plays right into Trump's wearisome narrative of "the fake news media." He really stepped on his own dick here.

     Someone's leash just got jerked. What's next? Is Trump going to steal their grain like Stalin did?

     It's not a dog whistle, any more. It's an air raid siren shrieking at 100 decibels.

     Lindsey Graham seems to be competing with Mitch McConnell to see who can run bandy-legged the fastest into the Dark Side.

     "Under pressure from other villagers, the owner of the land which the statue stands on has only given it permission to stay for two months and it is due to burnt on October 31, Halloween."
      Burning Man, Slovenian-style. I hope I get to see a video of this.

     This is how astoundingly vicious corporations are when they encounter the slightest resistance from anyone even when its products are plainly killing people.

     Brit Hume pulled his fat, square head out of his tight ass long enough to state that Fox isn't supposed to work for the White House. The peasants revolted. I just told one of them on Twitter to stop watching Fox and that I'd even support their boycott.

     For me not for thee, y'all. This was the same asshole who 10 years ago banned "homosexual content" from the school's curriculum.

     Who else is sick and tired of redneck racists using Trump and his sadistic policies as a pimpstick against POC?

     Typical asshat Republican response to mass shootings- Blame single parents and lack of faith in God. If this is typical of the town halls that right wingers will face, 2020 will be a blood bath that'll make 2018 look like a paper cut.

     Of course it's Georgia. Bottom line- It's against the school's code to be forced to give a blowjob. But it's perfectly OK to get that blowjob under coercion.

     This is coming from an adulterer who just shut down Parliament for the first time since 1649 and makes little buses out of wine crates. So, if you've gotten Boris Johnson to see the light of day, you've just lost Bullshit Mountain.

     The WH Press Office hasn't had a presser in over 170 days. This thing about Comey is beginning to make it look like something Winston Smith would extrude out of Minitru. How many of you suspect this "press secretary" press release about Comey was written by Trump himself? All that's missing is a misspelling and an exclamation point at the end.

     OK, I know this is a liberal, tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theory but hear me out. If you wanted to murder Jeffrey Epstein in his jail cell the morning after a tranche of documents implicating several powerful and wealthy men was released, this is what you'd have to do:
     1) Make sure the guards don't check on him for over three hours. Ensure they go to sleep.
     2) Take him off suicide watch 9 days after he was assaulted in a manner inconsistent with hanging.
     3) Remove his only cellmate as you take him off suicide watch.
   4) Ensure the camera trained outside his cell suffers a "glitch" at the exact moment Epstein "commits suicide" thereby denying everyone the chance to see that footage.
     It's not as if any of these things happened. right?

     Yeah, NOW suddenly the "president" is interested enough in hurricanes to cancel a trip to Poland and send Pence, instead. I suppose the fact that Mar a Lago is in the path of Dorian has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with his decision to cancel a state visit to stay home and monitor the storm.
      Heaven forbid...
     Hey, Donnie, if you're looking for solutions to minimize the damage, here's an idea: Nuclear warheads.
     I say we should crowdsource a campaign to buy tons of paper towels to throw at Trump after Hurricane Dorian hits Mar-a-Lago.

     When white privilege collapses in on itself. He was going to kill his roommate then himself if the other kid got into a fraternity and he didn't.
     He legally bought the guns last weekend, the DA said.

     Useful idiot or Russian asset. Definitely a useful idiot.

     Well, well, well. Look at whose head is the latest to roll down the South Lawn. By many accounts, she's a power-hungry sociopath who loves to dish dirt on Trump and his crime wave of a family. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about them now that she has no job and no career to protect.

     What's the Age of Trump?
     Emotionally and intellectually, about seven.

     How the FUCK is this happening in the 21st century? Girls denied tampons and pads. Guards throwing food on the floor for the kids to fight over. This is the sort of medieval shit you read about in history books.

     I'm not saying that age ought to be an across the board determinative factor in presidential candidates. Sanders, after all, is almost the same age as Biden. But Bernie's as sharp as a tack and almost always gets his facts straight. Joe is obviously past his shelf life and this alarming story shows it.

     So, there was this shit, again. Apparently, Putin's VP thinks he's entitled to more time. I told him maybe someone should read to him the Wikipedia page on the 22nd Amendment. That is, if he can pay attention long enough.

     Woman admits she refused to donate her kidney as a child to grandfather who was a racist and a pedophile.  This is the purest distillation of karma.

     Surprise, surprise, most of the missing votes in Georgia popped up in largely black precincts. I'm so glad Congress is investigating this. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution may harrumph and cite alternative reasons how this could've happened but I'll just come right out and say it- They stole votes from black people so the white racist could steal the Governor's Mansion. (mic drop)

     Another bloated rat waddles off the sinking ship. Doesn't Cavuto know Fox is supposed to be a faithful subsidiary of Trump TV?

     They ordered this black man to sit in the back of the plane before kicking him off so a dog could fly First Class. So, to American Airlines, we're back in the pre-Rosa Parks days.

     For once, the Russians are probably right here.

     This isn't even the funniest part. At the same fundraiser, Fredo said he understood middle class issues because he went to a boarding school in Pennsylvania and that he isn't racist because he's "dating a Puerto Rican." And finally...

     God help us every one when Joe Walsh (R-Stop saying I look like Jeffrey Epstein!), who used to scream at his constituents, is the voice of reason in the Republican Party.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Re-elect Trump or We All Die

(By Cyril Blubberpuss, Conservative-American)
"We're all gonna die! Incoming!" I screamed as I waddled away from a Syrian hot dog vendor so I wouldn't have to pay my tab. OK, perhaps a bit hyperbolic but it works every time. Donnie taught me that trick in 1979.
     But I'm not too far off. The liberal wackjob that runs this septic tank of a blog would tell you "#Still Sanders!, bleat, bleat, bleat!". Even though Sanders has as about much chance of getting elected as the Red Sox have of running the table and winning the World Series again. Ha! Suck it, Alex Cora!
      Indeed, the security of the Free World and everything we hold dear depends entirely on my old buddy Donald Trump getting reelected so he can stave off indictment for another four years, more than that if they come for him on Inauguration Day 2025 and he chains himself to the Resolute Desk, which he told me is his Final Solution (Yes, sorry to say, he actually used those words).

     I actually went to the G7 in the South of France with Trump as an economic advisor to him and Mnuchin (who's a capital fellow, if you can get past the smell of Mexican fish sauce that always seems to exude from him). So better than all but a handful of people on the planet, I can tell you what the stakes are and they're higher than Donnie's and Stevie's snouts when they walk into a room full of non-billionaires.
     First off, no one can handle  this so-called trade war with China than our Tariff Tsar, Donald Trump. How do you think Hillary would manage it (Oh, they say she's not running but just leave it up to the witch to struggle out from under the bushes and jiggle her pants-suited way to the finish line just before primary season)? It'd be a disaster. that's how it would go!
     She'd show up in Beijing with a big red reset button for Xi like she did Lavrov when she was Secretary of State. Then next thing you know, the Chinks will resume flooding our market with inferior goods made in non-union sweatshops like this, for instance, and... OK, maybe we'd better not go there for now. Besides, our boys in Delaware are taking care of that little embarrassment even as I write this.
     Anyway, if Trump loses to anyone it'll be a liberal shitshow, even though that's a tautology, and that's even on the astronomical chance Joe "I found my inner liberal!" Walsh (R-Wage Garnishment) gets the GOP nomination. Just think what'll happen if Sanders gets the nomination then actually wins! He'll take the Oath of Office on Marx's Das Kapital and they'll be serving fucking borscht at the Inaugural Ball! And don't even get me started on how much it'd cost to get that old man smell out of the Oval Office!
     This election takes me back to the good old days when Goldwater was running for the presidency back in '64. I was a little boy and my baby brother Cecil wasn't even a bump in the old lady's belly when the arch conservative of his day attended a fundraiser organized by our father, Ambrose Blubberpuss.
     Father Ambrose was the first billionaire in our family and was a good friend of Fred Trump, Fred Koch and other fascists named Fred (there're a lot more than you think). In fact, both Freds were there and young Donald was there, barely 18 years old and already ogling the, uh, 16 year-old Hillary Clinton. I'll never forget listening in on the conversation that dear old Dad had with Senator Goldwater.
     "Goldwater. Isn't that Jewish?"
     "Stop talking to me."
     The conversation kinda went downhill from that point on but Dad cut the check, anyway, Barry of course cashed it and went on to one of the most memorable presidential elections in recent memory. If only LBJ hadn't done that Daisy campaign spot showing the world what Barry Goldwater wanted to do to North Vietnam, Barry would've carried maybe two or three states. Instead, Johnson endlessly extended the War, whereas Barry would've ended it overnight like with Japan and WWII.
     Anyway, I digress.
     The fact is, no one understands isolationism like my good friend Donnie. He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord, the UN Human Rights Council, the INF Nuclear Treaty, the Iran Agreement and, if what I hear is correct, he'll actually use the upcoming Space Force to relocate our great country to the moon or maybe Mars.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(In which we promise to never try to look like the Commander in Cheeto.)

     The first crime in outer space. If any of you guys write both crime and science fiction, here you go.

     Another reason why I refuse to use Apple products. Apple not only lies about protecting your privacy, not only does Apple not give a flying fuck about your privacy, they also make a pile of money by harvesting your communications and using it to their own ends.

     And sometimes the house really does fall on top of the witch...

     I recall reading years ago that a small town in Germany did pretty much the same thing. Eventually, the German fascists caught on that they were drafted into a money-raising walk-a-thon. These idiots never had a clue. An altogether inferior form of fascist. Leave it to the Germans, guys. They do it better and they're slightly smarter.

    I'm sure this is exactly the kind of firm, decisive Republican leadership those douchebag deplorables voted for in 2016.
    "I have second thoughts about everything."

     When years ago DANCING WITH THE STARS had put Tom DeLay on their cast for some Lollipop Guild routine on acid, I thought they couldn't possibly sink any lower.
     I was so very, very wrong...

     Looks like little Stevie King is going to have to brush up on his dance moves.

     Just the very fact that Creepy Uncle Joe had a fundraiser in the Hamptons is enough to make me vote against him. But when that fundraiser attracts the likes of the Mooch, there shouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind which party Biden REALLY represents.

     Well, so much for the fabled politeness of the Canucks...

     Macron epically trolled Trump by inviting Iran to the G7.

     "On Dec. 8, 2017, Niiya asks Gibson if Toese had 'his court stuff taken care of,' referring to an active warrant for Toese's arrest. Niiya goes on to say officers ignored the warrant at a past protest and tells Gibson that he doesn't see a need to arrest Toese even if he has a warrant, unless Toese commits a new crime."
      Isn't dereliction of duty a terminable offense?

     Trump wants to nuke hurricanes. Because what's a little nuclear fallout between allies and US territories, right?

     If you're wondering why so many Republicans act like criminals, here's one theory as to why that is, courtesy of Jared Kushner...

     The "fake news media" didn't start a needless trade war with China and tank the Dow Jones, asshole.

     Is it just me or does anyone else think Bolsonaro looks like the evil Carl Sagan?

     Well, THAT was kind of stupid, wasn't it?

     Here's a fascinating example of nature healing or regenerating itself after Man's destructiveness.

    And it looks as if that psychopath Bolsonaro isn't the only one getting rid of scientists. Trump started that way back at the start of his alleged presidency. This was well over two years ago. In all that time, we have had no dedicated science professionals working at the WH.

     So, at age 87, Sheriff Joe wants his old job back. Insanity don't want no stinkin' pension. Maybe they should set up his campaign headquarters in a nursing home, admit him on election day, give him a fake badge and tell him he won before the nice nurse with the paper cup comes to tuck him in.

     Headline: "States With Fracking Bans Are Still Building Fracking Infrastructire." This is one of the many, many problems with deregulating corporations. They get so bloated with arrogance that they think the laws don't apply to them. "States' rights"? That shit's for gay marriage, gun control and hood ornament issues. Not for us frackers.

     Imagine Jeffery Epstein telling Trump to fuck off and "she's not for you" while he was ogling a 16 year-old girl? Yeah, that happened.

     God, I hope this woman wins. #DitchMitch

     "Deer werld leeders-
      Donnie cant attend the Gee 7 clymut chag meating becuz of prior com... cumm... he hadda be sumware else.
      Donnies mother."

     Ja vol! Because it takes a REAL masculine, manly man to put innocent children in concentration camps and by proxy, at that. Seig Heil! Is there any doubt that in a former life, Stephen Miller was a Jewish trustee at Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen?

      The WH, Friday, August 23, 2019:
      "But I don't wanna go. The other world leaders make fun of me. I'd rather golf at Mar a Lago or Bedminster."
      "Donnie, you MUST go. Come on, turn off TV, get dressed."
      "Melania, I don't wanna go to France! Will they at least have another parade for me with tanks and stuff?"
      "No. It is G7. They are waiting for you. You are very important man."
      "I want Vlad. I miss Vlad."
      "I know, dear. You must go. Get out of pajamas. Be best."
     "Shut the fuck up with that shit. Macron better not invite Iran or I'm gonna skip the climate meeting."

     It's not the $17 billion that Oklahoma wanted but it's something.

     I'm not surprised that Trumpie the Klown thought he could buy Greenland. And it shouldn't even surprise me that he thought he could buy the autonomous nation of Greenland from Denmark, which, as we've established, does not own Greenland. But Trump's particular gift to political bloggers and other horrified spectators of his bizarre and childish behavior is that he continues to astonish even after more than four years since the shit show of his political career began. And finally...

     Mayor Pete would beat Trumpie the Klown by 9 points. Quinnipiac further stated respondents were split 50/50 between Trump and a pumpkin carved to look like Hillary Clinton, although that would mainly be due to a case of mistaken identity.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Lard of the Manor

"President Obama was pure and simply outsmarted." "President" Donald Trump, August 26, 2019
(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari) 
"We could've had a G8!" we were forced to endure for the third summer in a row in the flaming shit show passing itself off as the "Trump administration." During a press conference for the ages yesterday, Donald Trump put on full display two of his biggest obsessions (if you discount watching Fox, fast food and underaged girls): Getting Putin back into the G7 and America's last real president, Barack Obama.
     Well, make that three obsessions if you factor in Trump's maniacal obsession with reversing everything Obama did and, in Trump's funhouse mirror mind, Obama unilaterally kicked Putin out of the G8 and essentially made it the G7. And during the press conference, Trump, as usual, got everything wrong that he tried to tackle.
     First, he blamed Obama for Putin annexing the Crimea and essentially stealing it from Ukraine. Trying to blame on Obama something Putin did that Trump would've either cheered or ignored in and of itself displays a Mr. Bill simplicity of mind that is hard to take in real time let alone historically. How this qualifies as outsmarting Obama is anyone's guess but the fact remained that at the end of the day, Putin was the one who got his ass kicked out of the G8, not Obama.
     Second, it was not up to Obama to unilaterally kick Russia out of the G8. That had to come about through a general consensus among the other six world leaders. It was not a decision President Obama could unilaterally make.
     From the start of this ersatz "presidency," it's been the G6 and will continue being the G6 as long as we have to endure the hulking evolutionary dropout in the Oval Office hell-bent on making us recede from the world stage. It's become obvious to the other six G7 leaders that America has since early 2017 quickly shriveled from being a major player at the G7 and G20, ASEAN and other world summits to being a mere ineffectual appendage of Putin's Russia.
     Undeterred, Trump has already signaled that when we host the G7 next year (assuming he's not cooling his heels in a Supermax), not only will he want to host it at one of his golf clubs (and make a pile of dough in the process), he'll invite Putin just as Clinton did Yeltsin in 1995. If the other six world leaders were smart, they'd boycott Trump and his attempt to play Lord of the Manor, which would be earthshaking. Or, if they want to troll Trump, Justin Trudeai and Macron could bring a certain Canadian/French dish to Mar a Lago and exclaim, "Oh, we thought you wanted us to bring poutine back to the G7!"

Three Was Not the Charm
If Trump thought at his third G7 that he'd find an ally in Boris Johnson, virtually the sole right wing lunatic in the South of France that weekend, he was sadly mistaken. Indeed, even the man who once admitted to making little wooden buses with little faces scrawled in the windows (think of all the time Winston Churchill wasted writing erudite books) pulled himself together long enough to say that he hoped for a peaceful resolution to Trump's trade war with China that he'd touched off before slouching toward France.
     That would be the same Boris Johnson who was terrified at the idea of a Trump presidency as well as being mistaken for him and once said he would've taken Trump on a tour of London except that he didn't wish for Londoners to "run the risk of being exposed to Donald Trump." So, Trump hadn't found an ally in Boris Johnson any more than he had Theresa May, whom Trump had mercilessly savaged over the Tory nightmare of Brexit.
     It was a G7 that Trump didn't even want to go to considering there was nothing there to interest Trump since not everything was about him. Nonetheless, the other world leaders resorted to the tried-and-true tactic of flattery in order to nudge our pretend president to their worldview. They had to be gentle: Japan doesn't want to meet the same fate as China. And Johnson was also desperately triangulating for a much-needed trade deal for the UK. It didn't work. Near the summit's end, with the Amazon in flames, Trump couldn't even be bothered to go to the Climate Conference then lied about why he'd skipped it.
     At the bottom of it all is perhaps black penis envy. Trump reportedly is absolutely terrified at posterity looking at Obama as a better president than him. From the very start, when Trump thought he could run the country by royal edict (aka Executive Orders), Trump was obsessed with the idea of reversing everything Obama did in his eight years. The crown jewel of this would be Obama Care, which was denied to him by the Democrats and John McCain (Explaining the Umber Nightmare's obsession with the late Senator).
     And, in that Mr. Bill mind of Donald Trump, he even places the "blame" for kicking Putin out of the G8 squarely on Obama's shoulders. Given his sick obsession with undoing everything Obama did, getting unwavering resistance from the other six world leaders is absolutely intolerable. Trump is acting like a dinner guest who doesn't want to go because the rest of the family banned the love of his life from attending. If it wasn't for the geopolitical implications, the relationship between Putin and Trump would be the bromance of the century.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Meanwhile, at the G7...

Why I'm Glad Dave Koch is Dead

     At long last this piece of dog shit had the consideration to turn into a rotting corpse so his decaying, bloated body can do something for the earth instead of raping it and turning off the alarm about climate change. I never had the patience for civility and never will for right wingers. I've said it before and I'll say it again- When these fascist baboons bellow for civility, they're really demanding your servility.
     As FDR once famously said of Republicans, "I welcome their hatred." I've jousted with the late Andrew Breitbart on Twitter, as well as Jerome Corsi. I've been blocked by Corsi, Joel Osteen, Chuck Todd, Curt Schilling, and other right wing nut jobs. Right before he got thrown in federal prison in Chicago, Hal Turner once threatened to send neonazis to my house. Pam Geller and I had it out between our blogs when I called her an "Islamophobic cunt." I wish I could make enemies with them all over again.
      I can get the attention of these scumbags because I have always had that gift. I was not put on this planet to expand anyone's comfort zone and hold hands because when it comes to sounding the alarm about the truly hateful and evil people in this world, the truth rarely if ever plays nice and doesn't give a fuck about your feelings. There's too much at stake to worry about the feelings of those who've likelier than not never stumbled into a voting booth,
      And that's what has kept me in the political blogging game for going on 15 years, which makes me, I suppose, the IF Stone of bloggers: Giving the truth as I see it. I'm a proud alumnus of the late Steve Gilliard's School of Political Blogging: Take no prisoners and never apologize for being a liberal. The spittle-flecked right wing will loathe us no matter how civil we are to their dead criminals. We might as well play the part of the bomb throwers they always depict us as.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Gotham City Digest: Second Coming edition

(Where we at least know we're the first draft of history, not the Second Coming.)

     Trump tweeted a photo of a Trump Tower in Greenland. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

     Tomahawk missile tests? Ok, why? Weren't they banned under the Reagan-era INF Treaty that Trump the traitor walked away from?

     This is what redneck Republicans REALLY think of women and people of color.

     Who else knew that lobbyist scumbags were writing "model" legislation that essentially violates the First Amendment? This particular douchebag actually bragged about it.

     This happened just a century ago. Same old story. White redneck bigots started a war against black people, they defended themselves then the snowflake rednecks cried foul.

     Damn, first Toni Morrison now Paule Marshall.

     “So, we have a great plan coming out. It’s going to be — if we can take back the House because we’re not going to get the Democrats to vote for it, because they’re doing Medicare for all, which is going to take away your freedom, take away your doctors, take away everything that you should be able to have, and most importantly, it’s going to take away — we have 180 million people right now that have private insurance and they love it, and all of that’s going to be taken away. It’s absolute craziness.
      “On top of everything else, they’re looking at 80, 90, 95 percent tax, because there’s no — there’s no way they can afford it. But people don’t want to go to a hospital, to go to a doctor. They don’t want to go. They want to have their own doctor, number one, and we went through this with Obamacare, which we got rid of the individual mandate, by the way, which is very important.
     “But we have a great health care plan. If we get the House, we hold the Senate, we keep the presidency, we’re going to have great health care, much better than Obamacare, at much less cost.”
      Shorter Trump: "I got nothing."

     Listen to your president, Donnie. Then shut the fuck up, Donnie.

     Watch this video until its horrifying end when she holds up a sign reading, “Help me, I don’t know if I’ll make it ’till tomorrow.” Note how much she ages in just one year and at how progressively worse the beatings get.

     Elizabeth Warren met her double in Minnesota and it was seriously funny yet eerie.

     Denmark was mean to him so he took his deflated ball and stays home. Petulant piece of shit. Sounds like something Chadwick would do.

     I love how this lady thinks.

     I have a special venom for Baptists. This is just one of the reasons for it.

     Yes, Trump quoted a right wing cultist who called him the second coming of God.

     Another angry, old, white racist male Trump fan heard from.

     The Chosen One who wasn't chosen by over three quarters of the electorate.

     I suppose within the hour, we're going to hear about the Oval Office imposing a 100% tariff on Danish butter cookies and Victor Borge videos.

     Trump's August 21st:
     1) He compared himself to God AND Jesus.
     2) Said American Jews were too stupid to vote for him.
     3) Whined that Denmark didn't respect him.
     4) Called off his September visit.
     5) Said Russia didn't help him win the 2016 election just minutes after admitting it had.
     And this was all before 1:30 PM.

     The former President of SPAM (Yes, you read that correctly) and its lobbyist were arrested last Wednesday. And. oh boy, does it make for fascinating reading.

     This is from last May. 51 Attorneys General ordered Betsy DeVos to forgive veteran student loan debt. Trump just got around to signing this into law on Wednesday, three months later.

     Speaking of student loan debt: For years, debt collection agencies have been having people arrested by federal cops (glorified bounty hunters) over student loan debt. Yes, the feds are arresting people on behalf of usurious loan companies who themselves should be getting arrested.

     Right now, about 325,000,000 people are asking, "He was running?"

     So,this anti-vaxxer decided to stalk an Asian elected official in California, then assault him repeatedly then put the whole thing on Facebook Live. He was only cited because, you know, white.

     I'd like to say that only the right wing DOJ's would be so cruel as to petition the courts to allow LGBTQ discrimination, as Trump's is now doing. But Obama's DOJ in the early years did exactly the same thing.

     These are the bad-ass teenagers who resisted Hitler's Youth League.

     Now back to our regularly-scheduled lunacy.

     Shit, I was saying that over 15 years ago.

     One of the most disturbing trends over the last couple of decades is Congress taking away our right to sue corporations for damages. Right wingers in the pockets of these corporations call it "tort reform" and pass bills written by ALEC and given to them by corporate lobbyists. The official line is that they're trying to get rid of "frivolous lawsuits". But the REAL intent is to rob consumers of the right to sue these corporations when their products injure or cause death to their customers. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is a perfect example of this. It essentially shields gun makers from virtually all legal accountability when their products kill innocents, including the reckless way in which they're marketed. The libertarian entitled "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act", or the cheeseburger law, shields food manufacturers and vendors from litigation even after their products kill people and thrust accountability back on the consumer. "Tort reform", as it's laughably known, is an insidious movement that essentially gives corporations the right to kill us then evade any legal comeuppance whatsoever.

     Slavery began in America 400 years ago this month when 20 Africans were bought by Virginians.

     Trump attacks supporter, moron says he still loves him. Seriously, this asshole could rape their pre-teen daughters on their own dinner tables and they'd still support him.

     Making America Great Again, one idiotic, reckless accusation at a time.

     Meanwhile. this was happening on Wall Street...

     We're already seeing this in the coverage of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber (Johnson and Trump). It's time to take off the kid gloves, kids.

     David Koch finally had the consideration to turn into a rotting corpse. It's about Goddamn time.

     I'll never understand the ethical blindness of gun nuts who can't even see the bad optics in this. They've had kids raffling off AR15s since the year after Newtown/Sandy Hook.

     I can perfectly imagine this psychopath walking through children's cancer wards, telling them their health care's been taken from them, collecting their tears with cotton balls then at the end of the day, squeezing them out into a martini glass and drinking them.

     The majority of Germans in Hitler's Germany also didn't know the truth about the conditions of THEIR concentration camps, either. That, too, was by design, as is this.

     I see nothing, absolutely nothing in this article by Eric Alterman with which I disagree.

     I love this kid so much. He should get into politics.

     This guy's one of our own and not only did I not know he was running for President, I've hardly heard of him.

     Uh, Il Douche has zero authority over private companies. And he brought that $75 billion of Chinese tariffs on himself. He's simply a bully who enjoys punching people in the face and is outraged when people punch back.

     This is satire but I can perfectly imagine the Tangerine Shitgibbon doing this.

     When Highlights Magazine for Kids wades into the political arena, you know shit's getting serious.

     A voice from the past utters wisdom for the future.

     RBG finds another enemy's ass to kick.

     How could this happen? Two words: Greed and Bigotry. Working homeless. It's a thing.

     It's bad enough Trump is wasting his own tme. He doesn't have the right to waste ours.

     Some men just want to watch the world burn.
     I never could nor will ever understand why the human race keeps voting right wing nut jobs into office. You put conservatives in power and poverty for the bottom 80%, death and destruction will surely follow. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? This Bolsonaro psychopath almost makes Trump look like Saul Alinski. Macron offered to help and this douchebag warned him not to get involved, which I take as proof that these fires were a planned strategy that's his agenda, to destroy the very lungs of this planet. I know we Americans can hardly afford to talk after 2016 yet it still needs to be asked: Brazil, what the fuck were you thinking?!

     These fucking fascist shit balls can't even go on a roller coaster without pulling this shit. Like, what the hell was this supposed to achieve?

     Tom Perez always has been & always will be a right wing asshole. That was the whole idea of the DNC choosing him over a true progressive like Keith Ellison. They have absolutely learned nothing after 2016 and when I read shit like this, it makes me gladder than ever that I left the Democratic Party years ago. I've been a registered Independent since the last general election largely on account of right wing assholes like Perez and his equally corrupt predecessors.

     Boycotting this bloated redneck Jimmy John's shit shacks will be easy since they're nowhere near New England. And finally...

     Strictly a happy coincidence, I'm sure.

Good Cop, Bad Cop Redux Pt 2

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)  
(Disclaimer: The proprietor of this blog and Mr. Wilson have an ongoing years-long friendship, in which the former has benefited on several occasions by the generosity of the latter. However, that in no way, shape or form has influenced the blog owner’s decision to post articles about his case nor the content of what is written below.)

Q:  We haven't discussed your case in almost two years; then we revisit it and, as if on cue, this big story about corruption in the union breaks. Coincidence?

A: Well, I always knew that there was more to the story when Dana Pullman abruptly resigned, As the other stories-the Turnpike Overtime story and Leigha Genduso were playing out, there were hints that there were bigger stories to come. I always felt the question was how closely the Boston-area media going to follow them?

Q: The former head of the union, SPAM, Dana Pullman seems like a mob boss out of central casting in a Dennis Lehane movie.

A: Full disclosure, I went to middle school with Dana in Natick and we were friends then. We actually sat together in history class and would cut up while the teacher tried to teach. I feel bad about it now because she was a great teacher and she spent more time dealing with my disruptions than teaching the class. What I remember about Dana was that he was really funny, a great natural sense of humor. He kept us all laughing. Back then he was only slightly taller than average. He went on to a private high school and I didn't see him again until a few years after high school. By then he was this big, hulking guy; maybe 6'4' and built like an NFL lineman. We haven't spoken in about 30 years and, when we did, it was only a few words.  We were both police officers by then but he didn't seem too keen on having a conversation with me.

Q: The stories about him imply that he used intimidation to get his way as union head. 

A: Well, again, he is a very imposing guy. You said he seems like he was out of central casting. If Martin Scorcese was making a movie about mobbed-up union guys and they sent Dana to audition he'd be rejected as too cliché. He's almost too perfect. He looks like a professional leg-breaker. But, as I said last time, the public is increasingly referring to the State Police as mobsters and crooks and this story is definitely a bad look.  

Q: Does this story help your case at all?

A: ABSOLUTELY. The union, SPAM, played a huge role in my case and the way it ultimately played out. These recent developments put my case in a clearer perspective than even I imagined. I mentioned, last time, that the police abuse I suffered and the subsequent legal malpractice and conflicts of interest would probably be downplayed because my case, in its most recent iteration, had to be reported as a wrongful termination case. I wanted to be seen as a military reservist who honorably served during wartime and then was wrongly refused reinstatement to my civilian job. Once that fact was established then events leading up to that point would become more relevant. The problem with my case, the whole story, is that it is so complex an outsider does not immediately understand how to approach it. Is it about police abuse, a discriminatory malicious prosecution, legal malpractice, wrongful termination? Well, it is all those things and they all fit together seamlessly but, when I tell people the story their eyes glaze over. It is, literally, too much to digest, to the point that there are some aspects that I haven't addressed. 

Q: You didn't say much about the NAACP piece until a few days ago. What else hadn't you told me, Tony?

A: This is where the recent story comes into play, Mike. With all this talk about kickbacks and pay-offs it has made a theory I held close much more plausible. I tried to convey, with the documents I provided you, that it was pretty obvious that the Franklin Police stories were egregious fabrications that didn't agree on any point of contention. Yet, Internal Affairs went forward and recommended disciplinary action against me despite the obvious contradictions. And, the entire investigation was done, well, ass-backwards, in such a way that it was formatted to keep my side of the story, written or verbal, off the record before any formal hearing. My attorneys acted as if this was perfectly acceptable and spent all their time trying to coerce  me into accepting a measure of blame a plea bargain, like some disinterested, over-worked, public defender. The problems arose when I made it clear that I considered myself a whistle-blower and that I was going to bring lawsuits against the State Police and the Franklin Police. Well, my lawyers by then were panicked and it was all very fishy and, of course, I found out later, much later, that the counsel that SPAM kept on retainer had an irreconcilable conflict of interest, as they also represented the Franklin Police. 

So, of course, the focus of my disciplinary hearing was to protect their client, the Franklin Police, from self-incrimination. That failed. But I couldn't understand why they were so intent on going forward with a such a weak case in the first place. Reading the interview transcripts you can actually sense that the IA officers are twisting facts and statements so they could come up with chargeable offenses. I was convinced that the disciplinary process was, or is, a billable hours scam. 

When I told you my story a few years ago I said that the legal process was like being on a train you cannot stop. From the outset, with the initial complaint against me, a process initiates where a union rep contacts you ; then  you meet an attorney and he implies that you are in big trouble and that he is going to help resolve everything, if  you concede. The case then evolves, very much like a real legal proceeding, with formal charges and back-channel negotiations leading, ultimately, to a settlement where a threatened suspension is negotiated down to a few days lost vacation. Everyone is happy and, more importantly, everyone gets paid. I'm now convinced everyone affiliated with the process does get paid. The most recent allegations against SPAM imply that nearly every high-stakes transaction they were involved in featured kick-backs and pay-offs. In my case, and others I'm sure, disciplinary actions were brought against some unfortunate, unconnected schlep Trooper so that attorneys on retainer could, ahem, litigate. One can only imagine how the legal fees were split. The State Police reputation for "arbitrary", "vicious" and "vindictive" prosecutions and punishments, that's a quote from a consultant's study, by the way, makes more sense. We rank and file have always said: "the State Police eat its own"; if you're a schlub without connections to command or a politician. What is clear, now, is that lots of people are getting paid. 

Q: There does seem to be some smoke but how does this change things fit into the bigger picture?

A: Well, my case is still primarily a wrongful termination case but the actions, or inaction, of SPAM come to the forefront. I was on active Army duty when I was informed that I would not be reinstated because of my "PTSD" diagnosis. Remember, I had been cleared to return to work by a clinical psychologist. When I learned I was terminated I, of course, called the union to determine my legal strategy.  Again, I'm no lawyer but I knew that they could not refuse to reinstate me at that point. The union rep I spoke to told me, and this is the absolute truth, that he could not represent since I was no longer on the State Police. I'm not on the State Police, terminated, so I am no longer in the union. Now anyone knows that is bullshit, and that's the only thing to call it. A police union's primary function is to take up the cause for members who are improperly terminated. So, going back to the most recent developments in the Pullman case, the question that the federal authorities are asking is: what is the quality of service SPAM members are getting for their misappropriated dues? My response, of course, is shitty. Shitty service. In fact, my case makes it clear that the union worked against me to the point that it was criminal. I didn't pay union dues for 21 years so that my union could provide me with compromised legal assistance while being persecuted and working against me in my hour of need.  So, yeah, the Pullman case takes my case in a different direction.

Q: Well, yes, if the media even reports it.

A: That's true and we are back where we were a few days ago. My story is trickling out, archived and available to anyone who does a Google search. The media may or may not fully report the story but I did notice that The Boston Institute for Non-Profit Journalism is tackling the story and digging deeper than the mainstream Boston media. It will be interesting to see if the mainstream media does some real journalism or will they spike the story. But this case is seemingly going to the upper echelons of the political structure, as my case does. I'm hoping that, as I work to get the story into the alternative media in the next few weeks and months, that these investigators realize that my story is a big piece of that complex puzzle. 

Q: You said, last week, that you don’t believe the State Police should be abolished or reconfigured despite all the allegations of misconduct and a myriad of scandals. Has your opinion changed at all?

A: I do think, when these scandals are resolved, that there are going to be some changes, perhaps revolutionary ones. I won't elaborate, though. 

Q: Do you still want your job back?

A: One issue at a time, brother. One issue at a time.

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