Friday, November 29, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(At least the real Rocky fought the Russians.)

     July 8th, 2018. Yeah, this aged well. Like fine wine.

     Meet an 18,000 year-old puppy.

     I've been saying for years now that the thing that'll save this Republic is not the intelligence of the Democrats but the unparalleled stupidity of the Republicans.

     Uh huh, we took it from Daesh terrorists, which is good. But who now has the lion's share in the US? And whose gold was it, originally?
      Even more important than the gold, who has possession of the 50 nukes we left behind at Incirlik Air Base?

      This article came out five years ago on Wednesday but the statistics are no less horrifying. It's possible, I think, to observe Thanksgiving and have a wonderful feast while seriously and meaningfully observing the National Day of Mourning, now in its 50th year.

      Hot damn but this one of a kind baby really is a thing of beauty. It's fascinating to look at cars that were built 70-75 years ago in the immediate post-WW II era. There were a few auto designers both here and in Europe that designed sleek, futuristic cars like the tear drop models that were also aerodynamically literate. Unfortunately, the Big Automakers went with gas guzzlers that quickly became boxy and angular. I really wish they'd taken more of a visual cue from guys like Timbs and Preston Tucker and had given them a chance to show the world what they could do.

       I've said it before and I'll say it again- Right wingers are duplicitous cocksuckers. Jeremy Corbyn just discovered Tories were secretly negotiating with Trump's people to sell off the NHS and he's got the uncensored documents to prove it.

        This is one of the most amazing artists I've ever seen.

        Wednesday would've been Jimi Hendrix's 77th birthday.

     Yes, Donnie Dumbo just tweeted this last Wednesday. Didn't Rocky get his ass kicked by the black guy the first time then actually fight the Russians?

      I usually blow off campaign websites and the like from both sides because it's usually all bullshit & propaganda. But I saw this on Twitter and decided to read it. This was written by Mike Larsen, the guy who's challenging Jim Jordan for his seat in Ohio. And he had quite a compelling story to tell about a phone call he once took from a rape victim whose CO told her to "sleep it off."

     Native American girls describe the real history of Thanksgiving.

     The irony of this is too strong to resist.

     Anonymous will step out of the shadows before the 2020 elections, This should be interesting.

     This is one of the many things I love about my hometown of New York. It's always been a city of neighborhoods.

      Let us henceforth call her UPS Eunice.

      This is really interesting because two years ago, they were goners. Btw, in case you forgot, Toys 'R' Us is one of the countless companies that went under thanks to Mitt Romney's Bain Capital.

     These are the best takeaways from Judge Jackson's ruling that compelled Don McGahn's testimony before Congress.

     Meme intermission.

     Making America Great, one exploding chemical plant at a time.

     This is absolutely horrifying. When this came out nearly five years ago, 14 people died in prison because of this junk science, including some who may have been executed for crimes they never committed.

      OMG, she is totally ADORABLE!

      This is how fascism starts.

      Sure he's rattling his saber now that he knows Russian Vice President Trump has us set up. We're not gonna survive this shit show, are we?

      Not that I believe these bullshit numbers (and they ARE bullshit) but since when does being second mean being third?

       ICE just arrested 90 more students with their fake University scam. What, they couldn't lure them to Trump University?

      In a strange, macabre way, it's almost appropriate that Ruckelshaus would pass away during this time. He quit the government during one impeachment, lived through another and passed away during a third. He was a man of high integrity and it's a shame that his decades of service pales into obscuity because of one singular act of integrity- Refusing to fire Archibald Cox. AG Elliot Richardson had already resigned over the same thing. So Nixon had no recourse but to order his Solicitor General Robert Bork to fire Cox, which of course, being the ultimate right wing stooge, he did, with alacrity. That was pretty much the beginning of the end for Nixon.

      Rapist tells another rapist that he will designate people he once called rapists as terrorists, to boot.

      What a fascinating article. I never knew these guys all lived in the same city at the same time.

     Ken Cuccinelli walks into a bar. The former Maryland governor says, "We don't serve fascist assholes like you." He leaves. Isn't that a great laugh?

       More wingnut welfare for Fredo.

      Shocking, I know. All the top Nazis also committed suicide when the end was near.

    "The system just cannot work around a president whose main concern is committing and concealing wrongful acts. And that unfortunately describes the president the United States now has."

       And then there was Trump's OTHER turkey pardoning.

     Again, something Trump's doing that primarily benefits Russia. Again, I'm sure it's strictly coincidental. < /snark>

      I think by now it's become screamingly obvious right wing nut jobs from coast to coast are writing the most batshit insane abortion bills solely with the intention of having them challenged all the way to the Supreme Court so the right wing nut jobs on it can overturn Roe v Wade. That's why they're so deliberately offensive. They WANT them to get challenged in Washington.

       Who's your daddy NOW, asshole?

      I don't know what Thing One & Thing Two are going for here but what would you call this photo? Let me prime the pump: The only pair of balls in the Trump family.

       On Black Friday remember: Don't dress and drive.

    McConnell, talking about civility? The biggest problem with Republicans is that they're intellectually anemic. They're irony deficient.

       Oh, Trump's Rocky picture wasn't doctored? These people are completely insane.

       Asshole tanning? Good luck trying to build tanning booths for that.

       I think it's safe to say not only has the planet gone to the dogs, they've eaten it and are shitting out what's left of it.

        Black Friday? To me, it's Buy Nothing Day. Perhaps I'll buy a pack of butts and coffee creamer and that'll be it. I never take part in this madness.

        Three kids, two incomes, no home. There's no excuse for this. NONE.

      The Sand Creek Massacre happened 155 years ago today. It was commanded and carried out by Col. John Chivington, one of the worst monsters in all human history. About 200 men but mostly women and children were murdered and mutilated in cold blood by Chivington and his men, making My Lai look like a walk in the park. There was one Captain who'd, like Hugh Thompson, disobeyed orders. Unlike Thompson, he didn't threaten to open up on his own people yet the young captain also refused to take part in the massacre. Perhaps the most graphic description of the atrocities committed that day was written by that captain, Silas S. Soule himself, an abolitionist from Maine and a friend of John Brown. Soule would be murdered on the streets of Denver just 80 days later and three weeks after his wedding. As with the Sand Creek Massacre, no one was charged much convicted with Soule's murder. And finally...

      This infuriates me. The courts in three states gave this fucking asshole chance after chance and none of them did a single thing to help his poor wife, who's now dead.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

     Featured: Pork loin baked in cherry preserves, Charleen's Cheesy Potatoes, my mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, carrots, cranberry sauce, black olives, a good Riesling white wine and a semi-predatory cat named Popeye. What did you have for Thanksgiving?
     (Yes, I included Chairman Adam Schiff in my Thanksgiving blessings. Impeach me.)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(We're always in a good mood,. Especially during an impeachment hearing.)

     Look who Cosmo's Bachelor of the Month was in July, 1980. This aged well.

     "Da call was poifect! NO quid pro quo! Ya read da transcript. No, dese guys CAN'T tell youse how poifect it was! Dat includes McGahn!"

     Oh, look, the fluorescent light of the sun is making him look orange, again. But seriously, it's strange how the name Richard Spenser keeps popping up in connection to Trump, isn't it? This time, it's not the Trump-loving NeoNazi but the recently-departed Secretary of the Navy who was fired for not getting on board Trump fiddling-fucking With Ed Gallagher's trial.

     "Ya know what NATO's been doing to us, people? It's very sad, very sad. They've been treating the United States like I once treated a woman in a department store changing room. Like that, alright? Very sad."

     The new jihad against Ilhan Omar was launched, unsurprsingly, in Florida. The story's only being carried by right wing and Israeli media, which is actually a tautology, so I'm obviously not linking to any of them.
     But according to this really credible Florida Man < /sarcasm> Omar is a paid secret agent of Qatar, which makes no sense. And, according to the deposition from this TOTALLY non-partisan individual  < /sarcasm> several writers for the New York Times are also on Qatar's payroll. Which he didn't name, natch.
     You know, unlike Michael Flynn, who TOTALLY wasn't a paid agent for both Turkey and Russia then didn't disclose those financial ties because there was TOTALLY nothing to disclose.
     These ridiculous hit jobs on Omar, Tlaib and AOC will simply not stop until they win second terms and prove they have staying power. Or maybe not even then.

     When is this murderous bullshit against journalists like Albertina Martínez Burgos going to end? You want to know which countries are banana republics and dictatorships? Look at where the greatest number of journalists are murdered. Russia obviously tops the list but now, with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the US has joined that not very elite fraternity of nations that have either murdered their own journalists or had covered for nations that had done it for us. Photos she'd taken at the end of her life of demonstrations against their dictator were also stolen after she was beaten and stabbed.

      Where were you the moment you realized Santa Claus was a Klingon?

     Meme intermission.

      Right wing journalist Max Boot wants the GOP thrown out on Election Day. I concur.

      They never even once outed a CIA agent.

      “I am curious why wasn’t it done a long time ago and also, well, I guess the answer to that is because now I am president and we get things done.
      “We get a lot of things done that nobody else got done.”
      Yes, he actually said this. He's so colossally stupid, he doesn't even understand how time works.

     We're so worried about the Russians fiddle-fucking with the 2020 election, we never thought about the danger of Obama doing the same thing. And if Bernie's close to winning the nomination, well, fuck the will of the people. Barry's got a plan for that. Go away, Obama. Your time came and went. This is a democracy, not a king-making autocracy.

       Wait, let me guess: Sarah Sanders, too, is the Chosen One.

       Another load of horseshit. The only future presidents he'd ever care about are ones that'd have his last name (God forbid).

      Half of all Rhodes Scholars are first generation Americans?! OMFG, we need Affirmative Action for privileged white kids, STAT!

      What a sweet lady. She also winds up feeding and pampering not just badgers but also squirrels, foxes, bats and other woodland animals.

      Last Sunday morning, a woman got eaten alive by feral hogs. Has Mason Verger moved to Texas? Seriously, how can a state with open carry have a feral hog problem?

      I don't know when this was since it's not dated but it's nice to see native Americans winning a fight for a change.

       Trump is so deeply hated, even his wife is getting booed.

     Now John Kennedy's saying his Ukraine hacking the 2016 election conspiracy theory was wrong. Dude, your parents were wrong just in the act of conceiving you.

      What kind of a race are we that even electric cars have human rights abuses attached to them?

      At last, the REAL reason that Trump pardoned three war criminals.

      Meet the world's most adorable corvid.

      I never thought I'd ever live to see the two greatest allies in WWII espousing fascist ideals. Yet here we are.

      "I swear, if I find out these fucking birds are colluding with Shifty Schiff, I'll rescind their pardons and they'll be on my dinner table this Thursday, I'm tellin' ya."

       The White House was literally on lockdown this morning because of a UFO. Oh, God, please tell me the aliens are finally getting involved and are taking over.

      OK, so now we know the aid was withheld hours after Trump made his impeachable demands known. So this begs the question, did they also move the recording and transcript of the call to the Top Secret WISH server the same day? I'd be willing to bet the farm they had.

    Jerry Nadler just lowered the boom on Trump and told him the Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings will begin on Dec. 4th.

      We need to purge this toxic incel culture from our nation because it's getting people killed.

     "President Trump’s top border official broke federal ethics rules in a previous job by seeking sponsors to buy alcohol and fancy food for FBI happy hours, according to a watchdog report exclusively obtained by The Chronicle." Happy hour? And finally...

      "Why do I care what's going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? ... And why shouldn't I root for Russia, which I am" Fucker Carlson minutes later after getting read the Riot Act by Fox executive management: "I'm only rooting for America." Nice save, comrade... NOT.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(In which we know members of the Addams Family don't make good statesmen.)

      When you've lost Drudge, you've lost Bullshit Mountain.

      Frankly, I can't fucking stand Neil Young's music and especially his voice. But I've always deeply respected his left wing belief system. So I salute him for abandoning Fuckbook over their ultra right wing activism.

      Why it's so important to save the wolves.

       Oh my God, this sucks. I grew up on this guy's comics in NatLamp. RIP, Gahan.

       You've met Dr. Evil, now meet Mini Me.

       Valerie Plame's campaign video is likely the coolest one ever.

       T' is the season to be jolly.

       And the bribery, the thing that got him in this mess, continues... This guy couldn't carry out an honest act by accident. He IS the fucking swamp.

        Don't you just love it when the Trump spawn try to shove their Ivy League classical education in our faces?

        So, this is the second ex-Governor of mine who's decided to run. Weld, I can see. He threw his hat in the ring months ago. Patrick's stunt makes much less sense.

        "But, Mum, you promised me a pony!"
        "Oh, DO shut up and put my support hose on me."

        You hear that, you right wing nut jobs? A ‘Clear paper trail from Rudy Giuliani to the Oval Office to Secretary Pompeo’ to Devin Nunes' office.

         Yes, he, too, is in a bunker. It's in the DNA of Nazis.

         Welcome to the warped world view of President Littlefinger.

"Monsanto, now owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer of Germany, has also agreed to pay $10 million for charges it unlawfully stored the pesticide, which was classified an acute hazardous waste. The money includes a $6 million criminal fine and $4 million in community service payments.
      Prosecutors have agreed not to prosecute Monsanto if it abides by the agreement, which requires the company comply with U.S. environmental laws."
      What a nice sweetheart deal, considering there are virtually no environmental laws left to obey in the Glorious Age of Trump.

       So much for your Senate ambitions, Pompous Maximus. One more time for clarity's sake: Everything Trump Touches Dies.

       Of course, this will go exactly nowhere.

        The Gray Lady has battered wife syndrome when it comes to Trump- No matter how much he slanders, libels or otherwise dickslaps them in public, they just. Can't. Leave. Him. Seriously, after Jayson Blair, you'd have to be insane to trust the New York Times

        Meet the Harriet Klausner of cheap, Third World junk.

       Typical cop reaction to Angry Black Man syndrome, After a fight on field, the visiting black players were put in a "cage", as one counselor described it, making the black players vulnerable to racist slurs by the cops and being spat on and having garbage thrown on them by white parents.

        Because a right wing New York billionaire for president worked out so swimmingly the last time.

         Now Bill Barr wants access to your Facebook chat transcripts. he really is a fat fascist, isn't he?

         These right wing scumbags are so desperate to evade accountability that they're consciously deleting incriminating facts a la Winston Smith so they can blame the other guys.

         There was a damned good reason John Carpenter named his Sheriff Leigh Brackett in the original HALLOWEEN.

      Meme intermission.

      Way to go, Hong Kong. Let's hope, now, this doesn't result in the usual oppressive Commie bullshit like assassinations, kidnappings and disappearances of the pro-Democracy winners. But They held hundreds of district council elections and there was a better than 71% voter turnout. Four years ago, their turnout was about 35%, at best. But it took six months of fiery, violent protest to wake the people up and vote for pro-democracy candidates. The Chinese state media, of course, is trying to play it down, but the fact remains- It's a serious bellwether for pro-mainland Hong Kong leaders like Chief Executive Carrie Lam when they're up for re-election in two years. If Hong Kong can arouse so much passion for democracy in down ballot races, then we should do the same thing in general elections, especially when over half the Senate, the entire House and the presidency is in play.

       Yeah, NOW Parnas is interested in "the furtherance of justice" and NOT AT ALL desperate to get his fat, pasty Baltic butt out of jail. Think this is the "insurance" Giuliani has on Don the Con?

        Those of you who love to write or read horror may get a kick out of this.

       I can't ever recall a time when a DoD branch secretary ever got fired or was forced to resign because the Commander in Chief sided with an enlisted war criminal.

       Speaking of Spenser, How many fucking Rubicons are we going to let this psychopath cross before we finally take him out?

        Good idea, Donnie Dumbo, let's use Park Rangers at the border despite them having no border patrol training.

        This is all these right wing scumbags have- Lies, conspiracy theories and Photoshopped pictures. Well, you know what we DON'T have to do? Photoshop pictures of Trump and Epstein. There are plenty of real ones circulating on the internet.

      As if you need any more stories proving the loyalty of dogs, this story from Brindisi, Italy is heartbreaking.

       Rick Perry just confirmed that Trump is the Chosen One. Well, then, I guess we can now do away with elections entirely and the billions that infest them.

        You would be hard-pressed to find a dirtier, more duplicitous cocksucker than Giuliani but then there's Devin Nunes... Like Giuliani, he may have scrapped his Ukraine trip but he still met with Shokin in Vienna, where Fruman and Parnas were headed when they got pinched at Dulles last month.

         Looks like Lewis Carroll was onto something. Rabbit holes DO lead you to strange places.

         I guaran-fuckiing-tee you none of them were black.

      Anyone who thinks Biden represents the future needs to get their head examined. He heard :"climate change" then literally ran away. Biden takes Super PAC money, after promising not to, from climate change deniers.

        Another stable genius.

        If my senator Liz Warren gets the Dem nod next year at Milwaukee, I'll vote for her. But I'll be keeping a very close eye on her as I did with Obama.

       Just one, big, happy incestuous swamp. How come this war criminal didn't have a Navy JAG defending him? And finally...

     I wouldn't be surprised to find out these holographic circus animals are being tortured by holographic trainers.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

You're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto

     Sometimes it seems if Republicans willingly and eagerly walk through that door, to set themselves up almost with what one could call alacrity- That trap that's catnip for late night comedians and their writing staffs.
     I give you Mike Pompeo.
     The other Mr. Mike of this fun house administration seems to have an impeccable sense of not comic timing but bathos. He's made his Senate ambitions widely known, he's looking for a graceful way out of the State Department and the abovementioned fun house administration. But with the highly-successful (or highly damning, depending on your political stripe) impeachment proceedings going full steam ahead and chugging its way toward Nadler's Judiciary Committee to determine whether they'll pass articles of impeachment (they will), there never seems to be a good time to tip out the door.
     And parallel to Pompeo's ludicrous dreams of being a senator is this revelation that came out in the nearly obligatory late Friday document dump that delineates a pretty incriminating paper trail that stretches from Pompeo's office at Foggy Bottom to the presidential palace in Kiev and back to the White House. I give you yesterday's New York Times:
“The emails indicate that Mr. Pompeo spoke at least twice by telephone with Mr. Giuliani in March as Mr. Giuliani was urging Ukraine to investigate Mr. Trump’s rivals, and trying to oust a respected American ambassador to Ukraine, Marie L. Yovanovitch, who had been promoting anticorruption efforts in the country. Mr. Pompeo ordered Ms. Yovanovitch’s removal the next month. The first call between Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Pompeo was arranged with guidance from Mr. Trump’s personal assistant, the documents suggest.”
     So there you have it. These State documents, obtained through a FOIA request, revealed Pompeo was in the thick of this whole Ukraine swamp. He was helping Giuliani to find dirt on the Bidens personally, fired for bullshit reasons Marie Yovanovitch from her post as our Ukrainian ambassador then proceeded to cover it up. No wonder Pompous Maximus didn't want those documents coming out.
     I can't speak to Pomeo's upbringing in Kansas but I'd imagine when he waded into the middle of the Trump Swamp in 2017, he was completely unprepared for the sheer level of corruption awaiting him. Maybe those good old fashioned Midwestern values from Pompeo's salad days of yesteryear didn't prepare him for the kneecapping, back-stabbing and head-butting corruption that's a specialty of New York, Moscow and Kiev.
     But it's understandable that Pompeo now wants to temporarily flee the epicenter of the swamp repopulated by bigger, newer and improved alligators by Trump. What's inexplicable is why he thinks the people of Kansas would think he'd be a good fit in the Senate and why he'd want to flee to Kansas only with the intention of getting back into Washington in what will surely be a soon-in-coming post-Trump era.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Gotham City Digest: Supersized edition

(Where we at least know our limitations.)

      "Over the following months, it became apparent that Mr. Giuliani was having a direct influence on the foreign policy agenda that the Three Amigos were executing on the ground in Ukraine. In fact, at one during a preliminary meeting of the inaugural delegation, someone in the group wondered aloud about why Mr. Giuliani was so active in the media with respect to Ukraine. My recollection is that Ambassador Sondland stated: Dammit, Rudy. Every time Rudy gets involved he goes and effs everything up. He used the "F" word."
      That's from pages 17-18 of David Holmes' censored closed door testimony (pdf) before the House last week. It's part of his opening statement and paints a pretty damning picture of a corrupt US administration trying to corrupt a Ukrainian administration trying to establish anti-corruption reforms.

      Read this entire thread by Liliana Segura, who recently accompanied a woman to visit a loved one in prison. What happened was horrifying. She calls the arbitrary penal system "casual cruelty" designed to keep even the families down. She's correct.

        Lying, arrogant Nazi bastards.

      So far, Eric Swalwell's fart is still more intelligent than any of the Republican Party's Trump defenses.

       Oh, I'll BET Trump liked the Joker movie. I guarantee you his favorite part was when DeNiro got shot in the head.

         Figures, that this is one of the few things left in which we lead the world.

         If you want a quick look at the priorities of each party, check this out.

         Your "Aw" o' the day.

        Once again please share, especially if you live in Florida. This sweet little 14 week-old girl doesn't have much time in the kill shelter. If you're anywhere near South Florida, please do something about this.

         This is because Agent Orange is to sleaze and corruption what Bill Gates is to software.

         Man, Carson's got a lot of chutzpah trying to mansplain homelessness to Maxine Waters.

         Is anyone really surprised by this?

       GOP scum such as Gym Jordan & Devin Nunes have tried smearing Lt. Col. Vindman by spreading lies about his superiors' opinion of him, refusing to acknowledge his rank & insinuating he was offered a job as Ukraine's defense minister. So far, he's shot them down. Republicans are more scared than a chicken living next to a Popeye's.

       This is the kind of country we live in and what the GOP's defending. This is how much the DoD trusts Trump & his gang of thugs.

        "Moe, Larry, cheese!"

        Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman won his Purple Heart after sustaining injuries in an IED explosion in Fallujah. Your draft-dodger father had his given to him. Vindman survived a war. You couldn't survive past the first 20 minutes of a right wing book signing. So shut the fuck up, Fredo.

       Oh, that didn't age well, did it, Mayor Pete? Oh boy. With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?

        Seconds later, a staffer screamed at the press to get out while Trump made weird emoji faces. In other words, "Smithers, release the hounds." This is how banana republics act when they know the end is near.

        Any right wing scumbag who still smears Lt. Col. Vindman after this should be extraordinarily renditioned and sent to Russia.

        What's "crumbling" are your attacks on Vindman & others like him. Your little apparatchiks in the NeoNazi Party tried to smear a war hero to protect a "man" who pardons war criminals. Devin Nunes doubted Col. Vindman's allegiance to America and suggested he was in the tank for Ukraine. Even Joe McCarthy did it better.

       I can barely believe this Russian street artist can even do these quasi photorealistic portraits much less that he can actually do them in one hour or less.

         May the odds be ever in your favor?

         "I'm a judge"?! No, you're not, you right wing lunatic. You just play one on TV.

        How marvelous it was that Mike Pompeo can still take time out from his crushing affairs of state to ensure state-run TV works as it should. As expected, like a good lapdog, Sean Handjob is keeping a civil tongue on that jackboot.

      Vindman testified yesterday that since his first testimony, he'd been excluded from several meetings that it would've been appropriate for someone of his rank and portfolio to attend. Now we're hearing White House aides are planning on moving people like Vindman out of the White House.

         Melania wasn't panicking. She was getting excited thinking about what she'd get in the will.

         This is what defeat looks like.

         Meme intermission.

         Stephanie Grisham Monday: "Every office was filled with Obama books and notes..."
         Grisham Tuesday: “I certainly wasn’t implying every office had that issue.”
         Yes, you were, you lying harpy.

         Now, why can't we do something like that here? Imagine Exxon, and all the big oil, coal and gas companies disappearing from the Dow Jones? They'd have no choice but to get with the program.

       This is how he rolls. He hates the virtuous and idolizes the cruel and stupid like him. That's because to your average Republican scumbag, virtue is synonymous with betrayal and treason. Virtue is literally an alien concept with Republicans.

         Finally, some sense from the Republicans.

         Vindman reminded us there are still good people in our government.

       Is climate change activist Greta Thunberg a time traveler? Of course not, but it's fun to speculate.

       Here's yet another unhinged rant on the South Lawn during Sondland's testimony. Last week, he was "a great guy." Now Trump doesn't know him.

       "Ambassador Sondland, you are here today to be smeared... by us."

       Queen: "Oh, DO shut up and go away, you bloody paedophile!"
       Duke of York: "Yes, mum."

         Has anyone noticed Gym Jordan's wearing the same shirt and tie as Tuesday? What did he do, sleep on a park bench in DC last night with a fifth of Jameson's screwed into his fist? His jacket's probably long since defected to Moscow.

         Another shockingly brilliant move by Donnie Dumbo.

         Meet the Dracula Parrot. Meet Trump's spirit animal.

         Too far left, eh, Obama? This is exactly the kind of poison pill bullshit you would sign into law.

       Forsooth, the Gentle Lady from California, Jackie Speier, hath set the table on a roar and a goodly time was had by all.

         Great. Just what we need. Another Giuliani.

         Scott Warren's been acquitted. Good to know Arizona's not completely insane.

         Here's another poor baby that needs to be adopted.

         This is over two years-old but it still accurately betrays where Obama's sympathies always lay.

        Trump's Sharpie notes to himself were turned into a Ramone's song. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

         Another fascist with a laughable combover goes down for bribery and fraud, so of course he'd blame the media & the left and call it a "witch hunt."

         Oh please do testify. You know you wanna. Pelosi wants you to, we all want want you to.

        Maybe we can laugh about this but there was deadly serious reason they wrote this over five years ago and that was because Obama was the guy who ramped up the drone strike program the month after he took office.

        This guy's recollections of the America he thought he knew is gauzy and seen through rose-colored glasses but I see his point. These impeachment proceedings are not to take down Trump but to reclaim the soul of a once great nation in desperate need of healing.

       "This is what happens when feeble questioners do not know the answers they will elicit from smart witnesses. It is what happens when ludicrous conspiracy theories collide with the real world. And it is what happens when a patriot with a heart-tugging immigrant story stands up to bullies and liars. In short, Hill, with able assistance from Holmes, gave Republicans the thrashing they so richly deserved"
         And this, Jennifer, is what you get when you hitch your wagon to a clearly insane clown posse of a party. And I do not feel sorry for you one bit.

        Bolton could wind up being the Democrats' hachet man, provided they can get him in to testify. I think Bolton's hiding all the goodies a la Bob Woodward for his upcoming book. But as this lawyer says, Bolton should not be given the latitude to set the conditions for his subpoenaed testimony. That would set a dangerous precedent and waiting for Bolton's tell-all book to come out is a no go because you can't impeach a sitting president on what a book says no matter WHO wrote it. You can only impeach and expel from office a federal official based on sworn testimony compelled by Congress.
       Therefore, they should arrest Bolton and any other official past or present who resists a subpoena without providing some damned good reasons to do so, especially if national security is at stake and if time is of the essence.

        Lawrence Tribe pretty much nails it right here. Trump is the anti-president and no rehabilitation of the office of the presidency will be possible after Trump is expelled or at the very least voted out until we officially label him as an imposter, an anti-president, the very thing that kept the Founding Fathers up at night when they imagined a mad despot like George III taking the reins of power in the future.
       Trump is the perfect opposite of what this country's Founding Fathers sought to create in first establishing independence from Great Britain then in somehow establishing the awesome task of creating something never before attempted- A truly representative democratic republic based on principles of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
      Trump basks in the dark energy of hatred at countless rallies until he resembles a cartoon character or one out of dystopian alternate reality speculative fiction. He thrives on the hatred showered on him by other deranged people, bit players who hate what and who he hates, who all serve but one function and have but one use to him-To serve his never-ending needs and bloated, outsized ego.
     The presidency will be in serious need of rehabilitation, reexamination and maybe even fumigation when all this is said and done, to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again in our Republic.

     So, Trumpie the Klown calls Fox & Frauds this morning ostensibly to talk about the impeachment. What does he do, instead? Starts smearing Yovanovitch again. Look at the faces of the hosts. They look like they're secretly hoping for a black hole to suddenly open up and swallow them. He really hates strong women who oppose him. Like a typical misogynist douchebag. Here's what he said:
       "She wouldn't hang my picture in the embassy. She is in charge of the embassy. She wouldn't hang it. It look a year-and-a-half, two years to get the picture up. She said bad things about me ... This was not an angel this woman, okay?" A former Fed official named Carol Johnson said this on Josh Marshall's Twitter feed:
"Fed employee 1995-2017. First pres transition in 2001. Pics were up quickly-if I recall, day of inauguration. Same thing with Obama. Left in December 2017 with no Trump picture in the lobby. The reason is that the people who make that happen weren't installed. To me, that was a sign of Trumptian incompetence. An official portrait is done during the transition so that copies would be available shortly after the inauguration. There are thousands of them to be created and they have to be done quickly so that everything is up to date."
      In other words, Trump's only got himself to blame for his jiggling puss not being put up in our Ukraine embassy.
      "I do want always corruption," was another priceless line. Stopped clocks and all that.

       I can't believe I didn't mention this in my 2112 word article yesterday yet it's true.

       In the pinko Commie-Marxist Socialist reality-based community, we call this, "wingnut welfare."

     This is what the GOP's been reduced to. This is what happens when you dumb down voters. Thanks, Tennessee, for inflicting Marsha Blackburn on us.

      When your elected officials start running away from you, it's time to start running away from them and voting them out of office. And finally...

      Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman? What, Scarlett Johansson wasn't available? This is a prime example of why we can't trust executives to do anything right and how they're fucking up everything on the planet earth.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Immigrant Song

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
"In the course of this investigation, I would ask that you please not promote politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests. I refuse to be part of an effort to legitimize an alternate narrative that the Ukrainian government is a U.S. adversary, and that Ukraine — not Russia —attacked us in 2016." -Dr. Fiona Hill, November 21, 2019

I'd like to start by pointing out what should be obvious but isn't to much of the internet- It's very telling and somewhat sad that we depend upon foreign-born officials (Yovanovitch-Canada, Fiona Hill-England, Col. Vindman-Ukraine) to remind us of what it's like to be an American and to reacquaint us with the rule of American law. Because those of us of a certain political stripe that I won't name (cough-MAGA-cough) seem to have forgotten that we are a nation of laws, not of men or a certain noxious personality allowed to believe in the delusion that he's actually the president of the United States.
     In chronological order, we've heard in open testimony from Marie Yovanovitch, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and, today, Dr. Fiona Hill. I don't blame anyone for needing a scorecard to keep straight the dizzying array of fact witnesses, their job titles or former titles and portfolios and the various pieces of evidence they've given to the House for high crimes and misdemeanors. But Masha Yovanovitch worked at our embassy in Kiev as our Ambassador, Lt. Colonel Vindman still works at the National Security office in the White House and Dr. Hill worked out of that same office supervising Col. Vindman and under John Bolton.
       We've also heard from Bill Taylor, the closest thing we have to an ambassador in Ukraine, Kurt Volker, former special envoy to Ukraine, Tim Morrison, Dr. Hill's successor for a very brief period of time (He resigned the post on Halloween, the same day the House voted on the impeachment inquiry rules). We've also heard from Gordon Sondland, the Ambassador to the European Union and, along with Dr. Hill, David Holmes, a political consultant in our embassy in Kiev. And no doubt (and hopefully), we'll also hear from Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney and others who know exactly where the bodies are buried.
        But I'm going to focus on the irony of Marie Yovanovitch, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Dr. Fiona Hill's testimonies precisely because they were born outside the country yet seem to have a better grasp not only of ethical government behavior but also the very essence of what it should mean to be an American.
     They have amply demonstrated, despite Republican mutterings to the contrary, their job performance and service to their adopted country have not been crippled or compromised by divided loyalties. They had also amply demonstrated that they care enough about the rule of the laws of the nation they'd adopted that they were alarmed enough about abberrent behavior on the part of the "president" and his stooges to put their careers and reputations (if not even more- Dr. Hill had had her home address posted on Twitter along with a very unhealthy dose of threats of physical harm) at risk by testifying before the United States Congress with their concerns.
         What we'd gotten from Ms. Yovanovitch, Dr. Hill and Col. Vindman was a crash course leading by example of what it should mean to be an American, people who'd dedicated and are still dedicating their lives to not only safeguarding America's interests but also keeping their adopted nation safe. In other words, they're better Americans than the right wing stooges against whom they're testifying, starting with one Donald John Trump.

Hill on the Fool on the Hill
Dr. Fiona Hill, as stated, worked in the National Security Council office within the White House until July 19th. This self-professed leftist somehow found enough common ground with uber right winger John Bolton to work harmoniously enough with him. Then, by this summer, they'd found more common ground in a mutual alarm over the actions taken by the White House concerning Ukraine that were beneficial to neither country but to Russia.
      It's amazing that a spittle-flecked right wing nut job like John Bolton would now look like the good guy and a man of conscience yet that's exactly what a Sauron-class evil like Trump and his inner circle managed to do. Bolton, a man screaming straight out of the Cold War era, is nonetheless a highly-intelligent man who was not fooled by the Putin-era pretension to democracy and has been a Russia hawk for his entire career.
      Therefore, when Bolton began getting unmistakable indications that Trump and his operatives were establishing back channels into Ukraine by circumventing official diplomatic policy with the seeming intention of strengthening Russia's hand and weakening ours, Bolton was, understandably, alarmed. There were several reasons for Bolton's abrupt resignation- Trump's willingness to negotiate with Taliban terrorists at Camp David being among them. But his constant kowtowing to Russia was, one can easily imagine, the determinative factor and the biggest wedge between the two men that resulted in Bolton's exit from the White House.
      Dr. Hill turned in her credentials six days before the now-infamous phone call between Trump and Zelensky in which the latter finally laid bare his intentions before the several people who listened in on the phone call and, eventually, the world. But Hill didn't need to listen in on the phone call in order to give relevant and damaging testimony. She'd also read Republicans the Riot Act (to their "umbrage") in stating in her opening remarks that she would not be used as a tool to advance right wing talking points such as Ukraine meddling in our 2016 election. They didn't meddle in our 2016 election but Trump very much wanted them to meddle in the 2020 election.
       Dr. Hill told the nation about an impromptu ward room meeting on July 10th between Sondland and Col. Vindman. When Hill had told Bolton this, he instructed her to walk in and attend this meeting and she said when she had, Vindman had "an alarmed" look on his face. When Hill reported her findings to her boss, Bolton told her to pass along her recollections to the NSC's top legal counsel.
       One Republican on the committee, seemingly snatching at straws, revisited a conspiracy theory as to why she had reservations about Lt. Colonel Vindman despite giving him a stellar job performance review just prior to her resignation. Hill responded that her only reservation regarding the Colonel was his lack of a "political antenna", that that was a quality in which Kurt Volker excelled but not a nonpartisan official such as Vindman. She doubled down on her support for her former subordinate. It would also help explain the look of alarm on Vindman's face while Sondland was talking to him, someone Hill had described as being on a "domestic political errand."
      That "errand", of course, was Sondland's conveyed message straight from the White House to the presidential palace in Kiev that there was quid pro quo expected if Zelensky was to get what he wanted- The military aid and White House visit. Hill had also put the lie to Sondland's claim that they didn't know that Burisma was code for the Bidens prior to September. She'd also described having a conversation with Sondland that same day bluntly asking him what he was doing with Ukraine and he responded that Trump had put him in charge in the post-Yovanovitch Kiev.

Elementary, My Dear Holmes
While a good case could be made that this was all Dr. Hill's show, David Holmes also had a few things of interest to share. He'd said in his opening statement, "I am an apolitical foreign policy professional, and my job is to focus on the politics of the country in which I serve so that we can better understand the local landscape and better advance U.S. national interests there." He went on to say that the smear campaign that was launched by the White House against Marie Yovanoitch was unlike anything he'd ever seen in his career.
     His testimony proved to be so damning, in fact, that while answering one of Jim Jordan's shouted questions, Jordan interrupted him no less than five times while Schiff, I'm sure, was tempted to get up and bang his gavel right on Jordan's balding head. And if you're a Republican nut bag like Jordan, you would be alarmed at Holmes' testimony. Holmes gave us some on-the-ground insight into the Three Amigos, a sobriquet that makes Volker cringe to this day. Perhaps they should be likened instead, to three right wing Teenage Ninja Turtles, with Giuliani being the rat who guided them. He told us again that Sondland tartly said of Giuliani, "Damn it, Rudy. Every time Rudy gets involved he goes and fucks everything up.'"
     But perhaps the most interesting thing Holmes had divulged today were particulars of Sondland's phone call to Trump on July 26th. During lunch at a Ukrainian cafe, they and two other aides were sitting at a pair of tables brought together dining al fresco when Sondland took out his phone and called Trump. Holmes said Trump was speaking so loudly that Holmes and anyone within earshot could hear not only Sondland, who was also speaking loudly, but also hear Trump's end of the conversation over this open phone call conducted with unsecured phones.
    Trump asked Sondland if the Ukrainians were going to do the investigations and Sondland answered in the affirmative, adding, "Zelensky loves your ass" and that "he'd do anything" for Trump. Afterwards, Holmes asked Sondland if Trump really cared about Ukraine and he replied that he "didn't give a (expletive) about it," and that his only interest was in "the big things." Holmes, incredulous, asked if that wouldn't include Ukraine's ongoing war with Russia and Sondland replied, "No, the really big things", indicating they were Trump's political fortunes.
      So there you have it. Despite his empty blandishments in the phone call to Zelensky the day before, Ukraine's only value to Trump was in what they could do for him regarding the 2020 elections. This is very consistent with Trump's reputation for self-absorbed sociopathy. He'd withheld the military aid to Ukraine even while Ukrainian soldiers were dying in their own war for independence. He exploited the vulnerability of a nascent government of an unstable country that had looked to us in earnest to be their unconditional ally and Trump let their soldiers die in Donbas and elsewhere until he was finally embarrassed into giving Kiev what it so desperately needed.
        And if one needs any further proof that Trump doesn't really give a flying fuck about Ukraine, keep in mind four things: The closest that Zelensky has come to meeting Trump at the White House was meeting him at the UN building in New York at the same exact moment these revelations first came out. That he abruptly canceled a September 1st visit to Warsaw and meeting with Zelensky and sent Pence instead (presumably to make a point and to have Pence deliver his demands yet again). That the highest-ranking US official to Zelensky's inauguration was Kurt Volker, a mere special envoy (Pence abruptly canceled supposedly because of a scheduling conflict with a trip to Canada). And, many months after Marie Yovanovitch was suddenly fired from her post as Ambassador to Ukraine. her post still hasn't been filled. We have no ambassador in Ukraine. Those four facts alone should tell you everything you need to know about how little Trump thinks of yet another ally who, like the Kurds, have felt the lash of Trump's betrayal. Trump essentially abandoned Ukraine like a certain woman whom he raped in a department store dressing room. Their use to him has long since ended.
        In his closing statement, Chairman Adam Schiff lauded the people who'd testified in the Intelligence Committee's final round of open impeachment hearings. He'd stressed the importance of the impeachment mechanisms built into the Constitution by the Founding Fathers, lambasted the Republicans for their conspiracy theories about Ukraine while pointedly ignoring the very real fact that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election. He went on to say the GOP wasn't disputing the basic facts brought out by these testimonies and were, instead, reduced to attacking the witnesses and even, without a trace of irony, questioning their loyalty. He could have added the further irony that three of the most compelling witnesses have been three former and current officials who were not born in the US yet seem to have a firmer grasp of what it means to be an American than virtually every Republican on the committee.

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