Monday, June 29, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Brad and Karen edition

(In case you were wondering where Trump's pulling his "internal polling" data from...)

    Well, this is gonna piss off a lot of very fine people. I imagine they'll continue flying the old state flag.

     Historically, Trump hasn't got a snowball's chance in Hell.

     Steve Schmidt tells Joy Reid that Trump is the mark this time. And he's absolutely right.

     Pelosi's asking some tough questions of the intelligence community. This will put a lot of pressure on the Trump loyalists within it, especially Ratcliffe.

     Karen and Brad- A Racist Love Story.

    Speaking of Brad and Karen, here they are in St. Louis waving their guns at uppity BLM protesters when they got too close to their gigantic mansion. This perhaps delineates racist white fear and paranoia better than any picture or video I've ever seen this year.

     Aaaand just like that, Brad and Karen get divorced.

    But it doesn't mean they can't pursue solo acts. Here, Officer Brad puts a BLM protester in crosshairs then gets shitcanned days later.

     And here's Karen's own solo act elsewhere in Missouri.

     And here Karen is in Detroit later today...

     Oh, remember Brad and Karen in Missouri? They made ABC News waving their guns at peaceful protesters.
     Grand Dragon Donnie retweeted it first thing this morning.

     Meme intermission.

    White man whitemansplains to black man about "learnin'" about cooperation. By the way, you have Archie Manning and his threats to tank Mississippi's college football games until they removed the confederate symbol to thank. THAT'S the perfect storm the Minority Leader was really talking about.

     And here are just some the contributions Karens have made in America...

    Fox "News" is now officially in the arena of right wing terrorism. A Fox network driver (Brad, presumably) hit a black man with his SUV in Seattle's CHOP, laughed about it then ran off like the true profile in courage he is.

    Uh uh. I NEVER see Trump dropping out. He infamously rejects realities he doesn't like and substitutes his own. Just today, he called out the "Do Nothing Democrats", that have passed over 400 bills and are currently collecting dust on Do Nothing Mitch's desk, that his "internal" poll numbers show him winning in contradiction of every established and reliable poll in the nation. It's much likelier he will walk into the slaughter, leading with his chin like the Dollar Store Mussolini that he is, then when he loses, claim the vote was rigged. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Karen Does Dallas.

     David Ignatius on Morning Joe: “Based on my reporting trying to confirm the New York Times’ excellent story it’s clear in late March you had senior U.S commanders, senior civilian intelligence officials, in effect pounding on the door of the White House saying we need to do something about this, we need to come to a conclusion about what damage the Russian program is doing, we need to reassess our programs in Afghanistan and they couldn’t get an answer.”

     I give you the ultimate Karen, a misanthrope who even loathes her own gender. But soft Nazi Viktor Orban, the dictator of Hungary, is "the shining champion of Western Civilization." Trump just shoehorned her into USAID.

     It looks as if Margaret Atwood's Gilead isn't the only right wing nightmare out there. Its namesake just announced a $3120 price tag on, at best, half a cure, despite getting $70,000,000 in federal funding.

     This is blatantly against the law. Members of both parties have the same commitment to national security, the same security clearances. Blocking Democrats from attending such an important briefing isn't only illegal, it's politicizing intelligence.

     I'd like to see the Iranians serve it. Yes, I would literally like to them serve that arrest warrant for Trump.

     Susan Collins: "For the fucking love of God, please find a reason not to vote for me. Here's one to get you started..." And finally...

     Remember the bubble-headed blonde in high school who wasn't even smart enough to make the cheer leading team? Sometimes, they become White House Press Secretaries.


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