Monday, February 24, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(A Green New Deal You Can't Refuse)

     Breaking: Bloomberg to release three hostages who can't harm him. Film @ 11.

   What piece of shit would encourage a Nazi hate rally crowd to boo a 17 year-old girl with Aperger's? Come on, do I really have to answer that?

    "I once shared a cell with Nelson Mandela. God, that guy could snore. But during the day, we'd rub each other's hairy legs. Mine stood up higher. Jill, where the fuck am I today?"

     No one can possibly get me to believe this genocidal maniac isn't out to kill us all.

     Maybe he should have contributed to Bill Lee's election campaign.

    Next after the commercial break, Trump makes Blago the new Acting Director of the Bureau of Prisons.

    Oh, I wouldn't go there if I was him. Especially since the difference is that Sanders warned Putin not to interfere with the 2020 election. Trump?
     "Russia, if you're listening..."

     "The billionaire presidential candidate has fully or partially reversed himself on stances he took as recently as 2019."

     "Expired contracts, no paid sick leave policy, and an un-unionized presidential campaign staff." But what do you expect from a right wing billionaire?

      Well, so much for all Canadians being polite, eh?

      This Customs and Border Patrol guy murdered his wife and both his sons before turning the gun on himself. You have to ask- What the fuck is going on at CBP?

       You know those stories we hear of animals turning on their hunters and killing them?
       Grizzlies, if you're listening...

      Now the DNC will bring out its REALLY long knives.

      And I'm sure if it could talk, this 22 foot tall baby Jesus would sound just like Peter Gabriel.

      This guy Haney sounds as if he was an anti Muslim right wing ideologue. But the stark contrast between his violent, abrupt end and plans for the future sure make for some food for thought.

        Shut the fuck up, Tweetie.

        Greyhound just put the skids to warrentless checks on its buses. Good on them.

      The Wisconsin State Journal grudgingly admits #Bernie's leading there & that no one's within 15 points of him. With three out of three wins, they're also not factoring in momentum.

      Meme intermission.

       Another Darwin Award winner. They better not bury this flat earther too deeply or he'll fall out the other side.

       Now Israelis are dragging the bodies of Palestinians with bulldozers. When is the world going to finally stand up to these fascist assholes?

      So his own former acting DNI was secretly a Democrat?

      Wow. Trump pardoned a fellow crook and tax dodger whose family gave him money. Shades of Matt Bevin.

       There's a new sheriff in town. And he has brain damage.

       I'm not a hockey fan by any stretch of the imagination but this is a fairy tale come true story for this Zamboni driver.

    Another thing that no one, not even I, have mentioned is the enforcement of the tax code. A huge part of the funding for the Green New Deal will be levying higher taxes on the 1%. You can literally bet your bottom dollar that if Bernie gets elected, he WILL lobby to raise their taxes. Even with a Democrat-dominated Congress, that'd be a tough sell among Blue Dogs, multimillionaire Democrats and those vulnerable ones in red districts.
    But just for the sake of argument, say we retake the Senate, hold the House, elect Bernie despite the DNC's best efforts to scuttle his campaign and actually pass a tax increase with the 1% as a hard target, what then?
    This is why I mentioned enforcement of the tax code which, as far as the 1% goes, is literally nonexistent. Trump's own IRS commissioner admitted they'd go after the 1% if they had the enforcement mechanisms in place but don't because of Republican lack of funding (which was the whole idea).
    And then, even if the funding were given by, again, a highly problematic and fractious Democrat-led Congress, the 1% can and will use their tried-and-true method of tax avoidance...
    Offshore accounts. Tax shelters. Remember: Tax evasion=illegal. Tax avoidance=Legal.
    So, to put it mildly, I'm skeptical this Green New Deal will ever get off the ground, which is why I've never bothered to write about it at any great length. And even if Bernie DOES get this GND passed by, once more, an unreliable Democrat Congress, if the 1% hoard and hide their wealth, who's gonna be left holding the bag?
    We could have 535 AOCs in Congress and it STILL wouldn't guarantee funding for the GND unless we seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY overhaul the tax code to the point of preventing tax-dodging, right wing scumbags from offshoring assets overseas or at least getting access to those assets and freezing or taxing the shit out of them.

     So he went from one New York right wing scumbag billionaire to another. Real heroic stretch that was toward the end of his life.

     So the next time you hear the pundits say #Bernie can't win and white, working class voters might go for the Republican unless the establishment-favored Blue Dog doesn't get the nod, just remember this Guardian article from 2008 that's aged really well.

      Let him eat shit in India. That's vegetarian.

      This is a shame. RIP, Katherine Johnson.


     Guilty!!! Harvey Weinstein will now be officially known forevermore as "convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein." That's permanent, like "impeached President* Donald Trump."

     While fucking around with a married man behind her husband's back, too.

     What do you expect? He can't even speak English properly.

     As the pardon offer fell through, naturally the mafia thug in the Oval Office defaulted to extortion. Of course he did.

     #Bernie, "the weakest possible candidate"? The guy who's 3 for 3 and is leading in a dozen other states. These right wing nut jobs really do live in an alternate universe, don't they?

     Does it really surprise you what a petty piece of dog shit Trump is?

     This what you get for doing the right thing. If you're worried you're going to get hit with a $3300 bill for a blood test and a nasal swab, you're not going to bother, thereby exacerbating a threat to public health.

      So, essentially, our top spy was a spy for fascist Hungary, giving them access to Washington, and without even registering as a foreign agent under FARA. Thanks again, Donnie Dumbo.

     More rich, white privilege. This asshole slammed his wife's head into the tarmac of their driveway so hard, her head left imprints in two places.
     He got community service and house arrest in a gated golf course community.

     Greg Sargent is right. This isn't merely revenge. This is Trump laying the groundwork for even more unchecked corruption for a second term.

     The "Oracle of Omaha" thinks Bernie Sanders wants to do away with capitalism. But that's not what democratic socialism is about. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC). And finally...

       Defend themselves against whom? The non white people who are in the vast minority in Idaho?
       I can't even get into my local courthouse without a virtual strip search. We have a metal detector at the door. No metal gets in until it's vetted. Until recently, we weren't even allowed cell phones during jury duty. And we don't even have a gun problem in Massachusetts.
       But if you're in Idaho, what the fuck, just let an 11 year-old girl into a courtroom with a loaded AR 15. That's a good way to dispel fear. (Another tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC).


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