Thursday, February 27, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(In which we're financially but not morally bankrupt.)

     Boy, Fox must be really, really desperate to maintain their Uncle Tom quota. Otherwise, I cannot imagine how this man hangs onto his job.

     Trump doesn't want women on the Supreme Court ruling on cases involving him. What he really means to say is, he doesn't want liberals or moderates to rule.

     So, to summarize, the wife of a right wing Supreme Court Justice is assembling a hit list targeting people who are "disloyal" to a single man rather than the country. Ginni Thomas plainly has too much time on her hands.

      Ceres, at nearly 1000 kilometers, is the size of a small planet. It would result in an extinction level event.
      And still vastly preferable to a second Trump term.

      Is Trump addled with Adderall?

      I guess Biden decided he doesn't want to be president and instead wants to be a senator again.

      Bernie was right about Cuba, just as President Obama was. He owes no one an apology. Get over it. This isn't 1965 again.

      I can see the right wing going after #Bernie for his 33 year-old comments about Cuba but when the DNC piles on, they've officially merged with the right wing. I'm gladder than ever I left the Democratic Party in 2017.

       Should we be taking advice about anything from a guy named Dick Pound?

     Because this is the worst thing to ever happen to Flint, Michigan.

    The real, undeclared reason for the freakout over #BernieSanders- Most Americans agree with him.

     The silver lining is that days prior to this making national news, this racist pig was fired.

      Another Trumpanzee bites the dust.

     Many of Obama's backers were tickled pink by the ACA, even though, as Howard Zinn said in the last days of his life, "When you start out with a compromise, you end up with a compromise of a compromise." All Obamacare was was a giant gateway to the health care market, placed an $80b cap on drug cost reimbursements, created a mandate enforceable through two laws in the tax code without giving us a public option, allowed states to opt out of Medicare expansion (which virtually every redneck Governor did in their virulent racism) and put the lie to Obama's, "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it."
     So, yeah, I think Bernie Bros would be tickled pink to get any meaningful compromise on M4A, as long as it has a realistic public option. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     This is a pretty accurate, if incomplete, summation of Tuesday's debate. The article doesn't cover other topics, such as accessible health care in rural areas, income inequality across racial lines, education, ending the filibuster, etc. But it was pretty wild, fractious and rude. In other words, the same way the Democrats act in Congress.

      I guess the court system in Utah doesn't believe in recidivism.

      Dracula parrots are actually a thing?

      So, here's where we are as a country-
      A five year-old boy is made to register as a sex offender for hugging and kissing classmates...
     ...while pedophile priests keep getting shuffled from one target-rich environment to another, rarely with exposure or comeuppance.

     Meme intermission.

     Damned good idea. So why am I just now seeing this for the first time?

     It must've killed that witch to say that.

     "What do you mean Typhoid Mary's dead? I talked to her on the phone last week."

     Half the US population was born after 1980. Yes, half the population of the US is under 40. And if we want them to get out and vote, we have to make the issues relevant to them and their generation, too. That's what Bernie's doing.

     I don't know why people ignore me when I call the latter-day Democratic Party Tammany Hall 2.0. Take the ticket prices for last Tuesday's #DemDebate. They went for $1750-3200, mostly occupied by Bloomberg stooges. This is the corruption of the Democrat Party on full display.

     I suppose at his next campaign rally, Biden will come out in a seersucker suit, mink coat and a straw boater.

      Holy shit, he used to be one of my FB friends. Rest easy in Davy Jones' locker, Clive.

    Yes, people. Trump made the Coronavirus Czar a guy who thinks science is an evil. liberal. Commie, homosexual plot. Did you honestly expect any better than Pence?

     But, wait! The news gets even better! The latest additions to the task force are Larry the Lush Kudlow and Steve Mnuchin, which ought to give you an idea of where the WH's real priorities lie.

     Joe Biden tried to claim on CNN last night that he's always been considered a liberal & progressive. However, here's a press release from his own office in March 1998 (during the Clinton impeachment) bragging about him being the 5th most conservative Democrat in the Senate.

     Donald Trump is the coronavirus of bigotry. He leaves death and destruction in his wake no matter where he goes.

      Another mass shooting, this time in Milwaukee.

      "The (anti-lynching) vote was 410-4. The members who voted against were Independent Rep. Justin Amash and Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert, Thomas Massie and Ted Yoho."
       Remember those four names, people.

      "Two hundred percent it's not anti-Semitic," says the gentile mayor of a bigoted city.
      Oh, did I mention the guys in Nazi uniforms?

      I don't recall corporate investment, shareholders and pricing controls being mentioned when Dr. Salk invented the polio vaccine.

     Reading this article is like slipping into an alternate universe where nothing and no one makes sense any more. How could Joy, Whoopie and Sunny be so completely fooled by a con man like Bloomberg? Don't they know his "apologies" were done out of political expediency? (Another tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

      AOC's right, as usual. (A third tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

      And annoying them, they are. Just read the comments of Trump's snowflake supporters.

     But we #BernieBros are the conspiracy theorists when we say the party will subvert democratic principles to stop #Bernie. Then the NY Times publishes pieces like this. No one calls them conspiracy theorists.
      Let's get one thing clear- Super delegates were created by party insiders, with party insiders, for party insiders to keep a real progressive from getting the nomination so the corporate interests of their benefactors aren't threatened. This is why most of the super delegates are corporate lobbyists. Not homeless people, not working class people, not grassroots activists.
       Corporate lobbyists and party hacks whose sole agenda is to keep each other in business.

      "Candidates aren’t allowed to pack the debate hall."
      Candidates also aren’t allowed to bribe the DNC with $800,000 to have the rules changed for them so they can buy their way on the debate stage but here we are. And finally...

       Why a jailbird grifter like James O'Keefe still gets results is beyond me. His latest video just got ABC's David Wright suspended & banned from covering politics for the rest of his tenure for admitting he was a leftist. But what can one expect from a network that's owned by a mouse?


At February 28, 2020 at 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The casual racism of white women has gone on long enough! It's time to call it out! Most of you have by now seen the video of the white woman Ebony Bowden laughing and making fun of a veteran long term Indian white house reporter Raghubir Goyal. But the racism of the average white woman has been ignored for far too long and it's time to start calling it out.

We have talked endlessly about how "young white males" are being radicalized online but what about white women? The alt-right is full of white women who make extremely racist statements casually. I won't repeat their quotes here, but we should not ignore the fact that while the alt-right is made up mostly of young white men, it also has a large percent of young white women, and considering that the alt-right has beliefs shared by tens of millions of Americans, that is millions of white American women who are racist.

On neo-nazi websites like GAB, or on lesser known sites like "FreeSpeechExtremist", white women both young and old shamelessly make racist, hateful statements and some even do it in their real legal name, not even hiding behind fake annoymous names. This is what entitled racism looks like, and white women are the epitome of it, because we refuse to call out white women's racism and hold them accountable.

Do I even need to remind you that 52% of white women voted for an openly racist white supremacist President in 2016?

At February 28, 2020 at 2:12 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Are you a white female?


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