Thursday, February 20, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Maestro, cue the calliope, mouth harp, slide whistle and kazoo for "Hail to the Chief.")

     Now this is what I call a Green New Deal.

     This is an amazing contribution to Black History Month.

     As part of the ongoing feud between Trump and Andrew Cuomo, the governor signed a bill that would allow felons pardoned by Trump to be prosecuted in New York state.

    This is why Bloomberg shouldn't be getting back into politics. Because he IS the problem- Big money in politics.

     Suck it up, buttercups. It's for real. Bernie's for real. We're for real.

     "Mass protests"?! We screamed bloody murder over getting screwed out of an inch on Subway subs but sat on our Laz-E-Boys while a fascist got sworn into office. Don't count on it.

      Trouble in paradise?

     Yeah, I could see this actually happening. And I can see certain Republicans supporting it, too.

     I don't know if Montana has the death penalty but if so, I say let 'em all have it.

    Bottom line: Learning another language is good for your brain. I'm proud of being bilingual. I think it's been beneficial to me mentally.

    The fucking Baptists are no better than the Goddamned Catholics. This guy was convicted of sexually molesting an underage relative and this church kept it from their congregants.

     Mineral tractor oil, huh? What happened, was there an embargo on snake oil?

     Of course Trump's going after Amy Berman Jackson, at his peril.

     Great. Just what we need on the federal bench- Roy Moore with lipstick.

     John Oliver eviscerates critics of Medicare For All.

     Why won't this asshole just die? It doesn't surprise me that Zimmerman's repped by right wing racist ambulance chaser Larry Klayman.

      15 years is some serious dedication. But how do they know what it sounded like if we don't know what instruments they used to play this 3400 year-old music?

     Meme intermission.

      Newsweek being credible for a change.

      Again, something a totally innocent guy would do.

     I can't believe this sawed-off money bag on legs already qualified for two debates and is "surging" in the polls (It helps if you bribe the DNC to the tune of $300,000 with the winking and nodding understanding they change the rules for you). The corporate mainstream media's positively giddy at the thought of two right wing New York billionaires going head to head in a presidential race.
    Well, this isn't a subway series, assholes. And for you morons reading this who are still stupid and/or desperate enough to support him, you're just trying to replace one idiotic, right wing ideologue with one who's smarter and more cunning. In the balance, who do you really think would be more dangerous for those of us in the bottom 99%?
     Bloomberg isn't trying to defeat Trump. He's trying to defeat Bernie Sanders.

     Remember hearing the stories of the Nazis madly burning incriminating files as the Soviets and Americans were on their way to liberate the death camps in 1945?
    We're seeing the same exact thing right here with ICE. The mindset is identical. We don't think we're committing crimes but the rest of the misinformed world thinks we are so we'd better get rid of the evidence of the crimes we're not committing so those bleeding heart liberals don't use it against us in their kangaroo courts.
     These fascists feel the walls closing in and they're simply trying to evade justice just like their ideological forebears, the Nazis.

      "Yeah, but are you racist enough?"
      "Well, I once said, 'White lives matter' on my radio show."
      "Fucking A, ya got my endorsement."

     "He's a great guy and a great cook. He had me over one night. He served a great cut of meat, the best, and we had that with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. I want to make him my Surgeon General."

      Even if you're not a Bernie Bro, I defy you to read this entire article before your blood reaches the boiling point.

      Real math.
     DNC math: Bernie will win by two points and maybe we'll toss him a delegate or two.

     Of course he pardoned Milken. His campaign slogan ought to be, "I love fraud but hate people for following lawful subpeonas."

     Speaking of which... This is essentially a fraternity of criminals. If you commit the right crimes, expect a pardon from the master criminal.

     This is sad. I enjoyed her work on GOOD TIMES when I was growing up. What many may not know is that Ja'net also did the lead vocals for THE JEFFERSONS theme song.

     Can we please stop using the word "liberal" when addressing MSNBC & other virulent critics of Bernie Sanders? They're not liberals. They're right wingers & we seriously need to stop letting them get away with co-opting a word that used to mean something, that used to stand for something good, noble and admirable, not dirty, back-stabbing duplicity and political sabotage.

      In other words, as Harvey Dent/Two Face says in THE DARK KNIGHT, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Nietzsche said something similar when he wrote, "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." Either way, it applies. During the Whiskey Rebellion, Washington became the first, and only, president to take up arms against his own countrymen.

     How disgusting and pathetic is it that we have to buy insulin on Craigslist?

     For all you right wing Bloomberg supporters who think he'd do a great job in the WH: Remember when he cracked down on Muslims and had the NYPD spy on them? You want to know what that would look like on a national level? Look no further than Trump's Muslim ban in his first months in office.

     Yeah, tell me again about how we Bernie Bros hold grudges. This right wing asshole's still after Jane Fonda over Vietnam.

      One more time: We did NOT attack the culinary workers union 226 and fuck you, Mediaite, for even letting that go unchallenged.

     Well, it looks as if the clusterfuck in Nevada is picking up right where it left off in 2016.

     Moral bankruptcy results in financial bankruptcy.

     This is just one of countless reasons why I believe all corporations are, without exception, pure evil at worst, simply amoral at best.

    A century before Rosa Parks, there was Elizabeth Jennings. Nowadays, we think Elizabeth Jennings is a character on THE AMERICANS but we should acquaint ourselves with this one.

      This is destined to go down in Red Sox history as the most catastrophically horrible deal since we sold Ruth to the Yankees in 1918. And finally...

     Next to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, this is probably the most famous rock in the world and it's ours. It seems there is nothing sacred, any more.


At February 21, 2020 at 2:22 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Either Grisham is hulking out or she's becoming nauseous from having to spew lies on behalf of her boss.


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