Saturday, February 22, 2020

Open Letter to the DNC

 (Actually sent off to DNC HQ in Washington)
Dear Tammany Hall 2.0
      I have just gotten your fake census-looking survey/beg for money in the mail. Time and again, I see progressive individuals and websites railing about the GOP and RNC sending out exactly the same types of surveys engineered to look like the census forms the government has actually yet to send out. So, considering the “Democratic” Party and the DNC are nothing more or less than the new Republican Party, it shouldn’t surprise me when I see you guys resorting to same sleazeball tactics as the official right wing.
      Your long survey sure gives the impression that the “Democratic” National Committee sure gives a shit about what those in and on the peripheries of your organization feel about certain issues. However, the reality belies the illusion. Because if you people gave a fuck about what the people and not the corporations and billionaires to whom you suck up really wanted, we wouldn’t have had the nightmarish debacle that was the 2016 “Democratic” National Convention in Philadelphia.
      Your disgraced and expelled Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, stacked the three pertinent rules committees governing your Republican-financed convention with right wing ideologues and Blue Dogs. Their intent was to draft rules that were more aligned with the GOP’s positions from a generation or two ago. Among them was advocating for a much lower minimum wage for which Bernie Sanders had advocated ($15 an hour. Your Goldwater girl Hillary wouldn’t go higher than $12.). You studiously and strenuously weeded out as many Sanders loyalists as humanly possible from the committees so the “Democratic” platform wouldn’t alienate moderate and Independent voters. And that’s just where the jack-booted fascism began.
      Let’s take the Washington delegation from 2016. The delegation went for Bernie by a margin of no less than 4-1. Yet the Bernie delegates were pushed to the back of the delegation so only the Clinton delegates that were actually in the vast minority would be seen and heard. The Washington state delegation would prove to be merely a synecdoche of the misleading optics that would rule the entire convention.
      By day three, the fix was already in and Bernie Sanders delegates were literally denied their seats and filled with paid actors. Noise suppressors were bolted to the walls in the nosebleed section to drown out the protests of the Sanders delegates who’d been thrown out of their seats by muscle hired by the DNC. The MSM, already complicit by feeding questions in advance to Donna Brazille, your equally corrupt acting DNC chair, dutifully complied with misleading tight shots of the convention floor in a pathetic and transparent attempt to manufacture consensus and party “unity.”
      All throughout the campaigns, Bernie would beat Hillary by double digits in state after state yet walk away with few to no delegates (such as in Wyoming), thereby preventing him from achieving the 1991 minimum to get the majority on the first ballot. And, to hedge your bets, even if Bernie had met that threshold, the shockingly, staggeringly and stupendously corrupt Super Delegates, most of which having already pledged fealty to Queen Hillary eight months before the first caucus or primary ballot had been cast, had their say. After the Sanders campaign complained about it, the DNC grudgingly changed its rules. But even this time around, they’ll have a say on the second ballot when the log-jammed field of Democratic hangerson essentially will prevent Bernie from achieving the 1991 delegate threshold on the first ballot.

      Then, to prove that the “Democratic” National Committee has veered even more rightward in accordance with Overton’s Window, you accepted what amounted to a naked bribe from right wing billionaire Michael Bloomberg to the tune of $319,500 over three disbursements two days before he threw his hat in the ring. Another half a million was disbursed to other Blue Dog campaigns. In response, you right wing scum changed the rules for Bloomberg who gave you that largesse with the intent of buying his way onto the debate stage in Las Vegas last Wednesday even though he blew off the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary.
      It seems that not only does money talk in the DNC, it screams through a bullhorn at 300 decibels. And you people listen.
      So, you take vast sums of money from right wing entities and billionaires who cynically run as Democrats and whose racist and fascist positions have magically “evolved” almost literally overnight, you deny credentials to people holding up anti-TPP signs and rip the signs out of their hands, throw people out of their seats for which they’d paid, use hired muscle to that effect and essentially used every dirty trick in the book to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination so Queen Clinton could have her fucking coronation.
      How did that work out for you, guys?
     And now, you’re using the same old dog-eared playbook from 2016 just like the actual Republican Party and their dirty tricks (fake census forms, voter suppression legislation, gerrymandering, hacking into voting machines, Crosscheck purge lists and other crimes too numerous to list). You know damned good and well Bloomberg’s in the race to defeat not Trump but Sanders. Yet we’re still treated to a daily spectacle of shadow-boxing between these two fascist New York billionaires as if they’re actually running against one another.
      But we Sanders supporters are wise to your tricks. Tom Perez has stacked the rules committees, again, with right wing operatives and convicted felons. In fact, Sander’s official campaign song should be The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” You didn’t fool us four years ago but this time Bernie and we are wise to your dirty, duplicitous right wing tricks that are right out of Lee Atwater’s, Karl Rove’s or Roger Stone’s playbook. When your pre-anointed Queen Hillary reached out to Sanders supporters, after she’d called us “Bernie Bros”, “residue” and “basement dwellers”, she’d said, “I’ll take your vote but I neither need nor want them.”
      Clinton’s arrogance in not going to that union rally in Michigan on election night and telling Sanders’ tens of millions of supporters that she didn’t need nor want our votes were just two factors in her losing what should’ve been a cakewalk. Instead she suffered perhaps the most humiliating defeat in the history of American politics by losing to a child molesting game show host who can’t spell “hamburger” and thinks wind mills cause brain cancer. This was your anointed one, who’s still whining that the man to whom tens of millions had pledged their devotion and whom she called names didn’t endorse her quickly enough.
      Now, I can’t speak for all Sanders supporters but I’m followed by many of them on social media and many of us are saying the same thing and issuing the same warnings- If you anoint Bloomberg or any of the other assclowns on the “Democratic” side when Sanders clearly would’ve won the number of delegates without interference from the DNC or the corporate lobbyists and party insiders who make up the Super Delegates, then we will again withhold our votes from that person. You will give Trump another four years to build up his 4th Reich. And you will go down in history as being the political party who brought that about by hamstringing a man who’s projected to beat Trump in almost all polls, a man who truly has our nation’s best interests at heart but who was judged much too “radical” in wanting health care for all.
            Robert Crawford


At February 22, 2020 at 9:08 PM, Anonymous CC said...

And Sanders' supporters' official song should be "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister.


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