Monday, February 17, 2020

Gotham City Digest: The Dulling edition

(Where we ask the tough questions, such as, How come the machine Democrats haven't asked Bloomberg for HIS tax returns?)

     Yeah, yeah, that's all good and well but when are you gonna start ladling out the Koolaid?

     Here in America, we call them Republicans.

     Can we blame Trump for this? The jury's still out on that one. He hasn't been virulent to Jews as much as he's been bumbling, clueless and casually prejudicial toward them. But he's based much of his "presidency" on fascist hatred of Hispanics and Muslims and when you predicate a government on paranoid fascism, it only follows that eventually the traditional targets of fascism are going to get singled out for attention. My friend Denise Baum, a New York City resident, sends me stories like this on Messenger from time to time for a reason. This is turning into a national epidemic. And another four years of Trump's Fourth Reich could be the tipping point that turns us into a fascist state if and when Trump and his goosestepping goons finally dismantle the Checks and Balances that currently constrain the Executive Branch.

     How considerate it was for Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman to marry each other so only two people are miserable instead of four.

     "No competent evidence", my ass. Your tree-killing poison was found on the 30,000 trees you killed on that man's peach farm.

      Fox is Communist. Pass it on.

     This asshole is trying to kill us all. And this is just the next chapter in IQ 45's petty pissing match with Andrew Cuomo.

     #Bernie Does Denver, bigly.

     Before Mayo Pete's Nigerian, there was this other black appropriation scandal that didn't involve all black people. I guess all Mayo Pete needs now is a campaign contribution pledge from a Nigerian banker.

      This elitist 1% twat rich white mansplained about farming. "You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn."

    The reason so many people are afraid of Bernie Sanders is because they've forgotten what Democratic Socialism is and how Democrats used to use it to give us programs we still have in place. Like Social Security, for instance. It's no coincidence that those most opposed to Sanders, like Bloomberg, are also the same ones who want to steal our Social Security.

     Yes, this is real. The cult is real. The threat is existential.

     Not yet she is but on Nov. 3rd she will be.

   Right about now you're probably wondering where the DNC finds their anointed ones like Bloomberg every general election...

     Let me guess: The gendarmerie ruled it a suicide and the investigating officers and the coroner are all suddenly wearing Gucci and driving Ferraris.

     Brad Parscale is a fucking idiot, plain and simple. In the real world, he wouldn't get hired to clean up dog shit at a Buddy Dog kennel.

     There isn't much about Pete Buttigieg to defend but this is one of them. If Limbaugh thinks his 3 marriages making a mockery of marriage is morally superior to a gay man happily married once, he can go fuck himself with his presidential medal of freedom.

      Try watching your kids torn out of your arms and thrown in cages when you've committed no crime then getting deported back home to a virtual death sentence without them.
       Until then, suck it up and rub dirt on it, buttercup. Welcome to Trump's 4th Reich. If you vote for a fascist, expect a whiff or two from the gas ovens.

      Michael Avenatti: Tries to shake down a multi billion dollar publicly-traded company of One Percenters for $20m: Gets convicted on all 3 counts.
     Donald Trump: Tries to shake down an impoverished ally over $391m in violation of the Constitution, gets acquitted on both articles with no witnesses or evidence allowed.
       America: What a country.

     Meme intermission.

     It wasn't actually a snake sex orgy but a routine meeting at DNC HQ.

    Suppressing allegations by dozens of women alleging sexual discrimination, assault and harassment and videos of him justifying Stop & Frisk and we still haven't seen his tax returns. Yes, what a refreshing change of pace from Trump.

     This black guy's been in prison since the mid 80's for stealing $9. So I don't want to hear any bullshit from white grievance performance artists about Roger fucking Stone.

      No, this isn't the Onion.

      Marc Short-On-Facts: "Investigating the *president for crimes is a crime in itself."

     1100 former DOJ officials have demanded that Barr resign. I suppose Trumpie the Klown will call them 1100 Angry Democrats.

      Four years ago, Sanders only had to beat two people in New Hampshire. This year he beat 10. But that's supposed to be a liability and constitute a "ceiling" that spells doom for Bernie. NBC might as well just merge with Fox at this point.

      An emotional support Trump cutout? Jesus Christ, these people are sad.

      This is like something out of an old European children's storybook.

      How the GI Bill was denied to 1.2 million African American WWII vets.

      In Black History Month, we should all honor Lt. Manning for his service and ultimate sacrifice.

      ER doctor: "Can you tell us who beat you half to death?"
      "Senator Amy Klobuchar."
      "Why did she beat you?"
      "I forgot to tell her the name of the Mexican president."

      It's hard to imagine this Mr. Bill-Sluggo "presidency" being more dangerous yet here we are.

      This is lazy-ass journalism. When you make a lazy, dismissive statement like we haven't found the slightest shred of evidence of extraterrestrial life so you can then make a ridiculous and easy hypothesis such as this, then I guess anything's possible.
      Among the things he's dismissing are credible accounts of alien abductions (Travis Walton, Barney and Betty Hill, etc), dozens of extraterrestrial artifacts pulled from the bodies of people by a podiatrist (Roger Krevin Leir) who'd collected them, and countless UFO sightings that can't be dismissed and were seen by thousands (such as the Phoenix Lights in 1997). And don't even get me started on the countless anomalies on the moon and Mars that we've been photographing since the 60's.
      We've uncovered loads of evidence of extraterrestrial life and it's unfair to dismiss all of it in one fell swoop because one idiot thinks the government and NASA are the sole proprietors of the truth and that any other source has no validity. The government lies to us all the time, especially NASA. And the 1958 bill that created NASA even had written into it a provision that stated they had no legal obligation to share with the American people its findings even though we're the ones who are funding their research.
      They are not only out there, several alien species are already here and working with our scientists. Do some research into the "Tall Whites" in Areas 53 & 54 in Indian Springs. Nevada. Read about the war that broke out between us and our guests in Archuleta Mesa in 1976.

      Sorry, I cannot and will not respect anyone who supports this fascist Bloomberg. Yes, that is how much I loath this opportunistic, right wing scumbag.

     "Virtue signaling"? We're really going there? I can't believe so many people I know think that electing another right wing oligarch from New York is a great idea since it worked out so swimmingly the last time. I've said it before and I'll say it again- We are indisputably the stupidest fucking nation on the planet.

      This is part of the reason for the pissing match between trump and Cuomo.

     What was it Lamar Alexander said about Trump learning his lesson & thinking twice before breaking the law?

     Now we're invading sanctuary cities. In the US. Remember back in the good old days when we had posse comitatus?

     A damned good article about Bloomberg that misguided people thinking of voting for him ought to read.

      I'm embarrassed every time I see articles like this coming from across the pond.

    Yet, now that he's running for President, all these right wing policies have suddenly & magically evolved!

      Yeah, the moron thinks he's a King and that Ralph Waldo Emerson saw him coming.

      AOC's right, of course, but you get the sense that Business Insider is gleefully using her words to get a dig in at Sanders. You can tell by how contemptuously the author uses the words "Liberal" and "left wing" You can just feel the contempt dripping off those words. (Tip o' the tinfoil to Constant Reader CC)

      I find it impossible to believe that racist asshole Bloomberg is polling at 22% among black voters, better than Bernie. Doesn't anybody read or listen to the fucking news anymore or have any long term memory?

    One by one, the house of greasy marked cards falls until there's nothing left to support the paranoid conspiracy theories of this fascist Reich posing as a real presidential administration.

      I can see that 1% cocksucker doing that, too. And finally...

      Yeah, they look real enthused about his campaign. Half of them look as if they're wondering if the check will clear.


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