Sunday, June 14, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Happy Birthday, Ill Douche edition

(All birthdays matter except for yours.)

    I don't know why they're platforming this spousal-abusing asshole but the facts are this: JK Rowling's a billionaire and he's still living with Mommy in Porto. End of story.

    Some articles just get more relevant after a few months and this one is a prime example. It even ends with a mention of the slave auction block in Fredericksburg, VA that was ripped out just last week.

     Keep talking, you racist morons. We'll keep listening.

     Someone should have woken up Cadet Bone Spurs before his speech at West Point.

     “Tomorrow, America will celebrate a very important anniversary — the 245th birthday of the US Army. Unrelated, it’s going to be my birthday also. I don’t know if that happened by accident.”
     No, moron, the heavens didn't conspire with your mother's womb and ovulation cycle to ensure you'd be born on Flag Day.

     Surprise, surprise, surprise! George Floyd was framed in Texas by a dirty Houston cop who's in prison for murder.

     Every federal judge hearing such a case should hand down the same decision.

     He knew exactly what June 19th was and he tried to go with it, anyway.

     I don't care if they only did this a half dozen times. It's still despicable racial profiling.

     Meme intermission.

     Of course she deleted all her social media accounts. That's what they all do.

    As far as Congressional Republicans go, this article is considerably cherry-picked. While they'd voted for renaming Confederate-named bases in three years, that's a relatively minor issue compared to the lockstep support they'd given him over the last three and a half years. That included voting for Kavanaugh in lockstep then refusing to call witnesses in his mockery of an impeachment trial before acquitting him.

     Aw, isn't that adorable? Baby took his first steps and doesn't need his walker, any more.

    A fucking "street festival"?! Are you kidding me, MSNBC? I didn't see kids getting their faces painted and clowns making balloon animals.

     Why's Hertz being allowed to sell $1,000,000,000 in stock after declaring bankruptcy?

     What's funnier than Devin Nunes suing a fictional cow?
     Losing to that fictional cow.

     Well, he was wearing a Nazi tattoo so it wasn't a complete impersonation of a federal cop.

     Another big city police chief bites the dust.

    A minute-by-minute Washington Post breakdown of the police riot at Lafayette Sq nearly two weeks ago.

     "Let's put more women in executive positions," they said, "They'll bring more humanity to the executive echelon and teach the men a lesson," they said.
      Nancy Lublin got fired as CEO of her.own startup and lost her board position last Friday. Then yesterday there was this gem about Barbara Fedida, who was basically suspended by ABC partly for saying of Robin Roberts, a black journalist, "It's not like we made her pick cotton."
      Both women are accused of creating toxic and racist work environments. And for the second day in a row, a female CEO has either been fired or suspended for being a racist, poisonous asshole.
      Now, by this, I'm not saying that women shouldn't be executives. But what I AM saying is that history tells us time and again that virtually all executives are scum and being a woman doesn't mean you're incapable of committing evil.
     Look at Carly Fiorina, who basically cratered HP by tripling the number of corporate jets while slashing 30,000 jobs. Look at Linda McMahon and the shit she's allowed at the WWE that cost people their lives. Or Mary Bara's horrible stewardship of her own company during the UAW strike.
      Female executives are just as evil and sociopathic as their male counterparts. And these past two days have proved that in spades. Like Lord Acton said, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." And it doesn't matter what you have between your legs.

     Piss on them all. They're trying to force Congress to make them immune from prosecution so they can force workers to go back to work before it's safe and nickel and dime them on health protection to save money.

   "Junk science." This, coming from a woman who works for a guy who told us to inject disinfectants and shove UV lights up our asses. Where'd she get her law degree, at a Rotary Club raffle?

     Uncle Tom gets schooled by Aunt Stacey.

     "Law and order" should be synonymous, not mutually exclusive. Yet in the mouths of demagogues like Trump, Richard Daley or George Wallace, one has nothing to do with the other.

     Another fine son of the soil heard from: "I'm a racist homophobe. Please fire me!"

    You'd think by now these racist asshats would be clued in to the fact that there's absolutely no future in criticizing BLM or African Americans, that in less than three weeks it has turned into the highest voltage third rail, perhaps, in the history of this country. But no. These racist evolutionary dropouts keep having their white privileged Tourette's tantrums and, 100% of the time, lose their jobs. So, like I said, keep talking, assholes. We'll keep listening. And while we're still on the subject...'s yet another right wing trog who's about to get the boot.

    Shame on Reuters for this unnecessarily inflammatory and misleading headline. It wasn't protesters who burned down that Wendy's. It was a white woman who was videotaped setting fire to the dumpster. Here's a link to the video proving it.

     So much for Bill Barr blaming Antifa.

    The skinhead who killed Rayshard Brooks was fired as the mayor demanded. But that's just a good start. And finally...

     Yeah, Republican voters are fleeing the party in droves, according to this poll. The downside to this is as Republican voters look to Democrat alternatives, this will just push those Democrat Party stooges even further to the right and they'll go there rather than risk alienating the right wing apostasy vote. Then in a couple of election cycles, we'll be as bad off as we are now.


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