Saturday, April 11, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Cue the calliope, maestro.)

     Kelly Loeffler, the richest member of Congress (worth half a billion dollars), warns you about Bernie's evil Socialist agenda that threatens good old fashioned American values such as the freedom and liberty to engage in insider trading to enrich oneself by tens of millions of dollars one plainly doesn't need.

     Modley essentially spent a quarter of a million dollars to turn himself into a dick which basically resulted in his own termination.
     And we the taxpayer got to foot the bill for this shitshow. Hooray.

    Because I primarily write historical crime thrillers in old New York, it only stands to reason I'd know about Hart Island near the Bronx. In fact, the opening chapter of one of my unfinished novels takes place on Hart Island. For those of you who don't know what it is, here's a quick history lesson:
    Hart Island is the largest publicly-owned cemetery in the US. It's actually a series of mass graves that's been used by the city of New York for that purpose since 1869.
     So when the horrendous numbers started coming out of New York, I began to wonder if they were going to begin ramping up burials on Hart Island, typically the final resting place for the city's unclaimed dead.
     Here's my answer. I wonder if the tiny island will eventually run out of space before this epidemic in New York City runs its course.

     This is Rachel Maddow's show a week ago. We had 275,000+ confirmed cases and just over 7000 deaths in the US.
     In the week since she implored the "president" to do something, the number of confirmed cases has nearly doubled (550,000+) and we've lost nearly 13,000 more Americans or nearly 20,000. There STILL isn't enough testing kits, there STILL aren't enough supplies and there STILL isn't a national stay at home order.
     We can't keep playing the frog in boiling water game.
     The water's already at a hard boil.

     We weren't given coronavirus because of bat soup. We're in this predicament because of batshit insane hillbillies like this.

     "Like the victim of an abusive alcoholic parent or spouse, they will project wallow in magical thinking and project good intentions upon a candidate who has given them no reason to think he has changed. Maybe dad isn’t drunk tonight. Maybe Biden is secretly liberal." - Ted Rall
      It's screamingly obvious by now that Biden's obvious senility is not going to make him any more liberal. If anything, it's making him more of a Republican than he already was. There's no fucking way in Hell that ambulatory mummy's getting my vote.

     Meme intermission.

     I'm not that nuts about Cuomo being president, either. But I could see myself voting for him if they draft him at whatever joke of a convention we'll get this August. Don't forget, Biden hasn't even come close to earning the right to be there because he hasn't even come close to winning half the minimum 1991 delegates to get a first nomination ballot.
     But if they draft Andrew Cuomo, who would slay Trump on Election Day, in any number of ballots, despite his not having won a primary or caucus, that would be legal under party rules if the state delegates and (God help us) the Super delegates draft him.
      Plus, running against Cuomo would drive Trump even more shit house rat insane than he already is.

     The legendary City Lights book store was about to go under. Then they got $365,000 in donations overnight.
     The story of the most famous female magician you never heard of.

    How can anyone deny that this murderous asshole isn't bound and determined to do the wrong thing in this pandemic at every turn?

    This article states that Trump is personalizing everything he does or pretends to do, casting himself as the savior. But there's also a scarier possibility- That he actually believes he owns all this.

     I love this op-ed from Lucian K. Truscott IV.

     Of course Congressman Bodyslam is trying to cash in on this crisis. That's what Republican scum do.
     Meanwhile, 2108 more Americans died of COVID-19 between Thursday and Friday. That's a new one-day record anywhere on earth.

     Trump is spiritually impoverished as well as morally bankrupt. Even malignant narcissists know enough to pull back and try to act human. Trump can't even do that.

      The corporate welfare bill was essentially a giant money bazooka aimed at Chairmen and CEOs, with wage slaves essentially getting crumbs, literally as an afterthought.

    "President* Donald Trump’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued guidance that most employers do not have to report cases of COVID-19 in their workplace to the Department of Labor."
     Yep, anything to keep those hideous numbers artificially low, eh, Donnie Dumbo?

     “Unfolding as it did in the wake of his impeachment by the House and in the midst of his Senate trial, Mr. Trump’s response was colored by his suspicion of and disdain for what he viewed as the 'Deep State' — the very people in his government whose expertise and long experience might have guided him more quickly toward steps that would slow the virus, and likely save lives.”
      Because as our Very Stable Genius can tell you, viral pandemics have a liberal bias.

      Federal hospital funding based on Medicare billings and not the virus?! And finally...

      Shorter Martha McSally: "All you have to do is kiss the Don's ring or any part of his anatomy he chooses, and you, too, can get medical equipment!"


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