Saturday, February 29, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Leap Day edition

(We don't dump our Corona beer down the sink.)

     Oh, cripes, I hope he didn't get it.

    Here's an idea- Considering this is a pandemic of a potentially deadly virus that could be worse than the Spanish Flu pandemic that killed millions in 1917, how about we loosen the criteria for testing instead of making it more stringent?

    Great. Now we can add ecological terrorism to the list of other acts of terrorism carried out by Israel.

    This came out nearly two years ago but it seems to be an appropriate way to round out Black History Month.

    Lucian K. Truscott IV is right. So the question remains: Why are we normalizing this kind of fascist behavior for Donald Trump that we wouldn't tolerate from any other president in American history?

    How is it that Cubans live as long as we do at a tenth of the cost? I'll give you a hint: Socialized medicine.

     Gotta love the, uh, pipes on this Golden girl.

    My junior Senator. He's right. It's a bromide, almost an anodyne. But in times of suffocating prejudice and universal gaslighting, sometimes anodyne statements take on the power of incendiary rhetoric. The NBA lost hundreds of millions of dollars because one GM simply supported the Hong Kong protesters on Twitter.
     If this was ever uttered in the Hindu section of New Delhi, the speaker would be stoned to death.

     Dominant life form on the planet, eh?

    Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that this 38% of Americans are also the 38% that still support tRump?

     Because who needs a free and independent press, especially in the military?

     Fuck these Nazi assholes and stop giving them nearly $4,000,000,000 in aid every year.

     "What's in that catalog that's so interesting?"
     "Black & Decker sanders."
    "SANDERS! Slowly, I turned, step by step, inch by inch..." (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC.)

    This only goes to show how scummy the Democrat Party has gotten since the Clinton years. Overton's Window has pushed it so far to the right it's exactly like the GOP of the Nixon years. What does it say when Latino Democrats start eating each other?

    "Giuliani claimed enormous private influence. But at the Trump hotel, he sat out in public, spending hours at his “private office,” a table in the lobby steakhouse’s bar. One former Trump hotel staffer said that Giuliani was so comfortable there that he sometimes left without paying — 'like he was at home.' The restaurant often had to eat the bill, the former employee said."

     Any other presidential candidate would've been chased from the race over this. But desperate times call for desperate measures and the crooked Democrat Party is very desperate indeed to stop Bernie Sanders. That's why they're still somewhat propping up this doddering, disingenuous putz.

    “I am a public servant OF the government. The U.S. Constitution, the document this organization holds as sacrosanct, is the foundational document of our GOVERNMENT.”
     Spoken like a true 5th columnist.

     What else can you expect from these racist twats?

     This is according to Trump's favorite pollster, Rasmussen.

     Can we all now please stop pretending that Trump's not the Manchurian Candidate?

     Meme intermission.

    You hear that? It's Rumsfeld's "unknown unknowns" all over again. And, yes, it's the Democrats' fault, too. (The fire truck behind him is a nice bit of symbology for what's going on.)
    This is the worst stock market crash since 2008. And I'm sure you all remember what followed that. I'm thinking of Section 6 of the TARP.
    So get ready to be put on the hook for another unnecessary $700,000,000,000 bailout of Wall Street. Section 6 empowers Mnuchin to do just that without Congressional oversight or approval.

     Fear not. Our shockingly brilliant stable genius has it all under control.

     Trump's #coronavirus task force didn't abandon anything. You can't abandon something of which you were never a part. There IS no #Coronavid19 task force. We're on our own, people.

      In case there was any doubt whatsoever in your mind as to whether or not Trumpie the Klown is completely deranged, I give you this from tonight. That sheen that you see busting through his heavy makeup is flop sweat. He actually thinks Obama should be and can be impeached. For lying, no less.

      Yeah, I can see Pence doing this as soon as he gets back from CPAC.

      This article is over two years-old. And it's turning out to be eerily prescient.

      As Harry Truman once said, the only thing that's new under the sun is the history we've forgot.

      I don't know why this guy needs permission from Trump before speaking out about a pandemic that most people on earth already know about. But it only goes to show Trump cares less about American lives than he does about coronavirus killing his much-cherished campaign talking point about a strong economy.

      This is the coolest bus on earth, bar none.

     An article by Bernie explaining why health care is especially important to African American women.

      There's no solidarity like billionaire solidarity. I wonder if Bloomie also gave them advice on how to hide their billions overseas so they could cry poverty when the lawsuits came rolling in.

     People keep wondering why I say there's no difference between the GOP & the Democrat Party. This is why. It's an incestuous relationship with common corporate interests.

     And, if you need any further proof the Democrat Party is as rotten & corrupt to the bone as the GOP, then read this. This came as no surprise to me at all. Corporate lobbyists have been infesting the DNC like tapeworms since super delegates were created in the 80's.

      Corporate America strikes again. No student, no person period should have to spend 70% of their income on rent.

      I can't believe this isn't illegal. Since it isn't, it just goes to show you how broken the system is. TX & CA just happen to be the two states with the most delegates- 643 combined. And Bloomberg's continuing to buy his way into the election.

      Of course they are, the 1% elitist scum.

      Alabama Republicans are literally praying Trump doesn't get involved. But you know he will just to kneecap Sessions.

     Of course the Taliban truce is fraudulent, like everything else in this Barnum & Bailey political sideshow. We just admitted that after two decades, we couldn't defeat a rump terrorist organization with the most powerful military on earth. And finally...

      If I was Bernie, I'd consider this a HUGELY major endorsement. The Native American vote is not to be underestimated. They're loyal Democratic voters and in some states in the Upper Midwest such as the Dakotas, they make up most of the voting population.


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